The attractive last minute in Chamonix?

Lovers of skiing go abroad, not only in Courchevel pathetic, but the ski resort of Chamonix, which is not inferior in terms of comfort and service, but pleases more affordable prices. This place is a lot like the fairy kingdom from the children's dreams, where the sun's rays are reflected by the pure snow, and mountain tops, like the spiers of palaces silhouetted against the bright blue sky.

Resort is located in a valley on the border of three European countries: Switzerland, Italy and France. So, buying last minute in Chamonix, you can in between riding the mountains to visit the most famous of their sights. The total length of all trails of the resort is considered to be the maximum in Western Europe. There are trails for professionals - the most beautiful and unpredictable of them is on the slope of Aiguille du Midi. Newcomers, too, will find a place to ride - they recommend Le Flégère and Le Tour, where there are "blue" and "green" descents. And if you want to help the instructor they can get.

The Chamonix valley has more than two hundred ski lifts that can take skiers to the top of the best tracks. The most popular mountain range of the Gran Monte. From the hotel to the sites of riding busses, so get to the cozy rooms after a long ski trip is not difficult. The hotel management takes care of that evening, vacationers can have fun, offering various entertainment programs featuring professional actors. Fans of "night life" in Chamonix will find clubs, restaurants and bars. There is also a tennis courts, sports complexes, casinos and cinemas. But the main visitors of the resort - ski vacation fans.

If the weather is not conducive to skating (sometimes announced a storm warning, then all routes are closed), you can, driving odinnadtsatikilometrovy Blanc tunnel, to go to Italy. Or, thinking about what you suggested last minute Saint Tropez, go to "exploration" on the French Riviera to returning to his hometown, order them for the summer at the very hotel that will have your taste.

Every year, on vacation in Chamonix attracts about five million tourists from around the world. We took a fancy to these places not only skiers and snowboarders come here willingly and lovers of mountaineering and rock climbing. No wonder this resort is firmly established in the list of the best holiday destinations in the Alps.

 The attractive last minute in Chamonix?

 The Sanatorium Health

Now is the time to support themselves, but rather their health. As a rule, it all depends on the age and the problems of the client. If a person is apparently healthy, he can choose almost any multi-resort (European, Russian) and spend a wellness holiday in spas: baths, massages, mud or just relax. But if there is a specific disease, it is necessary to leave the narrow special resorts that are engaged in exactly this problem.

For this trip you need to know their testimony and, ideally, to make health - resort map of the place of residence. To begin to be diagnosed and knowing your problem you can go to support the health, both in Russia and abroad. Treatments usually last for two hours in the morning, so it goes on for three days, customers are a variety of treatments, and then organize their holidays themselves: travel to the tour, visit museums, and so on. D.

Typically, when a client starts to procedures, its body begins to resist the negative response to treatment. In this case, you must contact the resort and either cancel or postpone these procedures.

As you know, in spring and autumn is the aggravation of many diseases. And during exacerbations should not go anywhere until it is in remission, stabilization of health. The hottest period is not particularly recommended no procedures, it is very dangerous. If, within two, three weeks, you feel fine, you can go to a sanatorium. As for food, the food is the most correct course in European spas. There's a properly selected diet and will be offered a great menu. Excess weight is known to contribute to deterioration of the joints and musculoskeletal - musculoskeletal system, heart disease, so you should limit eating and go through all the required procedures.

In the winter it is also a good time to go to the resort. Good resorts in France, the Alps, in Germany and Switzerland. Young people can go to any country, but do not advise people to visit over 45 resorts is hot in winter. China, Thailand is particularly renowned for their techniques for supporting - motor apparatus, there is the whole work of the clinic.

The Russian sanatoriums so many different cultural programs, and in Europe a little boring. It all depends on the client, it waits and wants from the rest, so it is necessary in choosing the resort individually. Alcohol in health conditions are not acceptable, but a glass of good red wine does not hurt. Many European clinics offer a detox (cleansing program) as a rule only for young people up to 45 years.

Total hotel fund across the country in most cases leaves much to be desired. Prices in our country aspire to European, thereby providing a decent service. But you can find a decent resort in Russia, but you can look for any other analogue and abroad.

When man himself arranged his trip resort, it certainly will be there to check (diagnose), so it is better to go at home all inspections, to avoid wasting time and money. Travel time to the resort is three weeks or less. If twice a year to maintain their health such trips, your body will not feel tired, you will be fit and fine mood.

 The resort - Health

 Tours in Iguacu, Brazil

About Brazil, the dream of adventurers, with the smell of palm oil, with the capoeira rhythms with carnival colors! A country blessed, hugging outstretched arms of Christ! Brazil sings and dances, noisy traded on markets and works hard. But there is a place where the sounds die down, dissolve in the sleepy silence of the little town, lost in its streets. Notably place that organize the journey here, and you can yourself, you just take advantage of online booking of hotels and airline tickets and an unforgettable journey. Foz do Iguaçu is located far from the big cities.

It was founded in 1914 and characterized by its numerous attractions. However, travelers are waiting here all the amenities of the tourist services: hotels (including the five-star), restaurants and cafes, places where you can have fun and dance, souvenir luxury local fairs. But not this attracts pilgrims from around the world.

18 km from the town is the National, or Bird, Park Falls, open to the public since 1994. The lush tropical vegetation, a huge variety of birds, a lot of bright butterflies - a paradise for photographers. Contemplation of exotic landscapes accompanied by the incessant hum - drops of water ...

A few more meters and astonished gaze traveler opens a fantastic spectacle - as if in slow motion tends to the highest ledges river, divided into hundreds of large and small streams. It's like a grand organ sounds that can be heard 25 kilometers in the area. And as the apotheosis of the grandeur of nature, above all this magnificence up and froze all the rainbow.

 Tours in Iguacu, Brazil

By the decision of UNESCO since 1984. Iguazu Falls are the heritage of humanity. Local travel agencies are doing everything to show the uniqueness of places in its entirety. Enjoy the incredible scenery can be numerous lookouts, through which leads a footpath. Looking around the vicinity of the open jeep, it is likely to meet an aardvark, or monkeys, admire the colors of orchids and ferns thread.

The half-hour tour in a helicopter over a waterfall puzzle tourists question from a same country - Brazil or Argentina - a majestic and picturesque view? Show willing and the world's second power Itaipu hydroelectric dam 196 meters high.

Fans of extreme sports will find amazing adventure under the waterfall, where a lift with their guides in the inflatable 25-seat motor boats. Neither the incomparable feeling of irresistible power of water has led many tourists to the waterfall back again and again. This adventure offers tour Macuco Safari. Guides warn visitors: on trips to the waterfall you need to dress in beachwear and nothing more with him not to take - people get wet to the skin and in the spray mist.

In 1541 the Spanish caballero-conquistador Alvaro Nunez Cabeza, going to these places in search of gold and precious stones, the first European to see the waterfall. And he found a sparkling emeralds, rubies, diamonds - bright splashes of the river, but was unable to carry out their ...

But thousands of travelers take away memories of a magical jewel of landscape tourism - Iguazu Falls. If you want to visit this unique place for flights to help you plan your trip well. In addition, it is convenient - it is also very advantageous, because the price of the flight, you will be pleasantly surprised.

 Tours in Iguacu, Brazil