How to understand that the guy likes you


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  • I am the best
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Every day, millions of female heads visits sacramental idea how mysterious creatures had created nature of the opposite sex. How often we are faced with the fact that he could not guess what was the cause of this or that act like a man quite familiar. When this man - just your friend or acquaintance, it can leave you calm and unruffled. If your thoughts are thought about it more often than usual, and my heart stops from the sound of his voice, then there is another matter. How do you know that a guy like you, because with your attitude toward it for a long time you decided?

Reasons why men tend to hide their interest in pleasurable girl, a great many. Some doubt that their response can cause a person of interest. The latter are afraid to be categorically rejected. Others simply do not want to take the initiative. Fourth, even if very confident guys feel shy when meeting with much liked the lady. Option where you just do not call it interest, too, has the right to life. It is not easy to understand all this, in the thoughts of others do not proniknesh. However, all is not as hopeless as it might seem at first glance. If there is a need and desire, then nothing is impossible. There are signs that you are men like one another, and it is for them you can, so to speak, to reveal his cards. Now we give you more detail about these signs will tell.

We observe or come?

The representatives of the animal world is much easier. Males in every way to show your interest in a female: spreads its tail, publish menacing growl, sing songs and begin mating dances. It is obvious that even the shadow of a doubt, like me or not, the girl would not have arisen if such frank behavior on the part of Man, whether it is possible in reality. Yet men are showing their sympathy and interest in you, though not so openly. Signs need to learn how to catch these, identify and interpret correctly. For non-verbal body language can tell you even more than words, it will be announced.

How wonderful it would be if the answer to the question of whether he likes me or not like me, you could get to tell fortunes on camomile, coffee grounds, or has some similar method. All would greatly simplify. But such methods have shown to be ineffective, so it is not necessary to resort to them. They are useless and ineffective and will not be able to help us. Although women's intuition is developed strongly enough, and they talked to the man for some time, with confidence can say they are interested in him or not. But not everyone has such a talent!

If there is no strength and desire to solve the puzzle on the theme of "like me or do not like me," and you are a young lady in itself a confident and proactive, we can consider the following options: Do not beat around the bush and take, and ask a direct question. No wonder they say that even the negative result is useful. The experience can be invaluable to purchase. Time is not lost. Yes, and it is necessary to tune in to a positive. How many known cases when, after a direct question from the lips of a girl turned out that the guy has long been an active interest in her person. He likes you, but without understanding what he calls the emotions you are not at risk to come first. In addition, many guys like active girls. No need to prepare complex speech. Ask, "Do you like me? "It is enough to give a man a clear and precise response, which will draw a line under the uncertainty. If this method is not acceptable to you, we learn to observe.

 how to understand a guy likes you or not

Look him in the eye

Of course, the color of the eyes of a man who wanted to be like, it may be completely different. It is for us not to have any global significance. But for you to understand whether or not it has an interest in you, his eyes have to watch. When a man attractive lady, he looks at her and admires. Even if he is shy and embarrassed looks away, it inevitably attracts new look in your direction. Constantly crosses looks? You explicitly call it sympathy. His pupils begin to expand? You call it a certain desire, and this one says that you just do not care about him. In the view you can read a lot, do not forget about it!

I am the best

Mongers among men is not uncommon, but in great demand among the women, they do not enjoy. However, one should consider one thing. In order to trigger your interest, guy can start to talk about themselves all sorts of stories, showing its positive side. If you have no reason to suspect him of self-praise, and the stories really are real, then pause. Communicating with each other in general contributes to the convergence between the people and those who like us, we always try to tell about myself more than ordinary people.

It should also be said that, some telling points about yourself, a man will want to listen to you. If your communication is not in the mode of monologue, which broadcasts only he did not interrupt you when you start to talk about something, then she might think, "What an interesting conversationalist. So listen to me carefully. I told him, seems to like me. " And it will be right!


The man tells you nice words and notice even slight changes in hairstyle, make-up, manicure, clothes? There is no doubt - he likes you. We say compliments only those who we genuinely liked. Therefore, fewer thoughts about how he likes me or not, and more confidence. Make return the favor, let him know that his actions are pleasing to you. Watch just to see how it behaves with respect to the rest of the opposite sex. Duty and compliments neutral towards other women say that it is well-educated. To what immediately think that a guy by nature a Casanova. Thoughtful worth only if it does not compliments to make nice with his sincere words, but simply strives to fascinate all the females in their immediate surroundings. For such a man there is no difference between the women.


Actions - is a better indicator than words. There is less likely to make a mistake or take a friendly sympathy for romantic interest. When a man is interested in you (even if he is shy), he would find excuses to do for you something. For example, offer to drive you, even if you are not on the road. He will use every opportunity to be a necessary and useful to you. Colleagues who you like, do not refuse to help if you, for example, is at odds with office equipment, and will gladly help to understand it. Were treated to coffee or lunch together offer.

The guy who lives next door, can help to park, if he sees how hard you at first given control of the car. Yes, leave your phone number, saying at the same time, you can turn to him for help at any time. All these symptoms are not very significant, if they happened once or twice, but when a lot of them, it's a signal that it is better not to ignore.

 how to understand Do you guy

Own company

You already intimately familiar, sweet deal, but still your communication seem rather to friendly conversation. Romance is bypasses your side. Suddenly, a man invites you to his close circle of friends. It could be anything. Celebrate the birthday of someone from friends or your own birthday party. He invites you to stay in the game, where he will participate as a player, and then mark the event in some cozy establishment with the rest of the team. Any actions, clearly demonstrating its desire to expand the boundaries of communication between you, will only mean one thing - you are not indifferent to it.

The obvious and it is likely

"If he likes me, why he never tried to touch me? "- You think, and quite right. If a girl likes a guy, he tends to touch her. First, quite innocently, for example, shake hands in public transport and when crossing the road, descending the stairs. Then he will want to hug her, kiss her. Physical and physical manifestations of interest in relation to the lady who liked the man, just as natural as the rest of tokens. Undoubtedly, at first acquaintance, not every woman welcomed react to the fact that the guy on the first night wants to kiss her. But if the time comes, but he does not show his men's interest in you, it is a sad figure.

I have no more questions

Still, a sincere and genuine interest in two ways to interpret fail. If you like the man, he will give you to understand it all available to him in ways that he deems correct. With so as to not to frighten you with their pressure and initiative, and to provoke interest. Even today, feminism, which flourished, there were men who take the first step. When a representative of the stronger sex to meet you on the way, the question of whether he likes you or not, your head is not even visit. Because the answer will be obvious.

The main thing you need to do in this situation - to be myself, to take his attentions with pleasure as the most natural thing in the world. For men so happy to realize that his feelings are not unrequited, and he, too, like a lady. Often, we can get a signal that like us, when we ourselves are able to show it. It's no wonder they say - smile more often, someone might fall in love with your smile. So let it meant to the addressee, who do you like the most!

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