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Beautician - is the one thing that has every self-respecting woman. Of course, not always cosmetic used for its intended purpose - to store cosmetics. Often it is possible to find anything - means personal hygiene, wipes, notebooks, flash drives, keys. But this is the second question, and the presence of beauticians is imperative.

In stores you can find quite a lot of variety of models beauticians, all colors and shapes, from a variety of materials to suit every taste. However, not always a rush for cosmetic bag to the store. Often beautician, made with his own hands, is at times beautiful and stylish than its factory tovarki. And your women's individual similar product accentuate the best way possible. However, in order for this to work, you must know exactly how to sew their own hands beautician.

Do not immediately frightened - to create a makeup is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Time, desire and hands - that's all you need to do this. Oh yes! Another material for cosmetic - here the choice is limited only by your personal imagination. And we'll show you a few ideas that can serve as a source for your inspiration.

 How to sew a beautician

Holiday beautician

This cosmetic can be a good accessory for a stylish evening dress or cocktail dress. For their production, you will need the following:

  • Fabric for the front of the beauticians. It is desirable to give preference to expensive fabric having a dense structure - cosmetic will look very stylish. The size of the fabric - 20 x 35 cm.
  • Cloth pads most preferably take the silk or nylon, easy to wash - because of cosmetic blemishes no one is immune. The size of the flap is the same - 20 x 35 cm.
  • Clasp. The clasp is best done in the form of lightning. Lightning can be purchased at any hardware store and tissues. The length of the zipper should be at least 20 centimeters. If there is a little more, it can be easily cut and hem.
  • Threads. Threads desirable to select matching fabrics for beauticians. Otherwise the product will look too messy. Of course, the thread must be strong.
  • Decoration beauticians. Here you have to rely solely on your taste - it may be beads or sequins, appliques, rhinestones. You may want to choose a party dress?

Next, you need pattern. Make it yourself the power of even a child. Draw two rectangular cardboard piece. Although it is not necessary to sew makeup is rectangular in shape - you can choose the shape of a trapezoid or heart - choose to your taste. Attach cardboard items to the wrong side of the fabric and draw a pencil, chalk, or a small piece of dry soap.

It is not necessary for this purpose use markers or crayons - a trace of them may tread and the front side of the fabric. In an extreme case, if nothing else hand there, try to spend a little line somewhere in the corner and see if there is trace. Then cut parts beauticians. Now, repeat all of the above and a cloth lining. As a result, you should have four parts - two for lining and two main.

Align the top and details of the lining, stitched zipper. Please note - you must do so in a way that was inside fabric lining. If you are experienced in handicrafts - and particularly in sewing, - you can immediately stitch seam on the sewing machine. And if it is - the first in your life, for a start it's worth a trained hand. Although in the case if you do not have a sewing machine, to abandon the idea to sew a handbag - makeup still not worth it. This can be done, and his hands just stitching must be very strong and accurate. Once you voshete lining, remove the finished makeup. If necessary, it can be ironed and begin decorating.

As mentioned above - your cosmetic decoration depends on your taste, desires and fantasies. Try patchwork - application will be a very elegant and unusual. Or perhaps you are good at embroidering? Beautician, decorated with embroidery good, looks very elegant and rich. And about the beads should not be forgotten - beaded things look very ornate and festive.

Also, do not forget about comfort. On the "dog" of lightning is possible to attach the brush from the remnants of yarn. It is very simple - cut a large number of strands of a length of about 7 - 8 cm. The more you will have the threads, the more volume will brush. Then fold them in half and tie at the base - at a distance of 0, 5 cm from the fold. All - the brush is ready, it is necessary to fix it.

How to sew a leather cosmetics bag

Do you have an old leather item? Perhaps this bag, overage, or the leather pants or skirts, left over from the violent youth - does not matter. You can try to sew a makeup from the skin. Although, why try? Take and stitch! Make it easy to do if you know how. For this you will need cosmetic:

  • Leather. For beauticians only suitable soft skin - from rigid and badly dressed is abandoned.
  • The fabric for the lining. And in this case, the most reasonable to take a silk or nylon. Although some needlewoman altogether abandon lining in leather cosmetic bag. But it is unlikely such a cosmetic bag is convenient to use.
  • Lace. Take a beautiful dense and durable twisted cord, which can be purchased at any fabric store or hardware. If your skin is dark, then give preference bright lace, and vice versa - if the skin is light, dark lace is very beautiful and impressive contrast.
  • Threads. Of course, in this case the thread should be in the skin tone.

Further, the manufacture of cosmetic procedure is similar to the first embodiment. Prepare a cardboard pattern. But this time, the workpiece should have a square shape because the clasp at this cosmetic - not lightning. Therefore, tailoring slightly easier - all you need is stitched lining and sew leather parts together.

But this time you will need to carefully handle edge cosmetic - they will be in sight. There are two ways of handling this - tuck the edges inward and fix them there, or very gently neaten their special decorative thread. Done? Now is the time to prepare a slot in which to insert and lace. Just cut a small hole, which, incidentally, will also be necessary to neaten. After that, using pins, insert string. This is done simply - no more difficult than to draw the gum.

Decoration of this cosmetic - a matter of taste. These may be pieces of leather, beads, crystals. But do not forget that it is very important not to overdo it with the decor, going beyond bad taste. After all, the skin itself looks very good, and almost does not need any decorations were.


As you can see, a problem such as "I'll make makeup because I do not know," does not exist in principle. Can you just never been tried. Do not lie? Check it out!

 How to sew a makeup with your hands?

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 What are hobbies


  • Needlework
  • Knitting
  • Dolls
  • Floriculture
  • Design

Tales of Weaver and Maria-Victoria the Wise, whose magic thread itself is wonderful embroidered pictures and ladle unaided prevented delicious food in a pot at one time inspired many young girls. That's just over time, the world of grown-up puts Dreamer in tough conditions. And among the permanent office everyday life, traditionally women's work suddenly begins to seem something attractive and inviting, giving feel like a magician.

So, if you put a little effort, you can find a path to its ideal hobby. Who knows, one day you will become the home of the desert oasis, a means of income? Then life will flourish with new colors. What are the hobby of modern women? Let's look at the most popular ones.


The oldest hobbies noble ladies. To touch my mother's beads girls can spend hours. A mere contemplation of bright colors on a napkin embroidered or beaded bracelet sparkling stranded, self-ignites the creative spark in our eyes. What to say about the pleasure of create a small miracle with his own? In addition, it is quite affordable. Plans and drawings - not a state secret, sewing shops are full of necessary materials. You can start with something simple, and ideally - it is better to find a senior in the hierarchy of handmade, so he has shown the basics (if they are forgotten from school). Embroidery thread, ribbons or beads, as well as the weaving of it - not an idle fascination. Very much original and stylish get things decorated with such creations.

 What are hobbies


It is a practical and useful in all respects occupation can not stay long on the far shelf of our dreams - untouched and unclaimed in real life. The reason is that many think impossible task to overcome the complex knitting scheme. So beautiful ladies still sad glance at the pages of magazines with pictures of knitted or crocheted (and it's aerobatics) masterpieces. But at some point, most often associated with the expectation to visit the stork, everything will change. As soon as the heir to a small, hands themselves are attracted to knitting - and want to convey the warmth of my mother's tiny little things the heart. Knit for the kid - fun. After all, it is the size of a large doll clothes tally and go pretty quickly. And there, perhaps, a gift to the pope a warm scarf perepadet.


Such enthusiasm may also occur as a result of the replenishment of the family. It is not that the deficit in the shops or on the contrary - in the wallet is empty. Just a sewn own toy nothing compares. The material always chooses the correct tissue - such as flax. And to fill the resulting Hare (parsley, Princess) do not need to synthetics and useful herb garden with my grandmother. By the way, speaking of herbs and flowers, it is impossible not to recall another lady hobby ...

 What hobbies are


To fragrant dream alive, need a plot of land, or at least, a balcony and a couple of kadushek ground. Some of the flower pot manage to harvest tomatoes. Gardening - interesting science, which can be improved indefinitely. Where ideas gardener visited Muse, starts landscape design - a long process, but allows you to feel like a goddess, creative new world.


If during the repair of the banal, the apartment suddenly Pegasus glance, it is likely that, at its winged back, he will bring the hostess new hobbies. Then the wallpaper in the nursery bloom exquisite paintings and furniture to appear carved in technology "decoupage" elements. Many home furnishings, such as lamps, tiebacks, boxes, albums, you can decorate your own. Then they will have the personality and soul will be your home.

House - this is certainly good. But the main house, which we have to take care of all life - is your own body. Many people find it a real pleasure to jogging, cycling or rollerblading. Another idea that could turn into a hobby - collecting all kinds of cosmetic recipes. The study of mineral masks and grandmother's concoctions can help you in one day open his own recipe for youth.

Hobbies - it the same vacation, only peace. Why waste time on crafts or breeding colors, if you can just relax in peace under the soft blanket? - You ask. The answer is simple - take a look around. A man fascinated by anything stands out from the gray mass of tired people. It can be seen immediately. By walk, in a twinkle in his eyes. Besides, having a hobby, you learn to appreciate your time, your life will be richer and more interesting!

 What are the hobbies, or what can Mary-mistress?

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