Barcelona - the city gave the world the great geniuses: Gaudí, Picasso, Dalí, Montserrat Caballe and Jose Carreras. The land on which the present day descendants live medieval troubadours and proud of the Spanish giants. A place where each stone scorched by the sun and hot tempered truly Spanish pride. And despite all the epithets, this ancient city takes in his arms any traveler. Reveals to them their secrets and whispers indistinctly historical chronicles: echoes of steps in the old town, their horns of cars, singing fountains and wind to catch hold of the spiers of the Sagrada Familia.

The subjects of his call, take a dip in the whirlpool of bright exciting of his life, be a part of it for a few days. The only way you will be able to see its true face. Attractions Barcelona can be compared with multicolored mosaics. Slices from all the same. But the picture that will turn out in the end, everyone has their own. The unique and beautiful. Filled with a special atmosphere, the indomitable spirit of freedom and joy and fiery Catalan temperament.

Attractions in Barcelona in abundance. According to legend, the city was founded by the Greek hero Hercules 400 years before Rome. For such a long period of Barcelona has not lost a single gram of its historical and architectural heritage, carefully keeping creations of artists of different eras.

Park Guell

If you do not know where to start discovering Barcelona, ​​follow our advice and start it with the great creations of Gaudi, who became the symbol of the city. This is Park Guell, is located in the suburbs of Barcelona. At the entrance to the park visitors are greeted by a huge dragon. The same dragon, which according to legend, St. George killed to protect the city. Guell able to turn your world upside down. Buildings like grow from the ground. One gets the impression that the earth has wanted to adorn themselves and raised their own small pavilions, sloping arches and even the famous bench in the viewing platform decorated with mosaics - so natural and they fit harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. And the world-famous Hall of hundred columns reminiscent of their own insignificance and vulnerability.

Modernist district of Eixample

To the north of Plaza Catalunya located Eixample quarter. It is not peculiar to the architecture of the European-tuned geometric streets of the quarter. The streets are the same width, crossing each other at right angles, divided into equal squares quarter. If you look at it from a bird's eye, it may seem like a quarter of someone caught in the net. But despite such geometrically correct, then the building does not look like a featureless box.

On the contrary, in the Eixample you will see the creation of three great modernists. In "A quarter of discord", as if competing, frozen opposing Casa Batlló - Antoni Gaudi, Amatler House, a masterpiece of the architect Puig i Cadafalch, and-and-Moorer Leo House, designed by Dumeneka. Compare them together - a futile exercise. They have such an overwhelming impression that, looking at them, it is possible to lose the power of speech. If you think that you have reached all possible limits of admiration, go across the street. It is here that Antonio Gaudi, in an attempt to outdo himself, and built La Pedrera. Flows form phantasmagoria and naturalness - these seemingly contradictory epithets awarded the building and architectural criticism. At its foot froze in delight myself Salvador Dali, and so he was a specialist who knows a lot about in all sorts of oddities.

Gothic Quarter

There are places in Barcelona, ​​where time seemed caught in a trap, canned, freeze made crystal ball at the junction of two worlds. One of them is the Gothic Quarter of the old city. This is where the main attractions in Barcelona, ​​dating back to the birth of the city. Standing on the Plaza Nova (it is the oldest area of ​​Barcelona), you can forget that long ago invented the automobile, television and the Internet, and people have already visited the Moon. Then another time. A different life.

Walking through the cobbled streets of the Gothic Quarter, where every building has a long history, you arrive at the cathedral. Its construction dragged on for two centuries. Just imagine how the architects have worked on its creation. Apparently, for this reason, its silhouette mixed trends of Spanish and French Gothic. In the heart of the cathedral there is a small courtyard. On the path between the plants and manicured bushes proudly stroll geese Saint Eulalia, whose name is the Cathedral.

A ball of tangled streets of the Gothic Quarter, as if through a labyrinth takes you to weird at first glance the Royal Grand Palace. This facility is fully disclose the meaning of the words - proud as Catalan. Restrained, monumental beauty characteristic of all architectural creations in the Gothic style. But it is in the royal palace all built to an excellent degree and brought to the absolute.

Rambla - Arbat middle of Barcelona

Barcelona - landmarks in this city, as you could see, at every step - would be a bit closer and clearer, if you walk along the main street - La Rambla. After a bit of crushing its historical prestige alleys of the Gothic Quarter walk along the Ramblas will be a breath of fresh air. Frozen here and there, living statues, mimes and itinerant musicians, sellers of flowers, birds, newspapers. The mood of the holiday falls on you, bouncing off the walls the main street, so that is not leaving, to accompany the beautiful city as a magic guide. Small outdoor cafes, tall plane trees, the scent of coffee and Spanish wine. Only then can comprehend the incomprehensible, listening to the slow of speech and expressive serene inhabitants of Barcelona.

National Art Museum of Catalonia

Before you begin your own ascent to the 173-meter hill of Montjuic, walk around the Plaza of Spain, because it is here that houses the National Art Museum of Catalonia. Collected it Romanesque art collection is considered the most comprehensive in the world. The frescoes and wall paintings dating back to 12-13 centuries, a collection of wooden sculpture and painting on wood .... By exposition of the museum you can study the development of art in the Mediterranean. The National Museum has paintings by famous masters: Jaime Yeah, Velazquez, El Greco and Luis Dalmau. And if you was not enough modernist architectural creations, among them also exhibited paintings given a whole exposition.

Magic Fountain

Barcelona can be considered a city where the architecture of the most widely represented modernism. At the foot of the Montjuic up singing fountain, designed by Gaudi disciple Josep Zhuzholom. A huge area of ​​3000 square meters and the height of the jet up to 50 meters, this futuristic giant jump into the air tons of pure artesian water, accompanied by musical masterpieces composers of all eras. And if you want to see this masterpiece of modernism in all its glory visit it in the evening. You will enjoy the magic spectacle of music and light show on the falling jet fountain.

Climb to Montjuic

To get to Montjuic in two ways: by cable car and on foot, carrying his own ascent through the historical periods of the city. In the first case, you will lose the lion's share of pleasure, because to see the sights of Barcelona an aerial view you can, and from the observation deck at the top. But go to the Spanish village, a museum where the main architectural masterpieces of the city, to see with their own eyes the ruins of the Temple of Apollo (the burial place of the carnival sardines), breathe in the smell of flowering herbs - all this can be felt only overcome all the way on their own. A journey from the present to the past, to see from the top of the hill on which stretches at your feet proud beauty of Barcelona.

 Barcelona's main attractions: from Gothic to Art Nouveau

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 Merlion Park


  • The geographical location, climate and nature Singapore
  • The history of the city-state of Singapore
  • Population of Singapore
  • Singapore Attractions

Singapore is one of the most unusual cities in Asia. The city has attracted the attention of many tourists from all over the world, since it is the largest shopping center in the region and one of the main ports of Asia. This wonderful place has a lot of attractions: the old colonial quarters, temples, ultramodern skyscrapers, green parks, shopping streets. Singapore's main tourist attractions are located in three main areas: in Raffles-Kwai, on the island of Blakang-Mati in Jurong.

Singapore is among the most highly developed countries of the Asian continent. Due to the fact that during the economic crisis 1990, Singapore's economy was rapidly introduced new technology and a huge turnover, this city-state was able to avoid problems. Singapore's economy today is developing quite dynamically. A significant role in the development of this state plays a prime location on the main seaside road that leads from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Through this way, Singapore has become a very large transport and shopping center just a few decades.

 Ferris wheel
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The geographical location, climate and nature Singapore

This state is located near the Malay Peninsula and occupies part of its rocky granite and about 60 small islands. The terrain is flat all the islands, and its highest point is Timah Hill (177 m). The average height above sea level, the largest island of Singapore is 17 m. Washed is a great place Malacca and Singapore Straits, which connect the Andaman and South China Sea. Singapore is separated from the Malay Peninsula narrow Johor Strait. Almost all of the islands that belong to the city-state are surrounded by coral reefs.

In this beautiful city-state dominated by humid tropical climate. For the full year it falls here just 2500 mm of precipitation, and the distinction between the dry and rainy seasons there. Temperature drops here throughout the year are insignificant. In January the average temperature is 25 C, and in June 27 C. In winter there are blowing north and northeast wind, and in summer - the south and southeast. In autumn and spring on Singapore afflict powerful cyclone with winds whose speed reaches 267 km / h.

Once upon a time all the islands belonging to Singapore, were completely covered with tropical forest, on the marshy shores of the seas and rivers located a short impenetrable mangroves. Today, the forest thinned out considerably and take up only 5% of all the country, so they are taken under protection. On the islands and Tekong Ubin, who could not resist the onslaught of civilization, inhabited by wild pigs, is the only large mammals. More on Singapore usual huge number of birds, reptiles and 350 species of butterflies.

 Fountain of Wealth
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The history of the city-state of Singapore

At the beginning of our era was part of the Singapore Malay-Indonesian state. At the end of the XIII century it was separated from the Sumatran Srivijaya kingdom, by the middle of the XIV century became dependent to Thailand, and in the middle of the XV century, he in turn was ruled by sultans of Johor and Malacca, gradually acquiring the value of the port. In 1867, Singapore became a British colony, and once in 1869, opened the Suez Canal, it became a major commercial center and naval base of Great Britain in the Far East.

During World War II, this place was occupied by the Japanese. In 1959, the state acquired the status of "a self-governing state" in the British Commonwealth of Nations. In 1962-1965 gg. Singapore was a member of the Federation of Malaya, and after it broke up, he was admitted to the UN as a sovereign state.
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Population of Singapore

Most of the population of Singapore - it came from Malaya, China, and their descendants. Basically they flooded the entire island settlers who in the XIX century immigrated from China. Until 1980, there was strong natural population growth, but once started birth control, he declined. Despite the fact that the population density is high, thanks to the booming economy of the state all provided with jobs and the unemployment rate is very small. Most of the people employed in services and industry. Each ethnic community lives in their area and, therefore, in the buildings of houses are still visible differences.

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Singapore Attractions

Singapore - is a place where you can organize an unforgettable holiday for all tastes. Lots of impressions and good mood are guaranteed, because in Singapore are many places worth visiting. The best time for walking is the morning before 12:00 and after 16:00. Hot days is best done in the lovely gardens, museums, shopping malls and the beach. For tours of the city is perfect for a cloudy day.

In order to see the main attractions of Singapore, it is better to go to the administrative center, which is located in the old colonial district.   There are a variety of churches, sports clubs, hotels, modern skyscrapers and luxurious mansions. The most striking and original area is the main attraction of the city - Chinatown.

Restaurants are located here and offer a huge selection of Chinese dishes. Sentosa Island, which is located south of the main island of Singapore, is perfect for those who prefer to relax in amusement parks. Here you can visit the aquarium with a glass tunnel, a water park, museum butterflies, Botanical Gardens and Maritime Museum.

The central part of Singapore - colonial center

On examination of this part of town can take a very long time, because there is a huge number of attractions. The first thing that catches your eye - this building Impress Place Building, which was built in Victorian style in 1865. Today there is a museum, art gallery and restaurant. In addition to the building where you can see attractions such as the Concert Hall, the Victoria Theatre, Houses of Parliament, the Supreme Court and City Hall.

Yet it is recommended to visit local churches and cathedrals. Particularly interesting will visit the oldest church in Singapore - the church of St. St. Gregor, St. Andrew's Anglican Cathedral, the Catholic Cathedral and the Good Shepherd Christian cemetery Fort Canning Hill. Among the cultural attractions of the museum you can see the Stamford Road, St. Joseph Institute, Museum of Bras Basah Road and the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles.

Lovers of luxury hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, is recommended to visit Orched Road. In this area, you can not only have fun, but also to see the designs of modern architects.

In the central part of Singapore is full of historical and cultural sites.

 Theatres on the Bay

Ethnic neighborhoods

Cultural attractions of the state is Chinatown, which houses various monuments, temples, a lot of markets and shops. Today, most of this quarter is under reconstruction, because in the middle of XX century, everything was destroyed. However, there still is something to see. Here are located such attractions as the Chinese Tian Keng temple, temples Siong Lim, Highlands Durga Shrine, Wak Hai Cheng Biot, Al-Abrar Mosque and Sri Mariamman Hindu temple.

Muslim center of the city is considered outside Kampong Glam, located in the northeast of the city. This area is famous for its markets where you can buy batik, silk sarongs and carpets. In addition to the market where you can visit the palace Istana Kampong Glam, Jamaat Mosque and Masjid Sultan and Golden Mile Complex.

In the northern part of Singapore, it is an area that is called "Little India". The area is very modest, but differs in special colors, its bustling markets and restaurants, which prepare the Indian national cuisine. Here you can see the temple Viramakaliaman, arcade Little Indiana temple "A Thousand Lights" and a statue of a seated Buddha, whose height is 15 m.

Merlion Park

This park is a symbol and mascot of the city-state, because it is a statue of Merlion - sea creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. This statue is considered to be an integral part of the history of the city. There is even a whole legend of the appearance of this statue, which states that the idol appeared after the appearance of the prince Three Sri Buana, who allegedly saw the coast of the island a strange creature. And, considering it a good sign, based on the place of the city.

The statue of a mythical creature height of about 9 m weighs nearly 70 tons. He created this idol sculptor Fraser Brunner in 1964. And in 1972 it opened the Merlion Park, which is located in the Bay of Marina Bay.

Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel in Singapore is the largest in the world. Its height is 165 mm. Located on the wheel 28 capsules, each of which has 28 seats. Locals call this attraction "Wheel of Fortune." This attraction is open until late at night, so it can be even a romantic dinner. In order not to stand in long queues for tickets to visit attractions, it is better to buy through the Internet in exchange for a 10% discount.

Ticket price for adults is 30 Singapore dollars, and children - 20. The wheel works from 8:30 to 22:00 local time.

Fountain Of Wealth And Theatres on the Bay

This attraction of Singapore as a fountain of wealth, holds the record for its size, and even listed in the "Guinness Book of Records." It is located in a commercial complex of Suntec City. This complex consists of several large buildings that symbolize the fingers of a human hand, and the fountain is located in the center of the palm. It is believed that the water in the fountain is a source of luxury, wealth and good luck.

Tourists who come to Singapore in the first visit this attraction to make a wish. It is believed if three times clockwise walk around the bottom of the fountain water and touch his hand, all wishes come true.

In the evenings Fountain of wealth from the source of desire turns into a magical show with laser lights and music. It can be seen even from a distance and watch him better from a restaurant complex in which it is located.

Incredible beauty facility, which deserves the attention of tourists - a theater Esplanade. It is also called the architectural icon of Singapore. It is located in an area of ​​6 hectares and includes a theater, which has 2,000 seats. This place is considered one of the world's best concert halls, which includes the audience for lectures, an exhibition gallery and experimental theater studio.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is considered one of the best zoos in the world, as it is quite a high level of comfort for both visitors and animals. The main feature of this place is that the animals here are in conditions as close to their natural habitat.

During the entire existence of the zoo here have never been cases when animals attack humans. Security here is paramount. The cells are replaced by deep ditches with water or glass walls.

Despite the fact that the territory of the zoo is very large, it is impossible to get lost here, as everywhere are located pretty clear pointers. And even those who do not speak English will be able to figure out what's what.

Particularly interesting ecosystems that are recreated at the zoo. For example, traveling to the zoo, you can get there from the Ethiopian valley in the jungle or in the desert. For the first time in the world began to breed polar bears in the tropics.

At this point, very fond of walking and Singaporeans themselves, spending a whole day here. Many locals celebrate anniversaries and weddings here, or spend a romantic encounter. These services are provided by the local administration.

It is very convenient for visitors to the zoo. In order to know where you can start your walk, you can ride on the "tram" from which you can look around. When the weather turned bad and it starts to rain, it's no big deal, since there are plenty of canopy under which you can wait out the bad weather. If it's hot, then you can escape from it in a special air conditioned room, where you will be offered for a fee refreshments. ? v = syGZ-yGZqs0

Pricing policies are as follows: adult tickets to the zoo costs from 22 to 89 Singapore dollars, and children - from 14 to 58. Prices range depending on the intensity of the program. Going to the zoo, it is desirable to have with some extra money in case if you have a desire to take a boat ride or electric train, take part in the show with animals, or purchase souvenirs.

Throughout the zoo runs a huge number of all kinds of entertainment show programs involving animals. Those who want to feed the inhabitants of the zoo, can do it, observing schedule eating animals. You can also visit the special program "night safari" in the park butterflies and bird park "Jurong".

Unfortunately, talk about all the sights of Singapore in one article is impossible, since a lot of them here. In addition to that described above, then you can visit more places like Sentosa Island and Pulau Botanical Garden, Orchid Garden, Singapore River and many more. Once in this place once, you will love it and will come back again and again.

 What to see in Singapore: a review attractions