cat treat people


  • How treat cats
  • What diseases are treated cats?
  • What methods are used in koshkoterapii?

In Japan, it is gaining popularity unconventional but enjoyable method of healing. It is about koshkoterapii - treatment of purring creatures. In the Japanese capital, opened an unusual cafe, where baleen and striped are full owners. Urban residents, tired of the bustle of the city, rushing to visit these places, to meet with their pets: stroke and squeeze them, listen to purr and meow, watch movies with their participation. Pets, in turn, like to sit on the lap and shoulder their guests. An hour of pleasure worth 10 dollars.

Our situation is different. No, of course we also like to cuddle and pet purring baleen. But we, unlike the advanced Japanese do not have to pay money for this pleasure. We're old-fashioned: sat in the seat (on the couch), set up on his knees Vaska (Barsika, Murka) and began therapy sessions koshkoterapii. But laughter laughter, and yet actually a cat treat people.

There is even a section of alternative medicine called "felinoterapiya." And how magically, without medication and special procedures to treat cats manage our physical and mental illness? Let's face it.

How treat cats

Energy! Special life energy contained in these little (and big too) predators. In the wild, all cats are capable of not only self-healing, and treat diseases of their fellows. If a member of the cat family falls ill, the others try to lie down next to share its good (healthy) energy. How do they do it? Scientists have not figured out: like the energy exchange is still outside the formal scientific interpretation. But unofficially all scientists acknowledge this fact. And even hypothesize that explains it.

According to one hypothesis for the cause of the healing abilities of cats began rumbling vibration frequency (purr). Ostensibly these vibrations accelerate the regeneration of body cells. And this in turn helps fight disease not only the cats, but those close to someone they purr. And if in the wild forests, savannas and prairies cats only heal themselves and their kind, the domestic kitty just have to heal our sicknesses. And where do they go? - We are their family, their pride.

So, with vibrations and regeneration is clear. And what about the energy exchange? How is it going? Apparently, like in the school task: from one pipe flows into another flows. The principle of the exchange of vital energy yet is beyond human understanding (this man is not eating a biophysicist or medium).

However, the official felinoterapiya based on this principle. Do you know how interesting discovery was made almost supernatural power cat?

It happened in London in the laboratory for the study of treatments for diseases of low frequency currents. Once the local institute's cat got into the laboratory during the next experiment. And what do you think? She tore off the experiment! Passing by the generator of the most low-frequency currents, pussy almost brought him out of action.

Well, if not the generator, the various sensors that immediately zashkalilo. Discouraged by this fact, scientists have measured the electromagnetic field of the cat and found that it is able to generate energy, at times superior to the one that generates the generator.

 some cats treated

What diseases are treated cats?

Numerous experiments have confirmed the ability of the cat to generate therapeutic currents of low frequency. And how do they affect the human body? It turns out that these currents affect the pockets of inflammation and simply kill germs. And under the influence of currents improves blood circulation and accelerate the healing of tissue. Improves brain function, cured nervous disorders and mental illness.

Treat you cats all in a row? Probably not. But they relieve stress, treat diseases of internal organs, arthrosis, sciatica and low back pain, gynecological disorders and even alcoholism and drug addiction. Practical felinoterapiya confirmed cure people of various diseases. Moreover, as a result of observation, it was observed that different cats help for various diseases.

The reason is most likely that the low-frequency currents in cats produced by rubbing together the hair cat hair. And since wool in cats is also different, and the currents produced by different forces.

  • Cats with long hair (Siberian, Angora, Persian, and other long-haired) - a kind of neurologists. They help a person cope with irritability, get out of depression and get rid of insomnia. And the Persian cats (personal) also treat diseases of the joints.
  • Shorthair cat fur and holders of medium length (British Shorthair Exotic, kёrly) are able to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system. They are excellent cardiologists.
  • Smooth and hairless cat (Sphynx, Cornish Rex, Siamese) help to people suffering from diseases of the liver, kidneys and digestive system. By the way, the Siamese cat - wonderful "antiseptics". It is noticed that their owners rarely suffer from colds (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.).
  • All cats are, without exception, are able to relieve headaches, reduce pressure, to help cope with the effects of myocardial infarction, and to accelerate the healing of wounds and fractures.

 how to treat a cat

  What methods are used in koshkoterapii?

The main and most effective method - bodily contact. The animal or plant is placed on the affected area (or close to the sore spot). But that in severe cases. In most cases it is sufficient to simply stroking the animal: through your fingers and the palm is already happening healing effect.

By the way, felinoterapevty developed a system of "applying" the cats to the sore spot: therapeutic sessions last a strictly calculated time. For example, in the treatment of gynecological diseases cat (this cat, and the cat did not) put on the abdomen of women and provide the patient lying stroking the animal is not less than twenty minutes.

In addition, it is believed that cats or cat act with different force and "fit" for the treatment of diseases at various stages, while the kittens are more specialized in small patients. But for some diseases shows a cat massage, with the obligatory sound.

It is also known that the eastern healers even in ancient times turned to the healing abilities of cats. According to one of the tenets of oriental medicine, human disease occur because of a violation of the energy balance. That is harmful to the human body as a lack of energy, and its excess.

From there the disease lack of energy "yin" (such as low blood pressure, heart failure, chronic fatigue), but from the lack of - disease "yang" (such as heart attacks and strokes, low back pain and hypertension). And Eastern healers have developed their own methods koshkoterapii. For example, the disease "yin" they treat, "applying" the cat to the man so that cat's head is on the left (near the heart), and diseases of "yang" a cat on the contrary.

In domestic cats koshkoterapii themselves act as diagnosticians and "prescribe" to us the duration of treatment sessions. Cats treat people, somehow feeling the illness of his master, and in every way trying to help him. Have you noticed that even in the same family, the same cat behaves differently: one member of the family, it falls under the flank, another climbing almost on his head, and the third is arranged directly at the chest or abdomen. Some cat owners in any did not want to sit on their hands and try to lie down on his feet, and someone is constantly trying to do a massage.

And no matter what the skeptics say, and each owner knows that the cat treats. He just feels it. Anyway the presence of a cat in the house imposes additional obligations on the host. Knowing that lives with him being in need of care and attention, the person unconsciously setting yourself up for a healthy and full life force.

And how could it be otherwise: we are responsible for those who tamed. A cat (in gratitude?) Share with us his life-giving energy. Though, most likely, a cat treat people selflessly. Just. Just because they were created that way.

 Cats treat people. This is nonsense, or a truism?

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 sew a purse


  • How to sew a bag of denim
  • How to sew a bag-toy
  • Bag and nature

Young ladies no less meticulously relate to their wardrobe than their older "colleagues". However, the idea of ​​fashion and style have a very peculiar. Sometimes what you like mom, little lady would not want to put on and wear. But heels (like mom or older sister), she would be happy to put on. But then the mother takes the character and claims that these shoes for the girls do not fit. Okay. You can not heel, then let's bag. Bag? Here the two ladies in solidarity. Of course, what kind of woman without a bag? And my mom with a child begin to sort out all kinds of bags in shops, looking for a suitable specimen.

Stop. And why in the store? Why not sew a bag for the girls with their hands? The accessory is not large in size, materials required for him not so much as time will take less. So, my mother (grandmother, aunt, sister), armed with needle and thread and start to take action. Sew a small handbag for his princess.

How to sew a bag of denim?

The most win-win situation. Surely you have somewhere in the closet are children dzhinsiki, of which the child grew up, and it is a pity to throw them away. Let them deal mischievous and sew denim handbag. Given that children's wear trousers mainly knees and bottom leg, and the top is "like new", we take as a basis for this particular bag item pants.

To begin with jeans washed, dried and ironed. Then cut off the leg. The legs do not throw, because they make a handle for bags or side part. If we sew the bag without sides, then take the upper hand, ripped the seam between the legs and neatly cut off the excess fabric in a straight line cut. Rip out the zipper and lock-otutyuzhivaem place where it was sewn. Then, the part of his pants (like jeans buttoned) and stitched by the connection. Also zastrachivaem and times are in the place where it fastens with buttons. Wrenched the bag and make a strong line on the bottom. We treat the seam. Bag is almost ready, it remains to sew the handle.

To do this, cut out part of the leg handles, make a small hem and stitching on the edges (lengthwise), otutyuzhivaem. Pritachivaem handle to the bag, treat the seam. At the request of the finished bag decorate with applique and sew the zipper-fastener. But I must say that for a child's handbag clasp element is optional. Therefore, we can do "little blood" and leave the bag without zipper. So, with their hands out of old jeans can make a new children's handbag.

 how to sew a small handbag

How to sew a purse - a toy?

To sew a bag toy with your hands, choose a very thick cloth or leather (natural or artificial) of the two colors. Yet we need a thin foam and fabric lining. And in order to bag turned out interesting and colorful design Consider it together with the future mistress. Actually Involve your child in the process: let share their ideas, draw a sketch, or has the ability to sew small items, choose the fabric and generally let too accustomed to work with your hands.

You can, for example, make a handbag in the form of a lion's head. In order to make a bag, take the fabric and cut two circles out of it right diameter - it will be the head of a lion Good. From a different color fabric to cut out a circle of smaller diameter - a muzzle. Then, the size of the circumference of parts for faces cut out the ring - a mane. On the mane makes an incision (well, if you use felt or leather - they should not be used to sew). Two small circles will cut ears and buttons - eyes.

We are making additional details. On the basis of the pattern cut a circle for the head of a thin foam and the same - from the lining fabric. Putting the details: a circle of fabric lining, a circle of foam, the range of the base fabric. We put ears. All parts stitched by circumferentially. The center circle of the finished part put to faces and sew it along the rim. The muzzle will be convex. Also sew and a second part of the bag. Then, the two parts of the wrong side and back and stitched by a circle, leaving nezastrochennym top bag.

Cut out and sew the handle to the bag. Then do good lion's face: eyes, buttons sew, embroider or sew all dark nose, embroider mouth and a tongue (tongue optional). That's all we've got to sew a bag of toy with their hands. Likewise, his (and the daughter's) hands, any mom can sew a bag-bunny-pig bag, bag, bag or dog-cat.

Do not forget about the little princess blood interest in such important for her accessories such as handbags. Give her a chance to sew together with you. Let the little fashionista she came up with a bag, and my mother with his hands bring to life the children's ideas. By the way, children's preferences (as well as women) and the manner (in the path and buds) to carry the bag will help to understand more about the nature of the owner of this accessory.

 How to sew a purse

Bag and nature

Want to learn about the character of the little lady a little more? Then look at the way she wears her bag. However, if the baby has not yet chosen their own style and to imitate her mother, then this test will tell more about my mother's character. Although the apple does not fall far from the tree.

If a woman wears a bag in his hand lowered the handle - it is punctual and moderation in all things. If the hand is threaded through the handle and elbow pressed - the lady knows her worth, economic and loves order. And if the hand is raised to shoulder - she is energetic, outgoing and bold. Shoulder bag, hand inactive and omitted - woman insecure and shy. If the arm moves freely - cheerful woman. Are pressed under his arm, a bag is closed, but the serious person, which is also emotionally stable and independent.

"Sumochno 'preferences too much talk about the female character. Large bag is characteristic of active and able-bodied women. The ladies who focus appearance a long time, prefer elegant handbags. Small bags without handles - prefer it organized and discreet nature.

What kind of woman will grow out of your princess? Time will tell. In the meantime, take the child to the joy and give her not only a beautiful handbag, but the attribute of femininity. Let accustomed to be a real lady.

 How to sew a bag for the little lady

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