What can offer a sanatorium in Sochi

In Sochi, many resorts, some are located near the beach and have their own beaches, others are in the depths of the resort, surrounded by a park of evergreen subtropical and conifers .  They differ as to provide treatment .  If your plans include not only health-building program, but also the treatment of a particular disease, sanatoriums in Sochi specialize in the treatment of many diseases .  To pass the course of treatment in one of these travelers need an excerpt from the history of disease .  Before purchasing tickets, consult your doctor .  Some treatments are contraindicated for people in certain circumstances, such as during pregnancy, young children and elderly people, with the presence of certain diseases .  To rest in Sochi in 2013 was with pleasure and health benefits, plan everything in advance .  Reviews of sanatoriums, hotels and inns can be read on the websites on the Internet and see pictures of the rooms, or even three-dimensional panorama view prices Services included in the price and provided for a fee .  For example, each hotel offers excursions to visit the historical and architectural attractions, natural beauty of the region, or to enroll in one of the rounds .  A lot of tours for everyone: walking tours, horseback riding, biking, mountain climbing trip, waterfalls, caves and lakes .  Youth will enjoy a variety of clubs in Sochi incendiary music and distinctive atmosphere .  Bored here do not have to .

The cost of treatment and rest in a sanatorium in Sochi can vary greatly depending on the resort, its location, the complex therapeutic and other services included in the price. Specify the price in advance and book your favorite places in and resorts. Travel agencies in your city to help you find the right facility to book a place in the room. Most travel agencies operate on the prices hotels and resorts, so you have nothing to lose by contacting them, but save yourself time and you will know for sure in the right planning their own holiday. The Internet service allows you to book a lot of places without leaving the house, but many of them do not have accurate information on availability. Resorting to one of these services, be careful to ask about the reservation.

 What can offer a sanatorium in Sochi

 Southern Europe


  • Climate and population of South Europe
  • sights

You pack the suitcases? Looked in the direction of southern Europe? Right choice. Here you can not only relax, but also to significantly improve their health. Those who have already traveled to the Mediterranean coast, want a relaxing holiday, and for the rest, we offer a small overview of the features and attractions that await you in selected parts of the world. Let's start with the fact that Southern Europe is rich not only sunlight but also by a number of countries, hospitable, ready to take your tired body and soul to rest.

You can feast on delicious olives in Greece, Cyprus sunbathe, visit the spectacular bullfight in Spain, enjoy the spectacular scenery in Montenegro or replenish a wardrobe in a noisy Italy. No less interesting will be to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Holy See, Malta, Slovenia, San Marino, Serbia, Monaco and Portugal. Where exactly a vacation - you decide. But do not forget to read the reviews before leaving on the State which are planning to visit, and the main thing - about the customs, which adheres to the local people. Since the golden rule states that a tourist is not "customer is always right" and "Respect other people's traditions, and your vacation will be like a fairy tale."

Climate and population of South Europe

But what really looks like a fairy tale, it's a wonderful Mediterranean climate, which is famous for Southern Europe. The average summer temperature is equal to 25 degrees Celsius. But if severe superiors did not pamper you summer vacation, do not worry. Southern Europe will delight you with the warm weather and winter. The mild climate does not allow street-wise thermometer to fall in the winter months below eight degrees Celsius. As you can see, this is a real grace in comparison to the harsh Russian blizzards and frost.

Often we are so tired of communication and people in general that ask travel agencies do not permit the lively resort, and on any uninhabited island. Of course, Southern Europe such a service you do not give, but there are sparsely populated state. For example, San Marino, where, according to statistics, only 30 lives of thousands of people. But where it will not be able to hide from passers-by, so it's noisy in Italy. And it is not in the stormy temperament of residents of that State, and not that hot climate drives people on the street, and that nestles on the peninsula 61 million. However, judging by their cheerful persons tightness population does not bother. On the contrary, they are always ready to provide shelter to tourists from any country.

 Southern Europe


You, of course, may confuse such hospitality, but its roots lie even in the education of the people of the south, and in the soil. She was so gracious and generous, that the fruit is simply impossible not to share. And there is something to admire. Oh very rich in Southern Europe in the intricate vegetation. Then you and slender cypress trees and strawberry trees, and olives, and a centuries-old stone oaks. The list is endless. The mild climate allows the population, invaded the country in Southern Europe, to collect the king's harvest and prepare the choicest dishes.

This will be our next point in the story, as in Mediterranean cuisine is impossible not to stop .  Hostess any Southern state with the agility of a magician put on the table is so intricate snacks and desserts that their components can only guess .  Although we recommend that you do not break over the head of certain ingredients, and enjoy the delicacies Overseas .  Moreover, they did not harm the figure .  Now half angry readers will remember the Italian pasta and pizza .  Yes, these dishes are also included in the list of delicacies, which are prepared in the south .  But the pasta in Italy is produced exclusively from durum wheat, and pizza is served on such a thin and crispy dough that sometimes it seems that eating a filling .  In addition, look at the general population of this bustling state .  Italians slender as a cypress trees, but, nevertheless, ready to eat pasta three times a day (probably favorable climate improves metabolism) .  So what we do worse?

But we are going to southern Europe, not only for the brand pasta, right? Mediterranean coast rich in architectural monuments, therefore advise you to make a list of places that are worth visiting. It may be a romantic Venice and the famous Prado Museum, located in Madrid. You definitely interested in folk dances, which dances indigenous population of Andorra, the Vatican's Sistine Chapel or Oceanology Museum of Monaco, who once headed by Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

In a word, to see what will be. The main thing - is the availability of free time and desire. And Southern Europe will find a way to not leave you indifferent.

 Southern Europe - the pearl of the Mediterranean

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 Barcelona attractions


  • Attractions Barcelona
  • Gaudi and his influence on the architecture of the city
  • Sea Port of Barcelona

Spain - is the extraordinary scenery, kind and helpful people, the world's best museums, ancient monuments; and the roads here were laid hands even the ancient Romans. One of the principal tourist attraction of the country is the capital of Catalonia - Barcelona, ​​located just 120 kilometers from the French-Spanish border. It is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid, which is considered the most important commercial and industrial center. The fact that the Port of Barcelona is among the ten busiest in Europe.

The capital of Catalonia, attracts tourists not only clean white beaches, but also architecture, history, and it is world famous for its cuisine, music, fashion. Who has not heard about the unbeatable Gaudí or watched a burning passionate flamenco? To see the main attractions of Barcelona, ​​to feel its spirit, enjoy unsurpassed in its beauty scenery and taste the Mediterranean food, you will need plenty of time.

A favorite destination of most visitors is the boulevard called La Ramba separating the Plaza Catalunya and the local port. It is here that the true atmosphere reigns today in Barcelona. Brightly dressed crowd of passers-by, a lot of fruit and flower stalls, expensive restaurants with exquisite cuisine and courteous staff, galleries, cafes, street musicians and traveling theaters - visiting La Ramba, you will see all that modern life is full of Spaniards.

If you want to go back and plunge in the old days, go to the Gothic Quarter. Here you will see the building of the Middle Ages - a small maze, and dark gloomy streets create an atmosphere that is impossible to convey in words - it must be felt.

Spain - a country of art and museums, one of which Barcelona has more than forty. The most visited of these is the Picasso Museum, the exhibition which presents the work of blue and pink periods of the artist. As for the architecture, the great Antonio Gaudi forever glorified city by building unique Sagrada Familia. Naturally, this is not all the world famous attractions of Barcelona, ​​which, believe me, are worth to be seen.

 sights of Barcelona Spain

Attractions Barcelona

Hearing the word "Spain", the first thing you remember - it's flamenco guitar, Gaudi, a great port, the busiest in Europe. National pride is the inhabitants of the country is Barcelona, ​​because here virtually untouched preserved its entire historical center, executed in the Gothic style, and many other monuments. One of the main attractions of the city - the largest in Catalonia Cathedral of St. Eulalia. It was built on the site of an ancient sanctuary of Jupiter and, along with three of the palace - the Casa de L'Ardiaka, Casa Dalby-Kanones and Degas - is a single ensemble.

Barcelona is considered to be an architectural marvel of Spain attractions which annually attracts crowds of tourists. This kind of open-air museum, where, along with the works of medieval Gothic buildings located pilot, made in the Art Nouveau style. Here are harmoniously combined with each other in the direction of modern art and vintage masterpieces of Gaudi and other great architects.

Barcelona is divided into ten administrative regions, and the most important of its attractions are concentrated in three of them: the Old Town, Montjuïc, located on the slopes of the hill of the same name, and the Eixample. First the locals call the Gothic Quarter, and it is considered the historical center of the Catalan capital. With regard to the Eixample district, this district was founded in the XIX century and represents a kind of "assembly" Gaudí. To explore the most interesting places to enjoy the wondrous beauty of the city and visit its museums, and the week will not be enough.

The heart of Barcelona - Plaza Catalunya, from which the sea is the main street and part-time local landmark called La Ramba. This boulevard is the boundary between such blocks as the Gothic and Raval. Around the area concerned tourists will find a lot more unusual places that deserve attention: there is a monument dedicated to Columbus, Marset and National Palace as well as the exhibition center and shipyard Drassanes - the creation of medieval masters.

Naturally, this is not all that is possible and necessary to see in Barcelona, ​​where are concentrated many other historical and architectural monuments:

  • the highest point of the city - a mountain called Tibidabo;
  • bashnya- "cucumber" Agbar;
  • indescribable beauty of the Grand Palace;
  • one of the most popular and richest trading platforms - Boqueria market;
  • Monastery of Montserrat;
  • Amatler House, is the most prominent representative of Art Nouveau;
  • Want to see what it looks like a small copy of Barcelona? Then go to the park "Catalunya en Miniatura".

Gaudi connoisseurs will find in the city a lot of interesting things for myself, well, those who prefer a more active holiday can visit the cafes and restaurants, which are renowned for their Mediterranean cuisine or dance the flamenco in one of the local clubs. A fascinating spectacle is a port specially rebuilt for the Olympic Games held in Barcelona in 1992.

Creative nature is recommended to visit the museum, which is so proud of the capital of the Catalan National Art, the name Picasso, contemporary art, history, and dedicated to FC "Barcelona" - the local football club, one of the world's giants.

Spain every year attracts more and more tourists. Some people come here to enjoy a truly European service, sunbathe on white sand beaches, master of flamenco, taste the local cuisine. Other draws cultural and historical heritage of the country: the architectural creations of Gaudi, the magnificent temples and Gothic cathedrals, unmistakable worldwide.

 Barcelona Spain attractions

Gaudi and his influence on the architecture of the city

The capital of Catalonia - a true treasure trove of world culture. Its priceless architectural masterpieces, as well as numerous museums attract thousands of visitors from different countries. During its long history, Barcelona has evolved from a small military settlement in one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean. It evolved, improved and worked with many great artists, but the biggest impact on the appearance of Antonio Gaudi Barcelona has. His unusual and nothing on similar projects, known far outside the country, are the hallmark of the city. The legacy of a genius is a lot of original buildings: Casa Batlló, Calvet and Mila, Sagrada Familia temple name, whose construction is not completed to this day, as well as the beautiful Güell Palace, together with an adjacent park. It's not all that managed to leave behind Gaudi.

One of the main attractions of Barcelona, ​​representing the flight of thought genius, is the Sagrada Familia .  This masterpiece of architectural art by Gaudi has devoted almost his entire life .  When he was assigned to the project management, the man barely 31st birthday .  Initially, the construction of the church was in charge of F .  Villar, but then he gave Antonio, who by the time of an unknown architect has become a unique master with its own unique style, today called experts "modern" .  In particular creative genius influenced by Arab architecture, Gothic art and European baroque .  The original project, designed by Villar, Gaudi completely altered by changing it beyond recognition .  Architect of this temple dedicated most of his life, simultaneously elevating Park Guell and Casa Batlló and Mila .  However, he did not have time to finish his great building, tragically dying under the wheels of a tram .

The first began work on the facade of the Nativity, which was partly finished during the life of the author. It is believed that Gaudí was afraid to cause a shock to the citizens of the Passion of his project, frankly tells the story of the brutal crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Therefore, at the time of its construction has been delayed, but resumed in 1954, when the master was no longer alive. The final contours of the facade of the Nativity acquired in the second half of the XX century, and in 1964 established the original is illuminated. Being in good health, the architect built next to the temple unusual in its form and design of the parish school. According to his idea, it was to be purely temporary, but the building still pleases modern tourists and locals.

Barcelona is impossible to imagine without the Sagrada Familia, it is one of the symbols of the city. But how would it look like today, in fact, if Gaudí was still alive and self-directed project reliably nobody knows. The fact that part of his notes and drawings burned during the Civil War. Construction of the third and largest of the facade of the temple of fame began at the beginning of the new millennium. Twelve towers of the Cathedral represent the apostles of the Lord, will crown the apse tower in the shape of a dome, dedicated to the mother of Christ, and of the cathedral was conceived by the architect must rise 170-meter-long structure of the central lantern with a cross. Gaudi wanted the church could accommodate all the residents of Barcelona, ​​perhaps this is why work is being done to this day (they plan to finish only in 2030).

You can not ignore the great work of another architect - Park Guell which was designed by order of the Spanish businessman called Eusebi .  Returning to the UK, he decided to build a country residence for himself and his family .  Who but Gaudi - a man with extraordinary imagination and creative scope - could bring his idea to life? Thus, in 1990, he developed a draft master, according to which the park was located far from the city, beyond .  However, over time, Barcelona has expanded, there were new buildings, the streets, the number of residents increased, so today it is almost the center of the Catalan capital .  Extraordinary beauty of the main gate of the park with a lodge like the marvelous scenery to the fabulous film .  A ten-meter tower, painted in white and blue cage against the bright sun seems a slice of heaven .  Despite the fact that the idea of ​​the architect and not fully been realized, he created a seating area - a work of art, referring to local attractions .

Sea Port of Barcelona

Port of Barcelona - is the largest transportation hub of the city, by the way, is here at one time members of the royal family greeted the famous expedition led by Christopher Columbus. One of the major achievements of the local authorities was the restoration of the marine facade of Barcelona, ​​which was held in the creation in 1992 of infrastructure for the Olympic Games. This area is actively built up all kinds of warehouses and factories in the era of the industrial boom was now "turned to face the sea." The port, which consists of three parts - trade, yachting and cruising - equipped and upgraded with the latest technology. Today, it takes up to one million tons of cargo coming here from all over the world. In addition, each year in Barcelona on cruise liners gathers a huge number of tourists.

Marina called Vell, situated opposite the historic part of the city, it is the center of entertainment and shopping centers. If you want to visit the most popular of them - "Maremagnum" - walk on the "Boulevard Maritime", taking into account the design of the new-fangled design trends. This place attracts tourists and locals, who prefer an active lifestyle, there are restaurants, cafes, playgrounds and shops.

If you come to Barcelona for a vacation, be sure to visit the Old Port, which is famous for its "Aquarium", by the way, the largest in Europe. It represents the most important collection of underwater flora and fauna of the Mediterranean. Here you will see the usual small glass "boxes" with small fishes. The 80-meter transparent tunnel, which is laid on the very bottom of a huge round aquarium, found their shelter the most beautiful inhabitants of the deep sea - there are more than four thousand individuals. Especially breathtaking sight of sharks, tearing his victim and threatening klatsat mouth.

Today, the Port of Barcelona is one of the most equipped, modern and developed in Spain. The annual turnover of its trade is part of the more than 17 million tons, and to the main imported goods are oil, wheat, coal and cotton. On the export side, it represented the olive oil and the bark of the cork tree.

Arriving in Spain only two or three days - a complete breakdown, because you need at least a week to meet with at least half of the sights of Barcelona. If you have limited time, visit the most significant places: the colorful Ramblas, the Sagrada Familia Temple, the Palace of Catalan Music - they make Barcelona attractive.

 Barcelona: the sights of the Catalan capital