• The main causes of thrush
  • Symptoms of thrush
  • Symptoms in girls
  • Symptoms in women

Thrush - a disease that is accompanied by a rather unpleasant events in the form of itching, severe burning, vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor. It is believed that candidiasis - is a disease of only adult women, it is caused by promiscuous and therefore, girls and young women to hurt it just can not. But this is a misconception, as the infectious fungal disease can occur at any age, but the reason for their appearance can be a banal failure to comply with personal hygiene or taking certain medicines. The main symptom - itching that can occur even with the use of uncomfortable underwear and clothing.

Candidiasis now diagnosed in approximately 50% of the girls who have not gone to school, while 25% of the patients have had chronic recurrent vulvovaginal. Why is this happening? The problem may be to low awareness of the population and that little girls are not taught to personal hygiene, since the mother does not give her enough attention. In some cases, thrush appears in the background of other diseases, such as colds, frequent bouts of allergies.

The reason often becomes uncomfortable and linen and very tight jeans.

You can not deduct all here only one, should pay attention to many factors, then the risk is minimized. In any case, the symptoms should immediately seek medical advice, do not delay the treatment.

 the causes of thrush

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The main causes of thrush

Thrush in women can occur for various reasons, the course of the disease can also vary greatly. The strongest is considered the acute form, in which there is not only itching and redness, but severe swelling, plaque, bleeding lesions. This leads to a rather serious consequences, so the disease can not be ignored.

Among the reasons for which there is thrush in women, it should be noted:

  • persistent violations of the rules of personal intimate hygiene. Girls should be accustomed to it from childhood, that in the future there were no negative consequences;
  • using sanitary pads with a mesh surface, which can cause severe irritation of the genital organs;
  • when using sanitary napkins with flavorings;
  • if there is such a disease, such as diabetes or other related disorders;
  • permanent and severe stress, depression faced by the young woman's body;
  • antibiotics and some other drugs;
  • promiscuous.

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Symptoms of thrush

In some cases, the disease is asymptomatic. But the first sign - is the appearance of redness, swelling that goes into the external genitalia and vagina. Such a feature appears the first, for it is easy to self-diagnose the appearance of thrush. That is such a symptom already indicates that it is necessary to see a doctor for help.

The second sign is that in the vagina appear strong, burning pain, a burning sensation. It should be noted that part of caving not improve the situation. Burning and itching increase especially in the evening, after taking a bath. This feature also can be diagnosed easily by yourself, you should not ignore it, it is better to consult a doctor. The third feature is that there are whitish discharge from the vagina, plaque around the labia. After the plaque is erased, it can leave behind a bleeding sites.

Any of these signs indicates that you need to be screened, after which the doctor will appoint a competent treatment. It is important here is not only to remove the symptoms, but the cause of thrush. If this is not done, the disease will continue to bother, it can go in its chronic form, which is very difficult to treat. In the future, thrush can cause many problems not only with personal hygiene, but also sexuality, urination, and even with the possibility of getting pregnant. Candidiasis is also transmitted through sexual contact men, and they have it can lead to infertility.

 treatment of thrush
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Symptoms in girls

Symptoms of yeast infection can occur in girls aged 3-7 years. This is due to many factors, such as neonatal disease is observed for the following reasons:

  • infection during delivery;
  • providing treatment with antibiotics without special antifungal drugs;
  • nosocomial strains.

The appearance of yeast infection in girls as young as 3 years of age may be due to the following factors:

  • weakening of attention when making hygienic toilets;
  • the frequent occurrence of different types of allergies.

At the age of 7 years, thrush may occur for the following reasons:

  • failure to comply with hygiene;
  • a weakened immune system and very frequent colds;
  • enterobiasis in which pinworms get to the genitals, causing immune dysfunction;
  • at the beginning of menstruation, when there are strong hormonal disruptions.

Symptoms of yeast infection can be very different, but usually at this age they are shown as follows:

  • severe irritation and redness in the genital area;
  • itching;
  • allocation curd with a characteristic odor.

If these symptoms occur, you should immediately consult a doctor for diagnosis, determine the cause of the disease, its elimination. Otherwise, thrush can easily become chronic, which is quite dangerous for the further development of girls.

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Symptoms in women

Thrush in women manifests itself in different forms, differing in severity, duration of disease, symptoms:

  • asymptomatic disease;
  • During acute;
  • chronic candidiasis (divided into 2 groups: the persistent and recurrent);
  • vulvovaginitis secondary to the background planus, pemfigosa and other diseases.

The most severe symptoms are observed in the acute form:

  • strong areas of the vulva, perineum. It may be constant, or appear to grow after washing, walking, using pads, tampons;
  • burning sensation when urinating. This state is dangerous because it can lead to acute urinary retention;
  • cheesy or creamy discharge with a characteristic sour smell, which are formed in the vagina (which they have given the popular name of the disease - thrush, in the literature it is called candidiasis);
  • sleep disorders, irritability, which is a consequence of all of these symptoms. Often the state comes to an end, even a strong neurosis;
  • swelling, severe redness of the external genitalia. These are signs of an acute course of yeast, require urgent start of treatment. Against the background of swelling clearly visible fine bubbles, erosion, grayish-white coating between labia. Once the plaque is removed, the skin remain visible traces of bleeding. This redness is spreading rapidly to the whole area of ​​the perineum, inner thighs;
  • during a yeast infection in women is often observed the pain, discomfort during intercourse, mucous remains dry, has a flabby surface discharge can be very scarce.

Thrush - a disease that can manifest itself in various forms, in many cases, its symptoms are not very pronounced, do not cause inconvenience. But this does not mean that the treatment is not required. If you neglect the disease can become chronic, and it is quite difficult to treat, can cause many adverse effects.

 Symptoms of yeast infection in girls and young women

 causes skin rash


  • Redness of skin
  • What causes a rash all over the body?
  • Herpes and shingles
  • Eruptions in the form of scaly plaques

Eruptions on the skin can be very different, as well as the reasons that cause them. Not considered to be rare and the usual redness, rash pustular, plaques and inflammation, scaly patches. Usually it is traces of insect bites, pustular manifestations, but they can be caused by other reasons, such as allergic reactions to stimuli. Eruptions on the skin can not be ignored, especially if they do not pass, as the condition worsens. This can be infectious or viral disease, which should be treated immediately.
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Redness of skin

Red rash that will not go a long time and are accompanied by severe weight loss, irritability, general malaise and high fatigue may be a sign of the emergence of a formidable cancers. If the rash lasts a long time, no cure, and the general condition worsens, there is unclear, weight loss, it is best to consult a doctor.

If the skin rash in the form of small hillocks pinkish color, which cover the entire body, the cause may be the manifestation of infectious diseases. Most often it is measles, scarlet fever, rubella.

This rash is accompanied by a general malaise, fever, inflammation of the pharynx or tonsils, a strong increase in the lymph nodes.

Self-treatment can not be carried out, should immediately contact a specialist.

Itchy rashes, blisters

In most cases, lesions of the skin - the so-called urticaria, i.e. an allergic reaction to a stimulus. Rash may in the most unusual place, it is often accompanied by severe itching, minor swelling. It takes it pretty quickly after contact with an allergen ceases.

In severe cases, the rash may occur in addition to cold, intestinal disorders, fever. At the site of the rash appear edema. In such a situation is an urgent need to see a doctor, who will conduct the necessary research, appropriate treatment.

Contact dermatitis can be caused by abrasive, corrosive substances. This shampoo, citrus juice, detergents, cosmetics and much more. Such stimuli during prolonged contact with the skin causing blisters, hives, and other rashes that may resemble eczema. They cause coarsening of the skin, its strong thickening, peeling, cracking, changes in pigmentation.

To begin with it is necessary to heal the rash completely eliminate exposure to the allergen, which is the cause of the disease. The skin is recommended rubbing alcohol, menthol, can be used starch baths that will soothe the itching, redness will be removed. Well helps oak bark, on the basis of hydrocortisone ointment.

Insect bites

Small lesions are most often the result of a wide variety of bites of blood-sucking insects such as mosquitoes, gnats, fleas. Usually, there are small reddening in the form of blisters, the center of which is a tiny red dot - is a trace of the bite. This rash is characterized by severe itching, redness, which then decay, then amplified.

Combing these bites are not recommended, as they start to bleed, there may be signs of infection. To relieve the itching, you can use ammonia. To protect against bites, you can use a variety funds, which are now abundantly available in pharmacies.

 itchiness and redness of the skin
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What causes a rash all over the body?

If the whole body were rash bright reddish color on the basis of - it's a sign that you are sick chicken pox, an infectious disease. The disease manifests itself very quickly, it is necessary to immediately begin to heal. The rash quickly develops into blisters with turbid contents. When they burst, formed crust. Often the rash leaves behind many scars.

Rash of closely spaced papules, i.e. tubercles, which is released from the lighter fluid - is eczema, is a chronic skin disease. First, the skin is covered with pinkish small nodular rash, the area around it becomes a little bit swollen. Then there are small bubbles with lighter fluid, combing of them is lighter fluid. We can not allow such a tangle, because there is an infection, pus begins to accumulate.

Eczema is difficult to treat, in some cases, it passes its own, but can move in a more complex form, the skin moist plaques appear reddish. Most often, the disease is associated with food allergies, but in any case it is necessary to begin treatment by specialists. At the time of treatment should abandon synthetic clothes, foods that cause allergic reactions. Often the rash can cause stress.

Purulent rashes

On the surface of the skin festering rashes appear for various reasons, but most often it is poor hygiene, excessive sweating, damaged by scratching, the presence of any of pustular lesions. Accompanied by such a rash itching, pain, discharge of pus.

Inflammation of the hair follicle is called folliculitis. This precipitation in the form of small pustules that are similar in size with the grain millet. They have a yellowish color, surrounded by reddened skin. Appears so rash in the scalp, legs, arms, around the nose or mouth. Staphylococcus aureus is the causative agent of the disease, lesions appear on the skin are usually non-compliance with personal hygiene, combing. The treatment is very simple. Just lubricate the affected areas with antiseptic liquid, such as hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate solution, the solution can be used furatsilina.

A skin rash is not always a little education, defeat could reach the hair follicle, the surrounding areas. This boil, then there is a large, painful abscess pretty. Most often boils occur in the armpit, around the neck, buttocks, face. First, there is a yellowish head that breaks after ripening begins pus. If several boils, they can merge into a great education - an emerald, which should be treated only after consulting with your doctor.

Squeeze boils should not be, the affected area is recommended to bandage with ointment Vishnevsky, wipe them with salicylic alcohol. After aging the skin is pierced sharp disinfected education, after which completely eliminated all the pus. The wound is treated with alcohol.

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Herpes and shingles

Herpes - it is now the most common viral disease that occurs only under certain circumstances. For example, for colds, for stress, exposure to sunlight. It manifests itself in the form of bubble rash, often on the lips, nasal mucosa, but can be anywhere on the skin, even on the genitals.

Externally, the rash is swollen reddish plaques with translucent bubbles, which become more and more. There is itching, severe pain at the site of the rash. The vesicles eventually become more and more, their contents become cloudy, they dry out and covered with crust. Herpes goes away, but its removal may be hastened by using acyclovir creams that are applied to the affected area.

Shingles affects not only the skin, but also part of the nervous system ganglia. It begins not with rashes that appear in the least, as high fever, severe, sharp pain in the affected location. A few days after the onset of the disease on the skin of the affected area appears grouped in the form of a rash of small red spots which rapidly turn into blisters. Such bubbles darken covered crust. The disease develops in about 5 days, a rash in the treatment takes place about 14 days later.

The disease may be different, in rare cases, it passes very quickly, rash behind leaves no trace. But there are also very serious cases in which there are not passing very severe pain in the affected ganglion. The rash develops into a large affected areas, the surface of the skin begins to die off after a large scars remain.

When this disease should consult a specialist who will prescribe treatment to relieve symptoms and prevent re-infection. The skin must be treated with a concentrated solution of potassium permanganate or the usual brilliant green, the itching is recommended to use 2% of menthol alcohol. It is very effective for the treatment of acyclovir.

 treatment of redness of the skin
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Eruptions in the form of scaly plaques

Red rashes in the form of large plaques, scaly, - psoriasis. Most often, it affects the surface of the skin elbows and knees, scalp, genital area, the navel. If time does not begin treatment, the plaques develop into thick scales, which are yellowish-white and silver color. When their removal on the skin is bleeding point.

Psoriasis can strike and the surface of the nail plate. At first, the nail surface becomes dull, then collapses, resembling a thimble appearance. If such education were seen on the skin, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist as the treatment requires extreme caution, largely dependent on the patient's age, the complexity of the disease.

Treat rashes can be quite effective folk remedies, which are a great addition. This is especially useful infusion:

  • equal parts motherwort, valerian root, a succession, nettle, calendula, centaury, plantain have to mix (dry only);
  • then 5 full tablespoons of the collection is necessary to pour a liter of boiling water, boil for one minute, remove from heat;
  • it is necessary to insist 2-3 hours, wrapped container;
  • the resulting infusion is added in an amount befungin 4 tablespoons (this infusion of birch fungus).

Need to drink 30 minutes before meals for 30-150 ml, dosage depends on the age of the patient.

Eruptions on the skin in the form of redness and pustules today are not uncommon, but their causes are different. Starting from a relatively secure irritation that may be caused by the plants, and ending with a malignant tumor of the skin. Therefore, in the event of disturbing rash should immediately consult a dermatologist, who will conduct the necessary research and prescribe treatment.

 Skin rash: Causes and Treatment