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"I do not like when people talk about fashion Chanel. Chanel - is primarily a style. Fashion goes out of fashion. Style - never, "Coco Chanel

Almost a hundred years of the Chanel brand has become synonymous with refinement and femininity. Chanel logo on the bag or jacket buttoned speaks for itself - you are greeted by a successful, independent woman - a woman in the style of Chanel. Coco beautiful ladies saved from unnecessary wear. Conducted an audit in the men's locker room with a view to drawing creative ideas, he redrew the men's suit and "gave" it to us, to women.

She came up with a hat-bell and brought into fashion women's short haircut. She has released the world's first artificial perfumes. Suggesting instead corsets legendary elegant suits and two-piece dresses, she won success with the Parisian elite. Her famous little black dress has allowed women to feel the same mobile, free and live as men. Tight corsets, ruffles, lush hairstyles - all fettered women, Coco Chanel is simply canceled and created a completely different fashion, new style ...

Her life was a lot of romance novels, but none of them ended the wedding. Though of course, offers of marriage she did not once. Once a well-known Duke offered her hand and heart, what Chanel said, saying that various duchesses around a dime a dozen, and she - Coco Chanel - one. For her, the meaning of life was her work. Here's what he said about her Salvador Dali: "Coco Chanel told me that a legend is doomed to dissolve itself in the myth - and thereby reinforce the myth. She herself did so. I invent everything yourself - family biography, date of birth, and even the name. "

 Coco Chanel biography

Early life Chanel

Coco Chanel biography is full of secrets and mysteries. Childhood her radiant will not name: she was born in a shelter for the poor. It is believed that the date of her birth - August 20, 1883, but Coco loved confuse biographers, calling a completely different date - ten years later. Her mother was the daughter of the rural carpenter, his father - a market trader. Despite the fact that she was the second child in the family, parents' marriage was not registered (at that time was considered very bad form). His real name is Gabriel she received in honor of the nurse takes her during childbirth.

At the age of eleven small Gabrielle Chanel lost her mother - she died quite suddenly. Then the father of the future fashion icons immediately passed the children in an orphanage. I never saw his father, Gabrielle Chanel. Years in the shelter - perhaps the most terrible and nechsastnoe recollection of her life. That is why she just wiped out a few years of childhood of his life - as if they were not there. But all the trials through which she had to go, and steeled her character was born in the heart of a desperate dream - to break out of poverty and become something more than the persecuted orphan.

 biography of Coco Chanel

Becoming an attractive young woman, Gabrielle Chanel got a job in a women's clothing store, and in the evenings moonlighted as a singer in a cabaret. Her favorite songs were «Qui qua vu Coco» and «Ko Ko Ri Ko», for visitors and nicknamed her Coco. So Gabriel turned into Coco. But this was only the beginning of her transformation.

Become a great singer Chanel was not meant to, but it drew the attention of a retired military officer, to which she moved to Paris. Life in the beautiful Castle quickly tired of Coco, and she announced her lover that wants to become a milliner. However, while milliners in Paris was full, so that the man tried to persuade her from rash acts.

After a while she left him a successful businessman Arthur Capel. He was the love of her life. He approached her in everything: a purposeful, strong-willed and creative person like herself. Arthur, unlike previous satellite Coco, with interest took her to the idea of ​​becoming a milliner. And now, Coco Chanel opened her first shop of women's clothing in Paris.

 Gabrielle Chanel

Coco Chanel: Life as Creativity

Once Chanel decided to ride a horse. Tormented for hours in an uncomfortable dress, she decided that riding need a completely different clothes. Taking the jockey pants, she went to the studio and asked her to make the same. Tailor surprise and indignation knew no bounds: how is it that men's clothing for a woman! However, Coco stubbornly repeated his order and left. A few days later she met the shocked guests at a new dress - a wide, spacious trousers. Despite the eccentricity of clothing, many women agreed that in such a way to ride a horse is much more convenient. So in a moment of Coco Chanel was the trendsetter.

The simple shapes and clean lines that conceal flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure - the style instantly became a symbol of elegance. Much of what has become today an everyday wardrobe, was created by the great Chanel. Women's pants, kilts, female sailor, handbag on a thin strap ... During the First World War, Coco has become known outside of France, every thing is created by Chanel, it was the object of desire of any fashionista - be it a hat, tracksuit or even work clothes.

In 1921 he published the fragrance Chanel № 5, he became a favorite for several generations of millions of women worldwide. By the way, if you do not know what a bottle of the legendary fragrance Coco made like damask Russian vodka. Where did the Russian theme of the French fragrance? The fact is that while Coco ordered several flavors Russian perfumer, a Frenchman by birth, Ernest Bo. From these beakers with flavors she chose her favorite number - the fifth of its kind, which includes more than 80 ingredients, and add the lily of the valley. So were born perfume Chanel № 5, which are associated with well-being and wealth.

 life and work of Coco Chanel

Around this same time, was tragically killed the beloved Coco Chanel - Arthur Capel. Sitting on the sidelines at the crumpled car, Coco began to cry, and returned home dyed the walls of his home in the black. Surprisingly, it immediately became the next fashion trend: the whole of France was beginning to pick up decorations for the interior is in black. A little later, Coco Chanel invented her little black dress that was literally a symbol of the era of emancipation of women. Spiteful critics claimed that by choosing black for their creations, Coco wished that the whole country was carrying mourning for her lost love.

Recognition of the "little black dress" magazine Vouge, compliments of the magazine Harpeer's Bazaar for the collection of accessories, Fashion Oscar for the best designer of the XX century in 1957 - this is only the smallest part of all awards of the fashion house Chanel. Coco Chanel is the only woman in the list of one hundred important people of the twentieth century, and the only representative of the fashion world.

Chanel to old age kept chiseled form of the figure. Ideas of new orders came to her even in her sleep, and when she wakes up and starts to create. Mademoiselle Chanel passed away January 10, 1971 at the age of eighty-eight years old, in a suite hotel in Paris 'Ritz', which was located across the street from the world-famous House of Chanel on Rue Cambon.

She left behind a great heritage in which today's young designers are looking for inspiration. After the death of Coco Chanel fashion house released the first collection of pret-a-porte, and several flavors. In 1983, the fashion house headed by Karl Lagerfeld. With its vision of fashion and sense of style, without changing the ideals and principles of Chanel, he lifted up the brand to a new level. Lagerfeld is responsible for the collection of pret-a-porte, haute couture and accessories.

In 1984, the fashion house Chanel Coco Mademoiselle fragrance released in honor of its founder, and in 1987 there was the first watch collection. Just Lagerfeld designed a collection glasses Chanel.

Today Chanel boutique dress women worldwide.

 Coco Chanel: a woman that changed the world of fashion

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