Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. In addition, it is involved in the formation of mucous membranes, connective tissues and bones, as well as in the detoxification reactions. It promotes iron exchange and protects the cells from damage disastrous radicals (unstable oxygen molecules lacking one electron). It prevents the formation of nitrosamines, contributing to the development of cancer.

Vitamin C is very important for our psyche. It helps in the release of pituitary hormones, by means of which he is struggling with stress and manage growth. If necessary, vitamin C, together with amino acids produces adrenaline, dopamine and norepinephrine, which positively affects not only the person's mental state but also his mental capacity.

The classic vitamin C deficiency is expressed in cold, that is when the limited functionality of the mucous membranes, and it may well breed bacteria and viruses. It also can lead to delayed healing and depression.

In infants and young children may even be changes in the skeleton (illness Moller - Barlow). Scurvy (fragility of blood vessels, loss of teeth) appears only at very strong deficit.


A diet rich in vitamin C, is of particular importance in the winter and spring as a preventative measure against colds. In the common cold is not a single chance with the daily intake of 100 mg of vitamin C powder in conjunction with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget that vitamin C - water soluble and excess is excreted in the urine. Therefore it is better to take it all day, distributing into individual portions.

Only upon receipt of ultrahigh doses for a long time (5 g per day) for susceptibility to the risk of urinary calculi; diarrhea are also possible.

Vitamin C is sensitive to exposure to light, oxygen and heat. Fresh food should be processed as quickly as possible and to cook at maximum power saving mode (stew, steamed).

Increased need for vitamin C exists in pregnant, nursing mothers, smokers, and in women taking contraceptives, in individuals exposed to stress, and alcohol, as well as people exposed to the adverse effects of the environment.

Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron from plant foods. Therefore, eat dessert after food containing iron, fruit or vegetables rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is particularly much contained in the following fruits: black currant, sea buckthorn, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, grapefruit, papaya - and vegetables: peppers, all kinds of cabbage and fennel.

Check yourself

You're a regular in the dank time of year? Feel the early spring depressed and tired? Then take care of the regular intake of sufficient amounts of vitamin C!

If you are not able to regularly eat a variety of foods, you may have a sense of taking artificial vitamins. But in any case is not recommended to regularly ingest in large amounts of multi-vitamin supplements, not to take the most surplus of vitamins A, D, E and K. In contrast to vitamins, water-soluble, fat-soluble vitamins are not destroyed and excreted from the body, that is accumulated therein. In some cases, such an overdose can lead to poisoning.

 Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)

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 Harmful if tampons?

Tampons for many women is the primary means of personal hygiene. But you must know how to properly use them.

It is not recommended to use them constantly, as frequent and prolonged use of tampons cause vaginal dryness and it can irritate mucous membranes. Also overreliance tampons promotes the growth of harmful bacteria, they can, under certain conditions to get into the blood.

In order to avoid undesirable problems, doctors advised to regularly change tampons, after about two or three hours. Since after three hours pathogens begin to multiply. Women who suffer from inflammatory processes can not use tampons, because the body is already infected.

 Harmful if tampons?

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 preparation for childbirth


  • Preparation for childbirth - Breath
  • Preparing breasts
  • Body position
  • Preparing the perineum
  • The exercises for the muscles of the perineum
  • Preparation of the cervix

Preparation for childbirth - employment is very responsible and which requires the expectant mother the most serious approach. Unfortunately, for most pregnant women, all preparation for childbirth is to buy everything you need for the baby. Well, in the best case - to read any books on pregnancy and childbirth. And as a result of childbirth a woman caught by surprise, despite the fact that she was waiting for them a long nine months.

Especially hard for most future moms come in the last month of pregnancy. And no wonder - all the preparations for a new member of the family has long been made, and the time drags so slowly! And right now beautiful, and most importantly, a useful way to occupy their free time will be preparation for childbirth. And you must begin our story about such an important aspect as breathing.

Preparation for childbirth - Breath

It is proper breathing will become the main assistant to the woman at the time the baby's born. You need to learn at least some basic types - the breath that you will need at different stages of delivery:

The first stage of labor

The rare short fight, not particularly tormenting pregnant women. In this stage of labor is best suited breath "candle." This type of breathing involves frequent and superficial breaths nose. Work out in advance - nose quickly inhale the air, and then, almost holding it to the light, exhale mouth. To ease the problem, imagine you are blowing out a candle flame imaginary.

Inhaling and exhaling should quickly succeed each other almost without interruption. You must start breathing immediately after the start of the fight and to continue up to its full retreat. Be prepared for the fact that in the first minute of this breathing you can feel dizzy, sometimes quite strong. This happens due to the fact that such a breath of oxygen leads to a glut of brain cells, which occurs as a result of eruption of endorphins into the bloodstream. Or, as they are sometimes called - the hormones of happiness. It is these hormones suppress the pain - in other words, frequent shallow breathing is nothing but a kind of analgesic.

The second stage of labor

At this stage, the cervix begins to open more active. A, respectively, and pain are much more sensitive. And then to help the expectant mother will breath "Big candle." At its core, this breath is nothing but as a slightly modified version of the previous one. However, in this case, it should be a little breathing difficult. Imagine that you have a stuffy nose - to breathe the air force. And exhale through his closed lips, with a certain force. This breathing relieves pain much better, but do not start it too early - only when the previous breath already does not really help.

The third stage of labor

In the third stage of labor the cervix is ​​open as fully as possible. Baby begins to pass through the ring of the cervix, causing it to an excited state. The consequence of this state are frequent, very intense and very painful contractions. Quest can last one and a half - two minutes, and interruptions - just 30 - 40 seconds. And it is intended to facilitate proper breathing woman these difficult moments.

Doctors recommend this period to facilitate breathing with the help of "train." Breathing is very simple - the same "candle", but with the increasing speed of breathing - its maximum should occur at the peak of the fighting. And when you feel that the battle has died down, imagine that your train arrives at the intermediate station - breathing should gradually go down.

 preparation for childbirth breathing

Preparing breasts

Mastered breathing techniques? Very good. But this is still not enough to say with confidence that the preparation for childbirth over. It is also necessary, and the entire body to properly prepare for such a complicated process as the birth of a new man. And we start, perhaps, with the preparation of the breast. Yes - yes, do not be surprised! Of course, breastfeeding is provided by nature itself. But training the chest ignore all not worth it.

And to help you in this task relatively simple procedure. Firstly, water. At least once a day do douche chest. This will help not only to maintain its shape and firmness, but also increase the elasticity of the nipple tissue. Second, massage. I take a shower? Hold a washcloth on the nipple for a moment to another. Watch TV? Also, take a few minutes of breast - nipple rub with a soft clean cloth, lubricate them before this

It is also extremely useful for breast air bath - at least for a few minutes a day. However, remember that all manipulations on the chest can be carried out only if you do not have the slightest threat of premature birth. In any case, pre-consult with your doctor - a gynecologist.

Body position

There are several postures that doctors recommend to take birth as often as possible. The meaning of this is very simple - poses absolutely physiological, do not violate the normal process of blood circulation in the pelvic organs, do not cause any discomfort mother. Expectant mother can take them whenever - such as watching TV or reading a book, conducting a telephone conversation. But the benefits of these poses before delivery is invaluable - it is not only train the muscles and ligaments and skin. We offer you the most popular and effective ones:

  1. "Butterfly." This posture must be tightly closed heel and pull them to the crotch as close as possible. Knees and will be a kind of wings that must be periodically stirring.
  2. "Pose a tailor." Sit on a firm surface - for example, on the floor - and legs crossed in front of him. Pose this is very useful, but do not stay there for more than 10 minutes at a time. This - the only position in which it is possible numb legs. Incidentally, this is why doctors do not recommend sharp rise from this position.
  3. "Sitting on their heels." Slowly stand on his knees, tightly connect them together and very gently sit on your heels. The average length of stay in such a position - 15 minutes.

You can take these postures as often as you see fit - they will not do harm, but the benefit is difficult to overestimate. But remember, some of the security measures. In that case, if there's no one to take all the above poses in front of a sofa or chair - if you suddenly feel dizzy, you can keep your balance. In no case do not take these poses before eating. And, of course, before going to bed.

 preparing the body for childbirth

Preparing the perineum

Also, no harm will attend before the birth and the condition of the perineum. It also needs to be carefully prepared to stretch, which it will undergo during childbirth. There are several ways, one of which - a massage. For massage you can use any vegetable oil - sunflower oil, olive oil, wheat germ. In any case, it is necessary to use oil to boil and pour into a clean glass container.

Before the massage is recommended to warm up the skin of the perineum. This can be done by means of a warm bath, and using a heating pad. Then carefully wipe the perineum, brush it with oil and start massaging. In the eighth month of pregnancy like a massage should be performed every three days, and on the ninth month - every day.

The exercises for the muscles of the perineum

In addition to massage, there is also a special set of exercises, which is also designed to strengthen the perineum and increasing its elasticity. You probably will choose the most appropriate one:

Kegel exercises

For their performance, you will need a gymnastic ball. Do not skimp - buy it. It will serve you faithfully for more than one year. For example, gymnastic exercises with the baby. But back to our exercise. In principle, it is very easy - squeeze the pelvic floor muscles so if you're trying to stop urinating. Lock them in this position for a few seconds and slowly relax. Such approaches should be not less than 10 at a time. On the day you need to do these exercises at least once. Although the note - this exercise can be done successfully and without gymnastic ball. Anywhere, anytime - from no one will notice.

Exercise with a chair

To perform this exercise you need a stable chair. Take a standing position, sideways toward the back of the chair. Uprites in his chair with his hands and slowly allot feet to the side, lifting them as high as you can. Lift legs alternately - 10 times each. Exercise should be performed very smoothly, without sudden movements - they can only hurt ligament.

The second exercise is the chair must be done immediately after the first. The initial position is the same - standing sideways to the back of a chair, holding her hands. In this case, the leg should be raised in front of him and not take the side. There should be 10 sets for each leg.

Exercise plié

Become close to the wall to lean on it in case you lose your balance. Widely arrange legs and start slowly squat. In such a situation you need to be kept at least 5 - 7 seconds. Go up very slowly and carefully. Repeat this exercise must be at least 10 times.

Preparation of the cervix

In no case do not forget that the uterus before delivery also need to be carefully prepared. For the preparation of the cervix, you will need ... your husband! Starting from 36 weeks of pregnancy, doctors recommend couples expecting the birth of a baby, have sex without using a condom. It explained this recommendation is very, very simple. Sperm contains such substances that stimulate the process of softening the cervix, thereby preparing them for childbirth.

Incidentally, this is why during pregnancy, which is complicated by the threat of premature termination, doctors recommend to completely give up sex. Well, or at least use a condom, sperm from reaching the cervix and not to provoke a premature birth.

As you can see, preparing the body for childbirth is a must. It helps you to transfer labor as easily as possible and painless. And for you to let your baby's birthday will be remembered only the most positive emotions rather than pain and fear. A good helper in this difficult matter would be the next Pope. This will help you to further strengthen trust and love. A preparation for childbirth dad will feel involved to the very great mystery - the birth of a person. And not just any man, but her baby.

 Last month of pregnancy - preparation for childbirth

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