Ingredients for the squash lecho


  • Now proceed to the preparation of
  • Preservation lecho zucchini

Lecho zucchini recipe which will be shown below, can be served either hot or cold.

It is a good complement to the rest of the food in the winter. In summer, when leaving on a picnic can also be used lecho, only to have fresh, cooked right there in nature, at the stake. As with any food cooked on an open fire, lecho zucchini in this case becomes extremely tasty.

To prepare this dish, you will need the following products at the rate of cooking lecho of 3 kg zucchini. The recipe for this dish is simple and its preparation does not require any special skills.

  • courgettes - 3 kg;
  • bow - 0, 5 kg;
  • carrot - 0, 5 kg;
  • Tomatoes - 2 kg;
  • red pepper - 1 kg;
  • sunflower oil - 1 cup;
  • salt - 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Sugar - 1 cup;
  • Rayhon (basil) or rosemary - 1 sprig;
  • vinegar - 1 tsp.;
  • garlic - 1 head;
  • black pepper - 1 tsp.;

 squash lecho

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Now proceed to the preparation of

First, cleaned and chopped onions and carrots. Onions can be cut into large slices and carrots - julienne. Onions fried in sunflower oil until golden brown. Then it added carrots and fried too.

Squash peeled and cut into large slices. Slices should be large indeed. Courgettes are added to the onions and carrots and cook over low heat until they become transparent. It is important not to overcook zucchini as otherwise get a shapeless mess. Zucchini, grilled strictly on prescription, retain appetizing appearance and excellent taste.

The next step - preparing the peppers and tomatoes. If you want to find more than a gentle dish, these vegetables should be cleaned from the skin. This is easily obtained by immerse them for a few seconds in boiling water. The process is quite time consuming, and only you can decide to do it or not. Lecho turns out delicious and if the peppers and tomatoes used with the skin.

Red bell pepper with tomato scroll in a meat grinder or in a blender fray. There is added frayed garlic Rayhon or rosemary, salt and sugar. I must say that garlic is cleaned much easier if you divide the head into cloves. They are soaked in cold water for 10 minutes.

The resulting mass is put on low heat and simmer 10 minutes. It is necessary to stir constantly to avoid burning. At this point, add a teaspoon of vinegar.

After 10 minutes of boiling sauce of peppers and tomatoes added fried, you have prepared in the beginning. That is the mass of fried onions, carrots and zucchini. All this is boiled for 10 minutes.

All lecho is ready. If you want to prepare it for the winter, proceed to conservation.

 canned lecho
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Preservation lecho zucchini

Please be sterilized jars. Banks are well washed, and then put them on 15 minutes mantyshnitsu. You can also sterilize them in the oven or on the steam coming from the boiling kettle.

Ready lecho decomposed by the banks, and banks are put into a large pot of boiling water for 10 minutes. Then the banks are removed and rolled metal lids. To do all these manipulations with hot jars, convenient to use special tongs.

Lecho zucchini, prepared as described in the recipe, if the banks are well sterilized, can be stored for a long time, it at any time can be used to Serve . It is important to use basil or rosemary, since it gives this dish a unique spicy flavor.

If you cook lecho courgettes not for conservation and for serving immediately after cooking, you can add the greens. This may be the dill, cilantro or parsley. Generally add all three of these herbs, but if you some of them do not like it, may limit the addition of one or two. When conservation greens lecho is added. It is important!

I must say that you can cook lecho and eggplant on exactly the same recipe. But the dish with zucchini has a delicate flavor. These two prescription differ from each other only in the replacement of zucchini eggplant. All other ingredients and the proportions are the same as given in this recipe. What to use, zucchini or eggplant, up to you.

 How to Cook lecho of zucchini?

 Four weeks before the New Year - will lose weight?

In anticipation of the New Year's feast, and right after it did not count calories, but today ...

What would be in great shape for the holidays and not gain excess weight during the protracted January holidays, start preparing for the season of feasts in advance. We offer you 6 programs drawn up taking into account how many days you have left before the holidays and before leaving for work.

If left up to the new year ...

  • 30 days

Eat often (at intervals of not more than 3 hours), and not a lot of (portions of 250 grams). In the next four weeks forget finished products like fast food, canned goods, cakes - everything you eat, prepare yourself. Drink plenty of warm water and tea (30 ml per day per 1 kg of body weight).
Sample menu: for the first breakfast cereal, the second slice of cheese and an apple for lunch thicker soup and salad, main course, leave in the afternoon, dinner seafood with vegetables and a slice of bread, before bedtime drink a glass of kefir.

  • 10 days

Eliminate from your diet bread, sweet fruit. For breakfast, eat not cooked, but slightly scalded oatmeal, before and after lunch, which consists of a single (!), Meals snack walnuts and dried apricots, limit yourself to dinner vegetable salad, seasoned with lemon juice.

  • 3 days

20 and 30 December make unloading days: the first day is divided into 10 portions 750 g and 750 g tomatoes cucumbers, alternating them eat and enjoy the second day 800 g of boiled chicken (Serves 8 100 g). December 31, return to the usual diet, that would not be hungry by midnight.

If you run through the holidays ...

  • 7 days

From sweet you can only afford a marshmallow or candy, and discard the spices, sausages, pickles and marinades, they fuel the appetite. If you feel the gravity of what have gone too far with your favorite salad, then sit on a day diluted freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (1, 5 liters of juice to 1, 5 liters of water) - and then easily be able to spend the rest of the weekend without any severe restrictions.

  • 5 days

The main thing is not to overeat: for that every time he sat down at the table place, place in front of a small bowl of lettuce and greens, and just emptying it takes for the main dishes. Sweet lakomtes strictly before 16:00 and after 19:00, and all lock refrigerator lock. And be sure to count the carbohydrates: if you ate pasta dinner, then breakfast cereals instead make yourself an omelet from 2 eggs.

  • 1 day

On the eve of the working week to begin a strict diet is not recommended, so just eat fish, cheese, fruits, vegetables, herbs (look at the diet menu in "30 days"). And go to bed early.

 Four weeks before the New Year - will lose weight?

We recommend that read: diet after the new year

 use rice diet


  • The use of rice for the body
  • Properties rice culture
  • Diet based on rice
  • Rice diet for 9 days
  • Sample weekly menu

It wants to shine, to surprise everyone with his outfit and perfect forms. But not everyone is able to deal with insanity at the gym or sit on a rigid diet. I wish that the diet was not only effective, but also includes useful products that do not harm your body. In this case, rice is very effective diet for weight loss.

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The use of rice for the body

Many nutritionists recommend to stick to rice diets, they consider them the safest and bringing results. Rice, of course, very useful for human consumption.   It contains a variety of nutrients needed by the human body. First of all rice grains are rich in B vitamins: B1, B2, B3 and B6. Vitamin B1, or thiamine, plays an important role in lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. It supports the stable operation of the heart muscle, nervous system.

Lack of vitamin B1 leads to terrible consequences, is a violation of the nervous system is formed by a disease which is known as beriberi. There is a weakness, muscle atrophy some, there may be paralysis, significantly reduced intelligence, upset the gastrointestinal tract and heart. The following vitamin B group - is riboflavin or B2. It is part of important enzyme systems of the human body, so the lack of it is felt by all organami.Eto and stomatitis, thyroid dysfunction, conjunctivitis and keratitis different.

Vitamin B3, which is still called niacin, is no less important in this group. Particularly strong its impact is felt on the skin, hair and nails, important is its influence on oxidative processes in the body. Nicotinic acid lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood, thus protecting blood vessels from atherosclerotic lesions. With its lack arises sleeplessness, fatigue, irritated condition of migraine in severe cases, can cause cracks on the skin, especially in the feet and hands, a burning sensation in the limbs, skin peeling.

The last B vitamins contained in rice is B6, or pyridoxine. Vitamin participates in the formation of red blood cells, the protein and fat metabolism, reduces cholesterol. Very important is the overall function of these vitamins: they are involved in fat metabolism, i.e. helping the body to quickly break down fat food ingredients into smaller compounds.

Most of the weight of the rice make carbohydrates that are perfectly absorbed by the body and provide it with the necessary energy for life. Many minerals contained in this small grain of iron, cobalt, magnesium, calcium. Most certainly, magnesium and iron, which control a plurality of processes in the body and are part of most enzymes.

 option when food rice diet
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Properties rice culture

One of the unique properties of rice, for which it and appreciate dietitians, yavlyutsya absorbent quality of crops. Figure pulls the toxins and other unpleasant and harmful substances, helps them to withdraw from the body through the intestines. It acts like a sponge, which is able to retain on the surface much. With this sorbent excreted unnecessary salt, excess fluid and waste products. So many diet and enabled the crops.

Besides calories in rice is very small, so getting fat when used unrealistic, example is the Chinese and Japanese, who have always been harmony, and in the diet of more than 60% of it Fig. Of course, everyone understands that the more thoroughly cleaned grain of rice, the less nutrients it retains. So, rice, sold in bags for quick cooking for the diet is not suitable.

It has become very popular brown brown rice, which is actively eat a healthy diet and supporters wishing to lose weight. Brown rice is hardly subjected to processing so that all of its shell stored. It is in this part of the grain crop and is the maximum amount of nutrients. The shell is a source of fiber, it is absolutely non-caloric, thus stimulates the bowel, removes waste, toxic and harmful substances from the body maintain normal and stable operation of the intestinal microflora.

Fiber is not cleaved by the body, it is very tough substance, but it is sure to be eaten. That it is recommended to supplement the diet of patients and slimming people dysbiosis. Brown rice is an ideal supplier of roughage. And with shells preserved and a large concentration of B vitamins and magnesium and other minerals. Brown rice is cooked longer white, has an unusual nutty flavor and does not stick together during cooking.

 diet on rice cereal
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Diet based on rice

Rice is a part of many of the most popular diets, fasting days there solely on the basis of grain, and there are just a few days the rice in a large complex diet.

The simplest rice diet only lasts 3-4 days. At the same time every morning, you need to boil the water in 2-3 tablespoons of rice and eat them on an empty stomach, without butter and salt, washed down with clean water. Before lunch, you can not eat anything else during this time rice will begin to cleanse the body, absorb the harmful substances.

After lunch should be a full meal, during which you can eat anything you want, except for fast foods, chips and other junk food. The ideal would be if dinner included soup, main course with side dish and a drink. During the day, you can eat normally, the last time no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime. Please add the rice diet can be a cup of yogurt, drunk at night. Such a diet will be effective if there is no purpose to lose a large number of kg and want to lose weight a little and cleanse the body.
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Rice diet for 9 days

For a larger weight loss are considered the best long-term rice diet. An example is the 9-day diet. First of all at this time should be excluded from the diet of flour products, such as white bread, buns. Sweet, spicy foods, and mayonnaise is also excluded. Any alcohol, fatty meats, cereals and sugar will not do good, so they too are absent from the diet. The main emphasis must be placed on a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from which to prepare a salad with olive oil and lemon juice, a variety of vegetable stew. Ideally suited for this purpose, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers of different colors, cauliflower and broccoli. Meals at the time of such a diet is 4 meals a day. The first 3 days can only eat boiled rice. The last meal should be no later than 19:00 pm.

It is best to soak the rice in water in the evening and boil it without salt. The next 3 days will be chicken, one day you can consume about 1 kg of chicken boiled. The last 3 days - vegetable, it is here that will be useful and vegetables used to prepare stew or salad. Their total weight per day should not exceed 0, 9 kg per day. This monodiet quite tough, but effective, after the weight is lost and kept at a proper level.

During this diet you can not limit yourself in the fluid, you can use water, green tea in any amount. If hunger comes, it is permissible to have a meal with fresh apple. After the end of 9 days, it is best to continue to eat at least 4 times a day in small portions, the last meal no later than 19.00. In this case, the lost weight is guaranteed not to come back.

 Useful purgation in the rice diet
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Sample weekly menu

A further embodiment of a diet based on rice a week. It is more diverse and not so strict. On the day of only 3 meals: breakfast, which is mandatory, lunch and dinner is not too late.

On the first day at breakfast you can eat an apple is medium in size, 60 grams of cooked rice, without limitation, green or herbal teas, of course, no sugar. Lunch awaits slimming vegetable broth, salad from fresh vegetables a total weight of 150 g, and again boiled rice. For a change of taste in the figure can be to add the lemon juice, olive oil and fresh herbs. Vegetable soup can be made from everything except potatoes. For dinner, there is a broth of vegetables and rice with the addition of zucchini and carrots.

On the second day for breakfast supposed to eat citrus, such as orange, and the rice with the addition of low-fat sour cream. Lunch is similar to the first day: vegetable broth, boiled vegetables and rice. Dinner same as lunch.

The third day more diverse. For breakfast, pear and boiled rice. Lunch is soup, vegetables, rice and boiled mushrooms are added to it, the total mass of the dish should not exceed 150 g Fresh cucumbers complete meal. For dinner, have a favorite soup and rice with broccoli or cauliflower.

The fourth day begins with breakfast, during which it is possible to use salad of fresh fruits and rice with milk. Lunch consists of a vegetable broth, salad of radishes and greens, as well as the obligatory rice and carrots. For dinner, soup and a handful of sunflower seeds.

Fifth day begins with rice, which added raisins and almonds. Lunch is already familiar: soup, rice and a salad of fresh vegetables, which are selected according to taste. We had dinner that day broth, rice with steamed broccoli or spinach leaves, with the addition of a small amount of walnuts.

The sixth day of diet diversifies the already familiar. Breakfast begins with rice, figs, 2 pcs, 4 walnuts, pears and dates. Lunch consists of soup to vegetables, rice with steamed vegetables and adding fresh herbs. Dinner is not less tasty: broth, rice with low-fat sour cream or cream, 1 large apple.

And now comes the last day of the diet - the seventh. Breakfast is truly a holiday: boiled rice with apple, pear and natural yoghurt. For lunch relies soup, rice with tomato and boiled beans, complemented by all lettuce. Dinner is traditionally includes a vegetable broth, rice with olives and zucchini, which can boil or cook in a double boiler. During this week-long diet actually lose between 7 and 10 kg weight. If in the future, do not overeat, eat more vegetables, fresh fruit and rice, the result of long locks. During the diet may be constipation, which are removed taking laxatives, such Duphalac. It must be remembered about the copious amounts of drink, and if you want irresistibly sweet, you can add a spoonful of honey in herbal tea.

Rice diet really effective. It will help get rid of extra kilograms, while slimming health will not suffer, on the contrary, will be output from the body toxins and poisons, which prevented him from fully operational.

 Amazing properties of rice diet