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  • Dietary prediction
  • Mathematics conception
  • Mathematics aged parents
  • Zodiacal technique
  • The theory of "renewal" of blood
  • Folk omens

The sacrament of conception, and today remains one of the greatest mysteries of mankind. It is clear that to be born either he or she - no middle ground. But how do you know a boy or a girl. Some parents are run safely whoever is born, they will be pleased to see him, will accept as a given. But there is another category of parents who are obsessed with the desire to give birth to a child of a particular sex.

Such parents in whatever was trying to predict the sex of their successor. They are looking for all kinds of manuals on how to conceive a boy or a girl. And oddly enough, found. Because there are theories that help determine the sex of the unborn child. Of course, this is not scientific theories and no "smart" they have no justification. But it is noteworthy that, in practice, justify themselves.

So if you are determined to conception and birth is a boy or a girl is, the need to advance puzzled forecasting. After sex change already "mortgaged" the child will be absolutely impossible. Therefore we suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of the so-called methods, that may seem incredible. But as no surprise, they tested hundreds of times, and each time worked well indeed.

Dietary prediction

Many future moms have heard about it many times. Yes, there is indeed a method of compliance with a specific diet that the parents have to stick to it was conceived a son or daughter is. In some countries, even doctors recommend a special diet to be followed and the wife to her husband for three to four weeks before conception. Then, after becoming pregnant this diet should only comply with future mom (in reality: daddy is already no reason) within two months.

I have a son

If you are going to conceive a boy, you need to adhere to the "boy-" diet.

  • meat and poultry meat products, sausage (men are known meat-eaters);
  • vegetables in all forms, including salted and preserved;
  • beer and wine (of course, in moderation).

According to this method, parents who are going to conceive a boy, it is not recommended to use all kinds of dairy products, sweets and nuts.

I have a daughter

You decide to give birth to a girl? Then you "devochkovaya 'diet:

  • milk and sour cream, kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese and cheese (short, all dairy products);
  • nuts, honey (and other sweets in moderate amounts);
  • all kinds of fresh fruits and berries, without limitation, as well as dried fruits and jam.

What is quite understandable separation: to conceive a little daughter exclusively female food for conception son - the man she loved dishes. You are, in any case, no risk: Eat the health and pleasure. And what really helps? But the only hope for a miracle diet is not necessary to predict. Try to determine who will be born a boy or a girl by arithmetic calculation.

 how do you know a boy or a girl

Mathematics conception

This method of planning the sex of the baby is ideal only for those women who have a menstrual cycle for a few months is stable. For example, experience shows that if conception occurs 11-12 days before the onset of menstruation, it will be a boy. If you need is a girl, the sex is necessary for 13-14 days before menstruation. However, the boundaries of these days is very unsteady, but the very conception can not occur on the scheduled day. However, once you've decided to try to practice this method, you try. A day later, the day before, but only on their own experience, you can make the correct count has been made or not.

Mathematics aged parents

Pretty bold theory calculate sex of the child. According to it is possible to calculate the sex of the child according to the number (even or odd) years lived by women. Proponents of this theory believe that a correct calculation would give the expected result. Pregnancy can be planned as follows:

  • If a woman has an even number of years, the conception occurs in girls even months: February (2), April (4), June (6), August (8), October (10), December (12)
  • If a woman has an odd number of years, conceiving a boy happens odd months: January (1), March (3), May (5), July (7), September (9) and November (11).

And vice versa: if an odd number of years lived a woman, a boy will be conceived in even-numbered months, and the girl - in odd. This phenomenon is explained until now, no one can, but it works a hundred percent. You can check.

Zodiacal technique

According to the astrological theory to determine who will be born a boy or a girl, the moon will help. Astrologers believe that the sex of the child depends on finding the Moon in a particular zodiac sign. The even zodiac signs for men: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius. Odd signs - Women: Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo. Using such an astrological calculation, keep in mind that the Moon passes a sign for two or two and a half days. Thereafter, it goes into the opposite sign. Therefore deliberately planning the moment of conception, remember that fertilization can occur after the act of love.

 how to find a girl or boy

The theory of "renewal" of blood

This method of calculating the national sex of the child is the actual confirmation. Try to count on this technique when you were conceived, your brothers and sisters - probably coincide! It is believed that the blood "refreshed" through certain cycles, and men and women of these cycles are different. So, the child inherits the gender of the parent, whose blood younger.

How do I know who is born with such calculations? In women, the blood is renewed every three years, for men - four. Momma with young blood - women aged 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36 (and so on) years. Daddies with young blood - men aged 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36 years. So if his wife of twenty-one, twenty-three and her husband, they have a girl, and if mommy and daddy for twenty years, they will have a boy. If the same year "renewal" in the parents agree, you should look at the month of birth, and for them to determine whose blood younger.

Folk omens

Our ancestors, by the way, is also trying to plan the sex of their child. Not for nothing have survived various signs by which the floor can be predicted. Believe it or not believe it, it's yours. But for example, some signs, which is conceived girls. If, during the act of love:

  • it's raining;
  • a man dressed in his spare underwear;
  • woman lays her head to the south;
  • under the pillow is pink bow;
  • under the bed is a wooden spoon;
  • man behaves more actively.

Accordingly, if all this is not the case, "will" boy.

But our "great, great" Once these signs are not stopped. Even after conception, and they sought to find out who did "receive". And I must say, the signs, which were trying to find out who sits in the stomach, often "works". Imagine. Put you (pregnant) on the floor and looking at what hand you obopreshsya. On the left - a girl, on the right - it's a boy. Or ask you to show your hands. If you show them palms up, then wear a girl if her hands down - boy. If you have a big belly, but from the back can not see it - bear a son. And if you are tormented by morning sickness, it will become a mom girls.

"Who will I be born? "- Wondered the woman before the invention of ultrasound and taken seriously all of these signs. You and I fortunately do not have to guess: enlighten, look and say, and even a portrait of memory do. And we are ... What we do! Just wait. And love. Already worried about their child. And by and large we do not care what sex the child. It is important that he was healthy. And to be happy - we'll try!

 Who will be born - a boy or a girl: how do you know?

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 Home births


  • Childbirth at home: the positive side
  • Childbirth at home: the negative side
  • Preparing for home birth
  • Make the right decision

The recent increase in home births. Increasingly future mothers prefer to give birth to her child is at home with his family. If you and your husband decided to birth at home, then you need to advance carefully to prepare for them. Of course at home, in a familiar and familiar atmosphere, in the presence of her husband's future mother will be much easier, because at home it can constantly keep a close person, and she is the mistress of his position. But we should all think carefully before finally and consciously make the choice. So the families of the house: the pros and cons.

Childbirth at home: the positive side

Of course, the most important advantage of home births is that the first time you meet with your baby at home. He was born in a warm and cozy atmosphere, he will not have to experience additional stress because of the hospital walls (and the passage through the birth canal - this is a big load on your baby!). In addition, if you are on a home birth and are well prepared for it, your condition will be calm and relaxed.

In many respects the desire of women give birth at home due to the nervous atmosphere in maternity wards, boorish and incompetent medical staff, as well as the lack of ability to control the process of the birth of his child. Some women even joke: "Sell soul to the devil - just not in the hospital! ". But every joke has some truth: Unfortunately, at the present time, some doctors do not listen to a woman's desire, without the need to stimulate the birth and apply other undesirable practices obstetrics. Home birth with her husband to help you become not just observers but real participants of the birth of your child.

If pregnancy does not complicated and is proceeding normally, and the woman is healthy and young (for nulliparous age does not exceed 35 years), the couple that chooses to give birth at home, have a moral right. It is no wonder folk wisdom says: the house and walls help. In addition, a significant advantage of home births is that you do not leave on the notorious five (maybe more) days with family and friends. And it contributes to the spiritual unity and in an atmosphere of warmth and love within the family.

In this case you would still need to invite home the midwife, who will be continuously during labor to be near you and will watch the proceedings from a medical point of view (and not just the so-called "spiritual" companion who will carry out the moral and emotional support during labor ). Pre-negotiate with her all the details, prepare everything necessary, which may be required in the process of the birth of your child. Do not forget that you are responsible for a new life - the life of your child, you can only give you, not the midwife. It is for this reason, to participate in home births require special qualities: inner strength and responsibility, high self-control and patience, willingness to sacrifice, etc. ...

 families of the house for and against

Disadvantages of home births

Childbirth at home - this is a very important step, and prepare for them must be taken seriously. Unfortunately, they have certain drawbacks, which are essentially a continuation of their merits. The main drawback of home births - is the lack of necessary medical equipment at home and qualified personnel who can assist in case of an emergency (this can be important, because you to the hospital during labor will get problematic). Therefore, if there were any difficulties in the course of pregnancy, or there are possible risks, it is better to abandon the idea of ​​home birth because it can negatively affect your health and your baby. In particular, you may happen to rupture of blood vessels and, as a result, blood loss, and the baby can catch a hypoxia (oxygen starvation), the approach is in the hospital is determined by a special sensor CTG.

Childbirth at home is also fraught with tears in the vagina, which is sometimes better to prevent the proper cuts, and then processed. By the way, in such cases, women usually can not sit down in the next two weeks and peretruzhdaetsya, and it is easiest to arrange in a hospital, where you will take care of specially trained nurses. Which, by the way, also will teach you the basics of child care and will answer your questions about breastfeeding (and at first this may be some difficulties).

The biggest danger that lurks in home births - is the possibility that something will go wrong. The options can be mass: sudden onset of hypoxia at the kid, his large size, narrow pelvis, abnormal position of the baby, and even double, which did not see in the US (yes, it happens). In such cases, you may need an emergency intervention specialists (up to caesarean section), it will be difficult to realize, if you give birth at home. So before you decide to take this step, you should carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons" of such a decision. Do not forget that according to statistics, infant mortality in the home birth is somewhat higher, and the responsibility for it will carry you exactly (and not doctors, can not cope with the situation).

Preparing for home birth

So your decision to give birth at home was finally accepted. Now we need to solve the issue of training for home birth. There are special courses for parents, where you will be able to prepare specialists with expertise in this matter. In the centers to prepare for childbirth, you will be able to pass such a course, which will help to cope with childbirth at home. Typically, it contains the basic information about the physiology of birth, their periodization and content of these periods, the natural methods of pain relief, etc. ...

Of course, a home birth are radically different from the birth in the hospital. Therefore, the future pope no harm will be attending lectures, in which you can watch a video about childbirth at home, and get tips on how to behave during childbirth and may require assistance in doing so. Very often, home births are in the water - is that it facilitates the process of birth as the mother and baby. That is why the courses with the couple may hold special training sessions in the pool. During labor, it will help the pair, as they will already have an idea of ​​what to do.

You must not forget that home birth require you to even more health and emotional strength than usual. In this situation, you can not shut down and around to rely on physicians and their advice - you will need to keep everything under control and understand what you are doing (and this is a problem associated with childbirth in an altered state of consciousness). Your husband should also be understood that the birth - is not the most aesthetically process and be prepared to blood and the birth of "afterbirth."

Take an informed decision

Certainly, childbirth - a natural process, and the best preparation for them - is to achieve a peaceful and positive attitude. The purpose of all sorts - not complicate your life, and help your baby to be born. Supporters of home births are appealing to the fact that for thousands of years, our ancestors gave birth alone - and nothing, mankind has survived. But do not forget about what had mortality risks for the mother and child.

Thank God, now a woman can choose how the process should take place in the light of the birth of her child. And this decision must be approached responsibly, having weighed all the arguments "for" and "against." The only way you will be able to take the most correct decision.

 Childbirth House: Pros and Cons

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