On the portrait unforgettable precious metals

In the best traditions of Tsarist Russia when fashion jewelry has been a demanding and original, and wrist and neck ladies were studded with works of art entirely of precious metals and gems, contemporary style trends dictate silver and other precious metals.

If the court ladies of the 16th century were on the ball today, they would be struck by the length of the bare feet of the invited women candid neckline and bold, bordering on frivolity, speeches that are conducted on these evenings. All this, of course, would not leave them indifferent, and they would be left nothing but our women envy. They were entranced by the jewelry, which not only did not lose its charm, but also acquired new shades of playfulness, playful and bold spice.

Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, our women can be happy that such different standards inherent in all times, is firmly established in the cell, which involves almost complete absence of a dictatorial fashion, when it became possible to choose things based solely on their preferences. Doubly pleased that, despite the democracy of dress, the bulk of the preference given to something real and natural. As you have guessed, we are talking about natural materials, metals and stones.

Indeed, today is not only relevant, but also considered to be in bad taste and gold plated jewelry from artificial materials, its bright and eye-catching appearance dwarfing the real, the natural beauty of the body. Moveton nowadays are lurid and trinkets with massive stones of glass and crystal - where relevant and worthy will look ring with garnets on a thin female fingers and subtle earrings small ears coquette.

The same can be said of other decorations - for example, the elegant women silver bracelets, gently wrapped around a fragile wrist will tell others about peremptory taste of their owner, and a thin chain, playful snake oblipayuschaya neck cause heart admirers hammered three times faster than usual.

Feel like a prom queen, surrounded by fans, who argue whose today's turn to bring the icy champagne or ice cream with fruit liqueur, you will be jewelry silver jewelry, with its modern elegance and pretentiousness are not inferior to those worn by ladies Russian 16th century.

 On the portrait unforgettable precious metals

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 The holiday will not be boring with chocolate fountain

Boring holiday - it's interesting, no one needs and not at all attractive. Why drive yourself in some kind of framework, if you can just relax - fun and tasteful? No wonder lately especially popular area such as FunFood - ie food as entertainment. It is believed that the food created for another? Do not worry - the event everyone will find the best use of it, and all will be able to eat exactly. You just know firsthand what the rent a chocolate fountain? It is time to change the situation.

Today, many companies offer ivent whole range of services for organizing events. Ordering them ideas for activities, you free yourself from unnecessary worries, because everything is included in the cost of the service. You will be transferred to the right place equipment that will make its assembly and disassembly will provide all necessary materials and during the event will monitor his condition. Agree, it is convenient - you have to do it is only a wish and a place to work.

Do you want to surprise your guests, while remaining within a reasonable budget? Believe me - for you ivent modern market offers a lot of options - and for corporate events and exhibitions, and presentations, and for weddings and events for children. The main thing is what you can be sure of is that you will get exactly the service that would be perfect in a particular time and place.

How do you like this idea Rent a chocolate fountain ? It is suitable for absolutely any event, regardless of its format and the audience .  What is a chocolate fountain? In fact, many people have been exposed to such a wonderful device, but still a sufficient number of people yet have no idea what it is .  Chocolate fountain is the setting, similar to the most common fountain, which, however, are not served water and chocolate in molten form .  The design can be perfectly all sizes, but the main thing that she could well be the finishing touch that brings zest to your event .  Fountain of chocolate exactly will become the center around which will revolve all events .  The effect of slowly flowing melted chocolate will add elegance to any holiday .  Belgian chocolate of high quality - white, dark, milk, fruit or additives in combination with desserts for every taste satisfy even the most refined palates .

 The holiday will not be boring with chocolate fountain

 Dog grooming

Caring for pets includes a full range of activities designed to ensure that the animal's skin and coat are healthy, and the ears and eyes - clean. In addition, grooming - is the content in the manner of claws, and some breeds of dog - anal glands. Particularly relevant services groomer for dogs of decorative breeds, especially those with luxurious hair. Pruning, trimming, washing and styling - this is the usual set of procedures for the decorative rocks that involve standard Maltese, Spitz, Yorkshire terriers, and other members of the canine elite.

It is believed that grooming - a privilege of show dogs. Of course, the preparation for the exhibition makes a trip to the salon essential, but more importantly to provide constant care to an animal. It does not matter what the status of your pet. Home dog needs care just like the champion of the breed.

What are the signs of a well-groomed hair? First of all, it must be clean. Some breeds of dog washing should be regular, for others - a periodic, that is, the extent of contamination of wool. For some, quite a special shampoo for the care of others will require additional funds in the form of balms and masks. Professional cosmetics for animal care greatly facilitates care of them, making hair silky, obedient to the installation and, most importantly, healthy.

Increasingly, owners of decorative long-haired dogs are selected for their pet clippers. Pruning can be an exhibition, hygienic and model. Exhibit haircut is the standard for this breed of dog. Run it for a few weeks before the show, and aims to emphasize the dignity of the exterior and, on the contrary, to hide his shortcomings. Exhibit haircut requires great skill and is performed exclusively by professionals.

Hygienic haircut facilitates care of the dog and the animal gives a neat look. In summer, regular grooming helps your pet heat transfer, as well as protection against some trouble, for example, reduce the possibility of a flea infestation. In carrying out the sanitary cut, it should be remembered that the hair of the dog - a kind of "thermal cushion". It not only warms your pet in the winter, but also protects from heat in summer. In this regard, too short haircut can be not only useful but also dangerous to the health of the dog.

Model haircut will make from your pet a real "star"! Let your pet is not the brightest representative of the breed, let exhibitions, titles and medals are not for him, the model will make it a stylish haircut and no less attractive than famous relatives. Competent care for your dog will make living together more enjoyable and pleasurable. Well-groomed dog - is the pride of the owner!

 Dog grooming

 Purse, wallet, a wallet?

At the time, more and more cases of theft. Thieves may confront us everywhere. Remember pickpockets - experts in their field - quietly steal a purse or mobile phone at the unwary passer-by for them there is no difficulty. Any crowded areas are the ideal environment for members of the profession. You can not even see how an outsider's hand reached into your pocket or bag and took out all the valuables and money. In order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, we suggest you use a few tips allows you to protect your money and belongings safe and sound.

  • Council №1

Remember that very easy prey for pickpockets are large bags in 2011 without a lock or ordinary plastic bags, clean out the contents of such baggage for them will be very easy. The public transport keep the bag on his shoulder, pressing her hand to the body from the front. Valuables, such as cell phone and put the money as far as possible in the bag. Purse and expensive items it is better not to wear a bag, much less put on the floor.

  • Council №2

Do not store your wallet in your back pocket. For storage purse is best suited front pants pocket, it is desirable to be able to close the zipper.

  • Council №3

Do not carry a cell phone on his neck. Unnoticed not drag such an easy prey to the sin of the thief. So try not to carry mobile phones on the ropes and similar devices.

  • Council №4

If you leave valuables in the car, make sure that that they were not visible from the outside. Scammers will never miss the chance to profit by your things - they can distract you and quietly steal money and valuables. Always lock the doors in the car, do not leave it open.

  • Council №5

Remember in queues, especially when based on the box office, next to the ATM you can trap "Shchipachev" try not to show the contents of her purse, otherwise it just will attract their attention and to miss such as your prey stuffed received half an hour ago, the monthly salary, they will not miss. Thieves will notice exactly where you put it, and try to follow you, looking for the right moment to profit your wallet full of money.

  • Council №6

After receiving a large sum in the hands try to sort out the money in his pockets and not carry everything in one place. Leave your purse in only a small amount of money, and the other in a clean safe place, such as in the inside pocket of his jacket.

In conclusion I would like to note, beware. Remember that, in the pickpockets can be anyone - from harmless grannies retired, up to the pregnant women and small children. Be careful and try to stay away from suspicious strangers. Do not forget that the most favorite places for thieves are - transport, shops, markets and other places of mass gatherings. Try to understand that pickpockets use highly sophisticated methods to steal your money, often try to distract the victim inattentive. It can be a variety of tricks - they can pretend that oboznalis and took you for his friend from a friendly clap you on the shoulder, thus distracting your attention or ask for help to collect the scattered belongings, and so on. D.
Stop constantly feeling the secret pocket of clothes or bags. This is too much, especially for those who like movement catches on the fly. Do not make such a gesture attention.

Be careful! Remember, forewarned - is forearmed. We hope our recommendations in the future, will help protect you against such individuals. All the best!

 How to avoid becoming a victim of pickpockets