how to attract the love of Feng Shui


  • Preparatory stage
  • Activating the sector of love and marriage
  • Symbols of love according to Feng Shui
  • The materialization of desires
  • We equip the bedroom

What else the dream of every woman on this great planet, if not love? Unfortunately, it happens that this is a high sense of some unknown reasons, is late for us, is nonreciprocal or too timid, or perhaps we do interfere energy of love to break into our lives and stay there forever.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, in the first place our thoughts, faith and our actions can attract love, but some of the characters and attributes of Feng Shui only strengthen the magic attraction of Qi - the energy of love.
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Preparatory stage

So, what, according to feng shui, you need to do to let the house of love and keep it there for a long time? Everything is new and good begins with getting rid of old unwanted things, especially reminiscent of the "former", especially unpaired especially broken, splintered and damaged. Inspect your home, look in the closet, open mezzanine - how accumulated things that you do not need, and throw a pity! Give friends, give to the poor, just discard - you never even think about them anymore! Forgotten "former" slippers, shirt and other reminders of unrequited love throw things immediately, if you want to attract new love.

Reconsider interior 'stuff': paintings, statues, photographs - you should not have images of the odd characters. If this is the picture, let, for example, a man is with a woman. If this statue, such as the elephant, buy a second, and so on. Especially mercilessly dispose of dried flowers and curly flowers. Feng Shui deals with dried flowers as a symbol of a dead energy and curly specimens of plants are mostly passive yin energy.

 how to attract love feng shui
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Activating the sector of love and marriage

The next step to the target will love decoration sector for its successful activation. According to the "Compass School", the zone of love and marriage in feng shui is in the southwest of the apartment, and the "school form" gives love and marriage the far right corner of the room. Take away from this place items related to water: vases, aquarium, the image of water, air humidifier, etc. The energy of love is easy to put out the fire with water. But the sector is making out of marriage, use red elements. Hang a picture with the elements of fire and paste the appropriate wallpaper, bedding red napkin on the table and so on.

Feng Shui believes must hang Chinese lanterns or put in your innermost corner of two red candle, which certainly need to light in every new moon. Great will suspend two pairs of heart, and put the two figures ducks, swans, pigeons. You can also put a photo with her lover or just any photos of men magazine. All attributes should symbolize the unity of men and women and cause you have positive thoughts and emotions.

In the bedroom it is desirable to hang a picture of the lunar month and the track: according to Feng Shui, the energy of the moon help to attract a partner. A mirror in the bedroom should not reflect your bed, they go through your good fortune and love.
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Symbols of love according to Feng Shui

Of great importance are the symbols of love, which should be placed in the relevant area:

  • Peonies

These beautiful flowers are a very powerful talisman of love. In feng shui, we recommend lonely girl to hang paintings depicting peonies on it in front of the bedroom, but married women after forty years should be more careful with the choice of locations for the film. The activation energy of love in a man could push his grocery "on the side". So it's best not to hang a picture, and during the season to keep buying live peonies and put them in the living room.

  • Crystal Crystals

Crystal or glass crystals carry the energy of Mother Earth, placing them in the south-western sector of love, you will strengthen the involvement of stability, warmth and romance in your relationship. Feng shui recommends having a few crystals in different parts of the room; they can be rounded in the form of a pyramid or as a tree with leaves of the crystals. Keep clean crystals, for each month of this put them in a saline solution. Do you want your partner as often as possible to talk about feelings? Then the Light the crystals. Be sure to buy the house of your horoscope stones - is even more intensify the energy of the Earth-Mother.

  • Paired items

Paired symbols represent male and female. If you want to achieve harmony in their relationship, never brought into the house of individual objects. You presented a figure kitties? Tomorrow I buy a second figure, preferably a cat, and put together. Cooing doves, twin statues of men and women, hearts, two trees, two stars - it should personify love and a couple. Yin and Yang Feng Shui are integrated and can not exist without each other, as black without white.

  • "The music of wind"

Talisman Feng Shui - "music of the wind." It's best to buy a talisman in shades of pink and red hearts with pendants; ducts should be metal, and also covered with pink or red. He hung a talisman next to your photo, you can be sure of a powerful activation of Qi energy. However, couples in which there is harmony in the relationship, you should refrain from such "bells."

  • Veer

Veer is a very powerful and effective talisman of feng shui, which instantly activates the flow of positive energy, suppressing negativity and stagnation in the relationship. The larger the fan, the more efficient its energy.

It should be noted that the mascots and symbols of love a lot, so you can focus on one thing or multiple things at once. But not like the apartment semblance of Chinese feng shui shop, do not overload the subject of "the altar" of love. All mascots should be in harmony with each other and in any case not discordant.

 feng shui how to attract love
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The materialization of desires

This step is not just a formality, but certainly necessary, of course, if you really want to attract love into your home forever. But first, you should consider some facts.

First, the ancient teachings of feng shui does not share love and marriage, and puts them at the top of all other concepts. Think again if you are ready for what love and marriage - is not such an easy thing. This daily work to build a harmonious and prosperous relationship. Somewhere will have to give way somewhere settle, and sometimes will be such that will need to be firm. Falling in love with a man of his dignity, do not forget that he, like any other human, will manifest and disadvantages. And if you can not love him "with all the giblets" very soon your relationships fail. It is necessary to you? Be honest with yourself.

Secondly, Feng Shui is not magic, and attract a partner that you did not love, this teaching does not help you. And the guy had to fight off a rival - also not a task for feng shui. Bring into the house first got the man simply that he was there, you can yourself. But to achieve true harmony, gentle and mutual feelings attract to her house love in its highest sense - in that you contribute to the wise teachings of Feng Shui.

What do we do next? It begins the most defining stage - scoring their desires with the help of affirmations, and, no matter how sound corny, "the wording of the order." To do this, you must write a paper on the red positive thoughts, statements on the theme of love and marriage. For example, "I give and receive love easily and happily" or "I draw a deep relationship in my life," and the like. Fold the paper and put a note for your photo or image of your chosen one.

Next, another delicate point: you have to create and describe all the positive qualities that we would like to see in the future elect. Take your time, it may take more than one day. Something after deliberation might not seem so significant, and you strike out the item by adding something else: care, scrupulousness, generosity, or anything else.

Finally, decide on all points, proceed to the next step. So thoroughly and carefully make a list of the disadvantages of your chosen future that scare you the least. What are the qualities you are willing to put up for a long married life: carelessness, skuperdyaystve, forgetfulness? Take this list even more seriously, do not make any mistakes, which might later regret. Feng Shui does not analyze your cravings, but only contributes to the materialization of desires.

Having the two lists, write down in two columns on all the qualities of pink or red paper, roll into a tube, tie a pink ribbon and place it in your love sector of feng shui.

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We equip the bedroom

A special place feng shui bedroom and the places where there is also equipped with both your bed. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, the room should be a lot of light, wallpaper paste is preferable in pink and peach tones, it is possible even with elements of red. Do not place the dried flowers in the bedroom, try to avoid placing creepers your bed. Use pastel shades bedding and accessories here, on the contrary, pick bright juicy colors. The most important instruction of feng shui - on the bed should always be two pillows and one blanket.

Taking all of the above teachings teachings of Feng Shui, you can be sure that your home will love! Maybe not too fast, not tomorrow or the day after ... Be sure to wait and be open to love, but do not look at everyone you meet those characteristics, that you "ordered". Do not focus on marriage, enjoy life, and the universe will not leave you without attention!

 To attract the love of Feng Shui: Myth or Reality?