Vase with their hands


  • Paper Vase
  • Vase with balloon
  • Vase of thread
  • Vase of clothespins
  • Felt vase
  • Vase from a tree

The best gift, as you know, is made with their own hands. One of the variants of the original and beautiful gift for Mom, girlfriend or good friend - a bowl with his hands. It will be a great decoration of the interior, making it cozy and bright tone. It's much more interesting than a simple purchase vase. If you lit up the idea of ​​making his own bowl, then for you a few non-standard, but simple ideas, to realize that the power of even small children.
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Paper Vase

The first option - a vase, made of paper. For this you need any glass container. This may be a bottle or can. Also, you will come in handy colored corrugated paper and decoupage glue to be diluted at a ratio of 1: 1.

First of all cut the corrugated paper as you like. These can be squares, rectangles or any arbitrary shape. Each piece of paper stick to the bottle so that the pieces came at each other, and on top of the paper, apply another layer of glue, which after drying will not be noticeable. The adhesive has dried? Now cover the product with varnish to fix the result.

This vase is very simple, but looks bright and original. If you do not have corrugated paper, then it can be used instead of magazine pages. It is best to choose the most vibrant, colorful pages that also need to tear or cut into pieces.

 vases with their hands
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Vase with balloon

A very simple version of an unusual vase. You will need a glass of clear glass, and any balloon. First of all, cut in half bead widest point. Then it is necessary to pull the upper part of the glass to the top. "Dome" of the ball tuck inside. The vase is ready! You can decorate the glass itself. Stuck to his plasticine, decorate paper - a lot of variants!
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Vase of thread

Very original look beautiful vases made from yarn. For this is useful to you glue for decoupage. If there is no such, take an ordinary PVA glue. And, of course, need to acquire a thread of one or several colors, depending on what type of vase you would like to do.

First apply glue on a small portion of the bottle, because it dries quickly. Now start to wind thread on the surface of the bottle. Do it tight enough and tight - between the threads should be free space. Wind the thread up to the neck. By the way, can be used instead of thread and bright ribbons.
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Vase of clothespins

It is very easy to make a vase out of the ordinary banks, even from a tin! You will need a new pegs, preferably wood. All that is required of you - is on the perimeter of the entire jar put clothespins. To make crafts brighter, clothespins can paint one color or make multi-colored bowl, paint every clothespin in a certain color. This vase is rather decorative, easy to decorate the room, - pour water into it is not necessary.

 beautiful vases with their hands
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Felt vase

Very nice look vases made of bottles or cans and felt. You need all the capacity and colored felt. For decorations can take the buttons, ribbons or beads. Well, if you have a glue gun: it will allow a good fix ornaments on the surface of the felt. Just wrap the jar or bottle material. You can use one or more colors. Over felt glue buttons or ribbons tied capacity. Such felt vases look good in the nursery.
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Vase from a tree

If you love natural motifs in the interior, then surely you will like vase, decorated with birch bark. In fact, everything is very simple: wrap regular can with a dry bark. Its edges should just seal the glue gun. If such a device you do not, you can use a simple, but strong glue. It is best to cut the bark from a fallen tree. However, instead of the bark can be any other wood material.

By the way, is another original idea - use twigs for decoration of the vase. Just cut slices sprigs of different diameters. Using glue to attach them to the bank, but in this case instead of banks better use of clay pot. If the paste to the wooden circles tin, it is recommended to clean the surface using sandpaper. This will allow the glue to stick better to the bank.

The branches can be used differently. Take threads of different diameter and give them the same length of ten to twenty centimeters, depending on the vessel itself. Fasten the branches together into one fabric and wrap it around the perimeter of the jar. This option would require more time, but the result looks very original.

As you can see, to do interesting, unusual and stylish vases with their own hands is not difficult. It does not require much time or significant financial costs. The only thing you need - it is your imagination and desire to create. You can be sure that such a gift would be appreciated. Creative you success!

 Vases own hands: original ideas for creativity

 box of paper with his own hands


  • Material selection
  • Templates
  • History of Chinese boxes

Every gift, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or some unusual event, spectacular likely be present in a festive package. This lends a certain charm and solemnity present. Especially if it's not a big gift set, and a miniature statue, for example, or a graceful ballerina jewelry for the little princess.

Of course, in the stores we can see a variety of all kinds of packaging: baskets, boxes, bags, pouches, etc.. And yet for every taste and color! A valuable gifts of the metals can not be imagined without the originally designed case. But, often buying a holiday package costs us almost as much as the gift itself, but it happens that even more!

Today, therefore, we suggest you learn how to make their own hands the original paper boxes, which are (you'll see!) Will be a completely superfluous and will serve as a decorative bonus to any gift.

Particularly unique will look in the box handmade creative gifts, and made with his own hands: Baubles Bead, homemade soap, painted candles, and the like. When you nabete hand in making a simple boxes made of paper, you can safely proceed to the more fancy specimens from expensive materials. And then, do not restrain your creativity to design packages using fabric appliqué, dry paint, decoupage, painting and many other things that you can do with your hands.

 box of paper with his own hands

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Material selection

Separately want to dwell on the choice of paper. How long have you been in stationery stores? So, pay attention to how many different kinds of cardboard offered for your choice. Besides classical colored paper or cardboard, fluorescent surprise you, embossed, glossy, velvet, theme, coated with an artistic ornament and many other kinds of materials for creativity.

Tip for those who are just beginning to engage in creative crafts. In almost every city there are art shops offering a variety of materials for handicrafts produced by hand. What did you find there any paints for stained glass, krakelyurnye compositions, photo frames, canvases, professional brushes, pencils, crayons. Many different themed templates, stickers and more. By visiting this store, you can make your own hands all kinds of gifts, crafts and decorative things.

As decoration boxes can also be used all kinds of accessories: beautiful buttons, rhinestones, ribbon, swan's down, cut flowers, hearts, colored stickers, etc. So in order to make a nice package with your hands, you need to look in the drawer of your child, to dig into their own casket, and you are sure to find "designer" trinkets.
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In fact, to make their own hands a box of paper - small trick. To do this, you only need to learn how to draw patterns. And then, to show imagination, you can arbitrarily change the configuration of the package. FYI add that the box can be made of four sides: multi-faceted, conical, pyramidal, curly, flat, cascaded with a separate lid and without it, and so on - who at that much.

Below we sketch the simplest box with a lid. Note the size of the faces you can control yourself, respecting the aspect ratio.

By the way, we recommend this template to cut out of construction paper and used in the future instead of the pattern. You can also draw a flowchart directly to the finished material, but we still recommend to start to try to make a box of ordinary writing paper.

So, take the cardboard and draw on it a rectangle or square (depending on the shape and size of the gift). Next to each side of the figure pririsuyte rectangles width corresponding to the desired height of the box (this will be the edge). Then, on two opposite side faces of the part of the width you need to finish more boxes that will serve as a docking sides of the box. The edges of these "wings" should be cut at an angle of 45 °. Well that's all, it is to bend the cardboard in places fold and glue the edges.

Similarly cover manufacture of thick paper or cardboard. However, we must bear in mind that the cover should be slightly wider than the box itself, so the base draw of two to three millimeters more. A cover faces can be of any width. This is up to you how far will dress the lid on the box.

Demonstrating diligence and include fantasy, you will succeed, and you have a beautiful holiday box of paper, made by the hands.

Using the base of the box and squared for him to finish the triangular faces, you get a box without a lid in the shape of a pyramid. At the top of the package is necessary to make a small round hole and threading a ribbon through them, to consolidate its beautiful knot. Just remember: a gift to put in a pyramid before bonding sides.

Worth another diagram template for boxes of paper, which can also be done by hand. Note, in this embodiment, the lid of the box is inseparable and is provided directly to the pattern. A figure in the form of hearts you can always be replaced by something else, such as a petal and leaf. Cut out the template and you will make folds along the lines, glue the edges and bottom of the box.

 boxes of paper with his own hands

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History of Chinese boxes

We want to tell you an interesting fact of life for Chinese food boxes. I'm sure many of you have already met with the original packaging. And not for nothing that box has won virtually the entire world. Firstly, the paper is environmentally friendly natural material. Second, the food at the Chinese box remains hot for a long time. Third, there is a package of convenient at home or in the park on a bench or on the lawn in the company. Fourth, if you wish, you can leave uneaten food on then carefully closed the box.

However, the birthplace of the universal boxes of paper was not China, and America. In the early twentieth century in the port cities such packages sold cleaned- oysters. It was a breakthrough when the finished product take-out. However, over time the oysters become expensive delicacy, and for manufacturers of boxes came to the crisis, if they did not pay attention to the ever-growing among the large number of migrants from Asia, the demand for Chinese food. Thus, due to the low cost and unusual flavors, Chinese food has gained a leading position among fast-food chain. A box was its integral attribute and really practical packaging.

You too can make a box. Like many others, you can do with your hands. First you need to do one test box, the second will make you dream, and the third has most fully reveal your creative potential. Be sure to entrust the children to be creative, they think much more widely adults and invent incredible names to crafts. Zagotovte package for the future, and you will always have to take a visit. We are sure you will be able to impress not only others but also themselves original decor of its products.

 Designer box for a gift with their own hands