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Wedding - is a critical stage in the life of any woman. Remember how happy you were when standing before the altar in her wedding dress. Remember that emotions overwhelm you, what thoughts were spinning in his head. And how nice to go through all these moments again. This unique opportunity to give the old folk traditions. It is no secret that happy families to celebrate the anniversary of weddings. Each of them has its own special name and its unique traditions and rules of celebration.

Here we talk about agate wedding, which was celebrated fourteen years after the wedding. If after this time your feelings are still fresh, and love has not died away, you can be sure your marriage is not just a success - it is a truly happy one. 14 years of marriage - is a significant date, that must be noted.

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Features holiday

Wedding anniversary, which is celebrated after 14 years of marriage, called agate purpose. As is known, agate - a semiprecious stone. And the timing of your family life has not yet become a precious, but already almost reached this stage cherished. There are very few. Agate - a stone which symbolizes longevity and good health. They are the main wishes for the agate wedding.

Another great tradition that exists for agate wedding is divination. Vorozhba all made by the same agate. This is done very simply. you take a spouse agate stone. Be sure to take him along - so the stone will give your energy. Tune in each other's thoughts and look closely to the stone. What do you see in his curlicue? Spouses should see the same pattern. It will symbolize mutual understanding and close spiritual connection between you.

It does not matter what you see in the agate in the fortunetelling. What matters is that what he saw was the same for each of you. However, let's also take a closer look, that the folk tradition says about what he saw in the stone. If you have noticed there is a path or a road, you will soon be in the way, in a pleasant journey to overseas countries. If you fancied in fractures agate any animals: insect, animal or bird - you'll be a long time careless in their relationship. Well, a rose or some other lovely flower, you have seen in the agate, foreshadows some future event that is sure to make you happy.

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Feast and gifts for wedding agate

Celebrated this anniversary in a homely atmosphere . Popular tradition for large-scale releases of fun just round dates. So in a year you will be able to thoroughly enjoy themselves. In the meantime, collect the closest people who are your children and their parents and arrange a small family night with the story funny and romantic stories from your life. If you know people who can safely be called friends of the family, and then Call. The main thing that you have been with them comfortable and cozy, and the atmosphere of the celebration was the home and relaxed. This anniversary does not tolerate fuss.

What else has the tradition of this anniversary?

Chief among them - it presents. The couple in this day exchanged presents, which are made of agate.

It can be anything: and earrings, and pendants, and bracelets, and cute trinkets. The main thing that the gifts were presented by pure loving heart. Similarly, close friends of the family shall be obliged to make gifts on this day heroes of the occasion. And also, of course, made of agate.

Now that you know how to celebrate a wedding agate. Take your time, think about lived years, tell visitors interesting romantic story of his life. The relaxed atmosphere will tell their children the story of how you met. This holiday memories and hopes. And these hopes are backed by 14 years of life together. Make this anniversary recalls with warmth and affection.

 14 years of marriage - a considerable period

 12 years of marriage


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Do you still remember how to Mendelssohn's march sounded as worried bride cried like a mother? Do you remember what the weather was on the day of your wedding, as the sun shone like blazing all around? If you suddenly forget urgently recalled because soon you will be congratulated on the anniversary of the wedding - 12 years.

If someone thinks that the twelfth anniversary of the family life is not an anniversary, he is seriously mistaken. No wonder the wedding was called nickel. Did you know that in ancient times was considered a precious metal, nickel, along with silver and gold?

And if we remember that many recommend not to celebrate 12 and 12 and a half years of marriage, it becomes clear that the nickel wedding - that's half the silver and gold a quarter, which means that the holiday can not get away.

 celebrating 12 years of marriage
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Features holiday

No matter when you celebrate this date, 12 or 12 and a half years, no matter how you plan it solemnly noted, there are rules that you must observe in order to nickel wedding could over time develop into silver.

What has changed in your life during the time that has elapsed since the wedding? First of all, change your status: you are not the bride and groom, and the husband and wife and, most likely, you have Mom and Dad, so it is not unreasonable to attract children to prepare for the family holiday. The more holidays in the family, the stronger the family, and the children love the holidays as much as their parents.

The name of any wedding anniversary carries some meaning. Nickel wedding is no exception. If anyone knows, nickel - one of the most brilliant metals. What does this mean? The fact that your relationship to this day should be as shiny as the day of the wedding.

What if it is not? Remember that you gave to the wedding. Most likely, the gifts were among cups, plates, pots, etc. You do not throw a plate or pan, if it lost its luster? A good hostess could restore the pristine purity of any thing. And what could be more important than your relationship with her husband?

In addition, nickel - one of the most hardy and resistant metals. Your marriage to this point has experienced a lot of difficulties. You learned to tolerate each other, you have experienced a falling out with the mother-in-law, and finally, you raised wonderful children, and all that was given to you is not easy. But if you have coped with all this, you deserve a nickel wedding!

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Tips for celebration

Take a walk in the day to the places where you were on your wedding day, take a photo at the same sites, go to the same restaurant, even a cup of coffee. Just do not forget your family grew, so be sure to bring your children.

What to give a nickel to a wedding? A good gift to be any product of nickel, from pots to jewelry, a chandelier or a candlestick. The choice is large and diverse.

Perhaps you do not plan to celebrate this anniversary in an expensive restaurant, but it's for the better. Do you have a great time to invite guests for the people close to you, surprise in-law with his culinary talents to prove girlfriend, your husband - a model family man, and show children what should be a happy family.

It is the way the table will look cupronickel cutlery and tea to put on the table, polished to a shine samovar.

And when the guests disperse, asleep tired but happy children, remind each other of those feelings, which may in the bustle of the past 12 years you have forgotten. Remember how it was 12 years ago, and the remaining to the silver wedding years you will live happily ever after!

 The twelfth wedding anniversary - the anniversary!