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The controversial Finland every season is very different from each other: the polar night of winter gives way to the summer midnight sun.

Rural idyll province and the city full of life. East and West. Cold tops of ski resorts and tropical warm baths.

In this small but unique country each year attracts thousands of tourists attracted by the unique museums, monuments, castles, ski resort vacation. Especially attractive in Finland natural attractions, almost untouched by human progress.

 Himos Ski Resort
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Ski resorts in Finland

Finland - not mountainous country, but skiers around the world know it perfectly. More than a hundred ski resorts will delight holidaymakers a large set of services and a variety of proposals, the main of which - well-organized ski slopes. Particular attention is paid to the safety of tourists, as the rest of this nature poses serious risks for human health and life. Bright lights in the dark - the main component of the security of the Finnish resort. All the slopes are equipped with comfortable lifts that facilitates leisure travelers.

In addition to well-equipped slopes, Finland resorts offer vacationers restaurants and coffee houses, shops, gyms and swimming pools. Even bathing in a tropical oasis is not alien to the Finnish recreational areas. Hotels or small comfortable houses, located next to the slopes, reduce the cost of money and time on the road for them.

Finland is a country where only the developing sphere of ski holidays. List of resorts is constantly updated. For example, recently I began to receive visitors center greatest ski resorts - Levi. This place is famous for its excellent service, and a new generation of good descents. The resort was awarded the international status. Numerous entertainment, cottages and hotels are concentrated in one place. Reindeer safari outputs snowshoe, snowboard park, children's slopes, fishing and much more offers Levi Center.

Himos - another large ski resort on the slopes of the picturesque mountains. This resort has the closest proximity to the Russian border. Himos especially like the fans of extreme sports because of the height differences, which reach 140 m, and the length of certain routes that stretched for almost a kilometer. All the slopes have a different difficulty level and are equipped with lifts. Therefore, in the center of the resort will be interesting both for children and beginners and experienced athletes.

Laavuori refers to the old residents of the resort, with its own history and traditions. Here, Finland holds an annual international competition in ski jumping and cross-country skiing. The ski slopes are equipped with no worse than a trendy resorts. For lovers of skiing run organized ski trail 60 km. Special slope for freestyle elevation of 100 meters and equipped trails lifts necessarily interested in amateur and established traditions of service quality.

Finland is famous for its spas. All at once, and they do not list. For example, hand - ski center with the longest route, stretching for 1 km and 300 meters tall swings, is 201 m. The resort has similar characteristics takh runs as Hand and periodically arranges European championships in alpine skiing and snowboarding. Finnish Centre Katinkulta offers not only ski vacation, but the heavenly baths, situated in a tropical oasis. Contrast frosty peaks and the enveloping warmth of the tropics will be obligatory to keep travelers in the right tone.

 Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki
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Attractions capital of Finland

Not only ski resort boasts Finland. There are other no less exciting and diverse attractions. The Finnish capital - Helsinki - just made for leisure and entertainment. An ideal place for lovers of architectural delights. City monuments will delight visitors with its location: the interesting and historical sites are close to each other. And if you need to travel to a distant place from the center, then come to the aid of public transportation, which is considered the best in Europe.

Visiting Helsinki, with holidaymakers there is an incredible sense of time travel. This creates an impression of the unique architecture of the Finnish capital, which incorporates a variety of styles. Walking around the city, you notice the architectural lines of a smooth transition one time to another. German style "Art Nouveau" advantageous highlights of Helsinki from other European countries. The buildings of the city are the true embodiment of aesthetics and modernism. Collected together here elegant, organic shapes, comfort and reasonable structure.

 Kiasma Museum
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Architectural attractions in Helsinki

The most interesting are:

  • Parliament House, the museum "Kiasma", the National Opera, Palace of "Finland".
  • Senate Square.
  • Air District.
  • Katajanokka.
  • Käpylä Neighborhood.
  • District theological.
  • District Ruoholahti.

Senate Square - the administrative center of the Finnish capital. And it is a major tourist attraction and a symbol of Helsinki. The unique ensemble of buildings in the neoclassical style designed with elaborate symmetry and simplicity. The State Council, the National Library, the Cathedral and the building of the University - the four main buildings of Senate Square, worthy of close attention of the tourist. Near the square has a sales gallery and a park Esplanade. Here you can buy souvenirs and relax before the new superelevation of the Finnish capital.

Numerous attractions in the Art Nouveau made Helsinki the "Pearl of the Baltic" and the center of the architecture of this trend in Europe. Soft curves and floral motifs in the decoration are found in separate buildings, and in the entire areas, fully designed in this style.

The museum "Kiasma", and its exhibits are beyond the usual art museum and follow the latest trends of art. The collection, in addition to paintings and photos presented installations, media and video art, performance art, dance and theater. In designing the museum building was used by the idea of ​​the golden section. All the technical elements are hidden in the walls. Light lights hidden in special structures, thereby creating a soft diffused light.

Materials for interior decoration of the museum selected the most simple: white plaster walls and concrete floors, painted black. The walls of the exhibition halls have an arcuate shape and positioned on the bias with respect to the entire room. Contemporary art is best expressed in the simplicity of forms and textures: aluminum fixtures strict form, chrome handrails. Clean line design showrooms more than makes up the architectural flourishes of the building as a whole. And, of course, we can not ignore the museum cafe. It attracts visitors an unusual illuminated ceiling "slipping the ice."

 Finland's parliament building
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The Houses of Parliament - an object of national heritage

The monumental building is a symbol of independence and democracy of the country. In the design of the monument to the architect (Johan Sigfrid Sirén) created a union of fine arts, the construction industry and craft of the Finnish people. Because the project received ideas of artistic and architectural work and public property in Finland. The interior is made from a functional simplified, typical of Art Deco. When decoration designers tried to use only domestic materials, expressing in this way the independence of the country.

Congress Palace "Finland" - another gem of Helsinki. Tourists have to make this view attractions in guiding your list. Palace building is a multifaceted integrity of a set of separate cubic forms. Finnish architect and designer Alavar Alto has allocated part of the broad tower with an oblique roof, creating a resonant space, which improves the acoustics of the hall congresses. Any part of the building is not on a whim, and for direct use. Alawar Alto - an ardent supporter of functionalism - designed not only the building itself but also the design of the interior. The result left the architectural work of art, which attracts all the tourists. As conceived by the designer all the details in the interior of the palace "Finland" are functional load, and not just serve as a decorative ornament.

The sights of Helsinki should definitely make the modern church in theological. Lutheran temple carved directly into the granite rock, and the light enters the room through the roof of the church. From the domed building resembles a flying saucer landed on a rock. Due to the design of the stone, the building has exceptional acoustics. This church is considered one of the most beautiful in Finland. The stunning interior of the church is not to describe in words. Light coming from the top, playing with soft reflections on the rough stone walls and floor. Guests should be sure to visit Helsinki Temppeliaukio Square with its unique temple.

Assumption Cathedral in Helsinki does not bypass any Russian tourists, because it is the largest Orthodox church outside of Eastern Europe. Cathedral was designed by Russian architect Gornostaev and demonstrates Russia's influence on the history of Finland. Red brick temple and thirteen gilded cupolas are made in Russian-Byzantine style and the winning stand at the architectural background of Helsinki.

 National Opera in Helsinki
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Historic Monuments of Finland

Finnish tourists should definitely visit the island Seurasaari. The museum, located in the open air, to help better understand the identity of the Finnish people. Organizers of the museum buildings on the island have collected from all provinces of Finland. Interior 85 buildings fully conveys the atmosphere XVIII - XX centuries, existed in the country. In the summer, for a full immersion in the atmosphere of antiquity and its perception in the better sections of output of domestic animals and birds. The friendly tour guides, dressed in national costumes, guided tours of the museum, organize craft shows. On holidays there are concerts. To learn more about the traditions of Finland, its people, it is necessary to visit the island of Seurasaari.

The attention of tourists is bound to attract another historical monument of Finland. Suomenlinna Fortress is part of the main attractions of the country as an example of military architecture in Europe. It can reach in 20 minutes by ferry, which departs from the Market Square (the center of Helsinki). Marine construction is the cultural heritage of the Finnish people. Fortress honorable entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There is something to see: museums, tunnels, walls, cannons, shipyard and so much more interesting. Tired visitors can relax in the cozy cafe. There is also a private brewery. Bulk orientation program includes historical and diverse multilingual tours.

Tourists who visited Finland, will remember this wonderful and contradictory country with its unique architecture, monuments of world heritage, and the ski resorts.

 Finland - a country of unimaginable contrasts