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  • Wedding anniversary, one of the most important events in the life of lovers
  • How to celebrate the pink wedding

Wedding Anniversary - an important event in the life of every couple. Undoubtedly, the wedding ceremony, which gives lovers a lot of pleasant emotions, impressions, gives their hearts the hope of a happy family life. Sometimes young feel a sense of nostalgia for the wedding day. But do not despair, because there is still a lot of dates that the lovers will be able to celebrate together. The celebration of these dates required. Thus lovers show each other their loyalty, sincerity, that their love is not extinguished, and growing stronger every day.
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Wedding anniversary, one of the most important events in the life of lovers

Wedding anniversary celebrated since the 17th century. In those days, the date of such celebrated only among wealthy people, but over the years the tradition has spread everywhere. Today, almost every family remembers and celebrates happy wedding anniversary. There are many wedding anniversaries: calico wedding, linen wedding, green wedding, wood, copper, pink, silver, gold, red. Each date is unique. This topic will be discussed on a pink wedding anniversary of which is celebrated with the onset of the decade of marriage. It is believed that 10 years of marriage - one of the most significant dates.

It is called pink or tin wedding. The symbols of this anniversary are the objects painted in pink. It could be souvenirs, and home furnishings, clothing, gifts. Another symbol of this anniversary is considered to be tin, respectively, and products made of this metal.

 a symbolic gift for wedding anniversary

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How to celebrate the pink wedding

In the solemn day I decided to wear pink clothes, pink banquet table cover tablecloth on the table and should be pink food. At the gala dinner invite young friends, acquaintances. relatives. During the celebration, you can hold various contests, entertaining game. According to tradition, on this day the husband must present your favorite bouquet of 11 roses, ten of which must be red and the eleventh - white. Red symbolizes the passionate, undying love for his companion, a white flower - hope for the future together, strong, long-term relationship.

Wedding anniversary 10 years does not necessarily celebrate, adhering to all traditions.   The main thing - it is a sincere desire to please your mate, give her a feeling of warmth, comfort and fun. In this romantic dinner date can be scheduled only for two, it all depends on the mood of a loving couple. Dinner can be arranged as a surprise when the other half are not even aware of his conduct. Spouse can book a table in the cozy restaurant, where there is an inspiring romantic atmosphere, or to arrange a dinner in a homelike atmosphere. As a gift, you can also present the product of tin, for example, some exquisite souvenir. Wedding anniversary - a good opportunity to recall the years spent together, analyze the past, plan the future together. The perfect gift for that date will be subject to the image of the second half, a joint photo with your wishes.

Lovers often remember your wedding day, especially their first joint trip, the so-called honeymoon. Nostalgia lovers do not leave, I want to repeat this a memorable holiday. A good idea on the anniversary of the wedding will be the organization of a romantic trip. You can find a cozy room at the hotel of a beautiful city, perhaps, where young guests during their honeymoon. It casts memories of the wedding day, make the young relive those moments again. The anniversary date is mandatory that you want to celebrate the beautiful and unforgettable.

Young may hold a gala evening in a pleasant friendly company. This will make the celebration more fun and bright emotions. Guests can be invited for a walk along the coast, or to mark the anniversary in the cozy restaurant. Pleasant, it can also be a picnic in warmer weather. You can organize a trip to the mountains. If weather conditions do not match, the couple can visit Entertainment, for example, a concert favorite artist. A good option will also be going to the theater.

There are many ways to celebrate the anniversary of the wedding. A romantic evening depends on the preferences and fantasy lovers. This date must not be forgotten. We need to spend it as clearly as possible, beautiful, original, try to make a romantic day to remember.

 How to celebrate the pink wedding

 18 years of marriage


  • History of the name
  • Gifts for a holiday
  • How to save marriage

One morning you woke up suddenly with a sense of celebration in the soul, but can not understand the reason for a good mood? Do not be so tormented, because today was exactly 18 years to the day you legally married. Now your family can be considered an adult. The date of the round can not be called rare couples celebrate this day, and friends even forget to congratulate the anniversary. Triumph like dissolves among the daily problems, worries about the already grown up children, and time for myself no longer remains.
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History of the name

18 years - a wonderful age, your relationship is tested for years, and there comes a completely new stage in their further development, which marks the anniversary of the wedding.

In people, this 18th anniversary has a special name - Turquoise wedding. Greenish semi-precious stone is considered a symbol of the holiday.

Stone has long flaunted on the handles of daggers and swords, and later - on the rifle butts. A turquoise dnevnosti only used in the manufacture of men's rings. At first glance it may seem that the mascot of soldiers has nothing to do with a wedding anniversary, but with wise men will not argue. Married for many years, the couple times there were disputes, which developed into the most real battle.

The name "turquoise" in Arabic means "victory." It may mean that after so many years of co-existence with your family successfully overcome all obstacles and trials, and today's the anniversary of proof. Hardness mascot wedding can be compared with the strength of the relationship. A bright turquoise color associated with passion and sparkling swirl of feelings, if you have just got married.

 turquoise wedding
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Gifts for a holiday

The main gift for newlyweds, which mark the eighteenth anniversary of living together, are primarily talismans and jewelry of turquoise. The magical energy stone will help attract house happiness, success and wealth. If we follow the traditions, the celebration of turquoise wedding should be a kind of ritual for the couple, during which the need to exchange rings with turquoise - something like the allegiance of love, even after the coming few years.

Guests are not worth buying a ring as a gift to newlyweds, anniversary stranger - not a reason for such personal gifts. If it really wants to present the decoration, it is better to choose earrings or necklace. The symbolism of the wedding you will not break, and the chain of command will be able to comply. Experiment with the number 18, giving the bracelet with the appropriate amount of stones.

Turquoise wedding anniversary - an occasion for a practical gift. Banal figurines, souvenirs and talismans that give her husband for many years, is no longer placed in the apartment. It is better to replace them with practical items for the decoration of the apartment. You can, for example, give a beautiful large candle in the form of numbers 18. Useless such a gift will not be exact, but when he tired of the owners, they will be able to use it for its intended purpose.

Deviation from the symbolism is even permissible. If your head was born a terrific and fresh gift idea, do not hesitate to put it into practice. The couple, who for 18 years have not traveled beyond the limits of the city, appreciate your ideas send them to relax with a romantic place. Gave them his surprise at a time when they will enjoy their turquoise anniversary.

And if you want to be sure that your gift will appeal to couples, in which the anniversary, do not forget to bring flowers. Classy bouquet is sure to impress turquoise wedding anniversaries. To be completed with a big gift box of chocolates. Ideally, if the package is a thematic pattern of the anniversary celebration. Even if you were not able to attend the ceremony or you simply not invited, do not forget to congratulate the newlyweds. Especially do not be offended by the people with whom you have a few years of friendship ties.

 wedding anniversary
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How to save marriage

Behind you 18 years of marriage of the joint, but this is no reason to forget about the fact that the ideal relationship is based on the little things.   Mutual respect, the absence of excessive sarcasm and listening skills will help you to live together until golden jubilee wedding. Buying flowers for no reason, an invitation to a romantic dinner and retreat has not been canceled. Let the wedding anniversary will be your stage of development of relations.

And the tokens must come from both spouses. I agree that both of you were pleased to congratulate each other on the anniversary. And it is not even expensive gifts, and in mutual love. While small tokens provide useful not only on the occasion of the anniversary of the wedding. Sometimes a quiet romantic evening can deliver a lot more fun than a party related to the anniversary of the family relationship.

 Turquoise wedding as evidence of strong family