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If we consider the cultural attractions of Cuba, we can assume that they are almost gone, as the indigenous people of Cuba have become extinct and were replaced by the Spaniards, who settled on the island in the 16th century.
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Journey to the wonderful country

Cuba is famous not historical values, which can be seen in such great cities like Rome, Paris and others, and nature. It is truly magnificent. Due to the tropical climate in Cuba is warm and always a lot of tourists and lovers soak up the sunshine and swim in the deep sea.

The biggest attraction - is the Valley of Viñales. This vast area of ​​hills to the west of the country, which has 160 million. Years.

There are many caves and mountains with names. For example, the cave of Santo Tomas has a length of 45 km. This is the biggest cave in South America. It is full of all sorts of amazing things. Here you can see a factory for the production of tobacco, enjoy the paintings of artist L. Gonzalez, famous in the Americas.

Climbing and mountain biking - a major sports in Cuba. It is hilly and perfect conditions for these sports.

After Columbus discovered the island of Cuba, the locals began to run away and hide from the Spaniards in the caves. It is here were asylum escapees. The Spaniards considered the indigenous population of Cuba - Indians - for slaves.

Zapata Swamp - this is the second attraction of Cuba, which attracts with its huge territory. There is a huge number of birds and reptiles, as well as animal and fish.

As for culture, the sights are concentrated in the capital city of Cuba - Havana. There is an old part of the city, in which there are ancient architectural buildings: the Big Christopher's Cathedral on Bolotnaya Square and the Cathedral. These masterpieces are under the protection of UNESCO and are built in the Baroque style. In the cathedral you can enjoy the creations of great artists such as Rubens and Murillo.

Wonderful city of Trinidad - a historic site, which is full of architectural creations. It is a town - museum, with no fences and the roof over your head. The biggest area of ​​Cuba - is the San Juan de Dios. It describes the colonial period state. In the square, many churches and cathedrals. Santa Clara - a city - the mausoleum. In it lie the remains of revolutionary Che Guevara.

Resort Santa Maria del Mar is famous because it is located near the capital city of Cuba - Havana, so relaxing at the resort, you can combine leisure with a tour of the capital, viewing ancient architectural masterpieces. Where many tourists go diving, and nearby is the town of Tarara, which is an institution for treatment of children.

Islands in Cuba a lot, and they are all different in size.

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Island Cayo Coco

Island of Cayo Coco - not the biggest, but it is amazing that it almost untouched by human hands, it is not spoiled by civilization, it is possible to see the wonderful nature. There is a unique beautiful flamingos that live nowhere else.

The island is connected to the other islands underwater road.

Therefore, on this island, tourists enjoy water sports, including diving. The island is cut off from the world and resembles a paradise on Earth.

White sand and crystal clear water and relax with your family - it's a pleasure, above all, that far from home and in a calm and romantic atmosphere. Translated name of the island means "bird." There really amazing and beautiful birds. They live on the island as a separate planet. Besides the magnificent flamingos, here you can find 30,000 different birds.

Here there is a huge variety of fish. Island of Cayo Coco - as a huge aquarium, which float near a variety of fish, and tourists can observe their lives from the banks and specialized institutions.

On this island, many hotels are always waiting for tourists to relax. It is mostly people engaged in immersion and viewing water world. It is an amazing sight, because the water is clean, and huge variety of water world.

Cuba - the pearl of the Caribbean. It is located in the Caribbean, and many dream to get there at least once in life.

This is a wonderful place for lovers and for honeymooners. Every girl wants to get away from the bustle of the banal and celebrate a wedding in the Caribbean, or at least spend a photo session to capture the nature and unforgettable atmosphere of sea, sun, sand, and clean air.

500 years ago, Christopher Columbus set foot in the Caribbean and discovered America, since it is an unforgettable place, a paradise on earth, a place to relax and rest k4rasotu gives to everyone who comes there. Cuba is pleasing to the eye of any, even the most indifferent person littered daily routine of work and personal affairs.

 The fortress of El Morro
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Havana Attractions

  • Fortress Castillo del Morro;
  • The fortress Castillo de la Punta;
  • Prado Boulevard;
  • A museum dedicated to the fight against illiteracy;
  • Palace of Fine Arts;
  • Museum of Havana;
  • National Museum;
  • Museum of Anthropology;
  • Santa Clara;
  • Colonial Museum;
  • The fortress of La Cabaña,
  • The fortress Castillo de la Real Fuerza;
  • Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception;
  • City Hall;
  • The museum-house in which he lived Ernest Hemingway;
  • Historical Museum Guanabokoa;
  • Zoo - the largest in the Americas.

Havana - Cuban capital, is the area of ​​arms, it has remained to the present day palace, which in ancient times was sitting governor of the old Cuba, located near Cathedral Square.

At 130 km from Havana, are fortress-Riel Fuertsa Varadero and Soroa.

Varadero - it's long beaches for many kilometers from the white sands.

Soroa - a tourist center with a huge variety of species of orchids. It is the second largest in the world after the Boston Conservatory of orchids in the United States.

Varadero Beach - one of the best in the world. There are a lot of advantages:

  • Ambrosio Cave;
  • Varaderovsky National Park;
  • Many diving centers;
  • The Dolphinarium;
  • The international airport with charter flights from Europe.

Sightseeing Cuba is very diverse. But then they all share the nature and naturalness.

For example, the Capitol. Two of the island near Havana and Varadero each other are connected to the road and unmade path. Thanks to the sun, the sea and the beautiful nature here has recently started to build more and more hotels for tourists.

Previously Cuba was a country of savages, Indians and slaves, who were hiding from the invaders of the continent - of the Spaniards, life in Cuba was wild and no noticeable. Now Cuba - a resort, which fly tourists from around the world. The tourist business has helped to develop and become famous.

In Cuba, there is a lake Castillo del Moro. It is found a large trout, which is subject to sport fishing. The lake is also home to: crocodiles, turtles, fish manhuari.

There is a nursery of crocodiles, where you can find suspension bridges, and houses "cabanas" in the style of the ancient Taino tribe. Houses on stilts made before the Indians that they were high and could not get to every creature.

In Santiago de Cuba is the only museum in the world of piracy. This city is famous for its carnival, which starts in the summer, and its brilliance and eccentricity. Carnivals are held in the street.

People dress up in costumes and go around the city columns. In addition, the city of Santiago de Cuba many attractions.

 Plaza de San Francisco
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What about entertainment?

Beautiful scenery and wonderful climate are the reasons for the emergence of a resort zone of Gran Piedra. It is a tourist center, next to which is a meteorological station and flower gardens.

Isla de la Juventud - the most beautiful place in all Cuban islands and American world. The seas surrounding the island, full of diverse fish, which hunt for fish lovers.

It enabled sports and recreational fishing. On this island, numerous coves, beaches, hotels and tourist villages. There are many protected areas and another amazing attraction - the beach with black sand.

How not to mention the Cuban cigars. The most valuable - a Havana cigars:

  • Partagas;
  • H.Upman;
  • Montekristo;
  • Romeo & Julieta;
  • Trinidad.

Going back to ancient history, not to mention the Revolution Square, which is, of course, in the capital city of Cuba - Havana. During the reign of Batista was known as Republic Square area.

Now the building has settled the Communist Party of Cuba. On the area of ​​the festival celebrated by all, which can be attributed to the revolution. Fidel Castro as head of state, is always pronounced the solemn speech on the square. Now he's gone on a holiday and forgotten area.

For many people, especially the older generation, and even supporters of the Communist government, of course, is a memorable landmark buildings that made history and remind us of some important events in the life of the state.

The tallest tower in Havana - Jose Marti Memorial is. It is situated near the building of the Central Committee. At the memorial is an observation deck, which could see the whole city - a great place for tourists as well as residents.

The taste and color of comrades not, but - Cuba - this is truly a paradise.

 Coral column "Notre Dame"
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Esmeralda Beach - the perfect place to relax

Esmeralda - is one of the largest and most prestigious beaches in Cuba. It is located a half-hour flight from Havana. Nearby is the city of Holguin - 56 km. The name of the beach translates as emerald bereg.Zdes you will find clean water, white sand, rich underwater world and the beautiful sea reefs. A great place for snorkeling and relaxing on the beach. It is on the coast of La Esmeralda was a meeting of indigenous Indians with Christopher Columbus when he landed and opened the island.

The beach Esmeralda, you can go sailing, diving, windsurfing, pedal boats and snorkelling.

Ideally, of course, book a tour of the surrounding area and attractions. After all, there are many tropical forests in which most, especially the first time, walking is difficult and dangerous.

Guang - quiet and peaceful place in the four-hour drive from Havana. It is a river port, an amazing place where there is a huge beaches and sun.

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Travel features Guany

  • Crocodile Farm;
  • Indian Village;
  • 12 islands, connecting wooden bridges;
  • Channels;
  • Botanical Garden.

Indian Village is interesting because there are Indians hut old times. You can try crocodile meat, ride on a boat along the entire village, surrounded by water and tropical forests.

In the village are unique sculptures that time. On the farm there are 40 thousand crocodiles. They are kept under special conditions, and then cut and extract the meat and hide, used to make a lot of valuable things: bags, belts, wallets and so on.

After a tour of the farm and the Indian village to enjoy the Cuban ensemble and sample local delicacies.

Tour the botanical garden will not leave anyone indifferent lover of exotic plants. Especially a lot of cacti here.

Well, spend the night at this resort can be in a hotel that floats on water. The most interesting game - it's fishing the bait.

Water is clear and clean, it is visible exotic fish, and calm and wonderful climate complement the warm atmosphere of relaxation.

 Cuba - a paradise in the Caribbean