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  • Intense itching is scabies and drug allergy
  • Through it passes almost every child
  • Itchy insect bites
  • Chicken pox, measles and scarlet fever
  • Rashes and itching in erysipelas, herpes
  • Hives can cause even a cold shower

Skin rash with itching can have many causes, and conditional upon a number of factors. Total of about 10 specialists distinguish primary changes of the skin, among which are:

  • The macula (simple stains) - skin with non-standard color to 0, 1 cm in diameter;
  • Erythema - spots of the same type, but more than 0, 1 cm in diameter;
  • Papules - small elevation above the skin, nodules, to 0, 1 cm;
  • Plaques - papule larger than 0, 1 cm or group of papules;
  • Node - formation within the skin, often overlooked, with a diameter of 5-10 mm. Node 20 mm can be regarded as a tumor;
  • Vesicle (bubble) - education, containing serous fluid;
  • Bulla (bubble) - education, more than 5 mm in diameter;
  • Abscess (pustules) - may be the result of infection bubbles and bubbles in a pus;
  • Urticaria (blister) - fast disappearing education, which is caused by local edema.

Not all skin rash accompanied by itching.

But not always accompanied by itching and mandatory change of color of the skin. So we know that the overall body itching can be caused by uremia, jaundice, leukemia, lymphoma, polycythemia. Many medications containing salicylates and barbiturates cause itching. In addition, the itchy condition without external changes cause diabetes, giperterioz, helminthiasis (infestation), the later stages of pregnancy, liver and kidney failure, nerve disorders. Therefore, if you are often without cause itching occurs, you should see a doctor and be examined.

 severe skin rash
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Intense itching is scabies and drug allergy

For diseases that are accompanied by severe itching, is primarily scabies. It is an ectoparasite, itch mite, which is implanted in the female horny layers lay their eggs. Hatch into larvae gather around the hair follicles, causing irritation. Skin rashes often appear in the form of burrows on the hands, elbows, wrists, feet. The vesicles without inflammations are marked next to the moves. Itching is amplified in the evening and night, especially in the supine position. Scabies is spread by direct contact with an infected. The disease is treated with sulfur preparations, benzyl benzoate, ointments containing tar and others.

Drug allergy causes rash and itching all over the body. The disease can occur immediately after injection (usually like urticaria), and in a few hours (or manifestations koreobraznye maculo-papular rash) when using drugs or penicillin sulfanilamide. Acne-like rash may occur after the application of bromide, iodide, hydantoins. The reaction of the organism to fenoftalein, tetracyclines, sulfonamides may appear clear purple geometrically regular eruptions that appear each time after taking the drug at the same places.

If there is a gold drugs, thiazide, and the application of antimalarials can be formed papules, which then merge into a spot with pruritus and desquamation. Treating drug allergies is assigned to the individual physician, preventive maintenance can be directed to clean the gastrointestinal tract, the normalization of the organism as a whole.

Discomfort pursue someone who suffers from eczema. For example, a variant nummulyarny accompanied by eruptions in the form of coins, which are covered by a crust, and then strongly itch. The etiology of the disease has not yet been identified, but the appearance of the disease is often associated with increased dryness of the skin, which is manifested in adulthood.

 causes skin rash
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Through it passes almost every child

Inflammation and itching of the skin virtually every child arising from household allergies. Very often cheeks "bloom" in the first six months of life, when the body grudnichka "acquainted" with different materials and develops new protective reaction to what he does not like.

It is believed that babies are breastfed, allergic reactions are less common (if the mother does not abuse chocolate, oranges, etc.) Than the "bottle-". And it's not so much that the mixture may be of poor quality, but in the fact that the child with artificial feeding often eats more than he needed. This causes a lack of enzymes to digest therefore delay food in the intestine, its decomposition and absorption of harmful substances in the blood, which give an allergic reaction.

Why you should not overfeed Allergy?

Therefore, allergic rashes occur more often in well-fed than the thin, undernourished children and adults. Treatment of household allergies is in compliance with the food regime exclude wholly or partly of allergenic products (food and household chemicals), maintenance of temperature (the temperature of the indoor air from allergies should not be higher than 20 ° C) and measures personal and domestic hygiene.

Finding a person in an airtight, dirty clothes in hot weather can cause such a thing as sudamen (common in infants). In this case, in the neck, shoulders, back, may appear small red spots bubbly plan with clear content that are slightly itchy, with no temperature or some other painful symptoms. Sudamen itself is not dangerous, but the inflamed skin allow for penetration into the organism of various microbes. Therefore, in the heat need to take timely water treatment, use compresses soda (in a glass of boiled water a teaspoon of baking soda) to reduce itching. For antiseptic treatment of prickly heat elements suitable weak (slightly pink) solution of potassium permanganate.

 Consulting a dermatologist
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Itchy insect bites

Very much itching and insect bites, followed by one or another kind of rash. This is due to the fact that during the bite, e.g. mosquito injecting small doses of liquid occurs which does not allow blood to clot during a "lunch" insect. This substance contains protein, which is a strong allergen for humans, so there is redness and itching. Application of ointments after infrequent bites are not always justified, so you can use traditional medicine.

The easiest way - is to smear the affected areas of dairy products, tea tree oil or fish oil. Well proven and the solution of baking soda (1 teaspoon per cup of water applied as a compress) and ammonia solution (1 tablespoon to 3 tablespoons of water, apply swab).

Itching and redness spread by the bite of bees combined with a pale face, cramps, pressure drop, loss of consciousness is a sign of anaphylactic shock. In this case, you should immediately call an ambulance because Shock may develop in the swelling of the mucous membranes of the body and lead to serious consequences.

The minimum set of actions in this case consists of the following steps: remove the stinger so as not to damage the capsule of poison (preferably with tweezers), wash the bite with running water, wet and lubricate hydrocortisone ointment or hydrogen peroxide. Damage to the site must be applied cold to bee venom slowed its spread, to give the patient an antihistamine.
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Chicken pox, measles and scarlet fever

Almost everyone in my childhood had been ill with chicken pox. This disease is accompanied by fever, headache, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. There is the appearance of red bumps that one day turn into small blisters. This parent is a big problem that there is no scratching rashes (not to carry infection) and prevent contact with water.

Chickenpox is transmitted quite easily, so children need to be isolated from each other as well as to limit the contacts of adults without a history of previous disease. Chickenpox lasts for 2-3 weeks, during this period of normal temperature, bubbles dry out and crumble. Below them are pink spots, which will go completely for a couple of months. If rash varicella comb, it is possible to bring streptococci, causing festering, the need for antibiotics, as well as scar after healing. Repeated illness from this disease is rarely observed.

Other "baby" disease - measles, also provides consistent rashes following lines: the first day of spots appear on the face and neck, the second - on the torso and arms, in the third - on the feet. At this time, the temperature rises (to 40 ° C) for buccal mucosa whitish marked points are increased lymph nodes. The patient is prescribed mainly fever and create favorable conditions for healing in terms of the regime. The rash may itch in the course of the disease, and during the resolution of rash, when it shelled, and the skin under it brightens.

When scarlet fever itchy rash appears simultaneously with the end of the first day of illness. Skin reactions thus represented by small dots, which are located at the joints of limbs, lower abdomen, and inner thighs. Clearly visible white triangle in the nasolabial area (where the rash is not marked). Red spots can hold up to one week, after which the skin sshelushivaetsya "plates." Patients received antibiotic therapy and bed rest.

 getting rid of the itching of the skin
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Rashes and itching in erysipelas, herpes

When erysipelas desire to scratch the affected area occurs in the early stages of occurrence of bright red erythema, accompanied by fever and signs of intoxication. The skin in the lesion painful, tense, hot, lymph nodes are enlarged. Erysipelas is a serious infectious disease that occurs after penetration into the skin injured streptococcus. It is treated with antibiotics, UFO, UHF (local effects), weak electric current discharges. In severe cases, antibiotics are prescribed long-acting, which prevent streptococcus multiply.

Severe itching with rash Puzyreva and bubbly nature accompany such diseases as herpes zoster. It is caused by a virus the herpes group (but not the one that causes cold sores on the lips). The illness can occur in people who have had chickenpox, but the virus was not completely deactivated. He can declare itself through the decades as a rash mainly in the area of ​​exit of nerve endings. The disease runs independently in 2-4 weeks, although individuals painful condition can last for years. In this case, it may be used, famciclovir, acyclovir (antiviral agents), analgesics and corticosteroids (for removal of itching). The reason why the virus moves from the rest to the active phase, has not yet been studied.

Still not fully understood and the cause of another type of lichen, accompanied by itching - is lichen planus. One of the doctors said that he has a viral nature, others believe that it may occur in the nervous system to the general weakening of the body. Flat red spots appear most often on the elbow, legs, lower back, hips, abdomen and underarms.

They have a diameter of 1 cm or more and a rough surface. Treatment of the disease is carried out by treating the outer surfaces of itching (70% alcohol plus 1% hydrochloride plus subsequent processing glyukoortikoidnymi ointments), the appointment of radon and hydrogen sulfide baths. When neurotic reactions produce drugs valerian, bromine, certain B vitamins If expressed infectious foci, they sanitize antibiotics (macrolides, tetracycline) for 1-2 weeks.

Boils itch at the initial stage

When itching of the skin abrasions appear before the surface "come out" furunkuleznye unit, the period of the disease is about 3 days. This disease is mainly caused by Staphylococcus aureus, can develop anywhere on the skin, but the most dangerous are boils on the face (especially in children). After a few days of maturation, during which the patient may be increased temperature, it is transformed into an abscess furuncle, from which emerges at the opening of necrotic tissue nature.

Furunkuleznye pockets can not squeeze yourself, it makes only an experienced surgeon, in order to avoid the further spread of infection. Additional means of treatment is the use of ointments Vishnevsky, injections of antibiotics, diet, hygienic procedures. If many boils, it is not recommended to wash, and healthy skin treatment should be carried out with a solution furatsilina.

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Hives can cause even a cold shower

Get on the skin rash and itching, you can simply take a hot shower or doing physical exercises. This reaction gives cholinergic urticaria, which manifests itself in the form of punctate rash with severe itching. Cold urticaria in people who are sensitive to cold water causes cold stream. The disease can also be obtained at a sensitivity to vibration, pressure, a particular type of light (sunlight, UV, etc.). Treatment in this case consists primarily in eliminating the stimulus.

In some cases, itchy hives can be very "small evil" because some of its forms (angioedema), which manifest themselves in the form of a giant swelling the size of a hen's egg, can be fatal. Especially dangerous is the manifestation angioedema in the larynx, as this can lead to suffocation.

Blame fungi and nerves

Eruptions on the skin, accompanied by itching can be signs of candidiasis. In this case, under the breasts, in the gluteal fold, groin, between the fingers and toes appear often itchy exudative patches, bordered by small pustules. The disease, known among the population as thrush, caused by a fungus that is present in every human body, but often because of a weakened immune system begins to multiply too much. Treatment consists of the outer treated sheets 5-10% solution of sodium tetrakarbonata, ingestion natatsimina, fluconazole, miconazole, and others.

Of course, you need to remember people's wisdom: all diseases of the nerves. And in this case, neurodermatitis just a confirmation of these words. The disease is a chronic skin disease in which the skin is constantly present dry, itchy, scaly plaques with thickened portions. Illness provoked psychogenic factor and is more common in women aged 20 to 50, American Indians and Asians. Basic techniques for the treatment consist in the psycho-correction. Most often combed his head, ankles and hands. When Sanchez nervous tension increases, it can become a habit and give unconscious action to eliminate itching.

It should be noted that there are serious diseases with rashes, which, however, are not accompanied by a pronounced itching. These include pemphigus, syphilis, lupus, infectious erythema (with her first signs of the disease often resemble the flu, itchy only in the nose, and a rash does not always appear in adults), and others. Therefore, when expressed long-term problems of the skin and itching is better to address to a specialist for advice.

 What diseases with rashes on the skin may be accompanied by itching?