social dances

"Dance - the only art form in which we ourselves are a tool" Rachel Farnhagen

The expression "social dancing" came into use recently. They are still not very familiar to Russian human ear. As a rule, in our minds the word "social" is associated with something cheap, low-quality, designed for low-income sectors of society - social shop, hairdresser, etc. Social With dancing, everything is absolutely differently.

Language of Dance

Even in ancient times dancing attached great importance - remember, though, shaman ritual dances. The language of dance was used as a means of communication back in the days when a man was difficult to express my feelings in words.

Dancing, each time a person lives a little, but there is always a new and exciting life. Dance helps, at least temporarily, to forget about their anxiety, liberated and throw out the accumulated emotions. Knowingly Professional dance teachers used the expression "vytantsevat their problems."

The benefits of dance

The benefits of this activity written many articles and even scientific theses. Dancing recommend everything from children and ending with a very old man.

For example, the social importance of dance in the development of the child reveals in his "Communication dancing as a means of non-verbal communication skills of younger students' PhD OB Bubnov. If you have time and desire - be sure to read. You will learn many interesting things.

Interested this issue and American scientists. They have created a special program, and conducted on the basis of its 18 dance classes for seniors. The results were amazing. It turned out that dance classes improve coordination, help you better keep your balance and increase the walking speed. As a consequence, it reduces the risk of falls and injuries.

Dancing helps improve posture, gain flexibility and harmony, to get rid of the hated cellulite and overcome depression. And most importantly, it gives something sorely lacking in the bustling, gray life - the joy of communication.

 social importance of dance in the development of the child

Everybody Dance Now!

Social dances are created for communication, recreation and light flirting. In the dance incorporated elements of folk, classical and ballroom movements. At the same time, there is no need to remember the strict sequence of elements - unlearns only the basic step. All the rest - complete improvisation. Therefore, depending on the level of training partners, dance can be simple or complex, but always lively and emotional.

Social dances are not competitive in nature - partner dancing for yourself, not for the audience. The ability to express their emotions in movement unites people - the language of music and dance does not require translation. Wherever you turned - in England, Brazil, USA, France or Malaysia - you're sure to find a place where people gather to dance and socialize.

What dance?

Perhaps the most popular dances have come from Latin America - salsa, cha-cha-cha, merengue, bachata. Even the name sounds intriguing.

"Salsa" means "hot sauce". This title is fully consistent with the character of the dance - it is hot, dynamic and full of emotion. Salsa is considered the homeland of Cuba, but now the dance has spread far beyond its borders, and even has several varieties.

Cha-cha-cha is descended from another popular dance - triple mambo. The name of the cha-cha-cha was the noise thanks to the special tool, set the basic rhythm. Bright, playful and lively dance is loved by many.

Merengue - a strange mixture of Latin American and African musical traditions. Homeland Merengue - Dominican Republic. With the basic movements merenege handle even a novice. Therefore, in many dance schools training begins with him. Having mastered the merengue, much easier to move on to other Latin American dances.

Bachata is danced at a moderate pace. Lyrics talk about unrequited love and suffering. Movements are simple enough, but the dance - the original and easily recognizable. One of the characteristic features of bachata - close contact partners. Sensual, passionate, fiery dance is popular not only in his homeland, but also in Europe.

Why dance?

Passion for social dancing for all begins differently. Someone seeking to escape from loneliness and to find new friends or life partner. Someone comes with their "halves", wishing to give a new impetus to relations. Others simply can not live without moving or looking for new ways of expression. We all have our reasons. At this fall for people of all ages and social groups. Social Dance - a special world, its "together", bringing together seemingly completely different people.

 social dance

Where to study?

Discover the world of social dance quite easily - in almost all cities of Russia opened dance studio specializing in this area. Especially attractive is that in order to start a class, you did not necessarily result in "their" partner. Most schools decided to change partners during training. After all, the main task - to learn how to express their emotions no matter who you are today in a pair.

Where to dance?

As a rule, in the warmer months, social dances dancing in the open air - in many cities of Russia open summer areas and festivals. Studios and School of Social Dance will organize special parties and trips to vacation homes.

In the cold season, fans are going to dance clubs and cafes. In such places, the atmosphere of joy and eternal holiday. And it does not matter how well you dance - you will be happy, you will quickly get acquainted with all and get great pleasure from dialogue and dance.

You have not wanted to try?

 What is social dancing?

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 How to be fashionable and beautiful, but at the same time be able to save