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  • Prerequisites for dating
  • Where can I meet and that it is better to take?
  • As an initiative to provide a man, that he took advantage of it

If you really want to know how to meet a man, you should change the traditional view on who should be the first to take the initiative. Men, of course, should take the initiative first, but why not push the most representative of the stronger sex to take this step?

Just need to know that you should not build castles in the air, even if the selected object is noticed and went for rapprochement. Relationship can be fleeting, you can not like each other, or be disappointed afterwards.
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Prerequisites for dating

By the meeting need to be ready at all times, and for this continually look good. This does not mean that the face should always make the front and on the legs - heels. Suffice grooming.

  • Beautiful figure
  • well-chosen clothes,
  • Stylish hairstyle
  • neat hand.

No nibbling NOT, locks and nails with black edges. Young people are even extreme subcultures distinguish from deliberate negligence and carelessness are unlikely to want to go for rapprochement with the ugly duckling.

The saying about the fate of the stove and not always correct. A vicious circle "work - home" limits the fateful meeting. If you can not get to rest or visit the youth of the company, you should try to look around and become acquainted on the circumstances.

 sports hall can serve as a base for exploring
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Where can I meet and that it is better to take?

Suitable objects can be found everywhere: in the store, on the street, in transport, in line at savings bank, or even in the hospital. How to meet a guy in this situation?

The easiest way to ask for help. Take goods from the top shelf, to transfer money for the ticket, supporting up to what time and continues to receive a doctor works. The queues and transport people are talkative, do not turn in on themselves. If you are interested in a man, he always asks for a phone number. Just do not just throw out on a new acquaintance a lot of information about themselves. It certainly scare him.

Man himself can be found, a closer look closely to colleagues. Suddenly, one of them is the next choice? It is easy to approach a colleague, have common interests, albeit limited production activity. You can invite him to lunch.

If you have never visited the corporate parties, did not travel with the team in the country, but now it is not necessary to refuse invitations. In such events it is possible to know others better.

One need not be intrusive, and clearly show an interest. The office romances need to be cautious. If the panel does not feel attraction, later it will be difficult to communicate on a daily basis.

Even the most rigorous and humble girl probably has a girlfriend. And they certainly are birthdays. The youth companies will always be free young people, which can draw attention, invite to dance. And then exchanged phone numbers, and ... It all depends on the circumstances.

No free young people? Surely one of the participants girlfriends have a familiar guy who "really want to meet a nice girl." Girls like to arrange someone's destiny, and to learn about the challenges, it will make efforts to successful dating.

For the girls that go "out", it is easier to find a mate. If you own environment is not worthy candidates, but some idea what you want, you need to visit the place where you can meet her prince. In such cases it is important to remember that you need to dress accordingly, so as not to look like a black sheep and cause ridicule. For example, in the crowd of rockers and punks is not necessary to come to a white collar and toes, and a nightclub to visit in clothes for a picnic.

Although? It may be similar to the original and draw the attention of the guy you like to make an effort to help to join the team.

How to meet a man in a nightclub, it seems, do not need to ask the question. People come there not only fun, but also for the relationship. That's just unlikely such communication will be long. Staged a one-day meeting? Then go ahead!

The clubs meet friends easily, but it is difficult to communicate. Loud music to disturb the conversation, and look for a partner with "serious intentions" to places rarely come. Even in cafes or restaurants a chance to tie up long-term relationship.

Communication with men can engage in sports halls and online clubs. Occasionally there is a man who refuses to help women understand the complex exercises and problems with the site. It is necessary to enroll in driving school - will love the guy did not refuse to help a weak girl and master the difficult art to help control the unit on four wheels.

We find points of contact? The question now is only to exchange phones.

Very quickly, a convergence in tourist trips, sight-seeing, on vacation. Only need to take into account: the behavior of a woman who is ready for a serious relationship, and one that looks forward to a holiday romance, is fundamentally different. Although holiday romance, too, can develop into a serious relationship.

If you work as an insurance agent, a salesman in a clothing store and accessories, you can always try to get to know the client. In the first case a little more to explain the favorable terms of the transaction, the second - to help you find the right product. In such situations, the relationship is often tied.

Sometimes the question of how to meet a guy, the answer is that in the age of Internet acquaintances problems should not exist. You register on the site, post the announcement "seeking a tall blond" and choose the options.

On the Internet you can run into anyone, so to get acquainted in the virtual space must be approached with caution and extremely selective. At the same time not to indulge in the most ornament reality. If you do not want to show itself in the first stages of dating, it is not necessary to put someone else's avatar photo. It is enough to be photographed half-turned, so that was not visible face. When the time comes, the photo is sent targeted.

 flirting with a guy
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As an initiative to provide a man, that he took advantage of it

It often happens that a woman realizes that she liked the man, but to take action that does not pass. Not sure of himself, waiting for further signals or simply shy. In this case, you want to take the initiative in their hands.

Undue pressure should be avoided, but a smile and gestures to show their interest need. The guy went to the rapprochement - is required to make conversation and give him to talk about himself. The more he tells, the better. Men love when women listen to them carefully.

Despite the fact that women now have the same rights as men, the first to ask for a phone number or start talking about the next meeting - the privilege of men. You can hint at communication, but in no case do not insist.

It did not work today - get next time. Every woman has a chance to meet her man, if you do not withdraw into themselves and not be afraid to communicate.   It should be borne in mind that to meet a guy is easiest. It is much more difficult in the future to build a serious relationship.

 How to find a boyfriend

 love man


  • Psychology of love
  • Seven Signs of male lover to death

"Love does not love". This question worries the minds of women since time immemorial.

How to recognize the signs of a man in love? To understand whether he is in love, and it does not let the game?

 signs of love Man
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Psychology of love

Psychology is not just "stumbled" in matters of love relationships. It's - the unknown part of human life. However, with the help of psychology "recognize" love is easy.

So, it is natural that the signs of a man in love are different from signs of love for women. This is due to the biological role of men in family and society. Men do not tend to "feel" a girlfriend for proficiency as a future wife, while a woman will ask "why"? Why it does not look like an hour ago? Why is he suddenly turned and walked away? Why is it cold now passed, and yesterday was so polite and considerate?

Women tend to doubt the relationship, because of their biological role - the role of the mother. Because of this, women are always "check the strength of the" feeling man: whether he is ready to stand the test under the name of "family." Men are afraid of such an approach. Very often they call their women insulting words - "hysterics" and "bitch." And she was not hysterical, she just checks the stability of the male psyche to high sound frequencies. After all, she knows that both of them have to wake up at night by the cries of a baby. Not every man is a bear!

So what is a sign of love a man?

First of all, caring. Thus the word "fool, put on your hat - winter on the street" - is also a concern. Sometimes even more than a bouquet of red roses and mendacious phrase "you're so fine under this snow! "Love a man worried about his chosen no less than for a woman lover. However, he will not openly show their feelings. Sometimes all he expresses his feelings in a short gesture - for example, straightened his tie nervously. Do not expect that a man would love to take all the initiative relations. It will be just like you, afraid to call or even look at you in the face.

If you - a wise woman, help him open up for you. Calm eyes, give hope, hint - and he will be grateful and tender love. Often women are deterred by loving men rude remarks, shouting and trying to humiliate the man. We can not do in any case! you risk to make enemies. Even if men are not the feelings are mutual, do not be rude to him, but even more to laugh at them. Male ego - the thing is more fragile than it may seem. Often this is the basis committed terrible crimes.

 7 signs of a man in love
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Seven Signs of male lover to death

  1. The behavior of a man in love is changing. Love pedant may become extremely distracted in the presence of his lady. For him, the most surprising is the emergence of a new sense. As a rule, men do not really want to show their weaknesses surrounded by other people, which is why he can do, "do not look" toward the object of attention. Extradite him, meanwhile, may be a simple distraction. If a man "muddler" in life, in the presence of his beloved, he may become, on the contrary, very focused and very cheerful. As a rule, friends noticed these changes and even a "joke" on a guy that is perceived by him rather painfully.
  2. Increased attention to the beloved. Even if he does not look at his beloved in her presence, he always secretly wonder how she spends the time, where is, with whom to be friends. Moreover, if a woman has a husband or boyfriend, it will perceive it as an opponent and look for flaws in it.
  3. By studying the behavior of the lover, the man to strive to find it "approach." He can suddenly enroll for the same course on which she walks, or get the dog to face in the park while walking. This invitation to the first "in the movie" could be months. Council of the girls - if you see that a man does all of the above, take the initiative first. Not directly of course, hint. Say that in the movie is a great movie, and you would love to go to the session. After all, sometimes it will be years before the bravest of them dare to the first step.
  4. Often in love with a man on first, second and third date behaves extremely foolish. No drives it after the first miss. One God knows how he worries. Even forty adult man with three higher educations able to speak absolute nonsense better than a "blonde". you should not make fun of him. Better simply to help calm down. It will change after some time.
  5. He will try to be good in the eyes of his lady: to show concern for others, quit bad habits, if the lady is not nice.
  6. A man in love will try to earn more. This is his natural desire to provide for his family, which will start its "moving" in the right direction.
  7. He looks after himself. If he has the slightest suspicion that the meeting with the beloved, he will visit the barber to shave blue, from head to toe dressed in white, and so on.

The main thing, remember that a loving person and love - it's all the same thing. Loving person loves "to the grave", while love - just his first step towards true love. Only at the confluence of all the circumstances of the prosperous man in love can "open" for the present and a great feeling.

 A man in love can be found