What to see in Tallinn

How beautiful old Tallinn! Coming here, you will instantly become its voluntary prisoner. Its part of his welcome and host. A couple of steps on the stone-paved alleys, and now your prisoner reflection caught his sparkling glass houses. The sound of your footsteps, he crushes on the notes, memorizing each and writing a number of musical characters in the book of eternity. Your admiring sigh clings to the spiers of its towers, or is attached to the edge of the red-tiled roofs, to become part of the daily cacophony. You merge with him, impregnated with his spirit. And unlike other ancient cities in Europe, the age of Tallinn is no pressure on the shoulders of back-breaking load, you do not print in addition to the walls of ancient houses his authority. It simply invites you to get acquainted with his life.

It is a difficult task for any tourist, first came here - to decide what to see in Tallinn in the first place. How to choose, how to fit in time all the sights? And do not forget that Tallinn is situated on the seafront, from which eyes run, and a desire to embrace the boundless. But if you find yourself in this town, do not hurry. The first thing to do - to catch his mood. It's easy, because everyone around you is breathing in a measured and calm. You are ready? Then a leisurely pleasure step off on a trip to Tallinn.

 Tallinn what to see

The time to touch

Do not start with the introduction to Tallinn's Town Hall Square! Otherwise, you run the risk of an overdose of impressions at once. And it hardly will give you the opportunity to experience the beauty that will appear before your eyes. Try this city gradually. In small doses, in throats as a collector's wine. Start with the Church of the Holy Spirit. Looking at the clock decorating the facade of the church, you can feel the passage of time. Like Kronos himself standing next to you, giving you a rare opportunity to see something inaccessible to mortal eye. And it is possible that the question of his friends about the Tallinn - what to see, you say: look, it looks like time.

The eternal canons of female beauty

Look Fat Margaret, zealous mistress, thrifty storekeeper, for which the word diet - an empty phrase. After all, she knows the true parameters of female beauty. This "fatty" -bashnya at various times has been and armory, and part of the defensive structure, and now lives in peace, as the Estonian Maritime Museum. And never in all the time of its existence, and this period is quite large - five centuries, numerous soldiers dubbed tower Fat Margaret, do not embarrass her waist in the volume of twenty-five meters. The real woman, she knows something that it amounts at one time, and have become the main indicator of its protective functions. One hundred and fifty-five guns of its loopholes became an impassable barrier to the enemy.

Pharmacy at all times

Sometimes it can develop a reputation for centuries. That building is the Town Hall Pharmacy is a living proof of that. For six centuries in its walls people find they need medication. Of course, it all began with the promotion. With all the famous marzipan. Sweet treats in the fifteenth century, was invented here. However, the inventor has long been lost. But the pharmacy is still possible to buy drugs. And in the back room you can see what used to be considered drugs centuries ago.

 that it is possible to see in Tallinn

Old Thomas

What to see in Tallinn Town Hall Square? Well, of course, Old Thomas. This vane Good Soldier with mustache entangled for a long time watching everything that is happening in one of the oldest shopping areas in Europe. Perhaps he will tell you a couple of interesting stories. Although, if by Toomas you do not know, there's always the opportunity to visit the exhibition in the basement of Town Hall. There you will learn about the history and the famous defender of the city, which is decorated with spire of the Town Hall tower.

Through the museum to the sea

Being in Tallinn and not visit the park complex Kadriorg - the same that go around the city blindfolded. Four museum: Kadriorg Art, the house-museum of Peter I, and Museum Mikkel Museum Kumu - you can not miss the opportunity to visit at least one of them. Especially since the alley Kadriorg you exit to the sea. And if you still remain forces, be sure to visit the Estonian Open Air Museum. In the forest area especially for those travelers persistent collected everything that somehow can associate with Estonia. And if you are very lucky, you can watch one of the many folk festivals. And even become a member of the national celebrations. Here you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts.

One walking small to cover everything that can be seen in Tallinn. But do not worry. It is best to sit down in one of the outdoor cafes, a cup of strong coffee with cinnamon, gain strength and go into another leisurely stroll through the city with a unique medieval atmosphere.

 Tallinn: what to see, to taste the taste of time

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 vacation in September

Summer ended quietly, but you did not manage to escape from the concrete jungle metropolis? All end of the world, only one solution: to wait for winter to rent skis and conquer the mountain peaks and steep slopes. So, perhaps, you think? Nothing like this. Assume summer vacation leave those, firstly, can not save, and secondly who enough hot house. And you just got lucky, because everything is still ahead, and you will spend your vacation in September.

No regrets about the past summer! We catch up with him, and not just catch up, and all the girls with his characteristic grace and charm, without departing from the rubber is not the family budget, and without losing a single gram of the provisions of our summer fun. How, you ask? Everything is very simple!

Cheap and glamorous

There is not one girl who would not have dreamed of a rest as the real star. But in the summer, at the height of the holiday season, the so-called voucher star resort is worth the money that we sadly have to go again to Turkey or Egypt. Tired? I have a plan! September - the off season for most resorts. Stars are not used to save money and have a rest in the summer, and we will act smarter, going to Saint-Tropez. The famous beaches of granite and L'Escale, located under the cliffs, sea, snow-white yachts and no tourist pilgrimage. What could be better ?!

Golden Mile in Spain. The beach season this place is chosen by the famous party girl. Marbella, Andalucia, Costa del Sol - the wonderful music in the heart responds to only one enumeration of these resort towns. The white houses, narrow streets, five-star hotels. And if you have the best view of beach holiday - a holiday in September, it offers you a huge space for dreams and for the realization of your wildest fantasies. No heat, no fuss, just you and the sea.

Costa Smeralda. That is the Cote d'Azur, which dreams of every girl who knows a lot about the town. Sardinia, about which legends, all at your feet. SPA-procedures, pristine beauty of nature, diving and even a Mediterranean tan. No wonder that the Cote d'Azur choose their place of rest, not only Hollywood stars, but even the Arab sheikhs. However, if you are going to marry the sheik September for this - not the best month. In the autumn on the Cote d'Azur is to come to relax and not to hunt for the groom.

 vacation in September, where to go

I do not need Sardinian coast

Rest on the Mediterranean coast, to the rains and gusty winds are not caught you by surprise and did not spoil the holiday, the best in the first half of September. If not, you once again have an alternative. Bus tour of Europe. By the way, in September of this tour will cost a half times cheaper. The main influx of tourists comes to an end by the end of August - beginning of September. And at your disposal all the countries of old Europe. Even a rainy London at this time is not so rainy, not to mention Prague, which is always wonderful, and Paris, where the locals prefer to stay outside the city almost to the end of October. Carefully consider the forthcoming holiday in September - where to go does not have to be an issue with only one possible answer. In contrast, the early autumn gives you such prospects, which you did not dare to dream of summer.

Dreams of exotic

You always wanted to go to Morocco, but in the summer there is nothing to do. Nevertheless, the Moroccan heat for us, the residents of latitude temperate climate - it is too. In September, you may well go for your dreams, without the risk of oplavitsya under the scorching sun. Ocean, Moroccan dark night, gentle sun and ... lower prices for the thirty - forty percent on everything from hotel accommodation to guided tours.

If Morocco is for you not too exotic, you can skip to Australia. However, the savings in this case can be forgotten, but in the fall you will instantly fall in the spring. And what could be nicer than to go through a couple of extra, unplanned springs. In addition, Australia has a lot to see, and for those who like extreme sports and exotic holiday provided there hunting for alligators.

 beach vacation in September

Everyone snipe ...

Incidentally, in search of great destinations do not need to go thousands of kilometers away. Recall that in September - the so-called "velvet season" on the Black Sea coast. You may well rest in Sochi and in the Krasnodar region. The level of service in local hotels is not much different from overseas. All the more so in this case you have no need to obtain a visa.

As you could see, despite the fact that we assume a bosses mindlessly we have time our holidays, vacation in September - is not necessarily a threat to the gloomy prospects for the rest, where to get, or even stay at home, in the garden and vegetable garden, or repair paradise. This is an opportunity to carry out long-held dream for relatively little money.

 Holidays in September: where to go in the midst of the "velvet season"