Roberto Cavalli

Today, the fashion house Roberto Cavalli is an integral part of the fashion industry and the world of high fashion. The annual turnover of 150 million and is absolutely clear that this is not the limit.

Future fashion designer who was born in 1940 in the Florentine artistic family. His grandfather on his mother's side was a famous impressionist painter Giuseppe Rossi from which Roberto inherited artistic talent. According to family tradition, he studied at the Academy of Arts, where he studied fine art and design, which, in fact, determined his fate.

Creative biography of Roberto Cavalli began with a small business: he hand painted T-shirts and selling them to tourists on holiday on the French Riviera in Saint-Tropez. These were his first steps, but it was already clear that this young man of great creativity.

In the world of high fashion Roberto Cavalli declared itself in 60 years, providing exclusive items made of leather. Such a "reading" of the material from which the previously sewn only blazers, struck both specialists and the general public. Skin by Roberto of rough semi-evolved into a sophisticated, soft material that is suitable for all occasions. He showed the world that can be made of leather stitching not only utilitarian things, but stylish, chic outfits. By the way, the skin and today remains the most favorite designer material.

Absolutely non-trivial approach is an interesting technique, bright design became the hallmark of a novice designer. It was invented by Roberto Cavalli patchwork technique, developed a technique of drawing by laser, that he added in the fashion industry bright tropical African and paint.

The main muse of Cavalli - this is nature. And in order to emphasize once pristine sexy woman, fashion designer uses models in their feathers, snakeskin and animal skins

Feature of creativity Roberto can call it a desire for novelty, the use of exclusive techniques, and a great desire to work in all areas of fashion design. So, it is creativity that Roberto Cavalli gave the world a completely original look of denim, for which he offered exclusive prints. Familiar material began to play with new colors and has received a "second wind."

Fashion designer interested in everything. In addition to women's clothing today fashion house Roberto Cavalli produces swimwear, lingerie, handbags, shoes, watches, sunglasses, household products. The company also has two lines of children's clothing - Roberto Cavalli Devils for boys and Roberto Cavalli Angels for girls. Do not leave without attention and master of men - it is, in particular, has prepared a line of men's clothing for the famous chain H & M, known for its affordable prices.

In addition, since 2002 the company began to deal with the release of perfumes. The first feminine fragrance called simply Roberto Cavalli, and then, in 2003, there was a fragrance for men Cavalli Man.

Wikipedia leads an impressive list of achievements of the fashion designer, who over the years has received high awards at the most prestigious shows. He applauded the collections on the catwalks of Paris, Milan, New York. Although the designer in 2010 celebrated the 40th anniversary of his artistic career, his potential is so huge, it is possible to say with confidence that the best collection of the master fashion ahead.

 The magical world of Roberto Cavalli

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 Igor Chapurin


  • The path to glory: Great Luke - Vitebsk - Paris - Moscow
  • Igor Chapurin: career development

The name of the famous Russian designer Igor Chapurin has long been a household name in the fashion world. Chapurin famous in our country, it admires Europe, about clothes under its brand dream woman almost from around the world. A talented person, he never rests on its laurels, stubbornly looking into the future and grandiose plans. And now not only a clothing line, released under his name, pleases avid fashionistas, but also incredibly beautiful jewelry created by the design of the young genius.

Igor Chapurin is not afraid to admit that his past is of little interest, because the return to it and never will. He lives in the present and the future, wanting to have time to touch the beauty in all its manifestations. In addition to the progress already achieved, Chapurin dreams of creating their perfume and knitted clothing line, but it seems this is not enough. He would be happy to show their creativity everywhere: in the design of bedding, furniture - up to the interiors of the salons of automobiles and airplanes. And most interestingly, Chapurin realizes his dreams with an enviable constancy. This creative mind is a must play, and it is no coincidence - the love of beauty in all its forms has been grafted to him since childhood.

The path to glory: Great Luke - Vitebsk - Paris - Moscow

Biography of the designer is not very well known to his fans, as Chapurin can not stand to talk about the past. He appreciates the experience gained by him earlier, but does not want to look back. His life motto - "Not one step back, only forward! "And similar principle of life helps him to reach the heights to which other and do not dream. Despite this, his biography is not a special secret: a couple of times, he still gave an interview to journalists about his childhood and the people around him many years ago.

Chapurin was born in the city of Great Luke 21 March 1968. All members of his family were very creative, talented people. Father Igor was one of the best specialists in the processing of flax in the Soviet Union, he headed until his retirement in Pskov Flax. Not surprisingly, his childhood Igor Chapurin held next to the beautiful, high-quality fabrics, it is with my own eyes more than once watched the whole process of their manufacture.

His parents worked at the knitting factory, and almost every night a little Chapurin heard them arguing about production, gradually learning a lot of details, subtleties, soaking the spirit of the profession. After all, in the factory, where his mother and father, there is absolutely all the cycles of the creation of clothing - from the creation of fabrics, their colors, finishing sketch models and tailoring. So the grain thrown its surroundings in childhood, successfully germinated in his mind. Igor Chapurin very early realized what his future profession - he was looking for someone, and someone to learn.

Then there was the Vitebsk Institute of Technology, where he studied for a degree Chapurin "designer women's clothing." After the first course came to him fame: he gets in the top ten fashion designers of the country and was invited to Paris for a fashion contest, hosted by Nina Ricci. At the competition Russian young fashion designer Igor Chapurin won a resounding victory - he was the first among the recognized talents of many countries.

 Igor Chapurin

Igor Chapurin: career development

As soon as he returned from Paris, Chapurin begins to create gowns for the competition "Miss World", "Miss Universe", "Miss Russia". Most of the participants who took the top places, it turned out to be dressed in his clothes. And when in 1995 he shows his first collection at once thirty suits were purchased by the organizers show "Miss Europe - 96".

Later, he developed the first-class women's clothing line pret-a-porter de luxe together with Princess Irene Golitskoy. Impressed by the cooperation with this outstanding, talented woman, in 1998 he created a collection of "Sevastopol, November 1920 .." and received the highest award in the field of Russian fashion - "Gold Mannequin". In the same year the magazine "Harper's Bazaar" awarded him the prize "Style-98".

Then there will be a successful show in Germany and Switzerland, the National Award "Ovation" and began working on a line of jewelry, together with the well-known American company Vasily Konovalenko Art. And now, on Butcher opened the first boutique of women's fashion by Igor Chapurin.

Later Chapurin started working on creating costumes for theatrical productions, feature films, and even ballet. He manages a lot, do not forget to please fans refined, modern clothing. Soon Chapurin realizes its long-held dream: is in Milan and Moscow on a line of furniture, lighting and flooring called «CHAPURINCASA». Do not forget Igor Chapurin for children and the sport: it creates a successful children's collection for downhill skiing, as well as costumes at the Athens Olympics for our well-known gymnasts - Irina Tschaschina and Alina Kabaeva.

Chapurin megapopular puts many stars of domestic show business, however, you ask him about their names, it is difficult to answer. This amazing man strangely not vain, his only joy - is moving forward and achieving new goals. And it was his clothes are the first lady of the country - Svetlana Medvedev, Ludmila Putina. Who else from Russian designers can boast of such a high-level clientele?

Chapurin admire the fact that the speed of life and creative business people is steadily increasing, but they are the chosen path quietly, without fuss, managing everything at once. It is on these clients guided the famous fashion designer, developing new line of clothing. He tries to combine things so elegant office suit in the afternoon could turn into a lovely evening dress, which will allow its owner to spend a whole day in the same clothes.

Being a Russian fashion designer Chapurin does not like when people are looking for "Russian roots" in his clothes. Born in the province, it is impregnated with the spirit of traditional Russian art, but believed that elements of his clothes do not need to consider it from this angle. And if there were parts of his collection by straw, the only explanation for the fact - love Chapurin to the original texture and color. After all, to be unoriginal - it's so boring!

Perhaps, there is a field of creativity, wherever they wanted to show their talent is already known, the famous fashion designer Igor Chapurin. Who knows, maybe in the near future will be to dissect the galaxy spacecraft, the interior design of which will be carefully designed precisely this genius. It sometimes seems that the boundaries of the earth for this amazing man too small to so that he could fully reveal his immense creativity.

 Igor Chapurin man whose creativity knows no bounds

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