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To be truly happy, a woman needs to love and be loved. A woman in love is always beautiful - she transformed both externally and internally. She radiates the love, confidence and beauty. Someone had got lucky and they met the man with whom you are ready to live life, and someone still is in search of its second half. This article will be useful for everyone. Here we tell you not only how to attract love into your life, and how to preserve it for years to come.

Tips to attract love

Love is everywhere, we can see it in the children's eyes, in the gentle embrace of a loving couple - it surrounds us every day. Of course, love can be different, because it has many manifestations; but in this article we will focus on how to attract into your life the man she loved.

Become a source of love

Love needs all the air - without it life would be incomplete, lacking something important, which makes it a lively and desirable. But why today so many women who can not find love? The answer is quite simple - we are waiting for a man who will come and give us a magical feeling. But this is misleading. If you yourself do not have love, if you're not open to it, and the man to you will not work - it just will not see in you that spark, which can ignite.

So do not expect that someone will suddenly burst into your life, save you from loneliness, fill your gray days of care and romance. Of course, sometimes these things happen, but takes all this idyll is usually short - period of romanticism, sooner or later comes to an end, and if you do not radiate love, everyday grayness again you swallow.

To your life filled with love, it is important to realize that only you can imagine to help. You've heard this theory - we get what we ourselves reject. The world is a reflection of our feelings and emotions, it is like a mirror. If you live in love, then it will be around - people who are capable of such a great feeling, you will pull with indescribable force.

So if you have something in your life is not satisfied, the first look inside themselves - understand, what you feel and radiate. If you are able to love, are able to give it to the world, and the world, respectively, will answer you the same. Do not forget the law of the boomerang. To admit this is a magical feeling to start to learn to see the beauty of the world, to learn to enjoy it. Focus on beauty. Begin to share his love with others, just like that, without any selfish motives, and you will see what miracles begin to happen in your life.

Help others find love

We get in this life what do sincerely willing to share with others. If someone from your environment needs help on the love front, help than you can. Sometimes people just need someone's advice and support, so you can share your experience in the relationship, or any useful information, which once helped you or your loved ones. Help may be more active, for example, you can help with the organization of a romantic evening or a surprise for your beloved friend.

In this technique, there is one condition - should help a friend, who the same sex. A man helps a man and a woman a woman. When you render assistance in finding girlfriends love, sincerely and selflessly, the world is also starting to help in a romantic relationship and you. Think about which of your friends or loved ones now needs your assistance in matters of love, and how you can help them. Just do not impose their assistance - if the person refuses your assistance, do not interfere.

 how to attract love into your life

Create a clear image of his beloved

To attract into your life the man whom you could love, and who love to you, you need to create its image. No need to now make a list of the fifty qualities that should have your betrothed, is useless. You just need to understand how a man you will be fine. If you already like a man, try to understand what attracts you to it (internal force, manners, honesty, reliability, confidence, charm, etc.). Include data quality image of your future partner and remember it.

Here's a way you imagine a man and come into your life. If you want a romantic, it seems an appropriate way, if you need a reliable, confident man, then draw it. Thoughts, as we know, material, so be careful, because they have the ability to put into practice.

Forming the image of his loved one, you may encounter interesting discoveries. Suppose you always thought that you are attracted to hard, brutal guys, but in reality it turns out that you are much more comfortable with a quiet and thoughtful man. Or, for example, you always painted an image of romance, which you will dedicate poems, but in reality you need a strong and courageous man, which can, and not a drop of romanticism, but it is reliable.

To draw a mind perfectly suitable to you man to communicate with different representatives of the stronger sex. You can just go on a date with them or communicate as friends, no one requires you to immediately enter into a relationship. Simply the only way you will know how to be your favorite people. Discover a different experience, and you will have to wait a lot of interesting surprises.

Visualization helps to speed up the appearance of the second half of your life. Ask yourself honestly to the question - what I want from a relationship with a man? The answer should be detailed as possible - try to describe the image of the second half, its main features and characteristics of your relationship with him. Imagine the resulting image every day twice (morning and bedtime) - let your visualization will become a regular practice.

If you can not provide a clear image of the visualization, clear pictures and your betrothed relationship with him, try to work with their emotions. Imagine that you already have a beloved man, imagine how happy you are with each other, as you well together - that is, concentrate on the sensations. Use this method also twice a day - it works only when the regular practice.

Surround yourself with people who love and are loved

On our emotional state and, consequently, our lives greatly affects our environment, that is, those people with whom we often communicate. Therefore, try to surround yourself with people who love and happy with their lives. Their state will be transferred to you - it's like a virus. Communicating with them, you get the key to this magical state. You probably noticed that with happy and successful people you much more pleasant to communicate, and you subconsciously draws them. Whereas with unhappy people talk a lot harder - they constantly challenges them all the time complaining about something, and thus infect your negative thoughts.

So if you want to lure to his love, to create for themselves the right environment in which you will be recharged with positive emotions and happiness and in which you feel comfortable. Of course, you have to not only take but also to give something of their own, so do not forget to respond and share their inner light, my love.

Release the past

Sometimes, to find love hinder the experience of past romantic relationships. Many women dream about the relationship of a lifetime - so to live together with one person into old age; but now, unfortunately, rare. Women tend to idealize the man - if the relationship lasts more than six months, the ladies, as a rule, are already beginning to dream about the upcoming wedding, choose a place for a honeymoon and come up with names for future children.

In men, the story is very different - they rarely think about the future, they are more interesting now, they need the emotions that gives the woman. Once they cease to receive these emotions, then without any regrets decide on parting, even if it had a long relationship. For the fair sex such ruptures are usually very difficult - with depression, decreased self-esteem and a vain hope, that it is still possible to return.

Of course, in this state, a woman is not ready for a new love. First you need to put himself in the emotional form and accept the fact that if relations with a particular man ran, then it just was not your man, not your soul mate. Do not hurt myself in vain mental anguish. Do not ask the question "what if? "Just take out the conclusions for themselves from this relationship (which is large enough, that did not suit) and mentally let go of a former lover. After all, until you let go of any mind or heart, true love does not come into your life.

Love itself

As long as she does not love yourself, no one will love! Love is self-sacrifice, with dedication to the man himself - it sounds, of course, romantic, but it's the wrong way. First you need to learn to love yourself, and only then can you expect love from a man. He needs to constantly admire his lover, enjoy it, because as soon as it disappears - and love is gradually disappearing. So if you want to attract true love that will accompany you throughout life, you start to love yourself first.

The manifestation of love should be reflected both externally and internally. Update your wardrobe with stylish things that you sit perfectly, change the hairstyle and experiment with hair color, pick up the perfect makeup, your arms and legs should always look well-groomed - such beauty can not stand any man. Find a hobby that will bring you pleasure. Perhaps you have always dreamed of horse riding, swimming, dancing and the like - now is the time to start. All this will make you at least a little happier and happy, loving woman will always find yourself worthy mate.

 how to attract love

Bringing love with the help of the teachings of Feng Shui

Love is, above all, clean energy. You can bring love into your life, in your home, if it is correct to use the advice of the ancient teachings of feng shui. To begin to objectively assess the situation of his house - have a place in it for the man? If not, then you need to create it. The first step is to free the house from all the excess: the old things, old furniture, letters and romantic gifts from former fans (if it is a pity to part with these gifts, you can simply remove them and put in a box in the closet).

Release a few shelves for the future of the beloved, put in a glass of extra toothbrush, decorate the bedroom paintings or photographs depicting happy couples buy a house beautiful home furnishings, preferably steam. Ideally, the twins should be more, as they contribute to the union of male and female beginning. It may be a couple of identical mugs, paired statues, for example, geese and cranes, as according to the teachings of Feng Shui, these birds are a symbol of love and fidelity.

Buy a pair of candlesticks and a couple of candles, always red. A pair of red candles perfectly cleans the house from negative energies and attract love. It is also useful to look at the fire and meditate - were male, you might fall in love. Take home cactus spines as scare people and get some interior circular shape - they contribute to the mitigation of relations.

We have shared with you effective tips on how to attract love into your life. With their help, you will not only soon to experience this feeling, having met a soul mate, but to keep it for years to come. The main thing to believe that you are worthy of love, worthy to be loved and to love - do not forget that our thoughts are material.

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