Beaded Bracelet


  • Material and methods for making
  • Bracelet on the arm "Snake"
  • Bracelet "Tenderness"
  • Bracelet "Ice"

Recently in vogue again entered ornaments made by hand. Particularly popular bracelets. They can be very different: ribbons, beads. However, despite the fact that to make bracelets with their hands very easily, especially if they are of beads, many girls do not dare to try.

The following workshop, help yourself make wonderful bead bracelets even to those who never did anything with his hands.

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Material and methods for making

Bead own hands can produce several types of bracelets. They will vary both in their appearance and complexity of manufacture and the materials that will be needed to make a bracelet with your own hands.

 Bracelet of green beads
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Bracelet on the arm "Snake"

In order to produce a pair of bead bracelets "Snake", you need the following materials:

  • Clippers,
  • pliers,
  • wire with memory effect,
  • two types of monochrome beads.

Wire memory effect is a wire twisted into a helix, which after rectification is returned to its normal shape. In order to make a bracelet with your own hands, it fits perfectly. The essence of the production of such products is very simple. First you need to determine how much wire is required. To do this, you should decide exactly what needs bracelets, namely, from a number of turns, they should consist. To do this, try on a few hand turns of wire, adjust the number in the right direction, and then cut the workpiece from the roll.

This is followed by a pair of pliers to bend one edge of the blank to get the loop. Then you need to string beads. This can be done as alternating different types of beads with a predominance of one of the colors, and in any order. However, since the pair bracelets, most harmoniously they will look if they collected the same, or a combination of circuit assemblies. For example, the beads can be alternated three single color, one over the other and three beads original color. And in the doubles bracelet repeat the same pattern of the assembly, but to make the other primary color.

After the beads will be strung until almost the end of the wire, it is necessary to make the end of the loop, the loop at the beginning of a similar bracelet. The second decoration is going the same way.

 colorful beaded bracelet
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Bracelet "Tenderness"

For Bracelet "Tenderness" will need:

  • durable thread with a needle for beads,
  • scissors,
  • colorful beads,
  • two pieces of thin satin ribbon,
  • hollow metal cones for jewelry or beads with a wide opening.

In order to make a bracelet "Tenderness", first you need to measure arm circumference and decide what the width of the bracelet will need. Since "Tenderness" consists of beaded strands, what will be more, the thicker will bracelet. You can then go directly to the manufacturer. The first thing to be strung on a thread beads to bead string is equal to the brush arm circumference, and the free ends of the thread were about 3 cm on each side.

Thereby preparing a sufficient number of blanks, to associate the free ends of the filaments so that eventually form a horizontal workpiece, consisting of individual beaded strands. Then it is necessary to fasten each side of the blank piece on the satin tape and a length of about 10 cm each. Get a seat attachment in the form of nodules on both sides need to close the metal cone, putting them on the ribbon, the wide side to the beads, or beads.

It remains to link together in a ribbon bow and a pretty original accessory ready.

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Bracelet "Ice"

To make the bracelet, "ice", it is necessary to prepare:

  • a thin metal chain with large links,
  • beading wire,
  • scissors,
  • white or silver beads,
  • Frosted glass beads,
  • carabiner for fastening.

On request also available metalized beads or pendants of rock crystal. Bracelet "Ice" is about as follows. First, one end of the chain is attached carabiner with a sliding ring on it. Then the desired number of suspensions made, on the basis that one cell chain may be attached to two suspensions. Then they made themselves suspension. For this cut off pieces of wire, the length of which will correspond to the length of the suspension. Moreover, the suspension can vary in length. One end of the wire is bent in the form of small loops, enough to secure the beads, and then the wire at random strung beads and bugles.

The resulting suspension is mounted on one of the links of the chain, by bending the wire covering its edge in the form of loops. Similarly constructed and attached rest of the suspension. Then the decoration can be used by adjusting its length, buttoning his carbine on different links of the chain.

As you can see, crafts with their hands - it's not difficult, and even pleasant experience. In addition, they can become a wonderful gift for friends and relatives. This method not only of leisure activities will expand the range of available jewelry, but also serve as a great way to relieve stress. Manufacturing of products from beads is also recommended for children as beneficial to their development as a positive impact on fine motor skills. Therefore, beading can be a nice family hobby that brings joy to both my mother and her baby.

 Hand made beaded bracelet - easy!

 bracelet beads with their hands


  • Double-row bracelet of beads flat with their hands
  • Bracelets beads do with their hands, "Ocean Waves"
  • What else can you do with your hands?

Bracelets - jewelry, which probably will never go out of style. They weave a variety of materials, using a variety of techniques. The most popular product for the manufacture of jewelry with their own hands - beads.

Using different shades and shapes of elements, you can create a unique product every time.
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Double-row bracelet of beads flat with their hands

For the case you will need:

  1. Czech faceted beads 4 mm (84 pcs.). Using a different type of product is possible, however, note that while there may be some deviations from the instructions. For convenience, the material denoted by the letter "A".
  2. Faceted beads 3mm (126 pcs.). Color Pick yourself. Let the product with the letter "B".
  3. Beads (size - 15/0). The scheme will call him the letter "B".
  4. Beading needle.
  5. Thread.
  6. Clasp.

The work can be divided into 4 steps:

  1. First, create the first row. To do this, take two beads "A" and place it on the thread. Then nanizhite five elements "B", a "B" and five "B". Pass the needle through the two beads "A" from the bottom so that a loop; well pull the thread. Refit 5 beads "B", one - "B" and again 5 - "B". Pass the needle through the two beads "A", you will get another loop (but for the other side).
  2. After nanizhite one element "A", the five - "B", one - "B" and five - "B"; pull the needle through the bottom of the top two beads "A"; loop gain right of the center of the system. Please note bracelet, what are you doing with your hands on this technology, it has the right and wrong sides. Enter the five elements of the "B", one - "B" and five - "B", make a loop the same, but on the left side; manipulation Repeat until you reach the desired length.
  3. Now proceed in the second row! Cut the thread length of 2, 5 m, retract it to the needle; Leave about 25 cm at the clasp. Nanizhite two elements of "A" on a string; after all, do what is described in the first step. "Put on the" 5 elements "B", one - "B" and five - "B", pull the thread through the lower part of the beads 'A', forming a loop on the right. Then it's up to the compound parts of the system: type four beads on the needle "B"; pull the needle through the first element of the "B" of the first row, and after two beads, the adjacent left and right. Again, place the four "B"; pull the needle through the two elements of "A", with which began to form the second row. Continue this method to weave the second row.
  4. Now attach the clasp to your bracelet. The standard mechanism is fixed as follows: Thread the needle at one end of the thread (there are four), nanizhite 10 beads "B" and pull the needle through the ring. Then thread the needle through the top two elements "A". To harden your new bracelets, tie the noose again thread and tie a knot. The same manipulation make the remaining free ends of thread.

 Double-row bracelet of beads

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Bracelets beads do with their hands, "Ocean Waves"

Make bracelets with their hands on the technology of "sea wave" is simple enough. For this you will need:

  1. Bugle - 126 pieces, size - 3. (A)
  2. Beads size 11/0 in three colors (for example, mint (B), emerald (B), blue-green (G).
  3. Beads Miyuki, size - 15/0 (D).
  4. Thread.
  5. Needle.
  6. Clasp.

Each part consists of fourteen rows. Beads "B" is needed for rows 10 through 14, "B" - from 5 to 9, and "G" - 1 to 4. In the first part, to join the "ladder" Use the "D". All the work can be divided into three stages:

  • Start with a ladder! Take two elements of "A", pull the needle and thread through the lower opening and an upper second - the first beads, in the same way connect the next 12 beads. Then nanizhite a "G" and two - "A"; Start making "ladder" of the 14 beads. All of the "ladder" should organize a V-shape. Bracelets will be composed of nine parts.
  • Create ranks! They are as follows:
  1. Number 14 - 16 elements of the "B";
  2. Number 13 - 15 "B";
  3. 12 - 14 "B";
  4. 11 - 13 "B";
  5. 10 - 12 "B";
  6. 9 - 10 "B";
  7. 8 - 8 "B";
  8. 7 - 7 "B";
  9. 6 - 6 "B";
  10. 5 - 5 "B";
  11. 4 - 4 "D";
  12. 3 - 3 "G";
  13. 2 - 2 "G";
  14. 1 - 1, "D".

The elements fill the resulting zigzags. 16 elements of the "B" type on the thread, pull the needle through the top (14th) pellet "A". Pull the needle in the 13th bead "ladder." After 15 nanizhite stuff format "B" pull through (13th) element opposite "ladder"; fill all the space.

  • Time - to buckle! The method is the same as in the previous embodiment. Ready decoration looks great in the hand.

 beautiful bracelet beads with their hands

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What else can you do with your hands?

Learn to make bracelets out of beads, you will be able to master the technology, dedicated to the creation of garments, pleasant things you know so you are not spending very much time putting the soul, can also save money. Learn to work with beads, you go to:

  1. Leather goods, they are particularly in tune with the style of Casual. Crafts from this material durable and versatile.
  2. Bracelets ribbons complement the romantic image, they are very popular among teenagers. By the way, often making jewelry from beads in tandem with ribbons.
  3. Paracord is now used not only in aviation, but also hand-made.
  4. Bracelet of nuts - a non-standard option for creative people.

Today, weaving from beads, stones and various alloys of metal products can rightly be called one of the most fashionable accessories in everyday life, because they perfectly highlight the elegance of the girl and her style. In addition, a thing made by his own will delight you every day, as your product is unique, you will never see anything like the other women, and it's so nice.

 Bracelets beads: do own