Stones for your blood

If horoscopes and astrologers tips do not help you or you do not believe in them, be sure to pay attention to the natural power of stones. Recently acquired great popularity techniques "matching blood," the basic idea of ​​which is that a person's blood group could be the determining factor in his food, behavior, love, and even the energy preferences.

The last point, most likely, is the determining factor in choosing the decorations. After all allegedly fans of the system, in that case, stone or precious metal not only enhance your energy, and become your mascots-defenders that provide you good luck. So let's see recommendations on the choice of jewelry to people of different blood groups.

1 blood - Hunters

Natura these people are very active, strong, constantly wanting to take the lead. At the same time they are characterized by excessive straightforwardness. They are difficult to adapt to changing circumstances. And to help them achieve their goals will be warm stones of the light spectrum, ranging from yellow-orange and ending with red and purple, which include the Precious Ruby, as well as semi-precious: pink pearls, tourmaline, coral, garnet and rhodonite. Although if a person has excessive imperiousness, violent and cruel, the ruby ​​it is contraindicated. Best decoration for such difficult temperaments are exuding calm tourmaline and pearls, and gold will have to choose cool silver.

2 blood - Farmers

Since the "farmers" have quite a sensitive nervous system and peculiar to their inertia, then to stimulate their vital processes and mental activities, they need to buy the stones of green and blue shades such as emerald, jade, sapphire, snake eyes, jasper, turquoise, onyx and topaz. "Agricultural" precious metal is warm, as the bowels of the earth, and gold.

3 blood - Wanderers

Because it is creative people, who in the eternal search, and therefore always subject to mood swings, they recommended the stones and the one and the other group, that is, yellow and red, like the first group, with the decadent mood, or green and blue, as in the second group, if they are in the excited state. In addition, the "Wanderer" needed purple stones. This applies especially to creative people and those who like to indulge in meditation, reflection, analysis. Their stones - Aventurine, charoite and amethyst.

4 blood - "Mixed"

This is the type who went fate combine the pros and cons of the previous three groups. Oddly enough, but the ideology of the system and have not agreed what kind of stones are ideal for the fourth group. Although since the development of this group is very active, but the immune system is weakened, the majority of the stones advises them to first blood. Plus jewelery with colored stones.

 Stones for your blood

 Kira Plastinina


  • Creative way
  • Designer Kira Plastinina eyes

Kira Plastinina - young Russian designer, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, shareholder of "Wimm-Bill-Dann". Even from a young age the girl was fond of drawing, was interested in the world of fashion. She invented their own model, thinking through all the details of every detail, from the style of dress, choice of fabric and finishing trim. Fully realized and become a real pro Cyrus helped her father Sergei Abramovich.

Creative way

In 2006, the father of Kira hired a team of professionals whose task was to create a network of stores, where he began to sell clothes designed by his daughter. After twelve months, she released her first collection, and the jury found its most promising young designers of Russia. March 14 this year, the doors opened monobrand boutique called Kira Plastinina.

Start the future success was laid. Subsequently Plastinina "captured" the largest shopping centers in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Specially designed for people hired every single concept boutique "studio style" that includes service image-makers. Because of this any buyer coming to a store can get professional help in the selection of the consultant fashionable image.
According to Wikipedia, on the development of the brand in Russia, as well as to carry out marketing campaign and the establishment of a representative office in China, which made tailoring, Sergei Plastinin spent about $ 35 million. About the same amount was invested in the promotion of the brand in the US, where the original doors have opened twelve stores, which, however, were closed due to the crisis in the US economy. Now buy clothes Kira Plastinina in America can only residents of Los Angeles, where he works two boutiques.

In January 2008, Cyrus waited another success. It held its first international debut as a designer - she presented her collection at the Rome Fashion Week AltaRomaAltaModa and received an award as the best young talent. The next leap in his career - taking part in the Milan fashion shows. The audience saw the model Malibu, designed for spring-summer 2009. A year later Plastinina self-organized show his clothes in Milan, where he presented a collection entitled "Dreams of Africa". Effort and ability women have appreciated - she was allowed to open a corner from Harrod's department store in London, and Milan showroom In Style has agreed to sell its models. Today, Cyrus is a member of the Association of haute couture and ready-to-wear in Russia and the constant participant of the Moscow Fashion Week.

Thanks to the huge funds invested in brand promotion, to meetings and demonstrations to come Plastinina world stars of show business. Thus, her office visited Britney Spears, and in the presentation of one of the collections involved model Karlie Kloss. On the role of the protagonist of advertising Kira Plastinina was invited by George M. Jagger and promotional campaign with Paris Hilton father of Kira cost of two million dollars.

Young fashion designer combines his studies at the Moscow Anglo-American school to work in the company Sergei Plastinina. It became the official designer of the Russian project "Star Factory-7", where, according to media reports, she met her new boyfriend. They visited restaurants, appeared at public events, together went to rest abroad. However, what the relationship between the pair at the moment, is not precisely known.

 Kira Plastinina

Designer Kira Plastinina eyes

Only at the beginning of 2011 there were more than 120 boutiques under the brand Kira Plastinina around the world: in Russia, the USA, Belarus, Italy, the Philippines, China and the UK. This garment, in the words of the designer, is a rugged mix of different styles - art, glamor, sports, the city - and refers to the average price segment (mass market), aimed at young, fashionable and active girls from fifteen to twenty-five years.

Kira ideas - is the basis for all models, so it Plastinina sets the tone and mood of their collections. According to the girl, she is developing a clothing "under him", that is, sewing something that she would wear herself. Only after it determines the idea and direction, a team of experienced professionals - cutters, designers - begins to create new models, while constantly consulting with Kira. Direct tailoring made in Chinese factories, which in its time the contract was made. And from there the collection arrive in stores.

Bright weightless dresses and elegant tunics, shirts, T-shirts and tank tops, jeans of different styles, decorated with rhinestones, long and short, curvy and narrow skirts - this and much more will be able to pick up every fashionista boutique Kira Plastinina. It also provides shoes, bags and accessories. The pricing policy is aimed at young people, so things are on average in the region of $ 30-40.

According to Kira, it is first of all - fashion, and only then a businesswoman. Therefore, she has been part of the creative, and the question of finance is responsible for her father. "I soon began to draw, collected sketches, transfer them to fabric and dress up their dolls. Now I sew things that I would like to wear the most - original, bright, cheerful. In our boutiques each shopper find items for themselves. Vintage skirt, stylish jackets, slinky dresses perfect for the classic style and naughty girls can dress up in gold jackets, leather jackets and denim overalls. In addition, in their stores, we tried to create a festive atmosphere. Tired after shopping she will be able to relax on the couch and watch TV, read magazines, enjoy the music, and if she needs advice or advice, come to the aid of specially trained salesman "- says Cyrus.

Biography Plastinina - a fairy tale with a happy ending. Many consider her "father's daughter", which was successful only because of the money my parents. Of course, it played a significant role: the means of the father has been gathered a team of professionals, financed by a marketing company. However, the genuine talent of the designer is felt in all its models. In the near future women - study at the London School of Arts and Design, and of course, the creation of new collections.

 Kira Plastinina: life and work

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