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  • The capital of the island Celts and Druids
  • The main cathedral city complex
  • Cliffs of Moher: a business card of the island
  • Newgrange - Temple of the Sun
  • Cahir Castle: the most impregnable fortress
  • Great Valley of the Kings

Ireland - an interesting country. In it there are many people with fiery red hair, modern indigenous Irish surnames use prefix denoting once belonging to a particular carrier ancient race, August is considered the autumn months. In this country, the population gives the number of dogs, the local parliament today adopted acts prints on paper made of calfskin (Velenje), and women once a year (February 29) make an offer to men.

Ireland and attractions which are associated with prehistoric and medieval past, attracts thousands of adventure enthusiasts.

Almost every county can be found the majestic castles of the Vikings, surrounded by moats, abbeys and monasteries are silent witnesses of the turbulent Irish history.
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The capital of the island Celts and Druids

Familiarity with the homeland of elves should begin with an introduction to its capital. According to historians, Dublin was built by the Vikings around 1000 years ago. It is situated around Dublin Bay in the valley of the River Liffey. The city is replete with spacious squares, historic mansions, geometrically regular rows of houses Georgian era, beautiful parks and gardens. O'Connell Street - the main street of the capital, one of the largest in Europe. Its main attraction is considered monument of light. It is a steel monument to the 120 m high, in the shape of a needle. It stands on the site of a monument to the legendary Admiral Nelson, who in 1966 blew up the IRA. Spire of Dublin has become a symbol of the new millennium and the great pride of the population.

Dublin is a fascinating place National Leprechaun Museum - fabulous people, has become a kind of symbol of Ireland. In the museum you can plunge into the world of original local folklore: look for a place where kept a pot of gold, feel really little man, was surrounded by huge pieces of furniture, learn interesting stories from the life of leprechauns. Equally exciting will be the visit to the National Maritime Museum, which exists since 1941.

It contains 4000 books about the development of navigation in Ireland, put on display the image of sailboats, deliver food to the country during the Second World War. The most popular exhibition exhibit - a model ship "Sirius" for the first time crossed the Atlantic under steam only.

 Cliffs of Moher
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The main cathedral city complex

The largest Irish cathedral is also located in Dublin. It is named after Saint Patrick - the patron saint of the Emerald Isle. The first mention of it occurs in 1191. In the cathedral you can see the ancient frescoes, half-rotted heraldic flags Knights held here a rite of passage, medieval stained glass and a variety of religious items of different eras. In the central nave of the cathedral was buried one of his deans - the famous writer Jonathan Swift. The temple arranged an exhibition consisting of works of the author of "Gulliver", his death mask and some personal belongings.
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Cliffs of Moher: a business card of the island

The majestic and impregnable Irish nature is able to melt the heart of every tourist. Funny emerald meadows, the dark cliffs, stunning depth of the sea and sky, gray mountains and meandering creeks - it looks like hundreds of years ago, when the followers of St. Patrick erected on the hill Celtic stone crosses and built monasteries. Those who have been fascinated by Ireland, are advised to be sure to visit County Clare to enjoy the incredible spectacle - the cliffs of Moher. This business card of the island green Irene is a ridge of steep cliffs about 200 m, which is washed by the cold waters of the Atlantic.

Peaks 8 km annually attracts around one million tourists - so much wishing to admire the breathtaking scenery that open with terry rocks. On clear days, from them you can see the outlines of the valley in Connemara and the Aran Islands. The place looks so fabulous that Hollywood filmmakers chose it for location filming of Harry Potter.

 Newgrange - an international archaeological monument
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Newgrange - Temple of the Sun

The oldest building on the planet, which is older than the great pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge, located 40 kilometers from Dublin. This burial chamber located inside the mound height of 13, 5 m, it is 19-timetrovy corridor. Inside the chamber, preserved ritual bowl in the walls - decorated with stone carving niches. This religious building called the Temple of the Sun, in the dark depths of his has been born 5000 years light.

Sacrament takes place during the winter solstice at dawn through a small inlet in total darkness a sunbeam penetrates Newgrange; he timidly slips through a narrow underground passage, the height of which is gradually increased and reaches the upper room - crypt shaped trefoil. Gaining strength ray of sunshine for 15-20 minutes illuminates the altar stone. See this magical spectacle can not do everything: to get to the list of the lucky ones to win in a special lottery.
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Cahir Castle: the most impregnable fortress

Irish castles - a separate line of tourist pilgrimage. Some luxury hotels are located in other buildings are still living heirs of the famous ancient families. In these historic attractions to see firsthand all the elements of castle architecture - massive watch towers, lattice blocking the gate, the Armory, arched windows and old bridges.

The largest castle construction is Ireland Cahir Castle in County Tipperary South, built in 1142 by King Thomond. He supposedly descended from the pages of history textbooks: the main tower dungeon, six guard towers on the ramparts, lower front grille gates remaining in the wall of unexploded core. Elizabeth I called this the most impregnable citadel.

 Giants near Belfast
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Great Valley of the Kings

Great Valley of the Kings in Ireland called Tara, a long low hill near the River Boyne (County Meath). According to Celtic legend, you can find traces of the Druids. In the old days on the "feast of Tara" consisted of a ritual marriage between High King and his land. In the center is a stone Fall of Tara, known by the fact that he published under the cry of the High King. According to historians, the legendary stone symbolized the chaos and his cry - resistance to the process of ordering the chaos that embodies the Kings.

If you look at the terrain from a height, you can see the two connecting spirals of earthen ramparts, each of which consists of 7 laps. In the center of the intersection of a royal palace in which the central place occupied Honey peace. 4 additional rooms of the palace were focused on the 4th side of the world, they represented the whole of Ireland, namely its 4 main kingdom.

As you can see the sights of Ireland is not only the medieval monuments, but also a lot of amazing places that make up the pride of the country.   These include gorges and lakes, cliffs and moors, mounds and islands. Sights of Ireland - a variety of experiences, changing at every turn of its winding roads.

 Sights of Ireland - one of the most mysterious places on the planet

 Monument to David of Sasun - Armenian epic hero


  • Attractions Yerevan
  • What you can see outside of Yerevan?
  • The ancient capital of Armenia
  • Attractions southeastern Armenia
  • Other attractions of the country

Armenia is one of the oldest states in the world, is the first in the history of the state of Christians. Even in the 9-10 centuries BC on the Armenian land there was a strong state of Urartu. And since all the historical era that swept over the Armenian land, have left their traces here. There is nothing strange in the fact that the sights of Armenia cause genuine interest. The country has a huge number of monuments of history and culture, among which Armenia is one of the most remarkable in the Old World.

 Tatev Monastery
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Attractions Yerevan

The main attractions are in the capital of Armenia states - Armenia, which is one of the oldest cities in the world.

But many attractions scattered across the Armenian land, and often in a remote Armenian village you can find the monument, which is the province of all mankind. The state capital is located in the middle reaches of the river Hrazdan, in the heart of the Ararat Valley. In the vicinity of Yerevan is a large number of ancient monuments and culture and, of course, should first visit the magnificent Echmiadzin, which is the cultural and historical heritage of the Armenian people occupies a dominant place. It is the center of the Armenian Gregorian Church, he is considered the "heart of Armenia" and the residence of the Catholicos.

It is necessary to visit an ancient monastery Kecharis with churches Illuminator (it was built in 1033), the church of Surb Nshan (was built in the 11th century) and Katoghike (13th century) that is no less interesting than the center of the Armenian Gregorian Church. In the 12-13 centuries, it is this ancient monastery was the spiritual center of the country.

After the sightseeing of Yerevan, you need to go to 15 kmna east of the capital - there is an impregnable ancient fortress of Garni, which is from the 3rd to the 4th century BC was the summer residence of Armenian kings (now the fortress is not only a major historical and cultural significance but archaeological - there are intensive archaeological excavations. Not far from the fortress of Garni is one of the most ancient monuments of ancient times - the temple of the sun god Mithras, which was built in the 1st century AD.

 Ruins of Zvartnots temple
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What you can see outside of Yerevan?

If you drive 7 km north-east of Garni, you can visit the famous cave monastery Geghard (which means "spear"), which was erected in the 13th century. After visiting the monastery, you can contemplate the magnificent decoration of the temples and cells, which are decorated with striking art bizarre reliefs and ornaments. Here are the tombs of the members of the Armenian aristocratic families and many other masterpieces of underground architecture. All this is brought to the monastery Geghard deserved fame as one of the most interesting monuments in the history of mankind.

30 km north-west of the Armenian capital is Ashtarak city, which is rich in sights. Always worth a visit Karmravor church, which was built in the 7th century. And on the southern slope of Mount Aragats, which is nearby, is the ancient fortress Amberd (10-13 centuries). This castle is the former ancestral estate of Prince Pahlavuni - one of the most well-known public and political figures of the Armenian state.

Be sure to visit the ancient churches Karmravor, Tsiranavor, the church of Agia Marina and St. Sarkis. Also noteworthy is the church of Surb Mesrop Mashtots that the church is known for it relics of the founder of the Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots and Prince Vahan Amatuni. Of course, of great interest is an extinct volcano Aragats which is the highest point on the South Caucasus.

 Pagan (Greek, rebuilt) temple of Garni
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The ancient capital of Armenia

Sights of Armenia caused great interest among the large number of tourists from different countries of the world. Be sure to visit the ancient capital of Armenia's Armavir, which is one of the oldest cities in the country and is located on the bank of the Araks River. It was founded in the 8th century BC as a military fortress. And where the river flows into the Arax River Metsamor, spread over the ancient capital of the second Armenian state Artashat, which is called the "Armenian Carthage".

It was founded in the 2nd century BC. Not far is the medieval capital city of Dvin which 9 to the 14th century served as a state. These cities are almost totally destroyed as a result of numerous wars, but thanks to the efforts of archaeologists these ancient settlements gradually reveal their secrets. Everyone can see the excavations of the palaces, mansions, citadels, who witnessed the dawn of civilization.

Tourists must visit Gyumri, which is the capital of Shirak Ashkharh, this city is one of the oldest in the territory of Armenia.   At the time, he was almost totally destroyed by an earthquake, but the excavations cause genuine interest. In the vicinity of this ancient city still has beautiful landscapes, very well preserved many ancient temples and monasteries. Few people would be indifferent after visiting the ruins of the ancient fortress of Gyumri, the monastery complex Arichavank. Admiration is the cathedral in the former capital of the dynasty Bagratuni kings - Ani, which was built in the 11th century, the famous monastery Harich, which was the summer residence of Armenian Catholics in the 7th century.

 Volcano Azhdahak
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Attractions southeastern Armenia

Tourists visiting Armenia must visit the southeast of the country, namely Zangezur and Vayotsdzor that hit its rugged beauty and spectacular mountain landscapes. The main attractions of the area - the plateau, mountain valleys, wild rivers, narrow gorges, alpine pastures, small mountain lakes and original settlement that literally cling to the mountain slopes.

The inhabitants of these mountains - proud, freedom-loving and very hospitable people, who for centuries successfully resisted foreign invaders. Lovers of sweet taste necessarily offer stunning honey, because it is in this area is the best honey in the country, which is famous far beyond its borders. Here lie the most zhivopopisnye landscapes of the Caucasus.

History lovers should visit the monastery Shatinvkank, which was erected in the 10th century, one of the oldest churches Sisivan Zangezur (7th century). Unconditional interest is the oldest bridge in Vayodzore, Noravank monastery complex, which houses the tomb of one of the most noble families in Armenia Orbelian.

It is necessary to visit the ruins of the Museum of Gladzor University, which in the Middle Ages was one of the largest centers of education, and now it is almost destroyed. And what are the picturesque cave settlements Bartsravane, Shinuhayr, Keres, but also can not ignore the famous Armenian Jermuk resort with healing mineral warm waters. Nobody will be indifferent reserved plane-tree grove, which stretches to the river gorge Tzav.

 Friendship Monument
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Other attractions of the country

In all regions of Armenia there are thousands of unique historical monuments, many of them for many centuries. Here we should mention the monastery Hadavank-Hatravank, the ancient Church of Surb Stephanos, which is in Togh. And it will be very interesting to visit the desert Kaushik, which is known for its amazing beauty of khachkars that at full strength demonstrates the remarkable skill of the ancient craftsmen and their inexhaustible imagination.

Hachkrom called Armenian cross, which is one of the most important symbols of the country. Across the country, scattered stone crosses, which are eloquent testimony to how much suffering for many centuries had to be moved to this small, proud and freedom-loving people.

It is noteworthy that each cross stone is made in only his inherent artistic style, so finding a completely identical crosses almost impossible. In this regard, the Armenian cross-stone monument is self-sufficient in the history, it is always associated with some event. If you are interested in sights of this country, then we can not ignore his attention numerous ancient monuments of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Since December 1991, he is an independent republic under the patronage of Armenia and his visit did not cause any problems. It is best to go to Nagorno Karabakh from Stepanakert, there is regular bus service operates. In order to see all the sights of Nagorno Karabakh, it is necessary to take a taxi or use the car. They will not leave anyone indifferent.

 What you can see in Armenia?