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  • Inflammation of the respiratory system as the cause of chest pain when coughing
  • Painful cough as a symptom of lung disease
  • The reason for diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • If the problem is related to the other systems and organs

The causes of chest pain when coughing can be very diverse, often it is associated with cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and may be a source of infection. Acute chest pain when coughing can cause inhalation of acrid smoke, the presence of a foreign body in organs, tumor or trauma.

In any case, when such pain should be compulsory to consult a doctor, but in any case not to self-medicate, especially if you have the following symptoms: fever, there was a weakness, malaise, cough intensifies already within a week, expectorate sputum has bloody veins, there is difficulty in breath, his face has become cyanotic hue.

 inflammation of the respiratory organs
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Inflammation of the respiratory system as the cause of chest pain when coughing

Because of severe inflammation of the respiratory organs in the chest appear discomfort when you cough passing in pain. The list can include the following diseases:

  • tracheitis. It appears often as a result of inflammation of the respiratory tract, lying above, for example, laryngitis and acute rhinitis. Of inflammation of the trachea help cool or dusty air, inhalation of gases and vapors. The main feature - a dry cough at night, especially after sleeping. Cough occurs when laughing, crying, accompanied by deep breathing and bruised pain in the chest, throat. Therefore, patients try to breathe superficially. In most cases, an inflammation of the mucosa of the trachea is lowered into the lower respiratory tract, wherein the cough becomes more painful, and painful. With this perspective, the spread is usually prescribed an antibiotic (preferably aerosol) from a painful cough - codeine libeksin and expectorants.
  • bronchitis. Inflammation of the bronchial tubes, usually accompanied by a painful dry cough develops against SARS, as well as people with frequent episodes of sinusitis, rhinitis, etc. To alleviate pain in the chest when coughing, use alkaline inhalations, rubbing the chest or mustard, put banks, doing hot foot bath with the addition of mustard. Good help to cope with a cough copious hot drink (fruit drinks, lime tea, hot milk with soda) and herbal syrups (marshmallow root, licorice). Of the drugs doctors usually prescribe stoptussin, tusupreks.
  • pleurisy. Pleura - a thin serosa, part of which closes the lungs, while the other part - the chest. In most cases, pleurisy is a secondary disease and occurs due to chronic processes in the lung. There are several forms of pleurisy, but the cough with acute pain is usually a symptom of dry (fibrinous) pleurisy. The patient complains of pain when breathing, coughing, slopes.

There sweats, low-grade fever (37-37, 5 ° C), preferably in the evening, rapid breathing. The optimum position for pain relief - on the sick side. Treatment of pleurisy have a long and complex and is aimed primarily at arresting the main process, which is the source of the disease. Symptomatic treatment is carried out in particular to anesthesia.

 causes chest pain
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Painful cough as a symptom of lung disease

This feature appears in various forms of pneumonia. This is especially true for lobar pneumonia, different weight and severity of occurrence. The causative agent is Streptococcus pneumoniae. The disease develops rapidly, the temperature rises to 39-40 ° C, from the first days of disease onset shortness of breath occurs. On the third day comes cough and phlegm typical rust color. When there is a strong cough stabbing pain in the lungs, localized mainly in the inflamed parts. When focal pneumonia such as pain are rare. Pneumonia in all its form is a dangerous disease that requires immediate and long-term treatment.

A collapsed lung (pneumothorax) is accompanied by a sharp stabbing pain in one half of the chest, usually in the upper sections. There is a feeling of tightness in the chest, lack of air, so the patient starts to breathe more often and deeper. Every movement, including cough, painful for the patient. This is due to the sudden accumulation of air around the lungs, which puts pressure on them, not giving fully disclosed to normal breathing. Pneumothorax develops after a traumatic impact on the chest (broken ribs, stabbed in the chest) or spontaneously after a heavy physical exertion.

Acute chest pain when coughing occurs and lung cancer. Most often, this common form of cancer occurs in men, they suffer from lung cancer is four times more often than women. Usually it is the smokers with years of experience, or people working on the production of the presence of different kinds of pollutants. One of the most constant symptoms of cancer are coughing. First dry, then followed by the release of a small amount of mucopurulent sputum streaked with blood, which is why it can be mistaken for tuberculosis. Painful hacking cough is accompanied by a deep pain in his chest.

 diagnosis of disease
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The reason for diseases of the cardiovascular system

Pain during coughing chest appear not only in respiratory diseases, but also in patients with problems in the cardiovascular system.

Typically, the emergence of such a sign indicates the seriousness of the disease and the need for emergency medical care. The main thing in a timely manner to determine the true cause of the pain, because the symptoms associated with heart disease, are usually markedly different from similar symptoms associated with other diseases. Therefore, if such signs indicate the development of myocardial infarction or aortic dissection, it is important to correctly diagnose the disease and make the hospitalization until the patient can still be saved.

The cause of cough in this case predominantly associated with stagnation of the blood in the pulmonary circulation. In patients with paroxysmal cough occurs, which manifests itself as much as possible during exercise. At rest, it subsides. Dry painful cough accompanied by phlegm with bloody streaks appear when pulmonary infarction. Similar symptoms can be observed in patients with mitral heart disease. Cough accompanied by long bouts and an increase in intrathoracic pressure may cause the development of hypertension, chronic pulmonary heart appearance.

Chest pain when you cough and inflammation observed in the pericardium. In this disease there is an accumulation of inflammatory fluid in the pericardium. Pericarditis often occurs as a complication of diseases of various organs. The cause is often infectious agents, eg, a bacterial infection caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and so on. The pain in the heart note as the main symptom of dry pericarditis, though it is not always evident. Pericardial pain intensifies when the patient lies on his back, coughing, deep breathing, swallowing. The disease is complex and requires in-patient treatment.

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If the problem is related to the other systems and organs

A sharp shooting pain in the chest when coughing can be associated with injuries (bruises ribs, dislocation of the shoulder joint). Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are often given this symptom. For example, when the cervical and thoracic osteochondrosis can also hurt the chest that increases with movement or coughing failed. Pain in the lower thoracic back pain, made worse by coughing, when turning, straining, awkward movements, manifested in osteoporosis of the spine. This disease mostly occurs in women after menopause, and may even cause a fracture of the vertebra.

In addition to these possible causes of this symptom may be associated with disorders of the nervous system. This may manifest itself all the same features as in cardiac disorders: shortness of breath, tachycardia, sensation of lack of air, increased anxiety, depression. In fact, it may be a syndrome as psychogenic torakalgiya. In any case, you can make a conclusion about the necessity of mandatory medical consultations and surveys, the presence of such warning signs as chest pain when coughing.

 Why having chest pains when coughing?