strengthening the immune system


  • How does a weakened immune system?
  • Lifestyle and bad habits
  • Immunity at home
  • The physical effects on the body

If you often get sick, even a cold from a passing breeze, while the surrounding quietly tolerate cold weather, it is likely to have weakened immunity. Immunity - a set of capabilities of the organism, which protects a person from various infections and diseases. The weakening of these abilities leads to the fact that not only do you often get sick, but feel chronic fatigue, drowsiness, headache, aching joints, and your performance is rapidly reduced. But this problem has a solution, and then it goes just about how to boost immunity adult.
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How does a weakened immune system?

But first of which diseases may cause weakening of the immune system. This list not only the common cold, but also more serious illnesses. For example, allergic reactions. It happens that a perfectly healthy person has an allergy to substances that have never caused such reactions. This can be cosmetics, household chemicals or foods that you love. The emergence of allergies - an occasion to reflect on your immune system. Another manifestation of a weakened immune system - a fungal disease. Normally, the body can easily handle a fungal infection without any external assistance. The same is true of the intestine, a weakened immune system can not prevent goiter that causes constipation or diarrhea.

Go to the pharmacy and pick up his medication on their own - not the best way out. Even traditional medicine is not always able to help. But the wrong treatment could result in a complication of the disease.

So, you first need to consult a physician-immunologist, who will select the appropriate medication and appropriate treatment.

But there are general guidelines that help strengthen the immune system regardless of the state of your body.

 strengthening the immune system of folk remedies
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Lifestyle and bad habits

The first advice that is given in this situation, experts - is to get rid of bad habits. We all know that alcohol abuse and smoking lead to a general deterioration of health, but rather to get rid of these bad habits for some reason not in a hurry. Well, if your immune system began to unravel - the time for withdrawal from nicotine and alcohol has already arrived. As a rule, for willful refusal of bad habits need some external stimulus. That stimulus may be necessary to lift immunity.

Lifestyle changes - not least important part of your recovery. Scientific and technological progress is moving forward, and the man remains in place, sometimes in the literal sense of the word. Sedentary lifestyle - a real problem of our society. Office work, activities at home computer or TV, relaxing with friends over a coffee shop - all this leads to a reduction in overall body tone and the appearance of excess weight. If you want to raise the level of your health, buy a ticket to the swimming pool or fitness club, Get active, set at the time of the car to the garage and start to move around on the bike. More you walk in the fresh air, it is very useful for health and improves mood.

If you work a lot, worried because of problems at home or in a group, it can lead to sleep disorders. The constant lack of sleep makes a person lethargic, irritable, inattentive. For the normal functioning of the whole body, including the immune system, a healthy adult needs sleep at least eight hours per day. The catastrophic lack of time - this is only visible when it comes to your health. Without the need to rest your work capacity will be reduced, and exposure to disease - increase.

Of course, one can not do without changing the diet. It is not necessary to dine at fast food restaurants is better to completely give up the spicy food, smoked, canned products and carbonated drinks. Most should be eating:

  • fruits and vegetables, especially fresh, grown in the area in which you reside;
  • Fermented milk products which do not contain non-natural preservatives and dyes;
  • diet and lean meat and low-fat fish and caviar;
  • natural juices.

These products provide your body with essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc. Exclusion of junk food will lead to better functioning of the intestines, and because the operation of the body is directly related to the immune system, then your immune system will get stronger much.

 strengthening immunity exercise
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Immunity at home

What other means can be used to quickly lift the immunity of an adult in the home? If you consult your doctor, and do not have any contraindications with respect to traditional medicine, these tips are sure to help you. First of all, you need to talk about vitamin broth. To cook it you need dried rose hips (100 g), a little raspberry leaf, 1-2 lemon and natural honey (100 g).

Lemons in the skin mince, then put in a thermos, it is added to the honey with crushed raspberry leaves. From preparing a decoction of rose hips, which through a gauze cloth in a thermos filled with the remaining ingredients. The finished product is infused for three hours. This vitamin is necessary to drink a decoction twice a day, the recommended course of treatment - two months. In autumn and spring can be carried out preventive courses of two weeks.

To strengthen the immune system and cure colds, you can use honey-lemon mixture. To make this remedy, need two heads of garlic, natural honey (200 g) and three lemons. Peeled garlic, mince, lemon and crushed, but in the skin. The resulting mass is mixed with honey until smooth consistency. Keep this mixture should be refrigerated container with a tight fitting lid, that the product did not lose their properties. Take it should be before a meal, the recommended dose - two tablespoons.

The duration of treatment - about two weeks. Twice a year, in periods of acute colds, can be carried out additional treatment. In addition, a mixture of honey and lemon is an excellent preventive measure against the common cold, but because of its constituent ingredients, it is not recommended for people with stomach diseases.

Another tool that allows home quickly to lift immunity - a walnut liqueur. For the preparation of this product will need two cups of crushed shell of pine nuts and a bottle of vodka quality. The recipe for the tincture is quite simple: the shell is placed in a glass container, which is filled with vodka. The container is then closed with a lid, and the mixture insist in a dark and cool place for about two months. Take the finished tincture should be three times a day before meals, the recommended single dose - half a teaspoon. Duration of treatment - three weeks, and it should be done three times a year. As part of the tincture vodka, it is not recommended for children, pregnant women and those who can not tolerate alcohol products.

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The physical effects on the body

In addition to funds for oral administration, there are many effective methods of physical impact on the human body to strengthen the immune system, such as tempering. Even in Soviet times hardening promoted as an effective method for the prevention of colds and part of a healthy lifestyle that increases the tone the body. But everything is good in moderation, do not just dive into the hole and pour ice water. Contrast showers will give you the courage and will have a positive effect on the body. Start with a comfortable temperature for you, better tempered gradually, otherwise the habit, you can catch a cold and get sick.

More often go barefoot. Especially useful to walk without shoes in nature, as the soles of the feet is a lot of active points stimulation which positively affects the body. But you can walk barefoot at home. Of course, you should not walk barefoot on the floor of the ice at low temperatures. Too great a risk of catching cold. If you believe the experts in traditional medicine, people often walking barefoot, have no problems with immunity.

The best part of the tool that can be used at home or on vacation - a Russian bath. Those who have the opportunity twice a month to bathe in the bath or sauna, very lucky. The fact is that under the influence of heat your body is completely cleansed of toxins, improves the condition of blood vessels and the immune system is strengthened. But not everyone is visiting the baths is beneficial. It is not recommended to go to the bath for people with heart disease, a skin disease, head injuries, etc. Also, do not go to the bath for pregnant women.

If you want to be healthy, not to suffer because of problems with immunity, and not to suffer permanent colds, these simple tips will help you avoid all these hassles. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits and unhealthy food, drink vitamin concoctions and often go to the bath. In this case, pristavuchie ailment you can avoid, and you will have less reason to go to the doctor.

 How fast can boost immunity to an adult?