love man


  • Does the behavior: what changes to expect?
  • Look: like watching a man in love?
  • Facial expressions and gestures: he moves?
  • Conversation: how he would carry on a conversation?
  • Life principles, priorities, values, and habits
  • Some moments and behaviors

Every man behaves differently. This may depend on the situation on his mood and state of mind. And what becomes enamored male behavior? Is it possible to somehow find out that the representative of the strong half of humanity is feeling?
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Does the behavior: what changes to expect?

While men seem to mind balanced, calm and steadfast, in fact, they are sometimes even more mistrust, sensitive and sentimental than women. And when a man in love, he is able to perform at all the most stupid and ridiculous acts and that turns into a pimply boy who fell in love with the school neighbor's party. Few men know how to control his emotions. So easy to expose them, especially if you know some of the highlights.

 look love men
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Look: like watching a man in love?

Does the look? Yes, it is changing. First, the man at every opportunity to try to catch your eyes, look you in the eye. So he wants to try to understand whether it is possible to hope for reciprocal feelings. Secondly, a man will treat you from head to toe. And look, this is not so much to estimate how much admiration, forcing enjoy and dream. Third, with my own eyes a man tries to undress you. This means that he will look at your breasts, buttocks and other body parts, which are the object of desire for all the strong half of mankind. After all, if a man is in love, he inadvertently thinks about sex, without it anywhere.

And finally, if you try to see the other person straight in the eye, it is literally in their attempt to take a few seconds. Yes, he is shy and does not want in the mirror of his soul you looked at his weakness and relevant to you.
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Facial expressions and gestures: he moves?

The behavior of a man in love will affect his gestures and facial expressions. Note posture. If a man whole body is turned towards you and open, it is about something tells. His feet are wide apart, arms folded, he will not. All his body as if a man will show that reaches out to you, want to experience intimacy.

Yet a man will do its utmost to try to touch you, to touch your skin. For example, it can casually touch his hand to yours. If you will be somewhere to go, then he will certainly miss you forward and take a little waist.

When a man will have wide and sincere smile. How to determine that a sincere smile? If a person smiles specifically, it will be much its teeth, and nasolabial triangle becomes tense.

 actions towards his girlfriend
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Conversation: how he would carry on a conversation?

The behavior of a man in love means a special style of conversation. Thus, the voice becomes soft and velvety, tender, deep and thoughtful. The man begins to watch his speech. No swear words you do not hear from him, for it is too important to make a special impression on you. His words are soft and gentle.

What was he going to talk? About anything. Yes, you will notice the efforts to support any subject. Weather? Please! Fashion trends? Easily! Any of your delivery man will accept with pleasure.

Usually men in the majority talk about themselves, about their lives. But a man in love - it is a totally different case. He will ask you. And this interest is not fake, it really is very interested in your life and all that is connected with you.

A person who is experiencing feelings for you, you will never interrupt.

He - a grateful and patient listener. He did not just listen, and remember. Yes, all the details of the conversation tomorrow or the day after, he is likely to be able to play.
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Life principles, priorities, values, and habits

If a man is in love, then it certainly will change some of their values ​​and life principles. Here are some of them.

  • Now he will plan his life is not like it used to. It will take into account the fact that it was a woman. So every weekend now it will not meet in a bar with friends. He will call in your favorite movie or a cafe.
  • It is your future together, he begins to think about how you will live together in a year or two. And the most obvious sign - a plan that will include children and the wedding.
  • He will introduce you to their friends and want to see yours. Now the company and social circle have become common. And it is natural and quite normal for a strong pair, and especially for families.
  • He is willing to give up something or to sacrifice something for you. For example, if he likes to militants, and you prefer comedy, the ones you need to watch in the movies. Although then, perhaps, will be installed all (so no one was hurt).
  • Even if a man never differed seriously, he can now look at life quite differently.
  • A man will take care of you. For example, when you start to get ready for work, he'll remind you that you do not forget to take an umbrella or wear a hat. He needs to be a woman was healthy and happy.
  • You will surely feel that the man will try to do everything so that it may be well with him.
  • You will feel a spiritual closeness.
  • He certainly will always support you.
  • He is afraid to hurt you.
  • He was very easy to let you into my life. Even if he was an inveterate bachelor, he now calmly react to what you settle in his house and rearrange furniture. Now you - the life of the man in love.
  • He always finds time for you. A man in love can even off the job or go with a meeting of friends, if your favorite is bad or she simply wants to see it.
  • A man in love can even be carried away by some occupation, which she likes. Common interests - a distinctive feature of a strong union.

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Some moments and behaviors

And list a few obvious features that distinguish the behavior of a man in love:

  • It will pay special attention to their appearance. you will not see it in muddy boots or stale shirt, because he wants to impress you.
  • A man in love is sure to be jealous of a woman that stands out from all the others. So what if she suddenly meets his former classmate or, you will certainly hear the question: "Who is it? "And other related.
  • Next to his beloved, even an inveterate womanizer will not notice other members of the fairer sex. They simply cease to exist for him.
  • Love male can be a romantic and sweet, even before he was callous and cold dork. He will give ladylove nice gifts, making her a surprise.
  • A man in love will brave every possible way to prove that he is brave and always be able to defend his lady.
  • Sometimes a man just can not control your emotions!   He can smile or laugh like a boy, blushing and pale. Shyness can be shown quite clearly.

Now you know how to behave a man who fell in love, and you can easily recognize it.

 How can a man love?

 right Kiss


  • Preparatory stage
  • Classic version of a kiss
  • French Kiss

Perhaps this question is interesting not only teenagers, but also have seasoned experience in men and women. It seems to be a normal kiss. What could be simpler? But in fact it is a science - the science of how to become a partner with an unforgettable first contact with his lips. We describe in detail in this article, how to kiss on the lips.

There are several types of kisses: classic (using the mouth) and French (with the use of language).

In order to answer the question of what a real kiss, it is important to understand its structure.

First of all, a kiss on the lips has several stages. First stage: this is all what's going to kiss a partner situation, the mood of yourself and your partner, the circumstances and the intentions of each. He is the most important, as "failures" of his, to the second stage of the case could not be reached completely.

So, some of the rules that you need to learn both partners that will be relevant for the classic kiss on the lips, and the French.
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Preparatory stage

  1. How banal sounds - Care! Pleasant breath - in fact 80% guarantee of success.
  2. Relax yourself and relax lips. Believe me, trembling partner with a green complexion, cold and wet hands and clamped his mouth does not fear is a coveted object. Especially if you're a man. Even if you are really waiting for this moment, even if you are very troubled, find the strength to look natural.
  3. And now the most important thing. We need to move the barrier touch. To your touch does not cause negative emotions in partner and embarrassment. Everything should be gradually, gently touch the hands, and you can later hugged partner. Do all have to be very calm, not to dwell on the details too much attention. Include imagination and intuition. you will understand how and what to do in this situation. The main thing - to start!

 preparatory stage kiss
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Classic version of a kiss

What's next? Second phase:

  1. When you have decided on the time and place, then proceed to kiss on the lips. Slowly tilt your head to his long-awaited partner to his lips touched. But do not make it too slowly - from the terrible zombie film also will not attract the desired attention. Lightning fast and you should not be. The partner must feel the moment. Relax your lips. At the moment of touching your lips, close your eyes. Believe me, staring at your eyes, especially if both partners they are not closed, except for a few laughs will not cause any positive and romantic feelings.
  2. Touch your lips to a partner (choose the one you need: either the top or bottom). Gently. Very tender. If you do not press a kiss, do not open your mouth very wide, as if you are going to bite off a piece of the big apple. Time for caresses come a little later, at another stage of your relationship. The first kiss is very important, in fact, he is remembered and leaves currently one of the first sexual experiences. Try to show your partner that he (or she) is - the one and only person you've been waiting all my life. Feel the soft lips or your favorite loved one.
  3. You can gently hold his partner's neck or gently hold your fingers to her cheek. Hug partner's neck or waist. Be careful: if you do not want to be the first kiss in bed - do not let yourself get too violent partner and caresses.
  4. Gently graduate from a kiss. Look into the eyes of your loved one. He will understand without words. This is one of the most important moments! Looking into his eyes, you really determine whether to continue or to stop. Define it is very easy. If your partner wants to continue and he liked it all unconditionally, then he will face a gentle smile and direct gaze, full of passion and fire. Partner may from embarrassment tilt your head and look away to the side - this is normal. If a person complains to stop. Continue not worth it.
  5. If you realize that everything is going wrong, you can safely go back to the kiss on the lips. Kiss gently and passionately invest feelings and emotions. Pat on the lips of priority the upper and lower lip, and the opportunity to caress and give your lips. Watch the reaction of your dear partner, which undoubtedly will show you when to stop or go on.
  6. If both of you are ready for something big, you can try the French kiss, which differs from the classic use of language.

 French Kiss
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French Kiss

And then there are rules. First, let's talk about what not to do:

  1. Do not put your tongue too far. It is vulgar and not palatable.
  2. Avoid excessive salivation.
  3. Do not throw a partner, like a hungry fish. It is disgusting, laughter, and certainly the awakening of passion do not have to talk.

And now about the technique of French kiss:
Pierce mouth partner, touch his tongue Language favorite, gently pat his tongue tip above and below spend tongue gums, lips and play. Use your imagination. Initially Be gentle. Then you can be more liberated and poured all the passion of a partner.

Language - the slider in the human body. Accordingly, and its potential is unlimited. Give your partner a sweet kiss every day!

Try, experiment, and you will succeed !!!

 This sweet kiss on the lips, or how to kiss?