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Soon will come the warm summer days, and hence the holidays. In recent years, more and more families on holiday to leave the country. And the parents, look forward to the birth of an heir or heiress, was no exception to the rule. And this is not surprising, because the life of the family very soon becomes very turbulent and eventful. So why not devote the remaining months of peace and quiet to rest? Very often the transport to the place of vacation is becoming an airplane. It would seem that the flight has long been a part of modern life. But in the case of a pregnant woman is not so simple - as soon as there is a question if she could fly?

Will my pregnancy and the plane? Or is it not worth it to fly? Doctors say that is compatible, but the risk of flight must be carefully considered and minimized. The rules of some airlines banned from on-board aircraft to women in any stage of pregnancy, but it is rather an exception to the rule. In general, pregnancy and flight on a plane - quite a common thing, which is accompanied by certain conditions and observance of certain precautions that flight was successful.

This is a perfectly acceptable option of travel that does not require any medical certificates. At a later date before flight time, a pregnant woman should get a medical certificate stating the approximate delivery date and is given permission to flight. In very late in pregnancy and planes - a very dangerous combination, so from overshooting on the best time to give up altogether.

But if you decide to fly, be sure to find out all the details and nuances. Each flight of the airline sets its own rules for admission to board pregnant women. Expectant mothers need to know the rules, otherwise they are simply asked to leave the room just before the aircraft is already flying. And this is - lost time and nerves. And this can be avoided. To date, the softest rules governing the transport of pregnant women are the rules of Aeroflot.

From the perspective of the airlines, any compatible pregnancy and in case of sudden onset of births during a flight all flight Aeroflot stewardesses trained midwifery skills. So if the flight marked the beginning of the birth, the flight attendants will not be time to pull and, if necessary, take the baby. Although, of course, you can take comfort in this, but do not look.

As for professionals, they believe that pregnancy and flight on a plane mutually exclusive, as in any pregnancy overload can trigger a miscarriage, or the appearance of anomalies in the development of the fetus. Simply put, the flight is dangerous. Therefore, a woman, is preparing to become a mother, before buy a plane ticket, should consult with their doctor. Of course, you can pull the plug. But why? Do not ignore this visit - the time spent on the trip to the doctor can save the life of the baby. If complications in pregnancy has not been observed, and the coming generations will not soon, doctors usually allow flight. And tell you what to expect when planning a flight.

 whether you can fly a plane during pregnancy

What doctors say about the pregnancy and the plane?

If you are waiting for a clear answer, it, alas, no: every pregnancy is custom scenario, and the views of other mothers (someone will tell you that the entire pregnancy famously shuttled around the world and became the father then a healthy baby, and someone - about that hour flight was the cause of the tragic consequences) will not help you decide. It all depends on your doctor's advice, the timing of your pregnancy and your relationship with the aircraft as a whole.

However, think well, whether you need a flight in the event that:

  • Gestational age less than 12 weeks or longer 27

This doctor's recommendation due to the fact that it was in the early stages most likely to occur miscarriage. And nowhere once again raise this risk by planning a flight. And early toxemia of pregnancy should not lose sight of - it is unlikely he will be a welcome addition to the already tiresome flight.

But in the third trimester of pregnancy the female body begins to conduct serious preparation for childbirth. And as a result of a pregnant woman is increased fatigue, a tendency to edema. And by this time tummy grows not small - move the expectant mother is getting stronger and stronger. In addition, flight provokes strong vasoconstriction, because of the constant pressure drop.

This can cause hypoxia. Or, more simply, fetal hypoxia. And indeed the prospect birth baby on an airplane or in a completely foreign country - not the most pleasant. If you are, of course, not a lover of adventure and thrills. And hop - not just another game of roulette. So, even though the flight is not a direct threat to a normal pregnancy, precautions still stands.

  • Threat of abortion

In that case, if the doctor - a gynecologist diagnosed an expectant mother threatened miscarriage, abnormal structure of the placenta and other complications about any flight can be no question. And no flight is not worth the risk of losing the most valuable thing you have - your baby.

  • Aerophobia

In that case, if you are afraid to fly, and when word of the flight you immediately frantically clinging to her husband's hand or arm of the chair, on the flights should be abandoned. Probably did not even need to explain why, right? Fear during the flight - it's a lot of stress to the body of the future mother. A nervous to pregnant women, as it is known, is impossible. If we abandon the flight well, absolutely can not, in advance, consult your doctor - a gynecologist. He will pick you soft and gentle acting sedatives that little will remove fear and facilitate flight. Independently no sedative used in any case it is impossible, because there is a risk of harm to the baby.

 flight by plane during pregnancy

Safety measures

Aircraft and pregnancy include compliance with certain precautions to simple flight did not turn nasty surprises. Due to the sudden changes in pressure and emotional stress during preterm labor may begin, so it is advisable before the flight will take a light sedative.

Better to buy tickets in business class or first row of economy class: the time is more air and space, rather wide seat and a passage to the front of the cabin of the aircraft is more free, and therefore the flight will take place more comfortable. But tickets for the last rows must be avoided.

By the way! You should not take place on land immediately after registration. Experienced moms - the traveler is advised to leave the drive in the final minutes. Without you, the aircraft in any case no longer fly, and you can as long as possible to have some freedom of movement. Believe me - you have nasidites for the flight.

Do not forget that the duration of the flight to a pregnant woman should not be more than 4 hours. So try not to plan a trip to distant lands - it can become a very serious physical and emotional stress. If you still can not cancel the trip, try to observe the following guidelines.

  • Keep veins!

In flight, almost all the time a person spends in a sitting position. A similar situation is largely disrupts normal blood flow to the legs. As a result, the blood stagnates and feet swell. Moreover - at times it increases the risk that worsen thrombophlebitis and varicose veins. But expectant mothers, and so are at risk.

Before flying doctors recommend to wear compression stockings to help reduce this negative impact. In addition, you must at least once an hour to get up and walk around the cabin to prevent leaking legs. And when you sit, periodically perform simple exercises - rotate with his feet, wiggle your fingers, bend your knees.

  • Liquid

The cabin air is very dry, so the body loses fluid very quickly. And for the body of the future mother is very, very desirable. To prevent this, you can, if you drink a glass of liquid every half hour.

  • clothing

Fit to fly is loose-fitting clothing with a minimum of complex parts - remember the size of aircraft toilets and imagine how you will be there with his stomach turn. Better to wear shoes without laces that do not have picked a chair, taking it in case of fatigue. And capture long socks - they will legs and comfortable, and are not afraid of the cold. These simple measures can greatly facilitate your life.

  • Ask for help

Do not hesitate to seek help from a flight attendant to ask her for the necessary quantity of water or a blanket. Flight attendants for this purpose and are there to help passengers to fly comfortably.

  • Take care of the little things

From the house you can grab a small cushion to enclose it under the lower back or neck. And stocks of food "for a snack." You never know, suddenly Samoletnaya food you will not find appetizing. Do not forget to fasten your seat belt, it is desirable to do so for the duration of the flight (to hit his head, hitting an air pocket - not the best prospect, the flight must be safe). It is necessary to fasten the belt under the belly.

 Will my pregnancy and the plane?

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