Where to go for a vacation in the winter?


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Earlier, during the youth of our mothers and grandmothers, most people were looking forward to the beginning of summer to go on a long-awaited vacation to the sea. All the beaches of the Krasnodar Territory and the coast of the Crimea were densely occupied by vacationers. Now, however, have a rest in the summer is considered almost bad manners. Why waste precious vacation days are in season, and so when too hot? A much more practical to arrange a trip to the sea in late autumn or winter when the large metropolitan areas do not have enough solar heat!

Before many natural question arises: where to go for a vacation in the winter? Now we open all the borders, and the only thing to think over what to have - is the cost of recreation and the individual tolerability of long air travel. The rest - complete freedom of action in the choice of the most exotic destinations.


In Egypt, warm all year round! In the summer there is even too hot, so people with heart disease is better not to tempt fate and not to visit this beautiful country at the height of the solar activity. Even in the shade the temperature seldom falls below 40 degrees. The ideal time to travel back to the period from October to April. The most popular destinations are considered to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Hurghada is preferable to go with children, because there the coast is very shallow sea living creatures and much less in water than in other parts of Egypt. In Sharm el-Sheikh usually go people are in love with the flora and fauna of the Red Sea, because the underwater world of the places just fascinating! Therefore, the possibility to do snorkeling and diving to attract tourists from all over the world.

Last year, Egypt's position as the most visited country in the winter, a little shaken because of the cases of shark attacks on tourists. But, as we are assured by representatives of the tourist business, beaches all the hotels are now equipped with sturdy steel mesh through which sharks can no longer approach the coastal waters.

Besides beach holiday in Egypt, there is still something to see, because it is a country with a very ancient history. From Hurghada closer to get a bus to Luxor, the ancient capital of Egypt. But in Cairo, you can go if you stay in Sharm el-Sheikh. In general, the program of Egyptian tours are very diverse, and everyone is sure to find entertainment to their liking.


The second most popular destination for winter holiday is a state with a short name of Goa in southwestern India. Winter season in Goa lasts from December to March, although so many travelers come to love this place, they are ready even to go there in May, when the temperature exceeds 36 degrees and the humidity remains high. In Goa, all very cheaply: for example, the cost of the usual dinner in not the most expensive restaurant in Moscow in Goa you can live for a week. Apparently, this is an important fact that more and more Russians prefer to relax in the winter there.

 winter vacation


The next country which, having been there once, I want to return again and again, is Thailand. Truly paradise! Endless kilometers of gorgeous beaches with pristine white sand, friendly people, always smiling happily, wonderful monuments - these are just a few things worth to visit Tay. Some people prefer Pattaya, someone passionate about the island of Phuket and Koh Samui; no doubt, and there you are sure to find your favorite place!

Thailand is not very big, if desired, it is quite possible to drive around for two weeks of vacation. But it is better to come back more often, each time discovering it for yourself again! Of course, the flight rather expensive, and go there for a long time, eight hours out of Moscow. But it's really worth it!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (in Sanskrit - "Blessed Land") is also in the list of countries that comes to mind when the question arises "where to go in the winter sea? ". Tourism in the country is a very profitable part in comparison with other sectors of the economy. The most popular among tourists resort cities - Moratuwa and Galle. Sri Lankans are very proud of their tea plantations, which are visited by tourists. Of the architectural monuments most revered Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, where, in fact, kept the sacred relic. Activities in Sri Lanka will bring you an unforgettable experience, but remember that you need to visit temples to cover the knees, shoulders and the back of the clothes, and sunbathing "topless" it is strictly prohibited.


Rest in Vietnam is also gaining popularity among tourists from all over the world, but this trend does not enjoy such a high demand, as the above countries. Most of the hotels in Vietnam, for example, offer food based on the breakfast, which is not very convenient if you go with children. However, exotic and unusual beauty of nature still attracts travelers, and quite possibly, soon the country will be among the leaders in the winter holidays.

Activities on the islands

Holidays in the Maldives, Bali and Seychelles has always been considered an elite, and still not everyone can afford to enjoy a leisurely island life bliss. Most often, these areas are choosing the couple, because there spent their honeymoon becomes a real fairy tale. Maldives - a small island (300-1000 meters in length), which is very expensive. The cost of dinner for one person may be up to a hundred dollars, but the hotel just gorgeous! In the Seychelles on the contrary, the service is worse, but the nature is stunning with its magnificence. Bali has more than thirty years, is considered one of the most exclusive and luxurious resorts in the world. There almost every day say a festival, for example, the day of metal. On this day, all the cars on the island will be richly decorated with flowers, because the Balinese firmly believe that by doing so they appease the spirit of living in a metal object.

Vacations in the Caribbean

Countries in the Caribbean are much-loved by tourists all over the world, Cuba, Hawaii, Jamaica, Bahamas, Tahiti, the Dominican Republic and several exotic islands. Fly to long and expensive, but if your choice has fallen on some of these countries, consider yourself lucky! Cuba - the largest and most distinctive Caribbean island. Until now, the island has a spirit of freedom and equality, and people living in poverty is almost consider myself the happiest on earth. They are so much fun that they do not miss an opportunity to dance as soon as they hear the sound of music. Therefore, every European, coming back, dipped in cheerful atmosphere of general holiday.

Dominican Republic - is endlessly blue sky, the azure Caribbean Sea, funny impudent traders and short but powerful torrential tropical downpours. The legendary and world famous resort of Hawaii - one of the most prestigious holiday destinations in the world. Hawaii is located in the center of the Pacific Ocean and are officially US state. There's a pleasant climate that makes them permanent holiday destination of many celebrities and surfers. The famous local greeting "Aloha" has long been a symbol of good mood and wishes of good luck. If you are still tormented by the question, where to go for a vacation in the winter, when there is an opportunity to better destinations not found!

Ski resorts

However, you can spend a vacation in the winter, not only at sea, but also a skiing, for example in Europe. Ski resorts in Austria, Italy, France, Czech Republic and Slovenia, each year gaining popularity among people of all ages. Even for the youngest skiers there is a special track on the best slopes in the world. But if the case should go and take a ride to the resorts of Russia or Ukraine. For example, experienced skiers know where to go to Carpathians in the winter. Three areas in Ukraine are major ski resorts: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia. These edges are called the pearl of Ukrainian land. The most popular resorts are Dragobrat, Polanica, and Slavsko Yaremche. Fans of extreme sports can bring to the top of the helicopter, since the height of the shutter in some places up to five thousand kilometers.

We hope that our review will help you navigate and make the right choice of venue for your vacation. By the way, it is possible and in the village to have a great time - to sculpt a snowman with the kids and wallow in the pure white snow! On the ground, a lot of wonderful, amazing places! But most importantly, that next to you in these places were relatives and loved ones.

 Where to go for a vacation in the winter?

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