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  • What is a kiss and why people kiss?
  • The feeling of fear and overcome it with a kiss
  • Overcome barriers and practice touching kiss
  • How to learn to kiss with tongue
  • Learn how to French kiss
  • Errors kissing
  • Existing types of kisses

Kiss - a touch of lips. It is to express the greetings, affection, love, respect. On the value and functions can be distinguished kissing veneration, friendship, peace, reconciliation, humility, joy, mother, father, family, farewell, welcome, love and erotic. And everyone wants to know how to learn how to kiss.
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What is a kiss and why people kiss?

But in a kiss, there are some difficulties, for example, it is not a reflex, like blinking, breathing or hiccup. Kiss requires deliberate action, planning and preparation, as well as knowledge and pre-practice. Without all this it is difficult to understand the correctness of kissing. Typically, the first kiss given difficult. In the life of every man is a real event, which marks the beginning of a new relationship with the opposite sex.

Kiss grafted us culture, which is why some do not need to learn, they all get on the machine. All we see actors who easily kiss on television, in advertising and film, we are told that our friends with someone kissing, we see people kissing in the street.

In some situations a kiss is considered a necessary component, to learn the dream of all.

That is why in romantic situations stereotype comes into force, and people feel an overwhelming desire to kiss, not like something, and right. Kissing is a very important milestone in our culture.

 Easy French kiss
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The feeling of fear and overcome it with a kiss

For every first kiss means a lot, so it is a lot of exciting moments, all of which are well remembered. All begin to learn this art in a different age, but do not always get done right the first time. Most often, on the contrary, a kiss that takes place for the first time, is not that impressive. The most common fault of this great fear. Because of the unrest could knock your teeth and podkashivatsya knees, and it is absolutely not conducive to romance. That's why so many people are concerned about how to learn how to kiss for the first time.

In this situation, the girls are much easier, as they are accustomed to expect from Man initiatives, and they expect that it will start, but they too somehow sort out what to do next. Accordingly, representatives of the male is more difficult for the same reason, because the girls are waiting for their first step and the proper technique kiss, so you can not give out his excitement. In addition, usually the boys in adolescence is very shy to tell his beloved that had never kissed. They want to immediately hit his girlfriend skill, and therefore begin to experience more and because of that they have the right to kiss just can not.

No need to think frantically learning how to kiss quickly. To cope with the excitement, the girl or the guy may try to imagine that they are very experienced lovers, and for them a kiss is commonplace. It will be very cool and fun, and in a moment you can forget about any fear. Or it can be assumed that the partner will likely also do not have experience in this uncomplicated case and will not be able to understand and feel inexperienced. The main thing to remember that the second half is unlikely to go away from a man who thoroughly owns this skill, can not cool to kiss. All will come, and after a few weeks of practice, you will burn a good kiss.

Everyone wants to know how to learn to kiss properly, to manage on their partner to make a good impression. This desire comes from within each, because all need love and tenderness. To become a memorable first experience, do not be shy, as even that a man shaking hands and feet do not listen, speaks about this love. And errors that will be accepted, will not spoil the good feelings from the first kiss. It is important that environment exuded romance. It will help to relax.

But we should not forget the main rule - bad breath can push even madly in love with a man. It is worth remembering that the lips should be moist because dry lips kiss difficult and damp - increasing desire to touch them. It is proper to moisten lips kiss with the tongue. How to learn to kiss?

 French kiss with tongue
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Overcome barriers and practice touching kiss

Before you kiss your partner, you need to overcome the barrier of touch. Touch his handpicked successor, take his or her hand. For eye contact should be constantly looking at the lips of the partner, and then he will understand that you are going to kiss him. Often a girl or guy already own dream of a kiss, and otherwise serves hints at it. One of the signs is that partner, staring into his eyes.

Immediately prior to kiss well take a short prelude, for example, can initially be a little tease partner, spending on the cheek or neck with his lips. And then you can already go directly to the kiss. When his lips finally closed, you need a little mouth open. Do not be afraid to move, grab his lips his lips partner together or alternately suck, you can even bite, but it should be done carefully.

It is important to relax your lips, if the partners greatly strained, no one will get pleasure. Do not be afraid to change the position, touch and hug each other, you can run into the hair out and touch the face. Do not be afraid to speak. If you are busy with a kiss, it does not mean that all the time you need to remain silent, tell your partner something nice. Many people like to do it with my eyes closed, but some prefer to open. It is worth noting that with his eyes closed, you will be able to experience more sensations.

Kissing can be divided into three types - caressing, passionate and exciting. Each of them requires proper technique. Caressing - light and delicate, partners relate to each other lips, spend a little tongue over his lips. Passionate - the most deep and sincere, which involves hands. Exciting - deep kiss, partners suck languages ​​and twist them.
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How to learn to kiss with tongue

After the kisses were mastered, you can move on to more difficult, with the language. They are more exciting, give much more good feelings, but at the same time require a minimum knowledge of technology. With this action the partners a real pleasure to each other, as affect the most sensitive point. The most popular of them are French and kiss passionately. They contribute to the best knowledge of the partners. It helps to get love each other, to become a single entity. But it is necessary to understand that the first time it must be very gentle and easy as to penetrate into the mouth of the partner language will be immediately brazen and improper.

Usually this type of kiss is a continuation of a conventional, gentle. In a fit of passion hard to just stop. It should be gently, gradually promote the language in your partner's mouth, deep into the lips first, then a little further. If you did not follow the response - the right to stop kissing with tongue and go back to the ordinary. To this kind of kisses like both, you need to follow the reaction partner, which of the techniques and movements he or she likes. It is necessary to avoid too sudden movements.

 French Kiss
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Learn how to French kiss

French kissing technique is simple, so everyone can learn it. First you need to get into your partner's mouth very easily, then more strongly, his tongue rhythmically need to drive up and down, you can hold his tongue over your teeth and gums. Sometimes unobtrusive touch can give pleasure, because language is a very sensual body. When the French kiss is necessary to change the speed of the intensity, make shift leader, capture and biting his lips.

The desire and sincerity - these are the components for a perfect merging of the lips. During this hand too, should not "hang out" with nothing to do. Partner can be a pat on the back, to take his neck, hold the hair in general, to do what you want. These movements strengthen exciting, pleasurable sensations.
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Errors kissing

Learn the techniques of kissing, do not forget about the mistakes and prohibitions. For example, you should not too deep to shove his tongue into the mouth of the partner. It will not be too nice to your partner, but also will not interfere with breathing. Do not eager to dig in their partner. We must remember that we should not get hung up on a passionate kiss, there must be diversity and, of course, the right approach.

The main mistake can also be selfish. Often someone forgets about the feelings of your partner. We must remember that too fast pace can simply frighten a partner, so it is right not to make too sudden movements.

Very unpleasant is salivating with a kiss. We must try to contain saliva, it is better to swallow than to let his partner in his mouth.

You need to give your partner set the pace, and he will show how he likes to kiss. Later, of course, the couple should be able to find a middle ground. Also, do not need much to bite, it's not to everyone's taste thrill. If you want to know whether you are able to kiss, make sure the reaction partner, for so long, and how often he or she wants you to kiss her.

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Existing types of kisses

  • Vacuum (passionately). you suck your partner's lips to himself, as it glares at him. All should not last very long, because the lips, as well as all parts of the body tired. It can not be too hard to finish.
  • Butterfly. Rather, it is better to call caresses, which lies in the fact that you gently caress the skin of your partner lashes, causing pleasurable feelings.
  • Caressing the ear or neck. Earlobe can be gently biting and sucking. The neck is a very sensitive part of the body, and therefore any contact with it causes trembling.
  • Eskimo kiss. The peculiarity of it is that the partners do not touch each other's lips and rub noses. Of course, this can not replace the usual kiss, which uses the lips, but also considered interesting occupation.
  • French. It is the call of the soul, not for nothing that it is practicing a large part of the population of our planet.
  • Kiss the one lip. It is very romantic. Partner captures one of the lips and begins to gently suck, push and draw in itself.
  • Spider. To make it, you have to turn the heads of both partners at 180 degrees, a partner kisses the lower lip, and you're the top.

The answer to the question of how to learn to kiss, very simple - you need to practice. Of course, to learn the theory is important, but without practice is nothing and will never get better. Only regular exercise will help to improve and consolidate their skills and technique to make the kiss right . It's important to experiment, to invent something new, and in any case, do not hesitate. It should be noted that kissing a beneficial effect health can significantly improve the well-being and prolong youth, the mood changed for the better and even help to lose weight.

 Correct kiss and types