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He's the best, most beautiful and the most intelligent man in the world. He likes you, you're from him is just crazy! It gives you flowers and invites you to a romantic date. Which dress to wear? Or maybe jeans and a new top? And what do her hair? A manicure? And ... Stop! Come down to earth. It is just a fabulous dream. In reality, "your" guy does not even know that you are indifferent to him.

Maybe you are not resolute enough to take the initiative in their hands. Or a little bit old-fashioned and believe that the first step is to make the man. Or simply can not find the right words to let him know that you like him. Maybe there is some reason why you prefer to play hide and seek and hide their feelings. But, you know, the risk of playing hide and seek consists precisely in the fact that if you are too well hidden, you can never find. In other words, not daring to admit the guy in his sympathies, you risk losing him. Now you're at a loss: how to hint to the young man that you like him? There are several ways to do this. We will talk about them in this article, and you can choose the one that suits you more. And when will choose, act!
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Art subtle hint

Start with that figure out how a guy treats you - in that case if it is set against you, is unlikely to admit that you like him, he exactly react to all your hints are not the way you dream. If you have mutual friends, try to ask them, ask to give you advice on how best to conduct myself with him - outside view is often more objective. Well, if you often meet in one company - then you can begin to take more action. Try to stay close to him. If a young person does not feel aversion to you, it easily enables you to reduce the distance between you about half a meter.

Become an expert in non-verbal communication to understand whether a guy likes your company. First, learn to read body language. Upcoming pose (hands crossed on his chest or hidden behind the back) - this is a good sign: the chances that a guy will listen to your words, on the rise. Second, she is actively speak the language of the body. Avoid closed postures, as it may be unconsciously interpreted as a manifestation of self-doubt, distrust of the other party, or even aggression. Find an excuse to accidentally touch his arm or shoulder. This will allow you hint that you expect something more than just a friendly relationship.

When talking or accidental meetings with him (though he thinks random!) Smile. A sincere smile makes you want to smile back and uplifting. The friendliness and helpful attitude can work wonders: it will be a pleasure to be in your company and to communicate with you. And you show that happy and, by the way, you will have an excellent opportunity to tell him how you like his smile. Smile, even if you just make eye contact.

Try to make him a little compliment. It is not true that only women love with their ears. Men are also very partial to the recognition of their merits, even if they hide it well. But remember, do not have nothing flowery and intricate, nothing contrived and forced. Your compliments have to go from the heart, and the guy has to understand that. "You have a great sense of humor," "You're very becoming this sweater, you have a wonderful taste," "No one understands computers better than you", "It amazes me how much do you know about the movie" - if you are indifferent to it, the you can continue this list forever, because people that you like, always the most-most. Try not to go too far and not to praise him every five minutes on minor occasions: here even the most vain man may suspect that laughing at him. Stresses that you have a lot in common: say, for example: "I also like the black-and-white movie."

It would be nice if you got to turn your compliment in a very short conversation. For example, if you just praised his sweater, he probably would not know how to react. Try to strike up a conversation about the style of dress, and gradually let him know that you approve of its taste. Guys like to be praised (yes, they can be very conceited).

Flirt with him. Small flirting will make your relationship less formal. For example, if he was joking, laugh, but only if it is really a joke you like. Otherwise, just politely smile. You may from time to time to tease him a little bit, but with caution and tact, so as not to offend. Seeing him in the company of friends can waved. This will let him know that you distinguish it from the other guys. Do not worry, that he did not wave back, because he smiled at you? If you smile, then your innocent flirtation load.

Make him a small gift. Perhaps this idea will seem strange to you, but just imagine that you give a gift to your best friend or girlfriend. No matter what you decide to give, do not do this whole presentation: Say something like, "I accidentally saw it in the store and thought of you." Do not give anything extravagant or expensive. The gift should be small, the guy did not think that I must give you something in return. It would be better if you give him what he really likes - so he understands what you think about it and accept it for what it is.

Talking to his friends, mention that you like him. Of course, this can be risky because you can not predict how they will react to your honesty. They can begin to tease him or you can distort your words, when it would recount your conversation, or do not say anything to him. Therefore, resort to this method as a last resort. If you trust his friends, ask them to casually mention in conversation with him about your liking. But it is "accidentally", otherwise it will seem that you are driving him into a corner and demand to decide on your relationship. So, if you risknesh and his friends do not let you down, he learns about your feelings, and he will have to make a retaliatory move.

 as a hint to the guy that I like

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What if the guy does not understand hints

You've tried all ways to give the guy know you're indifferent to him, but nothing has changed? It seems that all your efforts wasted and its relation to you remains the same. In this case, no choice but to tell a guy straight out that you like him. It is better to dot the «i», than to bitterly regret his shyness or hesitation. But before you open them to all of their cards, answer the question, he did not really understand your hints or simply do not want to understand?

Unfortunately, it happens that the guy is much easier to pretend that he did not hint to reach than just tell a girl that she did not care. It's not very nice of him, since such behavior may give you hope that the relationship between you still can. And it may happen that he really does not understand what you're getting at. Alas, men can sometimes be surprisingly thick-skinned and insensitive to small women's tricks. In any case, it is possible to hint to infinity, but did not achieve. This means that you will have to openly express their feelings.

Even the most determined girl puzzled in such a situation and would not know what to do. In fact, you can not just walk up to him and stun him the recognition that you like him. The unexpectedness of it can not respond the way you want. It is better to once again call for help female tricks and approach to solving this problem as if you are the commander before the decisive battle.

Choose to call a convenient time and place. Next to you should not be strangers. Even if you are very nervous and think that the presence of her best friend will give you courage, do not ask her to help you. In this situation there will always be more than three. Either man will decide what you want to play a trick on him, or the girlfriend would intervene at the most inopportune moment. His friends, too bad for the witness of your conversation - in the company of other men, he may want to demonstrate your independence and may be a silly joke to offend you. So do not tempt fate: your confession just for him.

You both do not have to hurry. It is not necessary to talk about their feelings on the run. After all, this conversation is important for you, and let your young man, too, will understand. Smile! Open smile helps to create a friendly atmosphere and will help you gain confidence in yourself. Be sure to see the guy in the eye, if you want to let him know what your feelings are really serious. Start a conversation with some neutral subject and gradually move it over to the chief. Thoughtful discussions different scenarios and how you go over to his admission, depending on the development of the situation. Of course, there's a little bit of manipulation, but because in this case it does not harm anyone, so do not think you're doing with a guy dishonestly.

The following advice may seem ridiculous, but we still strongly recommend that you rehearse in front of a mirror advance their recognition. Imagine that you're an actress, and auditioned for the lead role in a film or theater production. Play with intonations and look, say the words "I like you" several times as long as you get used to how they sound. Be sure to think over her outfit: Do not wear too playful or overly strict. Your make-up should also look natural and not to detract from you.

To prepare for the possible reaction of the guy on your confession. It will be wonderful if he will answer that for you, too indifferent. But there is a probability that he will say that does not feel any sympathy for you. Do not forget about self-esteem is not satisfied with the fit and, of course, try not to tell a story of excess heat of the moment. It is important to save face and not let the guy no reason to think of you as unbalanced or exalted person. Believe me, then, thinking back to this conversation, you'll know that thanks to your reserve, you have nothing to reproach. Giving vent negative feelings, you only harm itself.

Of course, it does not rule out the possibility that the young man taken aback by surprise, especially if he did not notice your hints. Remember that from the confusion people may give out the most unexpected reactions. So add that you yourself a little worried: "The first time I say the guy that I was indifferent to him, and a little nervous, because I'm not sure that you like me." If he asks for a time out to reflect on your words, do not require an immediate response. Most likely, you also need some time to get the adrenaline subsided and emotions caused by your courageous recognition somewhat subsided. Give each other the opportunity.

If you're still desperately shy to tell the guy that you like him, eye to eye, we encourage you to write to him about it. Send a private message "VKontakte" or "Facebook". So you'll be less nervous, and he'll be able to think for a while before giving you an answer. The disadvantage of this method is that you have to wait for an answer, worrying and alternately moving from hope to despair. This can be a real challenge, especially if a young person is in no hurry to answer. The point is always better to dot, even if it is placed after the "Let's stay just friends."

 how to make it clear to the guy that I like

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If you do not know him personally

The most common story: you meet in one of social networks, emailing, share photos, but do not know each other in real life. Now on the internet dating is not uncommon, and there is no condemnation or misunderstanding. Moreover, some prefer this type of communication. How in such circumstances to hint a guy that you're indifferent to him?

It makes it a lot easier than in real life. Firstly, there is a modest to help the whole system of so-called "emoticons", whose main purpose - to reflect the emotions that you feel in the moment, and help your interlocutor better understand you. Community forums, chat rooms, ICQ and in social networks does not involve direct eye contact. Your interlocutor you can not see or hear as well as you can not see and can not hear it, so emoticons play the same role in a live speech played views, intonation, facial expressions, gestures, etc. If you want to give the guy understand what you are indifferent to him, it is possible, for example, put smayliki- "kisses" instead of the standard smaylikov- "smiles". The main thing is do not put them too often, otherwise the guy will get used to them and will no longer pay any attention to them.

In addition, dealing with a guy online, you can also take advantage of some of the above methods to express their sympathy for him. Compliments or flirtation will be as effective as in real life. You can, for example, send a postcard with the Internet playful inscription or to describe their ideal man, who - what a coincidence! - As if copied from your interlocutor. It is possible in their status in the social network, insert the words of the song Anna Herman "And I like it-like-like ..." and then playful allusions to answer his question, to whom exactly are you so indifferent that it was ready to shout it to the whole world. For flirting, witty jokes and fun emoticons to talk (or rather, to correspond) with you is becoming more interesting and enjoyable.

Internet requires a free, relaxed and uninhibited style of communication. As a rule, write the guy something like "I like you more and more like you" or "I like to talk to you" psychologically easier than in real life. After all, if you would think that something goes wrong, you can simply disconnect from the network, or to pretend that the young man you misunderstood. Corresponded with a guy in a network can be infinitely long, but if you really like it, sooner or later have to translate the chat to another level: to make it clear that you do not mind to meet him. Most likely, he will agree, especially if it is correctly decoded all your hints.

On the other hand, in this situation, there are pitfalls. Friends in the network, we must not forget that your interlocutor can be anything and be anything. Nothing complicated to fill in the questionnaire invented data or to someone else's photo, no. In other words, the network can be any person and play any role. To understand who is who, quite difficult. Do not forget that the Internet has long been chosen by so-called pikaper to start any non-committal dating. Fascinate her and force her to admit that she likes him, it does not make for pikapera no difficulty. And what is the result? Broken heart, the feeling that you were betrayed, and loss of confidence in other young people.

It is no secret that women often make the same common mistake: they invent your ideal guy. They think that their online friend is able to understand them like no one else, he is intelligent, resourceful and witty. Without even noticing, they give him all the good qualities, whether they like it more and more, and eventually they fall in love with him. But he can not live up to your expectations and disappointed after the meeting in real life: it is possible that knowledge of the movie, so admired you, he drew from Wikipedia, and a little "worked" on his smile in the photo in Photoshop. To this we must be ready.

 how to make it clear that the guy you like him
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A few more tips

Remember the feeling of a measure is not replayed. Do not go too far, trying to get in his personal space, if you do not want to, he thought you were stalking him. Do not make a tragedy if it does not respond to your affection. In the end, it is - our life, and there's always a lot of separation, which is sure to come in for a new meeting.

Love yourself and accept yourself for who you are.