Cheer up winter morning

New Year's holidays were over, there were good memories, and began gray labor daily eight-hour day and the rise among the dark-gray morning. It remains to wait for Saturday.
It's hard to get up? No desire to even take ourselves in hand and ready to go to the feat? Who would want to get out from under the blanket.

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We feel our toes during the day

There are no forces to budge? Just get up and move! Let your morning exercise at least similar charge, but it is too early to move. Good stretch - called a banner and is related to the exercise - but still nice. You can dance to your favorite tune, you can lie to wave their feet to the music. Definitely, even after such drygomashestva better. Then take a douche! Start with hot water and heating of, then switch to cold water. Two times the will not get off, you have three to five temperature shifts.

Shower gel take a refreshing citrus scent, well, - or whatever suits your taste. Well rastershis towel after a shower, you activate blood circulation.

We turn to the right breakfast

If you do not want to eat in the morning, probably, have overeaten before bedtime. Whether you eat? You do one, owl or a lark? What is your daily routine? May we recommend vain? Well, nevertheless, - breakfast consists of cereal, yogurt or cheese curds and cheese sandwich. Wash down with a cup of freshly brewed natural breakfast of coffee, but better - a glass of green tea without sugar.

How do we help our protective forces?

His immunity must help, especially from the middle of winter to the middle of spring. While not become green grass, you should take vitamins. This is also in favor of the tone. Look at the pharmacy should be communicated to the side of multivitamins in a beautiful package, and where vitamins are separated. No one has yet proved the effectiveness of the pill with multivitamins, with half of them are not digested. You then need-ascorbic acid, vitamins and a group "B". The rest should come from consumable products. Pay attention to the bottles with ginseng and Siberian ginseng. This wonderful tonic, which is the only contraindication hypertension. They take a few drops in the morning for the duration of the winter and early spring.

Plans for the day

Plan your day the night before and refresh your calendar morning. Part of the case for the primary and secondary, light and sophisticated, sign them in time. What matters is pleased to perform, and what you do not want to perform? It is necessary to look for a secondary benefit in unpleasant matters, then they move. When planning a day you stop to relax, this procedure - certainly invigorates.

 Cheer up winter morning

 How to learn beautiful smile

"The smile will brighten all." Certainly, each of us remember the words of the good children's song. And throughout our lives, we again and again we see that the value of a smile is difficult to overestimate. A smile can be very different: the good, the ironic, the official, genuine.

But every smile must be beautiful. And the strength of each and every person to make your smile perfect. This article will go talk about exactly how to make a beautiful smile. We hope that every reader will find something useful information on how to smile in the photo and look good.

Too many women, seeing the pictures in magazines and thought: "What a beautiful smile! I want a beautiful smile! Despite the fact that this is, at first glance, it seems impossible to actually make sure that you had the most beautiful smile in the world, it is easy. However, the simple desire to "want a beautiful smile" is not enough. To achieve it, the need for systematic training. A beautiful smile model on the cover of glossy magazines often is the result of constant work on oneself.

Secrets of a charming smile

In order to understand how to teach a beautiful smile, you need to have a clear understanding of the mechanism of a smile. After all, this information will give you the knowledge on how to make a beautiful smile. When a smile has approximately 40 different facial muscles. However, in most cases it turns asymmetrical smile. This is because different muscles have different degrees natrenirovannosti and development. But the most beautiful smile - a symmetrical smile.

  •   If you do not develop the facial muscles, it is almost impossible to achieve symmetry. And asymmetric smile is not so spectacular. If you regularly perform the exercises for a beautiful smile, then a month later the question of how to smile nicely, you will cease to be relevant.
  •   Also, do not forget about the state of the oral cavity. If the smile will be visible yellow, unpeeled teeth, even with carious holes, the most beautiful smile lose its charm. It is necessary to visit the dentist regularly and thoroughly oral care: brushing your teeth, and use the interdental floss.
  •   Remember also that fact, how beautiful your smile is, also depends on the correct make-up lips. Even fully knowing the science of how to make your smile beautiful, very easy to mess up her bright, flashy and clumsily wrought makeup. If you doubt your abilities, do not take the time to consult a good make-up artist - the beautician, who will tell and show the most suitable for you version of makeup.
  •   Skin condition also crucial. If you have dry, prone to peeling skin, you need to moisturize it if, on the contrary, oily, use scrubs. Border black points on the contour of the lips looks rather repulsive.
  •   The skin of the lips is also in need of care. Use chapstick, try to avoid that the skin becomes dry and lips cracked. If you are susceptible to such diseases as herpes, always keep a drug capable of at the slightest sign of a rash stop disease progression. In addition, it should pay attention to strengthening the immune system. Once your immune system stronger, the number of exacerbations of the disease significantly reduced.

Muscle training

 how to smile

The very first thing that you need to start this exercise for a beautiful smile. The first results you will notice already after just one week. The main condition of success - the systematic implementation of this complex exercise, contributing to the appearance of a beautiful smile. The complex should be performed twice a day - morning and evening.

Furthermore, these exercises allow you to master the technique of proper smile, they also help to avoid the appearance of facial wrinkles and delay the appearance of age . For those women who will learn and will use the exercises described below, the question of how beautiful smile, would not even arise. Skills beautiful smile they have perfected to automatism.

  •   Hold a finger to his lips, but do not touch them. The distance between the finger and mouth should be about 3-4 centimeters. Try to reach her lips to finger, applying to this maximum efforts. Of course, you do not work, but it will make certain muscle group to fully operate. Stretching lips, open mouth, then tightly somknite. It is necessary to perform, keeping his lips in an extended state. Then completely relax all the muscles of the face for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  •   Somknite lips and pull in the same manner as in the first exercise. Within 30 seconds to move a folded tube lips from side to side, then relax for 10 seconds lips. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  •   Pull tightly closed lips and try to outline in the air eight. After that, relax your muscles. Repeat the exercise 5 times.
  •   Stick out your tongue firmly around his lips and lock the muscles in this position for a few seconds, then relax the muscles most strongly lips and tongue. This exercise is also necessary to carry out at least 5 times.
  •   Slightly slightly open mouth and pull forward the lips folded into a tube. Hold them in this position, and then exhale sharply, as if you blew an imaginary candle flame. Then relax the muscles of the lips. This exercise is sufficient to carry out only 3 times.
  •   Type in the lungs more air, close your lips and try to breathe through the mouth. Then exhale air. During this exercise, you will feel the tension of the muscles of the cheeks, which are also actively involved in the process of smiles.
  •   The next exercise is similar to the previous one, but the work also includes the muscles of the lips. You need to take a breath, inflate the cheeks and let the air so that his lips felt the vibration. At first glance, this exercise may seem rather complicated, but in practice its implementation does not cause any difficulties.
  • Such a seemingly simple exercise like stretching the lips in an unnaturally wide smile, as well trains all the muscles of the lips.

Stop the time!

Probably everyone know the feeling of frustration that sometimes feel, looking at photos. And it happens most of the - the fact that most people do not know how to smile in the photo.

The biggest mistake that people is unnatural, bound posture and "tortured" smile. And it was the smile depends on how you look at the pictures.

The secret of how to make a beautiful smile, is very simple - to smile! How to learn to smile nicely, described above, but rather how well you get to smile in the photo depends on your ability to ease capture a smile the moment photography. Smile in the mirror, critically examining their smile. Pick exactly the smile that suits you: a wide smile and mysterious, with closed lips, and can be mysterious?

Absolutely no matter whether you plan to make a career Centerfolds, to conquer the best catwalks of Paris or just want to dazzle others with your smile. After reading this information, you now know exactly how to make a beautiful smile. And to put into practice the knowledge gained, you will have the most beautiful smile in the world. You will become an expert in all aspects of how to properly, and most importantly, beautiful smile.

 Beautiful smile - and how beautiful smile

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