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  • Do not get depressed
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Poets and writers from different eras praised eternal love in the books, the band - the songs, the actors - in the movies. However, the eternal love of the books found in the life of all the rarer. Increasingly, the relationship that at first seemed promising, suddenly end parting. People are less likely to appreciate each other, I do not want to work on the relationship. And the reason for separation may be many: do not get along, too different, the difference in age, social status and so on. D. And immediately the question arises, how to survive the separation from a loved one.

 Take all of your free time by different hobbies
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Do not get depressed

To answer the question of how to survive the separation from the former should learn a few rules. First of all, do not panic, depressed, withdraw into themselves. Yes, this period will be difficult, especially at first. Of course, you can cry, to express all the loved one, a friend, a friend said all that disturbs the soul. Once you can feel sorry for yourself, cry enough, but do not be in this state for a long time. Otherwise, you can make yourself worse - to break the psyche, spoil the nerves.

To this deplorable depressive period has passed quickly, simply switch to something else. For example, you can withdraw completely into work, in school, engage in self-improvement, to learn a foreign language, learn a new profession, pass any courses. Anything, as long as it is fully engaged and on what not distracted.

You can, on the contrary, to arrange a vacation, holiday. You can gather your friends, take a trip to another city, country. No matter where the main thing - to change the situation, to catch new experience.

After such a holiday should tell yourself that begins a new life ahead will be new love, new relationships, new emotions, joy, happiness.

The main thing is not to hold a grudge against a former lover. First, you need to let go of it, and thank you for all the moments that he has presented, to say thank you for what gave happiness and love. Secondly, it is important to understand that just did not want the heavens to the relationship continued, means and necessary. This means that in future there will be a person who really give happiness, love.

You can do themselves, psychologists say that the way a man is easier to recover after breaking up. It is recommended to work out, you can change the hairstyle, clothing style. Changing the image of a man mind starting a new life.

After leaving the girls like to watch movies about love, listening to love songs, crying while watching and listening. Doing so is not recommended, it only exacerbates the situation, as emerges again loneliness, uselessness. If you want to get out of depression, watching romantic movies is undesirable. It is better to see with friends comedy, laugh heartily.

 do not fall into depression
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Start a new life

Most people who have been abandoned, they want revenge. Finds a partner, tie a relationship with them, but in the end cast and with a sense of satisfaction go. It is important to understand that in this way can not get revenge on a former boyfriend or girlfriend, but just to play other people's feelings is cruel.

If the heart does not want to let go of a loved one, if the former always represented the ideal man, the most delicate, beautiful, unique and loved ones - it does not matter. Of course, it was so, but that he had and disadvantages. Maybe he was joking like that stupid, can you for all insulted, hurt, brought to tears, did not have a style of clothing, did something terrible that you are repelled by it. Of course it was. You just have to think about it often, that everything inside you repelled by the former. If, after this session, you will be pleased, even from what you have left, it's good. The main thing is to know what lies ahead will be the true love with another man, he is sure there will soon, very very soon.

After parting should not be afraid to be alone. Friends can not be always with you family too. They also have their problems, their partners, family. No need to be selfish and to require that you have always been around and supported the family. Being one does not need to think about breaking off relations. Do not look for a cons. If you look for them, will develop complexes. You can make some unusual dish, the cooking process is completely distract from the sad thoughts. You can make spring cleaning the house, disassemble your wardrobe, to find a specific hobby, such as knitting, embroidery, assembling puzzles. Turn on the music, funny, moving, moving under her, dance, sing songs. Even though it would seem foolish not to think about it, because no one sees.

These tips will help you when it is not known how to survive the separation from a loved one. Even if they will be quite difficult to perform, yet you need to make myself, and as a result you'll be thankful for the fact that vseslozhilos just so and not otherwise.

 How will survive the separation

 Crystal Wedding


  • Organization of holiday
  • Gifts for your favorite
  • Gifts for your favorite
  • Help visitors in choosing a gift

Only recently sounded the final phrase, "Now you are the husband and wife", shouts of "bitter" newlyweds, and now 15 years have passed from the date of the wedding. This number tells us adolescence family when childhood is already crossed the border, but are not yet adults. There is still waiting for unexplored and undiscovered pages of the Family Code. After graduating from elementary school family relationships and responsibilities of remembering his wife and husband, "it's time to move on to a serious practice. In people, the fifteenth anniversary of living together - a glass or crystal wedding. And all this thanks to the same transparency, beauty, and, unfortunately, the same fragility inherent love and understanding. Family happiness, like a glass glass can easily break. However, this anniversary represents the clarity and purity of family relations.

Crystal - brilliant, call, clean and transparent. He is stronger than glass and break it down is not easy, so the couple, who were able to save a marriage during that period, can be proud of strong feelings and his family.

But we should not forget that the crystal can still be broken, and therefore family relationships should be, as before, tender and gentle.

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Organization of holiday

Fifteen years - anniversary, worthy to him in honor of the guests at the table together. Invite witnesses wedding, best friends, relatives. On the anniversary of the children and let them come, they are symbols of continuing life, family and joy. Traditionally, the holiday table put the dishes made of glass and crystal. "Wash" legs "bride" family needs crystal. The room can be decorated with congratulatory comic posters, balloons and a variety of tips for heroes of the occasion.

 Gifts for the anniversary
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Gifts for your favorite

What a gift for an anniversary to choose a favorite? Before you go to the store, you need to think a little bit. As the anniversary of the "Crystal-Glass", that means you can give something from these materials. Use your creativity, the best gift for an anniversary - one that is made with their own hands. Recall of Salvador Dali, in his paintings, he painted his wife in different ways. Do you picture tamp colored glass and place it on any track dosochki (possible kitchen) and the important words "I love you." Do not be afraid, it may be difficult to get out - if done with love, all the necessary work, create and go for it, and you will succeed!

Even women like when they are presented with bouquets. But we have a glass anniversary, so you can make a bouquet of smells. Buy a few bottles of perfume with flavors that appeal to your wife. Or give casket, and in it the ring with stones. You can also pay attention to the decoration of Murano and Venetian glass, they were worn by royal and aristocratic families of Europe. These ornaments have been known for more than half a century. And of course, when you give a gift, declaration of love.
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Gifts for your favorite

What to give the favorite for an anniversary? A great gift would be the song "subject in the subject." Assume bottle, and inside it - the machine or vehicle. The ship - the symbol "family swim across the expanses of life." Her husband - the captain, standing at the helm! If your husband like cars, the perfect crystal painting of the famous automobile brand mark, it will symbolize a wish fulfillment in the future. As a token of love you can give a crystal heart filled with pleasant balm. Or make a gift with their own hands, razrisuy ordinary bottle stained glass paint or decorate it with pebbles, shells and so on. D. Get creative and get your gift unique, energy-filled love.

 an example of crystal gift from the guest
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Help visitors in choosing a gift

Invited guests received and they also thought about gifts. Present on this anniversary is better to pick with meaning. Products from crystal hinted that the family relationships maintain clarity and transparency. It is possible that the gift reflects your desire to spouses. For example, a plate with the image of the landscape of any country can symbolize a wish for a joint vacation, strengthens the bonds of love. Chandelier - symbolizes the wish that the house was always light. Candle in the shape of doves to symbolize a romantic evening, the candle flame brings into our lives a special mystique and charm. Crystal vase for fruits can also be attributed to a romantic gift.

Crystal wedding - a grand anniversary, to be celebrated so that then gladly remember these happy moments.   Let the memory of every guest's stay fun, laughter, smiles and your family's willingness to share their happy experience with friends and family.

 Crystal wedding or fifteen-year anniversary of living together