50 years of marriage


  • How to celebrate this holiday
  • Golden wedding: customs and traditions
  • What kind of gifts to give
  • How to celebrate their golden wedding in other countries

Golden wedding - a timid and a rare holiday, because it is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of living together in marriage! How many experienced, children have grown up, so that there children and grandchildren are already big. The couple holds together is not love, respect and understanding, and something more, we do not know.

If your parents have reached this exciting numbers together, give them a holiday, they just deserve it!
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How to celebrate this holiday

The celebration of the anniversary of marriage can take place in different ways, depending on the physical condition of the heroes of the occasion. After all, if they have lived together for 50 years, it means that they themselves no less than 70. We proceed from the fact that your parents are in good health.

The celebration of the golden wedding is better to organize a home than in a restaurant. You will be easier to remove the restaurant, but our parents are a different generation, they are not accustomed to this. So will feel awkward. Invite all the family members, relatives and old friends of your parents. They will be pleased to share this holiday with loving people. Ask family and friends who were at the wedding of your parents, prepare in advance and remember some interesting moments that have occurred on this day.

Cover the table, decorate it in gold tones. Do not forget to decorate the apartment. The house should be festive atmosphere!

Prepare in advance music, toasts, congratulations. Children can learn a touching birthday poems. Let every member of the family will remember some funny family history, an interesting event. Fill the day with bright memories. Let your parents know that they lived together 50 years, not in vain, that their children had a happy childhood, that the grandchildren are proud of them.

If it so happened that the health of your parents and their sums not allow a feast for the whole world, then just give parents their full attention.

Show them that you love them and they are very expensive. Presented them with some nice memorable gift.

 celebration at the golden wedding
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Golden wedding: customs and traditions

The most common practice - the exchange of golden rings. It is believed that after 50 years of marriage, heroes of the occasion must pass their wedding rings children or grandchildren as a family heirloom, and to put themselves on each other's finger new gold rings.

Another nice tradition: daughter should wear a shawl on the shoulders of the mother associated with threads of gold color with their hands. However, it should be transmitted to thank her for wisdom, for what was always there.

Well, and the most timid tradition - the dance of the "young". Prepare in advance a slow lyrical music, the one who evokes pleasant memories with your parents. Guests join hands and stand in a circle, and the husband and wife dancing a slow dance. At the end of the dance couple showered with "gold" - serpentine foil, tinsel, special plastic golden coins.

 a symbolic gift to their golden wedding
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What kind of gifts to give

It is obvious that in this day it is logical to give a product of gold. Parents gave gold rings, which they will exchange. It can be on the rings engraved with their wedding date, names, or some symbolic phrase for them. You can give a variety of ornaments from the precious metal. If parents do not wear jewelry, a good gift would be plated service.

Good and appropriate gifts: watches, paintings.

But the most pleasant gift for the elderly - is emotion . Make a large wall newspaper with photos. It is unlikely that your parents have wedding pictures, but you can on the newspaper to portray their life together, all the important events that have occurred in your family. And for many years they had accumulated a lot!

If your parents are cheerful and in good physical shape, you can give them a trip to some holiday home. Changing the situation is favorable for everyone, but for the elderly even more so.
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How to celebrate their golden wedding in other countries

If you want to diversify the celebration, you can learn how to golden wedding celebrated in other nations.

In the Catholic tradition, "the couple" may repeat your wedding day to marry again in the church and take an oath of allegiance. If your parents are not married, you can invite them to get married on the day of his golden wedding. And even when, if not now?

In some countries, the golden wedding is celebrated in the same way as a normal wedding. Organized magnificent triumph, "bride" wears a white dress. If your intention is to organize a celebration, be sure to ask your parents' permission and advice. Still, it's their holiday.

 50 years of marriage - tremulous date!

 beautiful gift to the groom


  • Original gift from the bride
  • The best gift to the groom
  • Traditional gift from the bride to the groom

Wedding - a landmark event in the life and memorable. you met the elect, beloved and only for life, and decided to tie the knot with him. And behind have a long road of preparation for the solemn event: appointed historic day, booked the venue and host selected, bought rings and wedding gowns, in store the necessary accessories for interior decoration and tuple. It would seem that all issues have been resolved. Do not forget that there was one problem - the gift. We must decide what to give to the groom by the bride at a wedding. Select a gift from the bride to the groom's not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

At the wedding you always want to give something special, unique and unforgettable. Although, in addition to the original, gifts may be optimal or even traditional.

 examples of gifts to the groom at a wedding a tablet

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Original gift from the bride

If you remember the wedding calendar, the event itself is considered a green wedding and hence can give an original gift to the green. In this case, the most appropriate would be a dwarf green tree bonsai. Bonsai tree - a plant that requires some care, but certainly a very beautiful and original. With some experience you can grow at home, even flowering dwarf trees.

For some, bonsai and care may seem too difficult, then fit any home perennial. The flower should have a decorative look and a green coloring. Pot plants for any bride can decorate in advance using mosaics, decoupage or other methods of decoration.

The topic will gift Topiary - "tree of happiness", made by the hands. Do not forget the green wood, the material can serve as green coffee, green dollar bills and the like. Topiary as a gift for a wedding beautiful and symbolic. Do not forget to complement the gift romantic poetic congratulation or a wish of happiness.

Original gift - any object with a picture of the bride, the groom presented at the wedding. This can be a textile, a beautiful wine glasses, decanters, beer mugs, plates, clocks, dolls. The choice is desirable to harmonize with the taste and inclinations of her future husband. The main point is that the image and, therefore, his own wife, will always be there.

Sure like the groom (and all the guests) anti-stress mini pear. This gift can be packaged exotic, beat humor and escort, for example, a small quatrain his own.

 a gift from the bride to the groom after celebrations

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The best gift to the groom

The best gift for the wedding will be a statuette symbolizing love and marriage - a pair of doves, angels or ducks (symbol of Feng Shui). In addition, the beautiful and expensive cuff links, an exclusive pen, electronic diary is always considered a classic gifts for men.

The ideal would be that prepodnosheniem thing that dreams of your future spouse. It can be quite practical and functional. The main highlight of this event will be the packaging, beautiful, neat, bright, creative. It's all depends on the imagination and material possibilities.

A good gift from the bride is considered to be pre-prepared and arranged the album's wishes, in which the first written wish of the future wife's hand, and the rest will be supplemented during the celebration. Continue recording is possible, starting with the groom, and then his congratulations, admiration and wishes write down all the other relatives and invitees. The album is desirable to provide attachment sites of greeting cards and telegrams.

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Traditional gift from the bride to the groom

It is sad, but the traditional gift that a bride in Russia gave the groom at a wedding in our time is uncommon. But in earlier times, to show their best qualities as a future mistress of the house, the young wife gave a full set of clothes sewn by hand. To revive the ancient tradition, you can buy ready-made clothes, but fabric should be required to linen or cotton.

In response, the groom gave the bride a ring always and wedding dress. You can beat a gift in the traditions of other nations, for example, in Hungary, the bride gives the groom 3 or 7 handkerchiefs, and he told her - a bag of coins. On kerchiefs future wife in advance embroider initials, names or hearts. This ritual exchange of gifts, it is desirable to carry out a bit of humor to everything was exciting and fun.

In any case, traditional - it is a gift made with your own hands, any handicrafts bride, groom designed. This item contains the light and warmth of the hands of the heart, love and hard to prove intent to always be "in sorrow and in joy." Whatever gift bride choose her groom at the wedding, he will be happy and grateful for the attention and kind words to accompany this wonderful gift.

 What to give the bride her future husband at the wedding?