wicker basket from the newspapers with their own hands


  • What materials can be woven basket
  • How to prepare the material from newspapers plaiting
  • How to weave a basket from newspapers

Now it became a very popular place in the apartment or house objects made by hand. Such interior items can be purchased at various fairs hand-Maida, ordered through the Internet, but the most interesting thing to make them yourself. Of course, you can immediately begin to create with what that serious works, but it is best to try with a simple product, for example, to build a laundry basket or fruit with their pens. This is a very exciting and interesting to do, the result of which will be a long time to please others.

Make a basket at home is very simple, you have to know some nuances, which will be discussed below.
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What materials can be woven basket

Weave products can be made of different materials. Of course, the most ideal material for baskets will use wicker. Before braided willow twigs need to procure arms, soak them in a saline solution, to become flexible, it is a long and difficult process. Of course, you can buy someone's bars, but it becomes quite expensive.

Another popular material for weaving baskets is a straw. You can weave from barley or wheat straw, as well as straw plait. Weaving straw very simple way, the material is very flexible and easy to use. Trash is a beautiful, airy, pleasant golden color.

Very affordable material is elm. Hands of a basket weave is very simple, even for children's creativity. The main thing is to prepare the starting material in large quantities and dry. Wum products from birch bark produced a remarkable because bark is unique and unrepeatable pattern that paint in any case impossible.

If you are unable to procure a variety of willow twigs or bark with their hands, then we can take the most popular material for handicrafts - simple newsprint. Newspapers in every home in large numbers, sometimes we do not even know where to put them, throw a pity, so they are piling up. Make a basket of newspapers is very easy to cope with such a task even a child, most importantly, to prepare the basis for future arms basket - newspaper tubes.

 preparation of material for the basket
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How to prepare the material from newspapers plaiting

The first step is to collect all the newspapers at home. Each piece of newspaper cut in two vertically, and then use a knitting needle, twist the newspaper tubes. Hold the tip of the paper by hand, spin the paper diagonally on the second corner drip a little white glue tube and ready. Make these pieces need a lot of hands, so do not be lazy. To get the length of the tube, you can connect them with glue. Of course, the first newspaper tube can obtain a dense and unsightly, but you can learn quickly.

When the required number of tubes ready, they need to be painted. To do this, fit a water stain or latex paint all kraska.Luchshe each blank separately, then get a more natural and paint over everything. Of course, if there is no place for painting tubes individually, you can paint a ready-made product.

For workpiece materials for the basket can attract children and they seem to weave a lot of fun and help develop fine motor skills of fingers and impart taste and interest in the work.

 Wicker baskets from newspapers
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How to weave a basket from newspapers

Make a basket of newspapers is very simple, you must first determine the shape and size. For the first time it is best to choose a product of rectangular shape and medium size. Weave always starts with the manufacturing floor. You can take a workpiece, such as shoe box, cut the bottom of the box, it will be the bottom of the basket. Glue the ends of our arms in cardboard tubes and begin to weave. Gently lift up all the pins except one side, it is best to fix the tubes or elastic clothesline clothespins around the box.

Remains free straw braid begin to vertical. Increase newspaper workpiece can be using APT. On the wicker baskets will take some time, but the result is sure to be a delight. The product, made by the hands, can be painted, beautifully decorated cloth, flowers or ribbons. Wicker newspaper basket should be covered with varnish, it will give them strength and a beautiful decorative effect. Nail need only acrylic cover them with several layers.

His odd jobs from newspapers can not only decorate the interior, they are perfectly suited for gifts to relatives and friends.   It is enough to make some products with their own hands, to understand the principle of weaving and excellent result will not take long.

Make of newspaper tubes can not only baskets can also be oplesti bottles with unusual shapes, different capacity, it all depends on the imagination and the availability of materials. Also, for interior decoration can be made newspaper hearts or flowers.

In conclusion, it should be noted that products made with their own hands is especially pleasing to the eye and warm the soul, a sense of pride that you are able to make a beautiful thing. Perhaps it will be a wonderful hobby for the whole family, will develop imagination, open wonderful and limitless horizons for creativity. After all, things made with your own hands especially dear and valuable.

 How to weave your own basket from newspapers

 beautiful bracelet ribbons


  • A fascinating hobby
  • The simple technique of weaving
  • Original bracelets ribbons, laces, chains and beads

Every stylish woman prefers to keep pace with the times and fashion, follow the latest trends and, of course, to add zest to any image, the one detail that will give stylish image brightness and create a unique look. You can achieve this, spending a lot of time in a variety of trendy boutiques, chasing new additions exclusive collections and seasons. You can order individual tailoring of the latest designer collections. And you can just add the new product that complements any style of only a small, but very interesting details, such as an element of fashion jewelry, decorative embroidery and knitting, or, of course, the bracelet. Original jewelry can be made with your own hands, it is necessary only to find a little bit of free time and desire, and special skills here and do not need.
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A fascinating hobby

Today, a great interest among girls is a new exciting and benefiting and beauty craze - weaving.

For example, woven with their hands bracelets ribbons will always be relevant, since, picking up the foundation for weaving, any skilled worker will understand how and what to wear. Expanding opportunities open for the manifestation of fantasy and implementing it into practice. Picking up the ribbons, beads, beads and flowers, you can create a true masterpiece and noticeably stand out from the crowd of fashionistas. A bracelet of satin ribbons, woven with their own hands is a wonderful addition to any outfit, and complete the image, most importantly well thought out color scheme and style.

Weaving ribbons often called Baubles

To date, this type of weave can be called one of the most popular types of needlework, which is widespread for both adults and children. His hands bracelets belts can weave any beginner should just pick up a scheme netting interest and understand how to shift the ribbon so that they were woven into a beautiful number.

Satin ribbons - a beautiful decoration and decorative edge for dresses, bags and embroideries, as well as one can make bracelets. It can serve as an independent decoration. They can embroider a picture with their hands, used to weave colorful and unique baubles.

 bracelet with ribbons and beads
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The simple technique of weaving

In order to weave bracelets with their hands out ribbons, requires several different colored satin ribbons about a meter in length each. It is important to pay attention to the combination of colors together. Well, you can combine the red, yellow, green, blue, or black and white.

For a start is better to take two satin ribbons of the same width, fold the ends together and tie a loop uzelochek. After that, each of the belt must be made two loops along the length of no more than 10-15 cm and put them on each other. Connection ribbons better fasten a needle or bulavochkoy for fixing. Weaving the bracelet with his hands on the first loop (for example, white) ribbon is necessary to pass in the loop on the second (blue) and tighten the second loop. Again create a loop of the ribbons on the blue tape, thread the loop on it in white, and tighten the now white ribbon.

And to repeat constantly the same action, tightening at the end of last vdet ribbon into a loop. So keep changing and tightening the loops until the bracelet is not the right length. You need to pull the loops of the same length, not much tightening to figure obtained neat and ribbons went the same way. At the end woven bracelet for fixing the ends can be tied to a regular unit.

 bracelets ribbons
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Original bracelets ribbons, laces, chains and beads

Carefully selected jewelry will emphasize the details of clothes and give a complete image. That is why it is important to create a masterpiece of their own hands, which is right for you.

You can give to roam imagination and weave bracelet lightning, dig in the remnants of the home reserves and make jewelry bracelet of what gets in the eyes. The main thing - a fantasy, it is the key to success!

Consider one of the options for creative combinations of weaving bracelet. This will require pretty ribbons, chains, beads, clasps. Bracelet is very simple, can not be said about his appearance, and by chains, laces, ribbons and beads diversified one will be hard to recognize the simple weaving.

Is such beauty is easy! Beads are strung on a thread. Take the tape, thin and wide chain sewn to the fastener, all share the tape into three pieces and weave braid! That's the whole trick. Main tight not to delay, and apply the tape one to the other, thereby giving fakturu.V completion again sew second edge fasteners.

There is one simple way to create a beautiful bracelet!

This will require a ribbon and beads. Of course, better to take the beads with a pearl color, pearl shimmer.

Take a thin needle, with an eye to take place through a hole beads and strung on a thread bead pierce ribbon bead again and so on. At the end of tying the knot and link bracelet of brush sizes. Beautiful when loop strips between the beads a bit fancier. In general, it remains only to apply imagination and taste will tell.

You can weave bracelets belts 4 colors. These bracelets weave structure longer and they are more similar to the elastic strap. It all depends on the degree of tightening of belts at the weaving, the stronger tighten weave, the tighter the turn bracelet. Some of the tapes length of 2 m long ready bracelet 17-18 cm are obtained without fasteners. At the beginning of weaving is necessary to fix the edge of the future of the bracelet, so it does not twist or weaving bear a uniform, this is best done by attaching the ends of the ribbons a needle, for example, a table covered with a blanket.

Weaving 4 tapes should begin by fixing the edges. You can simply tie them in a bundle with a free end 10 cm.

  • left to right to put on top of a pink red, which is below;
  • red shift over the right and left pink ribbons;
  • pink ribbon right on top of the lower and upper left red;
  • red ribbon, the one on the top, shift to the right pink;
  • Now, pull the tape to knot tightened. From 4 tapes should get a rectangle in the middle;
  • and start at the beginning.

Bracelets made of satin ribbons serve as a wonderful decoration of hands.   They are especially valuable for modern girls, if woven by hand.

 Weaving of bracelets ribbons