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Have you ever thought about why people kiss while turning a blind eye? It turns out that it is not in excess of modesty or complete self-oblivion. Everything is very simple! Instinct of self-preservation. Yes Yes! The fact is that during the kiss we increased pressure, quickens the heartbeat and breathing becomes intermittent. There is a strong release of hormones and the person falls into a state close to fainting.

Of course, all this happens only when the kiss is correct, if it is a pleasure. And that kiss was nice, you know how to kiss. In order not to overreact to the one with whom you kiss, too, had the pleasure rather than embarrassment and discomfort. After kissing are different: passionate and gentle, timid and energetic, light and deep.

In short, the science of kissing did not appear out of nowhere, and in the process of knowing the people and improve the body's own love relationships and erotic skill. But how to kiss properly, know not all

Let's try to touch the mystery of love magic, and reveal the secrets of proper kiss.

 Equipment passive kiss
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Technique passive kiss

At first glance it seems simple. However, the first experience many kisses is unsuccessful. One thing is when you kiss, quite another - when you kiss. If you kiss, then you try to start just relax. Do not strain your lips - let them remain soft and supple. But it's too passive a kiss should not be. Answer partner, just moving his lips. Do not resist if he tries to discover the language of your mouth. Open the teeth and let the language of the partner in his mouth.

And now it would be good to answer the same movement of his tongue. Move the tongue from side to side (not very active!), Move it back and forth gently. And do not strain the language - because you only answer the kiss, so let your lips and tongue are relaxed.

To feel that at the moment of the kiss your partner feels, conduct a little experiment. Try first turn to lick the upper and lower lip. Now, bit his lower lip so that it was in the mouth. Suck a little bit my lip, the occasion of her tongue. Feel time and a state where these are pleasing to the touch, do not cause discomfort or pain. So you can adjust the degree of tension and relaxation of your tongue and lips during a kiss.
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Active Technology kiss

When you kiss, then you become an active party to this action of love. How to kiss in this case? Slightly open your mouth and pull his lips a little. Now grab your partner's lips and mouth slightly retract them, and even better - a little hickey. Just do it easily, smoothly and gently. In fact, so can take the whole kiss - you suck a little lip his counterpart. But a kiss can be made more intimate, if you give free rein to the language.

Spend the tip of the tongue on the lips cloistered partner and expand them. Slightly push the tongue and mouth to it as easily and smoothly move your tongue back and forth, spending on the sides of the tongue, cheeks, the teeth of the partner. Ideally, your counterpart has to answer the same movements of his tongue. And from then on is a real French kiss - a kiss of lovers languages.

To be trained in the technique of the kiss, try to kiss the inside of her elbow. The skin on this side of the hands soft, supple and very sensitive. Of course, not the same as on the lips, but it is better to try to kiss here. Please try lightly touching his lips to the skin, then captured her lips, a little suck. Just do not overdo it - otherwise remain characteristic bruise called aspirated. All actions must necessarily be tender, soft, smooth, gentle - because the skin on the lips is much more sensitive.

Wave the skin tongue - Train moving language carefully, without tumbling it without unduly straining. Tickle arm tip of the tongue, lick it, spend hand sides of the tongue. And do not forget that the area of ​​skin that you caress the language should be at this moment captured by your own lips, as if this kiss.

It is better to try for yourself to see just how nice would be to kiss your partner. To learn how to adjust the force of "Suction" good use, for example, pickled or fresh tomatoes or fruit with tender flesh - peaches, strawberries. Try to bite off a piece of flesh with his lips, his tongue is broken off, nip off sucking movements. Well, if this pieces remain intact, rather than warming up in the mess. So you kiss properly.

How to kiss, so that it does not interfere with your nose? It's easy! We need a kiss to turn his head slightly to your nose and nose wings touched counterpart (the edge of the nostrils). In this position, their noses will not interfere with the kiss and breath will be free and easy.

Believe that only know how to kiss, is not enough. Therefore Train learn and gain experience!

 active Technology kiss
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Errors kissing

A kiss can be different: a sweet and gentle, passionate and burning, weary and long, gentle and alluring, more importantly, that your kiss is not turned bitter. But enjoy this pleasant process can be spoiled by any trifle. So remember, that can negate all your skill and effort.

  • Bad breath

And it's not just the smell of unhealthy teeth but also the smell of food. We know that if a person smells of garlic or onion just eaten soup or herring, then talk to him, even unpleasant, but not that kiss. But the smell of vanilla, cinnamon, citrus, on the contrary, will make the kiss is much nicer.

  • Aggressiveness

Never start a kiss aggressively. Assertiveness is good only in the heat of the moment, only this time at the height of passion. But first you need kissing partner right - light and delicate, but at the same time appealingly. Better to feel at first, then waiting for your partner, and then continue.

  • Extra language

If your counterpart is not ready for the French kiss, do not shove my tongue into his mouth by force. This is the first. Second - never try to shove his tongue into her mouth full partner - it might just choke. And even worse - this action will cause a gag reflex.

  • Slobber

Remember that you need to relax with a kiss not to the extent to completely lose control of salivation. Do not forget to swallow his saliva. Of course, entirely without saliva can not do any proper French kiss. Some even find a special pleasure in the so-called exchange of saliva. Yet often too wet kisses cause discomfort.

  • Passivity

The pleasures of love passivity either partner simply is contraindicated. Be sure to respond to petting. If you do not know how to kiss, what to do if you kiss, then just relax lips. But my hands ... hugging his counterpart, stroking his shoulders, buttocks, back. In short, do not be a log, and let them know that you are well, that kiss you pleasant.

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These different kisses

Share all kinds of kisses, who invented mankind may be only in a separate treatise. Different people the science of kissing its own, its own characteristics, its own traditions, its own taboos. In some countries, kissing is not taken, someone finds it unhygienic and even immoral. But we are not moralists, not Puritans and fans of exotic and sophisticated in this area. Therefore, we consider only what is familiar and acceptable to our culture, love relationships. What could be the kiss? How to kiss in different ways, with varying degrees of intimacy or passion?

  • Chaste kiss

Perhaps this is the most traditional and the most proper for us to kiss. One partner grabs his counterpart lip lips and gently sucking or even "kept on chewing" them. Language participate in a kiss does not take, and if they accept, it is very conditional. You can, for example, to hold his tongue over his lips and teeth of his sweetheart, but then - no, no.

  • French Kiss

Very intimate, sincere and passionate kiss. Kiss not only lips and tongue. Moreover, in such a kiss active role can be passed from partner to partner. That's right, when the French kiss kissing languages ​​alternately penetrate the mouth, loose there, "walk", caressing himself as the language of the partner, and his cheeks, teeth, palate.

  • Siamese twins

This is the best peer kiss. One captures and kissing sucking her lower lip partner, the second - the upper one. Kiss very gentle and quite intimate. At the same time there is no input and output - both partners kiss each other at the same time.

  • Flutter butterfly

Dispersed kiss. Not even a kiss, and a flurry of gentle kisses, light as the touch of a butterfly wing. Showered kisses on his face - lips, eyes, forehead, cheeks, nose, chin.

  • Mocking kiss

Best tantalizing kiss, kiss only when the corner of the mouth of the partner. In all other respects the technique of repeating a kiss chaste kiss. It should be good to capture her lips corner of his mouth and gently suck partner him. Then we need to just kiss and the other half of his mouth.

These are different kisses. Knowing how to properly kiss, what mistakes should be avoided, you will always be on top. Still, if you still do not know how best to first practice and understand the science of kissing right, not only in theory but also in practice.   And then we Kiss on health, Kiss happy. After all, the best kiss - a kiss you loved and loving person. Therefore, love and be loved - and everything will be fine!

 How to learn to kiss right? A bit of theory and practice