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  • The beautiful nature of Lake Tahoe
  • Most Mojave Desert
  • Georgia Guidestones
  • Niagara Falls
  • Golden Gate Bridge

This lake is located on the border of California and Nevada. Tahoe in the United States is the second lake in depth. Attractions United States would have lost a lot, without having in its list of the beautiful lake.

Lake Tahoe in the summer you can have a good time doing water sports and in winter the slopes surrounding the lake are a great place for ski sports. South shore of the lake has long turned into a kind of capital of gambling, and if visitors want to play for money, the best place to play just did not find. The most popular is the casino «Caesars Tahoe». On the north shore lies the town of Tahoe City.
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The beautiful nature of Lake Tahoe

In the area of ​​the lake is located a lot of national parks, which are very popular among tourists. Among them «DL Bliss» - National Park, known for its many hiking trails shestimilnoy "Rubicon" and picturesque beaches, which are located on the shores of Emerald Bay. On the shores of the lake and there are plenty of resorts where you can relax with all the comforts.

Also on the Lake has all the conditions for fishing. For this purpose, it built a large fishing fleet. Due to Truckee and Jujube rivers that flow into the Tahoe, the lake a lot of different types of fish, both civilian and prey. This lake is an important subject and attractions of America.

 Washington Monument
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Most Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert is located in the south-western United States, while it takes much of the south of California, southwestern Utah, southern Nevada, and northwestern Arizona.

The total area of ​​the desert - more than 35 000 sq. km. In the northeast of the desert is bordered by a large mountain range Texachapi, and in the southern part - to the ridges and the San Gabriel Bernardino. The boundaries of the ranges where marked clearly as they form two geological faults - the San Andreas and the Garlock. In the northern part of the desert is the Great Basin, and in the south - a hot desert of Sonora. It should be noted that in the desert can be found more than 2,000 species of plants.

On the territory of the Mojave National Preserve are of the same name, National Park, Joshua Tree, and the lowest and hottest place in the whole of North America - Death Valley, which is a national park. In Death Valley in July and August the temperature often rises to 50 ° C. On the border of the desert of Utah and the Great Basin National Park is Zion.

The Mojave Desert is very arid climate, but on the ground it has long cultivated a large number of alfalfa. Irrigated desert with the help of groundwater and the California Aqueduct.

In addition, in the Mojave can be found "ghost towns" that depopulated due to the construction of new highways bypassing those cities.

 Niagara Falls
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Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones - the monuments that have long been called America's Stonehenge. This name confusion results from the fact that in another part of America landmark exists with same name. This monument is located in the state of Georgia, and it is decorated with a long inscription in eight languages.

This message includes the ten commandments of life. If the bypass construction, starting from the south clockwise, the first signs will be located in Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew, and then Hindi, Swahili, Spanish, English.

On top of the Georgia Guidestones is possible to read the inscriptions, which are made in four ancient languages: Sanskrit, the ancient Egyptian, Akkadian, and classical Greek.

Six granite slabs of the monument weigh more than 100 tonnes, while their height is six meters. All the plates were exposed to a monument according to astronomical events. Away from the main monument on the ground plate is made of stone, on which is written about the origin and purpose of the Tablets.

The central plate has a hole that allows you at any time of the year to see the North Star. Another hole in the "roof" of the monument adjusted to the solstices and equinoxes. Every day, a ray of sunlight penetrates through this hole, and at noon indicates the current day of the year on the central plate.

 The Statue of Liberty
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Niagara Falls

This waterfall gets its name from the Niagara River, on which it is located. Niagara Falls is located between Lakes freshwater Erie and Ontario. These are the two lakes of the famous five Great Lakes of the United States. Falls captures the two countries, partially settling in Canada and in the United States. In the middle is divided Goat Island. Niagara Falls combines three separate waterfalls - Horseshoe Falls, the waterfall Fata and American Falls.

Niagara Falls is not high, but the volume of water flowing down its width and impressive. The height of the American Falls - 51 m, width - 330 m, height of Horseshoe Falls - 49 m, width -790 m. Veils Falls compared to the first two waterfalls is quite narrow, it resembles a wedding dress and is located close to the American Falls. These waterfalls shared a small island, which was named Silver. In this case, the main waterfalls - American and Horseshoe Falls.

After the news of the world-famous Victoria Falls, located in southern Africa, Niagara Falls is the second largest in the world.

A fifth of the fresh water reserves are concentrated in four Great Lakes - Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Erie and Superior. It is the water of the lakes and create the Niagara Falls. These lakes - the most visited attractions in the world.

 Golden Gate Bridge
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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Strait reunites the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, and cross this body of water is possible through the Golden Gate Bridge. More recently, the bridge was considered the most grandiose construction. Enumerating attractions United States, this bridge can be put on a par with the Statue of Liberty.

The name of the Golden Gate Bridge was back in 1937, when its construction was finished. Golden Gate length is 2737 m, and width - 27 m. The bridge is made of three parts, the length of the longest of which is 1280 m.

The creators have come up with for the construction of a truly appropriate name, since this bridge is really important, "arteries" of the city. In the morning, when the entire population of the city somewhere in a hurry, only the broad road strip in several rows contribute to successful travel without traffic jams and long waits. According to statistics, over the bridge for a day passes about 100 thousand. Cars.

Originally, the bridge was painted in brick red color, but because of the high humidity and salt air, its color very quickly begin to fade. About 40 painters constantly concerned that the Golden Gate is always looked good, because every year in the United States they come to see thousands of tourists.

 A description of some attractions US

 Bellver Castle


  • Attractions: churches and temples Mallorca
  • Architectural heritage of Palma de Mallorca
  • For those who want to see as much as possible
  • Guided tours for lovers of flora and fauna
  • Entertainment Palma de Mallorca

Cheerful, bustling vacation immediately associated with Spain, it is this country located in the south of Europe, famous for its nightlife, discos, bars and nightclubs. Although in reality, of course, this is not the only thing you can see, going to Spain. The most common tourist area considered Balearic Islands. They are an autonomous part of Spain. The most famous of them - this is Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza.

Palma de Mallorca - the capital of the Balearic, the ancient city, which is located on the Bay of Palma. It is home to most of the population of the whole island. This huge number of tourists flock.

And no wonder, because Palma de Mallorca - a city that is ideal for recreation and tourism.

Here, any will find a rest for the soul: and lovers of the urban bustle, entertainment and restaurants, and tourists who are more inclined to visit cultural institutions, museums, galleries, churches and other attractions. If you sail into the city by sea, then before you just open all the things that you'll just have to see. Sightseeing Palma de Mallorca will leave the most memorable impression.

 La Seo Cathedral
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Attractions: churches and temples Mallorca

If you are interested in culture, religion and architecture, be sure to visit the Cathedral, the Church of Santa Eulalia and the Basilica of St. Francis. These attractions are not only impress with its beauty, but also a lot of local talk about religion and faith.

Cathedral - a unique example of Gothic architecture of the 17th century, although the first stone of the cathedral laid in 1231 .  From the 17th century cathedral several times resisted reconstruction, and in the 20th century it was decorated inside .  Interior finishing realized by Antonio Gaudi .  He not only performed the decorations inside the cathedral, but also made a special lighting system, which is truly unique and is a reference point for tourists Palma de Mallorca .  Currently, the cathedral is a mandatory item in the program of tourists in the ensemble include the Cathedral Museum, which houses the most valuable exhibit - the ark of the True Cross, made of metal and decorated with precious stones; still there is a museum of art, which contains paintings by local artists, and the palace of the Moorish rulers .  Undoubtedly, for art lovers it is a paradise for the soul .  After visiting the cathedral, you can stroll through the Parc de la Mar - it is near, and it can be seen from the windows of the cathedral .

Basilica of St. Francis built in the Gothic style. Its central facade is decorated with an image of Our Lady of the Ascension, and on the sides - St. Dominic and St. Francis. The complex includes a gallery, a church and several hozpomescheny. The most interesting in terms of gallery tours and a sarcophagus in which is buried Raymond Lull, a monk and writer. Be sure to stroll through the courtyard: it is not only possible to be alone with him, but also to enjoy the beauty: buried in the courtyard of cypress and lemon trees, oleander and palm trees.

Church of St. Eulalia - another example of Gothic architecture. Gothic elements are present in everything: in the performance of the church and surrounding buildings, in the paintings of the 15th century. Noteworthy is the church and the fact that it it holds the image of Christ, which carried a Jaime I, King conquering the island.

It is best to go through the church street Mori. It is very picturesque. Tourists are attracted by the architecture around here, it is very original: the house remained, it seems, from the time of Jaime II, and their flavor complemented windows blown glass. It looks very exciting and unusual.

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Architectural heritage of Palma de Mallorca

If you enjoy, considering the architecture of the city, enjoy wandering around the streets and alleys, noting especially the local structures, in which case you will be interested to see the Almudaina Palace, Bellver Castle, and the Grand Hotel - these attractions are certainly not leave you indifferent. You can take guided tours, but you can wander around the city on their own - so to see more.

Palace Almudaina

It is an ancient Spanish palace. Half of this palace is the property of the royal family, the castle guarded by the army. It is a rectangular building with towers on each side. They are called the Angel Tower and Tower Goals. At the Tower of Angels, a sculpture depicting the Archangel Gabriel. By the way, he is the patron saint of Palma de Mallorca. And here at the Tower of Heads grim history: in the 15th century on it was hung heads of executed criminals that the people saw that happen with the wicked.

Yet be sure to check the Throne Hall (Hall Tinel), and the chapel of St. Anne. They are decorated like a lot here in the Gothic and Romanesque styles. The chapel is decorated with images of mythical creatures, and in the hall there are fragments of the Arab baths and the Royal Gardens.

Grand Hotel

It would seem that could be interesting to visit the hotel, especially for a tourist? Not in the case of the Grand Hotel! It began with a completely new - tourism - the life of the city. Firstly, this is the first hotel in Palma de Mallorca, which in itself is significant. Secondly, it is from this hotel and the era heyday of tourism in the city, he was ready to welcome guests. Third, no doubt, the Grand Hotel is an architectural landmark and the front facade of the building is decorated with ceramic sculptures and columns. Today, the Grand Hotel is the cultural center of the city, there are exhibitions of artists.

Bellver Castle

In the forest, surrounded by pine trees, it is Bellver Castle. It has a very rich history. Throughout its existence the castle had, and used as a royal residence and military prison. However, he is now a historical museum, which attracts tourists. The castle is a white stone building with rounded walls, which is typical of Spanish architecture of the 13th century. As the castle stands on a hill, visible from afar, he even. And because of its panoramic view of the port of Palma de Mallorca, and its most scenic areas.

La Granja

Here, too, it will be interesting for those interested in the history and culture of peoples. La Granja - it is a museum of the 10th century. Interestingly it many things. Firstly, fabulous vegetation, he is buried in gardens and natural fountains. Second, thanks to the surrounding area house showing traditional history and culture of Majorca. This mixture of simple country style and lush, majestic. Here you can also see the objects of folk craft and creativity.

 Balearic Coliseum
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For those who want to see as much as possible

Everyone knows the situation where you want to see as much as possible, but can not. No matter - the material is the restriction or temporary. For example, often such a situation arises when the journey is planned in any particular region of the country. In Palma de Mallorca there is a unique place that is literally designed for tourists who do not have the opportunity to travel throughout Spain in a single round. So if you - one of those tourists who are trying to get around and see as much as possible, be sure to plan an excursion in the Spanish countryside. At least, the feeling that you were in the main tourist mecca of Spain, you will.

Spanish Village

This is truly one of the most picturesque places in all of Palma de Mallorca. The fact that having been in the Spanish countryside, you simultaneously see Cordoba, Madrid, Toledo, Granada and Barcelona, ​​and so on. D. This is a huge park, which assembled the entire culture in Spain: here you can see the structure of all the different styles that have at throughout Spain; Here are the pieces of the great Spanish cities with a local flavor; you can simultaneously see the Alhambra Arab baths, and you can buy souvenirs (good specialized shops abound here) or try the tapas from the Plaza Mayor.
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Guided tours for lovers of flora and fauna

For those tourists who love nature, Palma de Mallorca also offers a place to relax, enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes and see unusual plants and so on. D. I must say that the island about 40 nature reserves and parks, bays, waterfalls and so on. d., so here is where carousing in the truest sense of the word.

Conservation Park Galattso

It is a natural park where you can walk for hours, stunning nature, beautiful plants, a variety of animals, waterfalls and sea adventure - all Galattso. You can just wander slowly and enjoy the fresh air and the unique nature, photographed against falls (there are 30 pieces here), and it is possible to immerse oneself in the world of entertainment, of which there are plenty. Here you can swim in a waterfall (so be sure to take a swimsuit) or enjoy yourself in climbing, rappelling, or walking on the suspension bridge. Usually offer tourists a tour of 2 hours duration. Undoubtedly, this is - a great place for the whole family, which will be interesting for everyone.

Nature Reserve Mondragó

This is also a park, which will be interesting for those who love flora and fauna. There are many beautiful plants, so lovers of botany will receive unearthly pleasure. In addition, there is the lovely bay with crystal clear water. So if you love to swim, be sure to visit this place - will be a lot of impressions.

 La Grange
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Entertainment Palma de Mallorca

Most interesting are the aquarium and the beaches of the city. These are the main attractions for those who love to swim. If you love the nightlife and clubs, best take away yourself a day and go to Ibiza. In Palma de Mallorca you can enjoy sitting in a cafe or restaurant, in addition, reserves also offer a barbecue and other goodies. As for entertainment, their offers Aquarium. You can also have a great time on the beaches, coves and bays. It all depends on what you crave for relaxation: an active or relaxing.


By law, he is considered one of the biggest in Europe. Here is one of the richest collections of corals. There will be interesting to both adults and children. 55 aquariums and 8,000 inhabitants - all this is Palma Aquarium. Special chic is not only exhibits, but also in the interior decoration of the aquarium: to go from gallery to gallery necessary through glass tunnels from which there is a fantastic feeling that you are under water.

It will be interesting to children and, as you can feel like a diver. Oceanarium, which offer such a possibility is very small. An experienced instructor will teach and insure the child.

Beaches Palma de Mallorca

A wonderful Mediterranean climate, amazingly beautiful beaches, of which there are a great many, beckon people from all over the world. Indeed, nature - the main attraction of the island. Tourists are attracted by the crystal clear water, waterfalls, pristine white sand beaches, cliffs and quiet coves, rocky mountains and nature reserves, pine forests and gardens, beautiful plants and birds - all this makes Palma de Majorca a paradise on earth. Here you can find and noisy youth beaches and quiet nooks - Palma de Mallorca can provide relaxation for every taste.

Not for nothing because there is resting royal family in full force and celebrities buy houses. We know that coming here Michael Schumacher and Boris Becker, Claudia Schiffer, Michael Douglas and many other stars of show business, sports and cinema.

 Palma de Mallorca: a place where you want to go back