Kiss for the first time


  • How to kiss for the first time?
  • General tips when you first kiss
  • Procedure if you want to learn how to kiss properly

First Kiss - one of the most important and magical moments in the life of a girl.

He is remembered for a lifetime, so you want it to get a nice. The society established a rule that she should not be the first guy to kiss, as she thus shows its availability. But that woman first take the initiative to kiss, nothing wrong. We will teach you how to kiss for the first time.

Who should make the first move?

If the female decided to take this step first, it is necessary to think, that there is a young man, how serious their relationship as it relates to her, if she is confident, and so on. D. If so, you can make a step forward.

 right first kiss

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How to kiss for the first time?

There are several rules:

  1. Before the kiss of training required. Some girls practiced with tomatoes. But there are other options are just kissing her hand, there is nothing to worry about. You do feel that you need to fix, and it turns out right.
  2. When you touch the guy kiss. Do not be afraid, it's your loved one. Obveyte her arms around his neck, then put on his chest. Do not just stand as a pillar, so no fun not.
  3. Nothing to think. If you want to learn how to kiss, just relax, let yourself completely feelings, and the guy will be pleased that you are so gentle.
  4. Kissing helpful. It secretes hormones of joy and happiness, gives energy and good humor. The main thing is that the partner was a favorite, and then get the benefit of a kiss.
  5. Do not be discouraged if the first time failed. You can not always learn at a time. Constant practice will improve, no doubt about it, and do not despair.

What is not acceptable in the first kiss:

  • The smell of alcohol, tobacco, onions, garlic;
  • The presence of other people (better to do it alone);
  • Passionately;
  • Herpes on the lips, runny nose.

All this would alienate a partner, and you would be uncomfortable if your young person from the smell of beer, for example.
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General tips when you first kiss

  1. It is necessary to choose the right time and place for such an important event. And, of course, monitor the process. Kissing should be gentle, easy, without passion.
  2. You can not kiss a guy in that moment, when he says something to you. You show thus disrespect. First, listen to the end, and then act.
  3. To learn how to kiss, should pay attention to their appearance. You should look carefully, romantic, not vulgar. A little makeup, light fragrance, pretty dress, a simple laying on her hair loose - ideal appearance for the first kiss.
  4. Allow yourself kiss better end dates can be in the middle, but not at the beginning.
  5. Do not forget about breathing. It should be fresh. So keep in your purse mint gum or mouth sprays.

A couple more tips on how to kiss for the first time.

That all turned out perfectly, while kissing is better to kiss without language. To understand if the guy is ready to kiss, you should look into his eyes with tenderness and admiration, then take his hand, draw near to him. He may guess, and make the first move, which is always nice.

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Procedure if you want to learn how to kiss properly

  1. Start right kiss with your mouth closed, if the guy answers, can become bolder, and opened his mouth, his hands also need to be in, drive them over his body. But do not overdo it, otherwise the guy might be excited and want to continue. Suddenly you're not ready?
  2. You can try to kiss with tongue. To do this until they touch the lips guy. If he will answer you, then he agrees to a kiss. Continue to drive his tongue over his lips gently and softly.

Let us consider how to learn proper French kiss.

  1. First you need to think about breathing. In the process to breathe easily, do not try to breathe deeper and faster. It looks unnatural, the young man will understand it right away, which is not very nice.
  2. Before the kiss look in his eyes. The look should be tender and gentle, you'll need to make it clear to the guy that you trust him. During a kiss is better to close your eyes to make it look more romantic. If you open your eyes, you'll see the guy's face close up, you would be ridiculous. And it would ruin everything.
  3. Do not stretch the process or make it very short. It is important to time, and your feelings.
  4. Many girls want to learn how to kiss with tongue, but are afraid to take the first step. If your young person knows how to do it, trust it, he can teach you. The main thing - do not hurry, do everything gently, gently.

The first proper kiss - a special moment, especially for girls. And it should be noted. Learn how easy it. If you follow all the advice, the first proper kiss to you is guaranteed!

 How to learn to kiss

 Tips to seduce a man


  • It should not do it
  • It is important to prove his love
  • Causes of resistance from men
  • Keys to the seduction: that it is important to know
  • Additional recommendations

Sometimes there are women much love, ready to give everything they have, barely knowing his chosen.

She blindly trusts her man, often wondering how to fall in love with this man is. Agree, a familiar situation.

Each case is different, and decide on a couple of recipes from magazines fail. Let's try to sort out this issue in more detail and find him the right answer.
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It should not do it

If a man dear woman, and she tries to fall in love, then it is necessary to consider certain conditions, which in any case can not be broken.

  • In no case can it be rude, rude adorns a fine half. Even the most rude man does not like rudeness and abusive words, although he could afford much. If a man hears from women's lips something like that, then he will never fall in love with a woman and change radically your opinion about it.
  • If a girl (woman) smoking, the first it is not necessary to demonstrate their habit before the man, whom she tries a love. It should first know his attitude to addiction, or you can erase all.
  • In the initial stages of dating is not recommended to pour out the full extent of their sociability. Keep in mind that excessive sociability can push you to do the only man you are looking for.
  • Wondering how to fall in love with the man himself, remember that should be attentive to it. It is necessary to listen to all of what he says. Ask leading questions that will highlight the interest in all of its successes and problems of life, every man is highly valued.
  • Do not wear a "mask prude," if it is not. Sooner or later, the man noticed this situation gets out of control, and the relationship will fail.
  • Previous how fall in love with a man, you must take care of their discipline in relation to the appearance and order in their own room. Carelessness immediately identified, and the men do not like that.
  • Do not be jealous of her lover, if the feeling is present, you can not show it, because their behavior you will put into question the integrity favorite. A man can get angry, and the relationship will be reduced to quarrel, you must show that you trust him.
  • We do not recommend frequent ringing the man you want to fall in love with a, excessive obsession, especially in the workplace, it is very annoying. Telephone obsession kills man mentally.
  • If you really have the desire, that the man was in love, it is recommended not to give all their time just working. Keep in mind that men are inherently selfish and owners therefore require greater attention. This tip can be used when the choice became reachable.
  • If you feel the love of a man, it makes you compliments, do not be ashamed of their best sweet smile and accept flattery. It will emphasize self-confidence and say the complete adequacy of their self-esteem.

 Prove your love man

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It is important to prove his love

In words, many people can talk about their feelings, but, as a rule, the behavior does not always match the words. Flattery and outside glossy cover apply only to a certain point. To a man was really in love, it is necessary to act, to prove the sincerity of his words.

For proof of the hidden words 2 functions:

  1. The suppression of all their doubts and complexes (it should be remembered that nothing is impossible, the main thing - the desire).
  2. All the positive qualities can be the most stress, which is in itself a powerful weapon of seduction.

Demonstrating courage and selflessness (without fanaticism) will cause a strong positive emotional response from men. Their nobility applies not only to men but also to women. When resistance is encountered during the seduction, do not be afraid and hide our heads in the sand, this is quite normal. The greater the obstacles, the sweeter will be a victory, when a man falls in love with you. It should be remembered that the process could be derailed just because when a woman misinterpreted the resistance of the object (men) and surrendered without a fight.

The resistance should be taken as to the weapon. It says that the process involved in feelings males. Thinking logically difficult to fall in love with a man, if he is cold and unfeeling. Emotional resistance can turn into its opposite. Here, as in Jiu-Jitsu and Aikido, used physical force your opponent to put him on the shoulder. Next, you should understand what causes the resistance that prevents you fall in love with a man.

 reasons for resistance
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Causes of resistance from men

The first reason why men do not fall in love - distrust. Maybe your partner has been cruelly deceived by a woman, or simply do not trust the fine half. Then it's time to make a selfless act that proves the relation to it, and is a manifestation of feelings would be an effective drug.

If the resistance is caused by the fact that a man in love with another object and keeps loyal to him, you can go several ways.

The first way - it is an impromptu, spontaneous act. Each person has vulnerabilities, and he needs help. It is necessary to define the place and have a small service or assistance, as it gently, without demanding anything in return. Such service may be required at any time, unexpectedly, so you must be ready for it.

Then there is the opportunity to hit the object, giving more time to this problem than expected, even donate a small amount, do not hesitate for a second. In this case it is necessary to show that it required a lot of effort, but only indirectly through rumors or third parties to the object is not suspected love.

The second way - it is a decisive act, premeditated act, carried out in good time. This method is good when you feel that the man does not trust or business takes a bad turn. To really fall in love, it is necessary to develop an interesting combination and make a real feat. It is important that before the men somehow realized how much was spent on all this effort.

Move your object to any crisis situation (discreetly and very carefully), a man falls into a stalemate, then the role of savior will come in handy. Perhaps the object fall in love immediately, considering the feat so it will be possible to attract attention and cause any feelings that may eventually go into love. Today, women go and make sacrifices for the sake of the elect.

If you take care of the maximum nobility and folly, you can be confident that the plan will come to a new level. Such a move is bound to cause some kind of reciprocal feelings and allow to hide the secret motives, if any. To the object was in love, he needs to know what the price went to question his decision:

  • you lost sleep;
  • They spend their time;
  • not thinking nothing;
  • We spent the money;
  • framed under attack career.

You can also exaggerate their importance in order to achieve greater effect, but you need to suffer in silence, your partner needs to know how noble he is dealing. In this world, in fact, the entire leadership of his own advantage, especially women, and seeing your dedication elect will not be able to resist the generosity and over time can be in love with you.

Before you fall in love with a man, we should remember that it will take time and effort, and this should make a call to express themselves.   Calling able to ignite a spark of offense, and if the other half responds to it, the seduction begins to gain momentum. Calling a man a response can manifest itself, in this case, there is a good chance to improve their self-esteem and hide their own shortcomings.

 keys to seduction
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Keys to the seduction: that it is important to know

How is it that probably recognize whether a man has a love? Of course, in his reaction to the woman. It should be wary if a man appeared from the excessive attentions, or a manifestation of flattery, incomprehensible game. Maybe he needs something from you. It is best to pay attention to those signs that are beyond the control of our consciousness:

  • involuntary imitation of your intonation or gestures;
  • sudden shyness and blush on the cheeks at the moment when you enter the room;
  • an explosion of resentment or anger.

All of this suggests that the "victim" lends itself to your influence, choice can be influenced. It is important to know what goals the woman trying to fall in love with a man.

First, select the object of seduction itself, it has to be the right person, someone able to fill the inner emptiness is you. More often than single men suppressed some experienced failure. If you want to fall in love with a man, full of life satisfaction, the need to create him a sense of vacuum loss, lack, that he felt he needed a woman.

Next you should create a false sense of security and the man chosen by the district, so as not to scare. From the first steps can not show frankness (do not forget that you can not be an object of desire for him), because you can cause resistance. Everything is done so that the subject is not suspected of your love. to behave neutrally. It is best to arrange matters in such a way that from a casual acquaintance become a friend, and the friend of his beloved. Lulled vigilance and stabbed.

Serve signs of inconsistency, thus attracting attention. At the same time it is necessary to show such feelings:

  • stiffness and tenderness;
  • cunning and innocence;
  • earthiness and spirituality.

It is possible to confuse cause and elect his increased interest in your person. Mixing qualities says the ambiguity and depth of nature, which can not fail to delight and attract the man.
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Additional recommendations

Create a triangle, to become the object of desire. It is necessary to create an aura of popularity, which will emphasize that you claimed as a woman. The principle of a love triangle to stimulate the spirit of competition, we should not forget that men have developed the hunting instinct. Let your chosen one will come to mind about this idea: "If many have fallen by the charms of a woman, then it really is worth it." Then the men just have a question, and the interest, whether this is really the case?

Arouse a feeling of anxiety and dissatisfaction suggestion. Fully satisfied man fall in love with is not possible. Surely all men have some youthful memories, which they had forgotten. Remind him of romanticism and instructed that this is what it lacks. Make a man feel the need for it is your attention very thinly.

Most single men locked in his little world, which hides them from foreign influences and makes them stubborn. Therefore we need a way to help pull a man out of this shell. It is worth it to play by the rules and live his life, in other words, imbued with his spirit. So it will be easier to break the resistance of men.

Luring a man deeper into the jungle, you should create temptation and allow a glimpse of the future enjoyment. Identify the weakness of the elect, dreams that did not come true, and hint that will help turn the dream into reality. Stimulate constant curiosity and impatience, drowning out the worries and doubts, and soon you have chosen to fall in love. Do not be afraid to make and receive calls, any reckless act chivalrous man will not leave the choice and he will have to fight for you.

 How to make a man fall in love?