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Donatella Versace - is certainly one of the most talented Italian designers, as well as chief designer and head of fashion brand Versace. This role she inherited after the death of his brother - the famous designer Giovanni. A woman has everything - wealth, fame, recognition. But to achieve this, she had to go through a tortuous and time-consuming way. On what trials befell Donatella, and that she had to endure, you will read in this article.


She was born in Italy, in a small cozy town called Reggio Calabria. She was the youngest in a family of four children. At the age of twelve died her older sister Tina. Doctors have not been able to identify a tetanus infection, so appointed improper treatment, resulting in a few days the child is literally burned.

Donatella's mother earned a living by sewing, and his father - in trade, but as an economist made it possible to make extra money - he advised the rich aristocratic Italian family. Versace family had a small atelier and shop fittings.

From early childhood, older brother Donnie baby (so-called girl in the circle of relatives) Gianni keen as his mother sewing clothes. He invented the model kroil and sewed for the younger sister, and she, in turn, was totally his creation. When the boy was 25 years old, he left his hometown and went to Milan. After a brief search, the designer got to several fashion houses: Istante, Genny, and Callaghan. After graduating from university, in 1970, he sent his brother, Donatella, in Florence, Italy, she is exploring jersey and head into the world of fashion. Meanwhile, Gianni spends the first show of women's clothing collections under its own brand (1978) and organizes its own brand.

On the position of chief administrator in the fashion house Versace, in charge of finance, appointed Santo Versace, and Donatella assigned a creative role - PR-director. She is responsible for organizing and conducting photo shoots and advertising campaigns of the company. Successfully combining work and personal life, in 1986, a woman marries a male model Paul Beck. Soon they are born first-born - a girl named Allegra, and three years later - the boy, Daniel.

In 1995, a tribute to the love and respect of his sister, Giovanni released after her perfume called "Blonde." A little later, he gives her the right to distribute their own brand of perfume - "Against". Subsequently, they will line the inside the house Versace. Thus, uniting the joint efforts by investing in business talent, soul and strength, the team Versace family was able to build a grandiose fashion empire, which compete with today can only be elected.

 Donatella Versace


Giovanni adored his sister and felt that her talent and skills will bring not only additional income, and even greater popularity of the brand Versace. Perhaps that is why in the eighties he trusted Donatella serious business - to lead the youth clothing line under the brand name Versus. Despite the relative youth and inexperience, she fully lived up to expectations.

It was she who first proposed using the catwalk, not only little known models, and popular stars of show business. Thus, appearing on the show Versace, they spread their clothes in the glory and the fashion house, thanks to its touted its name. In this role, repeatedly made Madonna, Halle Berry, Demi Moore and others. With this PR, well organized Donatella Versace fame spread around the world. Their clothes became interested not only in Europe but also in America.

In 1997, namely on 15 July in the family it was a great misfortune. Going for a walk near the door of his house was shot by Giovanni Versace. The killer became a homosexual named Andrew Cunanan. A few days later, when he was surrounded by a ring, wanted to arrest the police, the man committed suicide. No clear motive for the crime was not, began to go guessing. Some felt that, in order to take over the fashion house, who ordered the murder have become older brother and sister of Gianni - Santo and Donatella. Others blame the Mafia which allegedly laundered money in the boutiques. However, none of the versions have not been confirmed.

To avoid such rumors, Versace family has postponed all business and for a while disappeared from prying reporters at his villa in the Caribbean. Unfortunately, many people like not only to talk, but still want to profit on someone's death. So, we know that Donatella has spent huge amount of money, in order to remove material from the police all the information regarding the death of his brother and stop the spread of investigative books about Giovanni. The author of works made by Frank Monte - a private detective, who in this way cast a shadow over all the relatives of the famous Versace.

After the death of fashion designer majority of shares (50%) of the fashion house was inherited by his niece Allegra. She also moved villa on Lake Como and a huge house in one of the richest areas of Manhattan. Despite the fact that Donatella Versace owns a twentieth part of the shares, while her brother Santo is 30%, it is headed by a brand. Today, under her works more than forty stylists, the company produces seventeen clothing lines and owns three thousand retail outlets scattered all over the world. Three hundred boutiques located in different cities and countries, dress connoisseurs and admirers of the brand Versace.

 Designer Donatella Versace

At the head of the business

Many were skeptical about the appointment of the head of the fashion house of Donatella. Envious thought that she is not talented, ambitious and smart enough to successfully continue the work of his brother. However, she proved them wrong. The woman kept the empire on their fragile shoulders, giving it new features, but, nevertheless, did not get lost among competitors. Three months after the death of Giovanni Donatella unveiled eyes critics of his first full collection for spring-summer 1998. "I have never treated yourself to the category of strong women.

However, the circumstances were such that I had to try on the role. And I think I coped quite good "- confessed Donatella. Even more popular designers brought a green dress, or as it is called by many "Jungle-Dress" designed it personally. Appearing in this dress at the presentation of the Grammy-2000, Jennifer Lopez not only shocked the audience with his manner, but also gave another reason to admire and talk about Versace.

Responsibility for the business, which lay a dead weight on the shoulders of Donatella, as well as emotional trauma after the death of a loved one, could not but affect its behavior. One hand driving fashion empire, the other woman reached for a glass. Gradually, she became a frequent guest at various parties, private get-togethers celebrity, addicted to alcohol and cocaine. Only thanks to the efforts she was able to close in time to pull myself together. In 2004, after long quarrels and persuasions, Donatella has agreed to undergo rehabilitation at a specialized clinic. The fight against drug and alcohol addiction was successful, and a year later released another update Versace collection. Fashion critics unanimously found her "a great beginning of a new era in the history of Versace».

In its work, the fashion designer is not adjusted and does not copy the style of his great brother. As part of the tradition of the fashion house she went graduation robes, made in the style of "sexy glamor." Despite this, many experts believe that Donatella was not able to walk in the footsteps of Gianni and repeat his success.

"On my shows, many responded not very flattering. But I always knew that to become as great as a brother, I can not. What he did - exclusive. And we, in order to stay on the wave of popularity, it is necessary to look for new ideas "- recognized Donatella. She did not listen to gossip, to fend off criticism and tried to create. As a result of hard work of its collection become more comfortable and feminine, have gone aggressive, screaming sexy, but unchanging style of Giovanni still remained - exquisite luxury and sensuality present in all dresses Versace.

Despite the negative response of the envious, the brand still remains popular worldwide. It dressed the richest and most successful people: actors and actresses, politicians, show business stars and others. Thanks to the efforts of Donatella, today Versace - it's not just clothing and accessories. It is also interior elements, collectibles, which was exhibited in the largest museums of the world authoritative.

Leaving this world, Giovanni took a bit of a holiday and splendor with which he filled the air around him. Of course, to do the same, as did the great couturiers, not anybody can. However, Donatella and his brother Santa did everything possible to Versace fame spread around the world. In addition to this business, they are the owners of the luxury hotels in the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

 Donatella Versace beautiful

Interesting facts

Since the beginning of the 90 heads Donatella production of accessories, some of which it develops his own. Subsequently, her works form a children's line called «Versace Young».

Eight years later, the designer created his first perfume «Versace Woman». After a couple of years in London held a retrospective exhibition «Versace», which, in addition to models created by Giovanni, exhibits, designed by Donatella personally.

Wishing not to stand still and constantly evolve, it is improved in design - designing cars and yachts, as well as launching a new line of sweets. Winter 2005 Versace was awarded as "Woman of the Year", and later - "Designer of the Year."

 Queen of Fashion: Donatella Versace

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