causes of tuberculosis


  • The main symptoms of the disease, methods of treating
  • Healing Herbs
  • Gifts of Nature - the best medicine
  • Power Features

Tuberculosis - one of the most dangerous infectious diseases, which can become infected with absolutely everyone. The disease is spread by airborne droplets, can also become infected by food consumed unboiled milk cows sick. Basically TB sick people with weak immune systems, live in unsanitary conditions and poverty, as the weakened body refuses to fight the virus.

One hundred years ago this diagnosis sounded like a death sentence, today the official medicine is able to put the patient on his feet, but increasingly people are turning to folk remedies, coping with treatment is many times better than any medication.

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The main symptoms of the disease, methods of treating

There are primary and secondary forms of tuberculosis. The first to suffer are mostly young people up to 25 years, it flows easily and runs independently. The second is characterized by severe illness, it occurs in patients previously ill with tuberculosis. To facilitate the treatment of disease, it should be determined as early as possible. Main symptoms: temperature up to 37, 5 ° C, cough and hemoptysis. But it mostly occurs in open form in very advanced cases. The majority of patients detected by fluorography study, while a man can only bother coughing.

Official medicine involves patient treatment lasting at least six months. The patient takes antibiotics in a specific pattern. Sometimes, in very advanced cases, medicine is powerless, while desperate people turn to traditional healers and healers. There is a lot of evidence of the effectiveness of folk remedies. Patients who doctors had predicted a quick death, recovered and lived to a ripe old age. There are different treatments, in any case, you must not sit idly by and choose the most appropriate option to fight the disease.

 cough, tuberculosis
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Healing Herbs

Defeating the tuberculosis can only be subject to a special diet and regular use of decoctions or infusions of herbs. You must select any one prescription and over several months to use this drug. For example, when the disease is very good broth made of reeds. Take your medicine should be 3 times a day before meals prepared at 100 g, it's simple: shredded cane leaves, filled with water, bring to a boil and boil for about 5 minutes. Decoctions should be given 2:00 infuse, then strain it can be. Proportion - 3 tbsp. spoon leaves in 2 cups of water.

Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis may decoction of knotweed. This inconspicuous-looking grass has analgesic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, diaphoretic action. Knotweed is very good strengthens lung tissue, has no contraindications, so it is used in bronchial asthma, diseases of a cold nature. To prepare the broth will need 1 tbsp. tablespoon chopped herbs and 200 ml dill. Sporýš filled with water and heated on a steam bath for 10 minutes, then steeped for 2 hours. The patient should take a decoction 4 times a day for 1 st. spoon.

Also, pulmonary tuberculosis great help infusions of plantain leaves and birch buds. In the first case you need 1 tbsp. l. dried leaves, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for a couple of hours, then strain and take 20 minutes before eating a tablespoon. Birch buds to pour vodka, 1 st. l. It is 2 cups. If tincture Brandy got saturated color, so it is ready for use. The patient should take it before every meal a tablespoon. That such uncomplicated folk remedies can be completely cured of tuberculosis.

 Diet for tuberculosis
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Gifts of Nature - the best medicine

Fat is very well help in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. You can do the following remedy: take in equal proportions badger fat, honey and walnuts (pre-frayed in the mortar) and mix well. The drug should be taken six times a day on a teaspoon, and the need to suck it like a lollipop, and not immediately swallow. In addition, you can empty stomach every morning to chew a small piece of leaf aloe and a spoonful of honey.

Wax moth or moth great help in severe cases. For the preparation of medicines should be taken larvae and vodka at a ratio of 1: 4. Tincture prepares to 20 days, and then filtered through a cotton filter. In the early stages of the disease enough to take 20 drops 2 times a day in severe cases the dosage should be doubled. Supporting folk remedies may be broth hips, raw oats, propolis, including the must eat royal jelly, honey.

As part of the diet of the patient is required to present fresh cow's milk. To disinfect the bowel it is added crushed charcoal and drinking a liter a day. Also useful radish juice, mixed in equal parts with honey. In tuberculosis wonderful helps aloe juice. You can mix a teaspoon ingredient with 100 grams of melted lard or goose, add 50 g of cocoa and 100 g of honey. 3 times a day to take 1 tbsp. spoon with a glass of hot milk. Aloe can insist on a wine bottle in the accounts for approximately 4 sheets. The drug infused a week, taken three times a day on a tablespoon.

 Treatment folk remedies
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Power Features

Tuberculosis is dangerous not only for light but also for the stomach to the liver, as has complications of these organs. Patients must adhere to a certain diet to not overload the body of excess food and not to provoke the appearance of nausea, upset. During the day, a person should consume 120 grams of fat, and 80% of animal origin and only 20% - vegetable.

Protein in the diet helps to resist infections, it should be about the same as and fats. Because carbohydrates can be consumed potatoes, black and white bread, cereals, sugar and vegetables. If there is weight loss, the diet be sure to include eggs, cheese, fish, meat. The amount of salt, in comparison with a standard consumption must be increased twice. There should be frequent but small portions.

Sample Diet for tuberculosis:

  • For breakfast you can make an omelet, milk porridge, light salad and cocoa.
  • For lunch, according to the diet relies sandwich of white bread, butter and cheese with tomato juice.
  • Lunch with pulmonary tuberculosis should be nutritious: the first - a meat soup, the second - boiled rice with roast chicken and vegetable salad, on the third - compote.
  • At lunch diet offers only fresh cookies with a decoction of rose hips.
  • Dinner - stuffed with egg, meat zrazy, carrot puree, tea with honey and cheese casserole.
  • Before going to bed drink a glass of diet allowed sour milk or buttermilk.

This is only a rough diet, every day you can come up with different variations of it that the food did not bother. The main thing is to provide food weakened by illness the body with essential nutrients. Folk remedies in combination with proper nutrition can bring up bad even seriously ill. For the man is still important and a positive attitude, you need to believe in the best and strive for recovery.

Heal yourself the power of each, it is only necessary to select one or more of the national resources and regularly use them until they are cured. For more effective treatment need to eat well, then the disease is very fast retreat.

 How to cure tuberculosis folk remedies?

 causes of polyps in the uterus


  • Signs and symptoms of uterine polyps
  • Celandine for the treatment of uterine polyps
  • Herbal and berry extracts to deal with polyps
  • Pumpkin seeds and garlic as a cure for polyps
  • Douching using herbal decoction
  • Medicinal teas based on nettle and knotweed

Uterine polyps are benign form on the surface of the endometrium, which is located on the inside of the uterine cavity. They can be single and multiple. In some cases to polyps shifted cervix. Neoplasm has a body and leg, through which is fastened to the endometrium. Numerous medical observations suggest that polyps are more often to be found at the bottom of the uterus or its walls.

The causes of this disease may be different, and the tumors appear in young girls and women older. If the doctor has put such a diagnosis - do not despair. There are ways to not only medication, you can still treat uterine polyps folk remedies. Both methods are effective in killing the polyps and prevent new ones. A woman can choose the most appropriate treatment option for yourself, depending on the features of her body.
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Signs and symptoms of uterine polyps

Pronounced symptoms of uterine polyps is little, their presence is easily confused with symptoms of other diseases. The main symptom that should alert a woman - abundant vaginal discharge.

In the early development of the disease can occur uterine bleeding and failure of the menstrual cycle. A polyp is a tendency to increase. This process leads to involuntary contractions of the uterus, cervix whereby it is expanded and pushed into the vagina neoplasm. Women thus may feel pain and cramps, vaginal discharge are observed as ichor.

Asymptomatic disease contributes to the fact that patients in the early stages do not pay much attention to minor signals of the body, resulting in recourse to medical assistance too late.

Polyps are particularly dangerous for pregnant women. In such cases, treatment is only possible with the use of homeopathy and traditional medicine.

To get rid of the polyps, use some folk remedies only after histological analysis, which will help determine the exact nature of the polyp. These tumors are glandular, glandular fibrioznymi, fibrioznymi and adenomatous. Adenomatous polyps - the most dangerous, because they are irreversible major changes at the cellular level. Such tumors are signs of a precancerous condition of the mucous membrane of the uterus.

 pumpkin seeds
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Celandine for the treatment of uterine polyps

To achieve good results from the treatment of polyps folk remedies may be at an early stage when the disease is only beginning to develop. Also folk remedies are often used as prophylaxis after or before drug treatment. But regardless of the method of folk, women need to be sure to consult with your doctor.

Most often, to get rid of the polyps in the uterus, used celandine. It is recognized as the most effective and popular means. It is necessary to take in and use for douching.

To prepare the infusion of healing to collect fresh sprouts celandine and fill their glass jar, then pour boiling water. Further, the bank should close the lid, wrap a blanket or towel and leave to infuse in this way for 12 hours.

Ready infusion should be taken three times a day. The initial dose should be 1 st. l., which should be increased gradually to 100 ml at one time. In this way, the treatment of uterine polyps should be carried out for two weeks after which requires a break - three weeks. Furthermore, the course should be repeated.
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Herbal and berry extracts to deal with polyps

Useful and effective extracts that are able to overcome the disease, usually prepared from rosehips, berries, cranberries, nettle. This type of treatment is considered to be one of the most benign, which offers traditional medicine.

To prepare the infusion of curative need:

  • cranberries - 2 tbsp. L .;
  • chopped nettle - 3 tbsp. L .;
  • hips - 3 tbsp. l.

All the ingredients must be mixed together and the mixture, pour a glass of hot water. Soaking the infusion should be in a closed container for 4 hours. Means should be taken twice a day for 250 ml.

Equally effective is recognized on the basis of tincture of golden whiskers. To make this folk remedy, you need:

  • 50 joints golden mustache;
  • 500 ml of vodka.

The plant should be crushed and pour the vodka, then leave to infuse for 10 days. Ready infusion should be taken twice daily in diluted form: one-third cup of water add 20 drops of medicinal liquid. Use such medication is necessary before meals. Treatment should be carried out for a month, and then make a break for 10 days. Expect complete recovery from the uterine polyps is possible only after five treatments.

 nettle infusion for the treatment of uterine polyps
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Pumpkin seeds and garlic as a cure for polyps

Garlic since ancient times is considered an excellent remedy for a variety of diseases. List of Public methods can beat uterine polyps, also it includes this medicinal plant. On its basis it is possible to make their own medical swab.

This will require a large clove of garlic crushed and carefully wrapped all the resulting mass in a two-layer gauze, and then tightly bandage. Ready compress should be careful at night to enter as deeply as possible into the vagina and pull it out in the morning. To cure such manipulation of polyps should be repeated for a month every night.

For indoor reception is possible to prepare other useful folk medicine based on pumpkin seeds. Require:

  • 7 pieces Hard Boiled egg yolks;
  • fresh pumpkin seeds;
  • 2 cups vegetable oil.

Seeds should be well grind and add to them thoroughly mashed yolks. Next, the resulting mixture should be mixed with vegetable oil, to eventually form a homogeneous paste. This is followed by a mass placed for 30 minutes in a water bath. When the ready means to cool, it is necessary to take one teaspoon fasting for five days, then take a break for the same period of time. Repeat rate needed to complete recovery. The mixture should be refrigerated, tightly packed.
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Douching using herbal decoction

In the arsenal of folk remedies are very popular treatment douching. To combat this way of uterine polyps is used quite often. Typically, douching should be used if the woman on the background of the disease are observed vaginal bleach.

To prepare the solution for irrigation, will require:

  • yarrow herb - 2 tbsp. L .;
  • rosemary leaves - 2 tbsp. L .;
  • sage leaves - 2 tbsp. L .;
  • oak bark - 4 tbsp. l ..

All ingredients must be ground and mixed in an enamel vessel and then pour 2, 5 l of boiling water. Then, the mixture should be put on fire and bring to a boil. Boil the broth to simmer for half an hour should be. When it is ready, it is necessary to cool it at room temperature. Next, you must drain the infusion using cheesecloth or fine sieve.

Lukewarm solution is used for douching twice a day every day to get rid of the disease.

 celandine to treat uterine polyps
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Medicinal teas based on nettle and knotweed

Cook another decoction for douching can use these herbs:

  • nettle - 3 tbsp. l.
  • grass knotweed - Article 5. L .;
  • pharmacy chamomile - 1 tbsp. l ..

Herbs need to grind and mix together. The resulting mixture should be put in an enamel pan and pour boiling water 1 liter. Boil broth followed for 5 minutes at medium heat and then cool at room temperature.

Ready strained broth to use for vaginal douching. Treatment to be effective, it is desirable to carry out the procedure at least twice a day for 2 weeks.

Always remember that reproductive function is one of the most important for a woman, so in case of alarming symptoms must necessarily be examined by a doctor. It is useful to be visits to the doctor and as a prophylactic measure. If the disease is detected and treatment is still required to start an independent thoughtless application of various folk remedies is not necessary. It is necessary to consult a gynecologist, who will select the most suitable and safe way.

 Effective folk remedies for treatment of uterine polyps