Honeymoon. Where to go?

Honeymoon - one of the happiest periods of our lives, and everyone wants to hold it so that these days will forever remain bright and happy memories. Today, all kinds of travel agencies offer a huge selection of romantic destinations for honeymoon. And to determine in this sea of ​​proposals is not so simple. Before agreeing to this or that offer travel agents, it is desirable to know beforehand about all the pros and cons of any trip, and find the best travel option.

For example, a honeymoon in the Caribbean - it's amazing sunsets, peaceful calm, grandiose sandy beaches, emerald water. And all of these beauties, you can enjoy tasting the rhythms of calypso real local rum. A variety of unique landscapes of the islands, mountains, tropical forests - all this Caribbean.

Barbados may be attractive to those interested in colonial life. A St. Bars interesting for fans of French refinement. If you want to enjoy exotic marine fishing and comfortable to lie on the clean beaches - you can go to Antigua.

Very popular among honeymooners Bahamas. They include almost seven hundred islands, the majority of which - uninhabited. There, in almost total seclusion and luxury one with nature, you can go scuba diving and fishing.

In the Cayman Islands go carried away by diving and seeking active recreation people.
A relatively new tourist destination - the Dominican Republic, located in the east of the island of Haiti. Here, amid the scenic landscapes are comfortable resorts of Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata, Playa Bavaro and the kingdom of palm trees, the resort of Punta Cana.

It is very common among tourists who dream about the perfect pastime, a place of rest is the Indian Ocean region. Amazing for its beauty Maldives annually pleased spacious beaches and incredibly clear water of the sea millions of tourists from all over the globe.

Seychelles is not as popular as the Maldives, but they are almost no way inferior to the favorite tourist center or in its beauty or for comfort. And Mauritius - not only the perfect place for a honeymoon. Some hotels are offered newlyweds significant discounts for their services. Here you can go and those who have not yet registered their marriage, and dreams of exotic wedding and a great vacation together afterwards. To formalize their relationships required to settle a few additional formalities. Besides, Mauritius is known for its high environmental, so the risk of infection to some tropical disease is minimal here.

Great place to stay Honeymoon, indifferent to the monuments of antiquity - Sri Lanka. It is not known how miraculously preserved ancient city in the jungle, and the grand complex of Buddhist temples is perfectly combined with beautiful sandy beaches and endless tea plantations. In Sri Lanka, you can spend a very romantic wedding ceremony, which will involve elephants, women dressed in saris, men dressed in sarongs.

Ideal region for a honeymoon - Africa. Homeland safari, Kenya, offers a beach, sports, adventure trips, and allow a great time, and explore the wildlife of these places.

Morocco and Egypt - is the ancient temples, ancient monuments, mosques, museums, bustling bazaars, majestic Nile and renowned for their memorable diving resorts of the Red Sea.
South Africa attracts tourists excellent Mediterranean climate, beautiful nature and a large cosmopolitan city.

In Cape Town, you can try the excellent local wines, stroll through the exotic National Park Kruger National Park or go to the province of KwaZulu Natal and the rest there on the magnificent sandy beaches, admiring the magnificent parks and plantations of sugar cane.

One of the most popular tourist routes - Zanzibar and Tanzania. They come here mainly those who want to taste all the charm of virgin nature, without giving up the benefits of civilization for a long time. Safari Park Sebus, holiday in high-class hotels, excellent beaches, palm groves, huge plantations of spices, interesting excursions - all this prepared travelers who choose this route. Snorkeling, diving, dolphins accompanying the boat with tourists, entertain newlyweds who prefer active holidays.

Isle of Oman with a hot and humid climate is attractive to fans of oriental luxury. It is better to go from mid-October to mid-March. The advantages of these places are difficult to enumerate. Silent desert, majestic mountains, beautiful parks and reserves with amazing waterfalls, wonderful beaches, mosques, forts, bazaars left a very deep impression that not effaced throughout life.

At any time, the couple can go to South-East Asia. In Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, travel agencies are invited to relax on the beautiful beach, enjoy the restaurants in the colorful oriental dishes and go to interesting excursions, routes which there are many.

Fans chaste nature are able to spend their honeymoon on the island of Borneo. And those who want a comfortable spa vacation, often chosen trip on the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia. Tradition says that it was on the ground, "a hundred flowers and a hundred smells" for the first time set foot on the Lord, after he had created our world. There are traces of ancient civilizations: the huge stone houses, Roman amphitheaters and fortresses and ancient temples. The beaches in Sardinia ambitious - their length is almost two thousand kilometers.

The Greek island of Santorini - a place for fans of modernistic, stylish pastime. Honeymoon here is very romantic.

Holidays in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, the newlyweds also remember. The cozy and luxurious hotel complex offers a variety of services, and plenty of entertainment. do not allow to miss a minute. And almost all the hotels there are discounts for those services and activities for the newlyweds.
Choose! And your honeymoon will be truly unique and unforgettable.

 Honeymoon. Where to go?

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 Holidays in Venezuela as a way to restore the old passion

Dullness of everyday life, stress at work, lack of free time - many couples faced similar phenomena. The family side of the model may seem, however, often friends and family do not even realize how much accumulated skeletons in the closet! Life can weaken passions - no one is immune from this. But if a man and woman really love each other, they are easy to solve all the unpleasant moments. Jointly conducted by, for example, rest in Venezuela, to help spouses to forgive him, give the relationship a "second wind." So maybe, in fact, for the moment, all the affairs and problems and spend a vacation in a fabulous location - Hotels in Venezuela at any time of the year will be welcome guests!

That boredom is able to beat the strongest relationship is not news to anyone. Jaunt can be considered as a lifeline, a kind of magic wand of the monotony. Do not be afraid, and that the holiday in Venezuela will require some spending cash. In order not to get depressed about the financial side of the issue, you need to set priorities in life. It is not necessary to carry out serious self-examination to understand that family, near and dear to people - this is the most important and expensive that may just be the world. Everything else - the secondary. So if Venezuela hotels can help a married couple to put relations on a new stage of development, this opportunity to be sure to take advantage.

If the decision about holidays in Venezuela adopted, it is to consider the issue with a wardrobe. The climatic conditions in this part of the world more than comfortable. It is unlikely that you will need warm clothes during the tour. It is necessary to think about a few bathing suits, bright sarongs and other beach attributes. But evening gowns come in handy during a romantic trip. Many hotels offer their guests Venezuela to participate in the incendiary show programs, which invited local celebrities. Tourists with pleasure plunge headlong into the holiday atmosphere: young people and people with advanced age dancing and laughing. Often, these parties continue until the early hours. You can be calm: the tour will not be bored! After returning home, a man and a woman who survived the many sweet moments, look at each other in a new way - it does not cause any doubts ...

 Holidays in Venezuela as a way to restore the old passion

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  • Collagen and Kollost®
  • Indications gel Kollost®
  • The effect of the gel Kollost®

Using a unique complex Kollost® help you to permanently preserve the beauty, youth and health of skin without the involvement of Plastic Surgeons.
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His name Kollost®

When a woman turns 30, 35 and even 40 years in her looks obvious changes occur .  Women are transformed, external beauty gets other colors and shades .  Even the people is marked by a number of well-known sayings, such as "45 berry again ......" .  We can recall many famous actresses, who, after 30-40 years, looks much more impressive than in his youth .  But what exactly none of us are not happy - how the skin changes with age .  It loses its color, turgor, elasticity, appear small at first, then deeper wrinkles, changing shape of the face, etc. . d .  Every woman has their own methods and ways to combat age-related changes of the skin .  Some of them are successful and remain outwardly showy and young, others not so results .  Let's not talk about the secrets of Hollywood stars will tell the secret of the residents of our country who have successfully applied the test of time and their experiences collagen complex Kollost® .  Kollost® has different forms of release; Gel used in cosmetology .

This unique 7% and 15% gel in its structure comprises purified natural collagen derived from bovine skin. The natural structure of natural collagen - the finest fiber wound in a triple helix - in Kolloste® fully preserved, and ballast substances that can cause allergies are removed. The innovative, patented technology of gel Kollost® gained world recognition and was awarded the Jury Grand Gold Medal in Medicine at the XXIII International Exhibition of Inventors in Switzerland!

The benefits of collagen

But what good collagen that actively use it as cosmetologists all over the world? Collagen is perhaps one of the most versatile proteins of the human body. A particularly large amount of the substance found in the skin - or rather, in its deeper layers. It is because of collagen, our skin is recovering from various injuries, and that collagen is "responsible" for its elasticity and firmness.

In his youth, the collagen is produced in the human body in sufficient quantity, but the exchange is slowed down with age and this number is slowly but steadily decreasing. And it would be sad if the aid does not come to us gel Kollost® - a complex containing collagen, as close as possible to the human structure and properties.

 Using a unique complex Collost

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When the skin gives an SOS

Collagen is effective in the fight against age-related changes only when he gets into the deeper layers of the skin, and not left lying on its surface. Therefore, the use of gel Kollost® involves injecting the drug directly into the thickness of the skin - with the help of mini-injectable collagen is delivered precisely where it is needed!

In some cases, it is worth considering the use of complex Kollost®?

Experience of applying the gel Kollost® shows that it is effective in the presence of age-related "symptoms" as:

  • Reducing the total skin turgor;
  • Wrinkles;
  • The loss of definition of facial contours;
  • The effects of acne (post-acne);
  • Scarring;
  • The appearance of stretch marks.

... And more ...

... In addition to the correction of age changes innovative gel Kollost® successfully used for the rehabilitation of the skin after aggressive cosmetic treatments such as laser resurfacing, Fraxel, chemical peels.

Good result of the use of the gel gives Kollost® and if necessary, restore the skin affected by the adverse effects of the environment.
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The effect? - Is the effect!

Feedback Kollost® gel on the skin will be, they say, "there is." Getting into the deeper layers of skin, Kollost® not only replenishes lost collagen, filling the wrinkle, the main mechanism of action Kollosta® is that it starts the process of formation of the body's own young collagen fibers. Thus, our skin "self-recovering", and thus looks much younger.

 ... Here's a eternal youth