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  • And what to do in front of a kiss?
  • Stages of the French kiss
  • Do not repeat the mistakes of others!
  • How should behave girl and the guy
  • Is it possible to kiss passionately without language?
  • Useful tips kissing

Any relationship between a man and a woman develop. Similarly, developing their intimate caresses and kisses. In today's world there are so many kinds of kisses. But in this article we will talk about the kiss passionately, because young men and women at a crucial moment just do not know how to kiss passionately.
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And what to do in front of a kiss?

Of course, such a move to the "adult" kiss should be done thoughtfully. After all, this is a prelude to something bigger. Kiss passionately helps partners better feel and understand the desires of each other. Before this mutual affection be sure to check that everything was in order with the breath and with his lips. Chapped lips - it's not very attractive. It has long been invented chapstick. In this case it means lip care goes for boys.

You can not start kissing passionately without rhyme or reason. To this we must prepare partner. For example, a hug, a pat on the hair, to whisper sweet words in your ear. Physical contact to kiss, too, must be fun lover. Then it has to be kissing. Passionately or gently do it, for you will solve the situation.

 the stages of the French kiss
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Stages of the French kiss

First you need to relax both kissing. In the nervous atmosphere nothing. And secondly it must be willing to both partners. And then stepped in your language. But do not lash out as a paste to each other. Such a kiss to go on increasing. In such an intimate moment she must be compliant, and the guy you need to restrain his furious desire. Optional wide gape and deep poking tongue to prove their skills.

Strong salivation unacceptable to kiss passionately. Of course, you can argue it with the words "I have from you mouth water." But in this situation, it may take away the partner, and you it will never see. So control your mouth water, to Kiss did not cause disgust.

We now turn to the touch lips. First you need to bring your lips to lips partner. Then we reveal them, as is done in the usual classical kiss. Everything is done slowly, gently and sexy. Further it is possible to resort to the language. But only slightly. You can gently licked his lips partner, as if hinting at a sequel. Languages ​​must weave slowly, sexy and nice for both kissing.

Touch the tip of his tongue partner language and gently pat it. You can touch a circular motion and up and down. When your tongues will move in sync, you will feel like jumped up pressure and sweetness spread through his veins. The movement language is necessary to continue in the mouth sweetheart or lover. Pat the cheeks, tongue and lips. Languages ​​should be soft and relaxed as his lips. Progressive movements of the tongue, likely will mean sexual desire. So, if kiss passionately you the first time, do not do it. The partner may be afraid of this rapid development.

Mastery of your kiss depends entirely on your imagination. The French kiss can be allowed to do with the language that you want. Many like to be the language of suck or bites, like other delicate, almost tangible touch. You should always take into account the desires of each other.
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Do not repeat the mistakes of others!

Now we give examples of the most common mistakes to kiss passionately. Try to avoid them, and you recognize the master of the French kiss.

  1. The biggest mistake of the French kiss - in any case it is impossible to thrust his tongue deeply into her mouth to your partner! He may not have enough air, and you do not want a romantic moment ended in death?
  2. It is necessary to avoid "winding" the language of the mouth. Chaotic traffic will not bring any pleasure, but only prove your inexperience. And you need it?
  3. You should not exceed the time of the French kiss. On average, kiss passionately lasts from 20 seconds to 3 minutes. No need to put your own records, you need to enjoy the kiss.
  4. The end of the kiss should not be sudden and unexpected. Kiss should end slowly romantic and without sudden movements. Also at the end you can keep your partner's mouth with his lips, then cute peck them and smile.

 to kiss

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How should behave girl and the guy

Cute girls, this is the moment when you need to be humble meek. Give strong floor at last take the initiative. Time your proactive approach later. In the meantime, the boys come into the attack. As if this was not enough, but even today women still decorates modesty.

If the girl is still not too eager to caress your partner, then you can bite my tongue a little guy, or, conversely, gently hold on it with his tongue. Typically, this guy come to a complete delight. By the way, if you close your eyes, the feeling will be much stronger. And then your moan will further strengthen the desire men kissing you forever. And yes, because the guys are not too polyphonic, voice of the French kiss falling on the fragile shoulders of the girl. Your moans and responses only fueled the desire.

Guys do not like it when a girl is smoking. Moreover, no man will not tolerate the smell of tobacco kissing passionately. It is necessary to consider and remember. If you smoke, you'll have to abstain or chew mint gum a lot with a glass of the infusion of laurel leaves. And even that does not work completely kill the unpleasant smell of cigarettes. She itself - delicate, clean, gentle creature. That such girls will have the desire to kiss. If a guy wants to get a taste of tobacco, he might just lick an ashtray.

Now let's talk about the behavior of boys. Strong floor of our planet should be resolutely girls definitely! The partner in any case should not guess that yesterday you did not even heard of such a caress, like a kiss passionately. You need to be confident in their actions and in their victory. But apart from the uncertainty of the French kiss, there is another enemy - is artificial. When you kiss in any time you can not get hung up on any rules. Everything must start from the mutual desire and soul. There is nothing worse than a guy trying to kiss while to remember how to do it. At such moments, it is to give their own feelings and desires. And then everyone will surely get.
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Is it possible to kiss passionately without language?

The classical French kiss, you know. But there is a second type of kiss passionately - without language. Young people think that it's just fun and it is impossible to obtain from a real pleasure. But this is not so. Aspirated without language - it's the girth partner's lips, biting them, as you like. And believe me, it brings no less relish kissing. How many people on the planet, so many opinions. So do not rely on any "true" sources, saying that the kiss passionately happens only with the language.

When the French kiss without language scheme action remains the same as in the classic French kiss. Only in this case it is not necessary to connect the language. Kiss each other's lips. And they, in turn, should be soft, relaxed, gentle and pleasant. The rest is the same as described above. Ability to kiss passionately without language - is the first step towards a long, passionate kisses and sexual adults.

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Useful tips kissing

  1. We must always remember that a kiss passionately should be pleasant and romantic, not too long and bothersome.
  2. French Kiss - is not easy. It is possible that after the first time you do not get proper pleasure. And this is normal. As the saying goes, it must be rasprobovat taste. Do not worry, enjoy the next time. But scientists in the world say that only people from 25 to 30 years are able to truly appreciate the beauty of the kiss passionately.
  3. The most pleasant kiss - a kiss with your loved one. Even if he is not a professional in this business, you will feel his desire and fly away to heaven.
  4. The French kiss a lot of enemies, onion, garlic, leek, alcohol, cigarettes, and even cold.
  5. If you're cold, and still you can not recover - Kiss! Yes, many scare transmitted bacteria, but researchers have long shown that people who often kiss with her lover, less exposed to colds.

If you read this article, you are now ready to experience the pleasure of kissing passionately. So no longer sit on the Internet - run to apply their skills in real life. It is a true pleasure to us by nature. Kiss your health!

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