romantic gift on the anniversary of her husband


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Many believe that family life newlyweds every year becomes more and more boring and monotonous. The reason for this becomes a way of life, financial problems, troubles associated with raising children. But as you want to return the fairy tale, which was like to live together in the first year after the wedding. Perhaps that is why mankind has invented, that the anniversary of the wedding should be a special day for the couple. That same day, between husband and wife again, she skips the spark that allowed them to be together. Well, what holiday without gifts?

Sometimes it is very difficult to determine at what to cook surprise your loved one on your wedding anniversary.

Undoubtedly, every woman wants to give her husband something quite extraordinary, is, that there were no others.

Of course, this is a very difficult task, because the girl to make a gift is much easier - there are so many beautiful, useful and interesting things that can please her. But the choice of a surprise for her husband many of us leads to a deadlock. Therefore, some women are limited to verbal greetings. Others spend weeks preparing a gift, because they want to do something really incredible to have their wedding never forgotten. Among the myriad variety of gifts and souvenirs so you want to choose the one that is most like the beloved and dear person. In fact, no matter what you give to her husband on the anniversary of your relationship - important as this surprise will be served.
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Erotic option

Every woman knows that men often visit the erotic fantasies, which often do not coincide with the chastity of their wives. But wedding anniversary can make an exception. Try to remind her husband how beautiful you were on the day of the wedding. Meet him at the beautiful snow white lace lingerie and a veil that was on your wedding day. Do not forget about a romantic dinner. Let the table will be decorated with white roses and wedding candles, and champagne by the glass foams. Your man sure to remember what you were before, and the new notes in your way on the anniversary only strengthen his confidence in the fact that his wife is the most charming and attractive.

 a pleasant surprise on the anniversary of her husband
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Extreme option

This is probably the most unusual surprise that you can do on your wedding anniversary husband. In this case, you can meet her husband after work and offer him a mysterious trip to the country. The main thing is not to tell him exactly where you want him to go. You can even ask him to be blindfolded not to see the way. Take him to the airfield, if in the vicinity of your town has a flying club, and there tell him that you want to mark the date of your jumps. Congratulations, it is desirable to think in advance to avoid confusion with the greeting in their thoughts.

In his speech, think about how your relationship originated, he decided to make you an offer. Can you compare your family life with that jump. However, do not forget to add that in this anniversary you trust him themselves and their lives as well as in the year when you combine the knot. Of course, this option is suitable only if you are not afraid to jump, since it will have to make sure two of them. To be confident, visit a couple of sessions in advance at the flying club.
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Comic-romantic option

Arrange husband romantic evening, which told him that all the time lived with you, he will take tests on family life, and you were his examiner. Depending on the years lived together, come up with humorous names of objects, to settle on which you have already put it. Remind about those things that he would have to hand over to the next wedding anniversary.

This option can vary, making the beloved original gift that will surprise and it will be an occasion for pride and good humor. As such, you can use a souvenir gift with a fun pattern that will characterize your husband. You can also order in the studio with a funny figure depicted in her scene from your family life.

 husband romantic surprise
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Romantic retro options

Remember the saying that every man should plant a tree, build a house and raise a son, and then use these words to make a surprise to her husband. This option is most suited to couples celebrating first wedding anniversary. Give her husband to the place where you first met (kissed a declaration of love) and handed him a shovel and a sapling tree. Ask him to plant this tree, and let it grow with each year you lived together. It is a tree of your love. And each subsequent anniversary of you will come to this place and remember how it all began, and make a wish to live more than a year in love and harmony.

Remember how not so long ago it was fashionable to greet relatives and friends, giving an advertisement in the newspaper. You can also use this method. Look closely to what your husband reads the newspaper more often and make the romantic greeting with your wedding photos in the edition of the newspaper. In addition to joy, your husband will test even the pride of this surprise, because for sure, and many of his friends see this greeting.

If your man is quite conservative and does not like surprises, you can teach him a memorable gift. For example, fulfill his deepest wish and give him the thing that he had long dreamed of, but could not buy it himself. As a gift, perfect for a good book, but it is, of course, assuming that your husband likes to read. Presented it in a beautiful holiday package, which can be ordered at the bookstore.

A great gift would be a family membership to a gym or a diving club. This is your gift will be not only pleasant but also useful.

Gift husband that day can be anything. No matter big or small it is. The most important thing - to give him heartily. A loving man will appreciate even the simplest trinket, the main thing - that gave it a lovely woman.

 Prepare a surprise favorite wedding anniversary

 Sleep posture for lovers


  • Pose for sleeping "face to face"
  • Pose for a dream "the arms of the rear" or "spoon"
  • Pose security and trust
  • Pose for a dream "love knots"
  • Pose for a dream "back to back"

The human dream - one of the most interesting and mysterious phenomena. The fact that it is, there is debate over hundreds and thousands of years. Window in parallel worlds, journey through distant galaxies, memories of past lives or play of our subconscious? The unequivocal answer is still not there. However, despite the fact that humanity is not able to explain the nature of dreams, people have long noticed that dreams are tightly linked to our reality. How often, falling into the abyss of sleep, we do things that are afraid in this life. We see our future, which has already dreamed of visiting places that were not yet, but would like to visit.

Dreams - a clear continuation of our life, why psychologists say that they can tell a lot about a person, his character and behavior.

Without going into the abyss of dreams, we focus on the external manifestation - poses sleep sleep. And not just a lone, curled up man, let's talk about the two lovers sleeping posture. And they can tell us a lot of secrets!
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Pose for sleeping "face to face"

This position is the most open and emotional. Legs partners may be twisted or straightened, cuddle and make contact bodies lying literally nose to nose. This posture is typical for young couples, passionate lovers when relations so sharp that it seems unbearable to leave even for a moment. The disadvantage of this position, as a rule, does not prevent the pair sleep and wake in each other's arms.

 Sleep posture "spoon"
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Pose for a dream "the arms of the rear" or "spoon"

Imagine a gift set of cutlery. Spoons are in it sideways, one after the other. That is, according to psychologists, is sleeping very large number of couples. This posture is very eloquent. Lovers sleeping, huddled close, but not interfering with each other. One of the pair, who lies behind, and is usually a man posing for its second half a feeling of warmth and harmony.

Sleeping ahead - usually the owner of a softer character, a man capable of greater to give than to take, preferring to give than to argue. If the "spoon" during sleep are swapped without changing the essence of posture, it means full equality and harmony in your couple. According to experts, "hug from behind" - is one of the sexiest, but at the same time soothing postures for sleep.
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Pose security and trust

This position is even more fondly referred to as "under the wing", considering the most romantic. The partner is sleeping on his back, hugging and hugging her partner lying on her side, her head on his shoulder. An open posture man speaks of his dedication, gentle attraction and permission to doze on his shoulder - a willingness to support and protect his mate from all ills of the world.

Pose woman shows a high degree of confidence in your partner, tranquility and peace with him. However, if the partner is lying on his stomach with his arms around the sleeping man hand, slightly modifying a pose, it shows her jealous if she protects her mate from invisible opponents, even in a dream.
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Pose for a dream "love knots"

The characteristic of this position is to chaotic interweaving of arms and legs during sleep lovers. The complex of these postures is common among ardent, impressionable, emotional people. During the night they often tossing and turning, are woven into a new love nodules without disturbing the sleeping side by side, but on the contrary, adjusting to each other somewhere in the subconscious level. Such pairs as if fused roots of trees are very attached to its second half.

 posture of sleep back to back
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Pose for a dream "back to back"

Poses described as "back to back", can be very different. In one embodiment, when the lovers sleep, adjoined backs, there is nothing wrong - just sleeping next to people define for themselves the most comfortable body position during sleep. As a rule, it is a self-contained, to the best of independent and self-confident people. In doing so they not cold and distant from each other, even at night because they support the overall "border", keeping the touch point of the spin and feeling the warmth of his partner.

However, the situation becomes completely different when it comes to couples sleeping literally on the opposite side of the bed, increasing the distance from each other to the maximum possible. During sleep, the partners like yawning abyss. You did not notice that, quarreled with her lover, and bringing your total offense in the bed, you drive on the edge, or turn away to face the wall? If this position is random, there is no cause for alarm. For each pair of bad days, conflicts, quarrels, misunderstanding.

Yet if this posture for sleep has not been characterized at an earlier stage of your relationship, as your constant personal touch, and has appeared in recent years and continues to be in your life, it is worth considering. If you wake up every day, turning away from your spouse or lover, as he did to you, but the distance between your backs dramatically increases with each night, threatening to turn the bed in half, is your relationship to cast a new look. Perhaps, by analyzing mutual claims and grievances are silenced, you can again sweet sleep in each other's arms.

In conclusion, I would like to mention just one caveat. Remember, a dream - it is an ephemeral matter, a fine line waking and unconscious, light and darkness, present and future. So, of course, can not be taken as a given indications that give us the interpretation. Decryption keys sleeping lovers - it's just kind of a psychological portrait relations and psychology, as you know, science is thin and non-straight.   What is good for some couples, does not mean the same for others. Everyone - the personality, with its own characteristics, and sentiment, to say nothing of the loving couple. Use the knowledge of the good, and do not dwell on the negative indicators. Pose for sleep can be your indicator to identify the problems and not the reason for empty tears. The main thing is to love one another and sleep sweet!

 The poses in which the lovers are sleeping, and their interpretation