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  • How do you get chlamydia?
  • Symptoms and signs of the disease
  • The treated chlamydial infection
  • Methods of traditional medicine for the treatment of Chlamydia infection

Today there are several sexually transmitted diseases whose symptoms or insignificant or not appear at all. Often these diseases become protracted course and develop into a chronic form. At the same time, spreading in the body of women, they affect not only sexual but also other organs.

Terrible disease caused by chlamydia, a chlamydia. Localized in the urogenital system, it can provoke conjunctivitis, mucosal disorders, ear infections, damage to the heart and joints. Since the characteristic signs of the disease does not have, for a long time women have to endure the discomfort, having no idea about the true causes of its occurrence.

Only a visit to a doctor and the results of laboratory tests are able to give the answer to what kind of infection causes inflammation.

 diagnosis of disease

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How do you get chlamydia?

There are several ways of infection with chlamydia. From how the infection got into the body depends on its location and development. According to the frequency of diseases, methods of infection may be as follows:

  1. Infection through sexual contact - the main way of getting chlamydia in women. Generally, inflammation starts with the mucous membranes of the genitals, and then proceeds to the uterus and urinary bladder, often causing infertility, cystitis, cervical erosion.
  2. Infection of the child from an infected mother during childbirth - a process that can cause lung damage or inflammation of the conjunctiva in the newborn. It is believed that the sick woman with chlamydia can infect the fetus, but to date this statement is not fully proven.
  3. Infection through casual contact and - as an unproven method that has a right to exist. Is due to the fact that the viability of chlamydia on household items and fabrics ability to keep about 2 days.
  4. Infection by droplets - an extremely rare way possible contact with a sick chlamydial pneumonia.

Once infection has occurred, only less than 35% of women experience the symptoms. Mainly it celebrated asymptomatic disease. It is more dangerous, because the treatment of chlamydia is not conducted freely and the infection spreads throughout the body, causing ailments and complications. Long course of infection is able to present a risk to the fetus when pregnant women are infected.

 Treatment of chlamydia
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Symptoms and signs of the disease

With the penetration of chlamydia in the internal organs can cause the following diseases:

  • colpitis manifested by itching, burning sensation in the genitals, vaginal discharge, pain in the lower back and abdomen, fever;
  • cervicitis, during which reproduction infection occurs in the cervical canal, causing its inflammation and later passing to erosion;
  • endometritis, oophoritis or salpingitis caused by Chlamydia, who fell into the uterus or fallopian tubes.

Diagnosis of these diseases is carried out only by a gynecologist in the personal survey, and based on the results of an ultrasound.
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The treated chlamydial infection

The first thing to say that the treatment of the disease should be carried out strictly under the supervision of a specialist. Only in this case it will bring the desired effect. As a rule, the appointment of drugs for the treatment of chlamydia gynecologist takes into account the individuality of the patient. Clear schemes and algorithms, how to cure chlamydial infection does not exist, so when choosing a combined therapy the doctor examines the overall status of the patient, presence of concomitant diseases and conditions of the intestinal microflora.

Since chlamydia in women refers to the disease caused by a bacterial infection, you need antibiotics. The choice is limited to a number of drugs, possessing the ability to destroy microorganisms within the cells. These are preparations of tetracycline, fluoroquinolones, macrolides. It is mandatory when choosing a medication should be taken into account the presence of opportunistic infections, or action of the drug may be ineffective.

Many patients suffering from chlamydia, marked and fungal diseases, so often in the complex treatment of women included antifungals in tablet form. This antimycotics such as "Fluconazole" "Nystatin" "Pimafutsin" and the like. In acute and chronic forms of chlamydia are a necessary component of therapy immunomodulators or adjuvants - "Viferon", "Takvitin", "TSikloferon" and others. They shorten recovery time, support and strengthen the immune system, reduce the side effects of medication. It should be remembered that the uncontrolled admission during treatment of chlamydial infection in women drugs, immunomodulators are capable of inflicting serious injury, so they can be taken only on prescription.

A huge role in the appointment of combination therapy is given vitamins, and the deadline for drugs should not be less than 2 months. When completed basic treatment, are usually prescribed drugs that normalize the intestinal microflora. It may be the means by enzymes - "Mezim" "Festal" or "Pancreatin" gepaprotektory - "Essentiale Forte" and other medication for the liver, probiotics - "Hilak Forte" "Atsipol" et al., Bacteriophages - "Staphylococcal "" coliphages, "and so forth.

In addition, if necessary, to cure chlamydia in women can not be ignored, and physiotherapy. Good effect to cure gives magnitolazera application, iontophoresis, magnetic or electrophoresis with certain drugs. For a direct impact on the area of ​​treatment of infection using tampons, micro enema, vaginal and rectal suppositories with drugs.

If we talk about how to treat hlamidifnuyu infection, we must not forget the most important part of treatment, which is proper nutrition. At that time, when untreated, women desirable to use sharp and salty foods, alcohol and confectionery. Not recommended for sex, active or heavy physical activity.

To date, research has not proven harm from the use of dairy products for the treatment of chlamydia, but experts say that the lactic acid bacteria found in milk, cheese, yogurt, yogurt, butter, etc. Are able to nullify all the effects of antibiotics for infection . Microorganisms accustomed to drugs and do not respond to treatment.

To compensate for a deficiency of calcium in the refusal of dairy products, you can take pills and powders that contain this essential trace mineral for the human body. After 2-3 weeks after the complete cure of chlamydial infection dairy products again can be eaten.

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Methods of traditional medicine for the treatment of Chlamydia infection

A good effect has a comprehensive treatment of the disease, which uses the methods of traditional medicine. Thus, at all times, garlic was considered excellent antiparasitic agent that is recommended to use and cure chlamydia. To prepare the infusion of garlic, use the following recipe: 6 cloves garlic, crushed, pour 1 cup of water and infuse overnight, then the infusion is filtered several times through cheesecloth. Uses a similar solution for the impregnation of tampons and douching.

A large number of recipes to help cure chlamydia, created on the basis of Borovoy of the uterus - the plant, which is considered a storehouse of nutrients for women. Traditional medicine uses of these drugs in many cases. Thus, it is possible to prepare a tincture, which is required to use long-term rates. For the preparation of infusions necessary 100 g of dry grass pour 500 ml of vodka, brandy or alcohol and insist in a dark place for at least 7 days, regular shaking. The resulting agent is used 3-4 times a day 25-30 drops.

To prepare the drug as a solution for douching, use calendula, antimicrobial properties which are successfully used in the treatment of many diseases. 50 g of ground dry raw pour 500 ml of alcohol, then infused for 14 days in a dark place, poured into the sealed container and filter. Before applying the resulting mixture was diluted with clean water required 1:10.

By following all the doctor's recommendations and clearly indicated they follow the treatment regimen can be in a fairly quick time to get rid of chlamydia. Folk remedies help increase the effectiveness of traditional medicines and greatly reduce the risk of side effects.

 As diagnosed and treated chlamydia