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It unfolded the events described in the book "Gone with the Wind", the musical "Chicago" and the adventure film "National Treasure." It landed and founded his colony of the first settlers from Europe, hence originates modern America, where its capital is located. Here it was written the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America. So the statement that the US east coast - the seat of the American spirit, is justified and indicates the importance of this part of the country.

If you look at a map of the United States east coast resembles a cat uses as scratching posts Appalachian stubborn nose to the border with Canada and relaxed emissions of its tail, the Florida peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean. If you have limited time but want a couple of weeks to make your own idea of ​​America, to see the greatest possible number of attractions the United States, and at the same time on the beach to soak up the rustle of the ocean waves, the east coast of America - exactly what you need.

River with dual citizenship

Coming to America is only in order to visit the famous Niagara Falls. It is located on the border of the United States and Canada. Most of the Niagara River "get" Canada, but it's not a problem. Coming in from the Rainbow Bridge, we can look at this miracle from all sides, and even stand in the middle of the bridge, with one foot in the homeland of hockey, and the second - the home of baseball. With fifty-meter height of the flow of water falling down a snow-white veil rush. And below them you can even stand up. Brisk flat-bottomed boat shuttle to the center of the falls and back. You can climb to the highest observation deck, and "drown" in a spray of ice-cold water, walk on Protected Areas vast park or ride on the tour bus.

Atlanta - Gone with the Wind holidays

Atlanta - one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. The main business center of the south-eastern part of the country and a city with a rich history. The Americans believe that in Georgia, in the state where the Atlanta, home to the nation's color. Aristocrat Atlanta was almost completely burned during the civil war between northern and southern states. They survived only building churches and hospitals. But Southerners unbreakable spirit contributed to the fact that after the surrender was Atlanta has become a symbol of rebirth loser south.

It is difficult to imagine that in place of the modern city, the pride and pearl of the east coast of the United States, were in ruins. Modern buildings, skyscrapers, holding up the clouds, the most famous American broadcaster CNN, local Capitol, Inman Park, the Museum of Coca-Cola (Atlanta pharmacist invented it) and of course the famous aquarium in Atlanta. All this attracts tourists not only from abroad but also from the United States itself.

No wonder Atlanta called the focus of national traditions and holidays, without which it is impossible to imagine America. Residents of Atlanta are very careful as the traditions of the indigenous people in the United States and to the customs of other nations. Because we all know that the population of America was formed of immigrants. So in Atlanta with the same pomp and festival celebrating Japanese art - fun for fans of anime and connoisseurs of haiku, and the festival «pow-wow» - the traditional annual meeting of the North American Indians, carried out over large areas of the park Stone Mountain. And then, as in Atlanta celebrate Christmas, you need to see. Tell about this costume and pyrotechnic extravaganza - beyond the capacity of human speech.

 US east coast

Where born American democracy?

It turns out that American democracy is a concrete birthplace - the city of Philadelphia. And no wonder, because this metropolis populated by immigrants from Ireland, Italy and Asia. Only such a focus of freedom-loving people of temperament could cause the birth of the Declaration of Independence of the United States.

In Philadelphia, a lot of interesting historical sites that are definitely worth a visit. Independence Hall - the place where the first was composed the Declaration of Independence, and later, in the eighth thousand seven hundred seventy year, adopted the Constitution of the United States. The bell tower, which at the time the bell tolls Independence. Carpenter Hall in the fourth thousand seven hundred seventy was the venue for the first Continental Congress. Congress Hall - a place of adoption of the Bill of Rights. On these streets I was born in England independent of America. Four quarters "historic square mile of America" ​​takes us into the past of this freedom-loving country.

Now Philadelphia - a modern city on the east coast of the United States, a major industrial and business center. Here are the offices of major oil producing and refining companies. And if before these lands were making history, but now we can say that in Philadelphia build the state's economy.

Himself Washington

The capital of the United States is also very conveniently located on the east coast. The city does not belong to any state. He is on his own. As well as the president of America is also the mayor of Washington. That is what it means to struggle against bureaucracy in action! And if in Philadelphia history was forged in the past, in Washington heard by it today. In contrast to the rest of America, Washington due to lack here business cards United States - skyscrapers - and the number of population (about one million), could be called the capital backwater, but would turn the language to say so, if you have ever visited Washington ?!

Ambitious Pierre Lanfains - the architect who designed Washington, sought to make the city more magnificent than the European capitals. And I must say that he did it. It is worth remembering the Capitol Building, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the National mall, the Pentagon, the Cathedral of Peter and Paul, the Smithsonian Museum and the National Gallery of Art. List the attractions of Washington can be a very long time, and most importantly, that they are not surrounded by endless skyscrapers, as under the law in the city is forbidden to construct buildings higher than the Capitol. And it adds to the charm of the United States capital.

Chicago: no mafia, all cultural

In the past, the name of the city associated with high-profile mafia trials. It is in Chicago settled a huge Italian diaspora. The "dry law" have become fertile ground for the prosperity of the Mafia. But not necessarily take for granted all the events depicted in the movies, and Prohibition long gone. Now, without exaggeration, Chicago is considered the cultural capital of the East Coast of the United States.

Field Museum of Natural History, Adler Planetarium and three music festivals that Chicago is famous all over the world. Jazz and blues bands come here from all over America to a few weeks to turn Chicago into the realm of leisurely melodies and disturbing sounds. The tallest building in America, too, is built in Chicago. The famous Star tower more than four meters above the city, hundreds of windows gleaming in the rays of dawn. And then there is a theater, what and where to look. Pickwick Theatre located in Chicago, and the most famous troupes of America challenged the right to act on its stage. Buckingham Fountain in Chicago is a list of the largest fountains in the world. And, as in Barcelona, ​​the local fountain boasts its own music and light show. So no there is no mafia are all very nice and cultural.

 East Coast

Jacksonville - a symbol of one-storey America

Residents of Jacksonville translate into reality what is called the American dream. A city with a million inhabitants bears little resemblance to the usual in our understanding of megacities. Busy highway and modern roads curve around this oasis, known as one-storey America. Cozy cottages, white fences, lawns and provincial peace. Not very much like the American dream, but as it turned out, Jacksonville residents are her just that. And hardly anyone would argue with them. For Jacksonville there are skyscrapers, but the locals prefer to work for them, choosing to live one-story houses. You would think that a city deprived of sights. But no! The city has a whole area of ​​wooden buildings in the colonial style, it is quite possible for them to study the history not only of Jacksonville, but the entire East Coast.

The sun, air, water, and Miami

How can you talk about the east coast of the United States and not to mention its main pearl - Miami! Even if your imagination paints draw you all the benefits of this resort city, they will seem pale in comparison to copy reality.

Perhaps Miami can be called a model of the modern resort. Not for nothing is the coast of Miami chose to build their villas film industry stars, famous politicians and financiers, whose names are known not only America, but also far beyond its borders. A whole street of Collins Avenue is built up with the latest and most expensive hotels. In Miami luxury vacation and built to the highest degree.

The east coast is a bit like a colorful mosaic or a puzzle. Different cities, different architecture, but one thing unites them. Each of these cities - an important element of the huge paintings called the United States of America.

 US East Coast: so different America

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