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What men like breasts? This is one of those issues that the matter discussed at the women's forums. It would seem that the answer is well-known: guys like female bust, and what it depends on the particular man. Nevertheless, he again and again excites many girls. Obviously, this question is given not out of idle curiosity. What makes them worry about their breasts and critically evaluate its size and shape?

Probably the fact that every girl is very great desire to be perfect and please men. Ironically, change their appearance it seems easier than to love yourself for what it is. Defined shape of the nose? This can be corrected with the help of plastic surgery. Insufficient slender waist? Do not worry, you can remove a few ribs. It would be desirable to have a lush seductive bust? You can sew silicone implants, and then all men will be at her feet.

In this article we are not going to condemn or approve of such radical solutions to improve the appearance and shape. Provided, of course, that she takes them on their own and for its own sake, rather than for someone else. For example, if you decide to increase the bust, it was only because she would prefer to do. It is quite another thing, if it is sewn implants, because the guy who cared about her, says that he prefers to the other breast size. In this situation, we would have advised her to think twice: the conclusion that the favorite guy does not appreciate it for what it is.

 what size breasts like men

Why men like women's breasts

Female bust has always attracted the attention of men, excite them, forced to desire and adore women. Someone even once joked that if I did not bust, women and men are more likely to make eye contact. There are many explanations for increased attention to women's breasts by males. If you ask men themselves, they will probably just shrug their shoulders, or get off the vague "because we do not have it." The scientists, psychologists believe that such reverent attitude to the female breast is laid from birth. For the newborn mother's breast (which is the chest itself, not its shape or size) is the most important thing in it so even her short life. It is a source of power, comfort and care. This is his first impressions and they remain forever in his subconscious, even though the actual memories of this period are erased.

It can serve as a logical explanation for the attractiveness of the chest for men. When they get older, the ability to caress and kiss the woman's breast is their proof that she, like many, many years ago, belongs only to them and no one else. That is why during a fleeting affair man pays so little attention to breast partner. But if he is serious about a relationship with a woman, he begins to literally deify her breasts.

Size matters?

As a rule, women with large breasts like lonely guys. At least they show such preferences in the company of other single men: the more "testosterone concentration" in the room, the more value they place on the size of the female breast. If someone starts to argue that breast size is not so important, the end of the evening it will still prove him wrong. This is the unwritten law of men: not to give each other doubt that the larger bust, the better it is. It's funny, but as soon as the guys get married, they immediately forget that once literally prayed to large breasts. Then they begin to say: bust size is not important, but love and understanding.

It says only that young people are not so fixated on the size of the female breast, as it may seem, if you believe the advertising and social stereotypes. Not to be unfounded, we present the findings of a sociological survey, which was attended by men of all ages and professions. Among other things, they were offered to answer the question of what breast size they prefer.

The figures speak for themselves: more than half (53%) chose the bust of a second size, while those who like a woman's breast large, was not so much - only 4% (with almost all of them made it clear that it It should be large "reasonable"). There were even connoisseurs of the "zero" of the bust. Often men added: they choose a breast size that would allow them to hold it in the palm. How often do you meet with these guys hands in which to fit the bust of Pamela Anderson? A third of all respondents stated that breast size is of secondary importance; for them the main thing - a beautiful shape. And - please! - "Own, natural" bust quoted much higher than silicon. In general, the men admitted that they are attracted to "nice", that is resilient and high bust.

So, forget what repeat advertising and men's magazines. It turns out that the size of the breast is for guys is not so important as all accustomed to thinking. Think of the women, too, like pictures of male models, slender, smart, with deliberately carelessly tousled hair and white teeth. But in reality, they married not go well for the Apollo. The shape of the bust, or rather its firmness and height - that is what should be paid attention to.

 some chest like men

Secrets of appeal

Breast shape depends on several factors. Firstly, it is, of course, defined genetically. Moreover, it is believed that it affects women and nationality. So, bust evropeek often rounded at the African women - pear-shaped, while the Asians - the conical shape of the bust. Secondly, age and lifestyle also affect what looks like a female bust. And if genetic factors affect national or is not possible, keep the young and attractive breasts afford every woman. Exercise, yoga or dancing help maintain breast muscle tone and prevent them droop. Sponging with cold water or douches will slow down skin aging.

Large or small, round or oblong - men like bust, because it underscores our femininity. There are no specific standards for a perfect bust. Any size or shape of the breast will find its admirers. You still interested in what breasts prefer men? Of course, the breast of the beloved!

 What size breasts like men?

 Do guys full of girls


  • The taste and color ...
  • Do boys plump girl?
  • People choose a man

Are you desperately trying to get his attention even for a second? I dreamed that he became interested in you as a person and not paying attention to your appearance? You're not alone - thousands of girls and women today are asking themselves the same question: Do the guys full of girls? And looking at the pages of glossy magazines with pictures of bikini hudyshek sad state that their own chances to win the heart of the chosen small. And all because of their shape does not fit the model framework, and the clothes they are caught, they think, mocking or sympathetic looks saleswomen.

And then begins a struggle with his own body. Strict diets, fasting days, exhausting workout in the gym ... And then what? Let us imagine the possible scenarios. So came the great day: the scales showed a treasured figure in your wardrobe clothes size S, and you're ready for a meeting with Prince Charming, for whom all this and was started. When was that? Half a year ago? Prince Charming in this time have already found a princess and now is not the tears from her eyes. Such treachery can survive only if it seize the chocolate cake. And another one ... and another ... and overweight, with which you said goodbye, seemingly forever, returned.

Or this version: all your efforts were to no avail. Damned kilograms if rooted to the thighs and waist and have no desire to leave. The guy that you like, still does not pay you any attention. You fell in spirit, and do not want anything. However, there is a sure way to cheer up - to eat chocolate cake. And another thing ... And more ...

Unfortunately, these developments are not uncommon. And all because you have become hostage to the stereotype of female beauty that emerged in modern society - "whether per kilogram lighter than the others." And also because, instead ask the guys if they like full of girls, you have answered that question. And - a mistake.

 full of guys like girls

The taste and color ...

You forget that people are different, their tastes, preferences and ideals. You're not surprised by the variety of culinary tastes? So why do you think that all the guys, without exception, should be like the scrawny girls? Have you never looked outside to couples in love - boy and a girl whose figure is far from the "ideal" parameters? Have you never seen the happy bride-fatties? Therefore, do not go on about the fictional conventions and to attribute their failures novels overweight.

Remember, a lot depends on the degree of completeness. A few "extra" kilos did not spoil her. On the contrary, they are often only adds to her charm and beauty. Too many young people are interested escort girls look with rounded shapes. Almost all men believe that for girls is important, rather, proportionality and harmony of the addition than thinness.

Do boys plump girl?

According to the observations psychologists, guys like girls that are easy and agreeable, from which emanate invisible fluids confidence and self irresistibility. Physical and figure in this case does not have any significance for them. In order to please men, first of all necessary to like itself. It is a truism, and you certainly do not hear it again. But have you ever thought of it? It is necessary to love yourself for who you are, stop nurture complexes about their appearance and do not limit yourself in communication.

Imagine yourself in the place of Man, to whom you have paid attention in the first place: a young girl with a cheerful smile and cheerful look or individuals with a sour expression on his face and haunted? If you engage in constant self-flagellation and behave as if you are a victim of their own appearance, very soon, and others will treat you the same way. Do boys plump girl? Yes, if they love and appreciate myself as a person!

A great way to gain confidence in themselves - is to enroll in a dance studio. It may seem surprising, but the dances have a stunning psychotherapeutic effect. For non-confident people, they are simply irreplaceable. Moving into the dance, you learn to control your body and gain good posture. Did you know that properly delivered back - is a powerful conductor of energy? We assure you, no one guy did not even look in the direction of lean hunched "beauty", if there is a girl with a flying light walk (even with imperfect forms).

A girl who knows how to move gracefully, can not worry about what young people like it or not: a girl just can not be unattractive. In addition, dancing - is a good way to tighten and "Loose" muscular corset, lose a few kilos, get rid of cellulite and therefore look slimmer. Do boys plump girl? Yes, if they are graceful and plastic!

Disadvantages exterior can hide clothing. Say "no" slinky topam and pants. Put aside the shapeless robes. It is necessary to emphasize its advantages: large breasts and exciting hip. If the stores you will not find the right outfit, you can refer to a good dressmaker and create beauty with her. Suppose you have to make an effort, but you should choose such clothes in which you look stunning. Do boys plump girl? Yes, if they know how to dress stylishly and present yourself!

 full of girls like guys

People choose a man

We will not prevaricate: cafes, restaurants, clubs and discos in the first place guys stop their gaze on the girls with a model figure. But this is only because they constantly see such an image on the pages of magazines and TV screens. They draw attention to something that used to; This is natural: they simply have not learned to see nothing different from all. However, over time, if she can not boast of anything other than the slim figure, the men begin to appreciate features such as cheerfulness, intelligence, good manners, kindness and self-esteem.

If the guy in his beloved only like good looks, think about whether you need a "godsend." In the end, judge a person by his appearance can only be emotionally immature people. It's so stupid - not love or despise someone just because of his looks and the figure does not correspond to the artificially imposed standards.

In addition, a certain percentage of men prefer it pyshechek that against the backdrop of anemic beauties with podiums look healthy, full of life and energy. Do not forget that in the subconscious of men laid the centuries-old stereotype: a plump woman can make, to give birth and bring up a healthy child (which is why a couple of centuries ago, no one would have looked at contemporary centerfold). For men, full girl looks very sexy. And if you still have not met a guy that does not mean that you do not ever meet. Just your time has not come yet.

Some girls are very fullness of like nature intended them that way. They are enchanting in its entirety. Lose a few kilos, these girls lose their charm and originality. And men, I must say, instinctively feel that "something", tayascheesya a woman. And if it loses its "flavor", she loses and male attention. The explanation to this phenomenon is quite simple: the fact that "pyshechek" produces more estrogen (hormone femininity) than their slender rivals. By the way, so full of girls are often more active and inventive in bed. And this can not but like men.

If you're still asking yourself, like you guys owner of magnificent forms, we can reassure you: yes, love. Do not forget to claim your own figure - is the result of prevailing in modern society anorexic fashion models, which looks so good designer clothing. But fashion is changing. Already, there are models with the parameters far from the cherished formula 90-60-90. Who knows, maybe in the near future, the fashion for thin persons will be held and they will look with envy at your rounded shapes. And - yes! - There is at night chocolate cakes to at least a little like you!

 Gentlemen prefer "donuts"