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  • Top 10 wedding gifts

Wedding - one of the finest celebrations in the lives of two people loving each other. The choice of wedding dresses, preparations for the feast, design invitations, list of guests - and even all the hassle associated with the organization of celebrations, fun. What delight spouses come when they begin to unpack wedding gifts! Guests had to work hard, choosing gifts for the wedding. How to make a gift, that he was pleasantly surprised and pleased with the newlyweds?
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Tips that are useful in the choice of wedding gifts

  1. There is a legend according to which it is not recommended to give the couple the following items: knives, forks, scissors, clocks and mirrors.
  2. If you decide to buy large gifts to the wedding (such as a refrigerator or washing machine), it is better the day before the celebration ordered home delivery to the newlyweds.
  3. Gift shall be offered for both newlyweds. Do not give a gift, which relate to someone of one of the pair.
  4. Be sure to append a gift Beautiful card, which will be written by your touching and warm wishes.
  5. Important in the choice of gifts - not their cost, and your sincere feelings.

Turn on the imagination and act!

 spa treatments as a gift to newlyweds
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Top 10 wedding gifts

We present our top 10 original wedding gifts.

Cash prezenty

TOP 1 - money. Money - an acceptable and appropriate gift for any occasion. If you have a little free time, and you do not want to rack their brains choice of wedding gifts, cash congratulations - your perfect option. The only nuance - how much you're going to give. You can consult with close relatives of the bride or groom and find out how much it will cost per person dinner, and only then build on this figure. The newlyweds will be delighted such a gift, because most couples planning a wedding, counting on the fact that their costs will pay off.

Ideas: If you think that to give money in an envelope congratulatory - and rather bored banal idea, include fantasy and beat this version more original decision. For example, give the newlyweds a beautiful wedding album, and instead attach photos banknotes or presented them in a souvenir trunk, basket.

TOP-2 - a gift certificate. Another no less popular, original and most importantly, the easiest option is a congratulations gift certificate. If for some reason you hesitate to give money or can not determine the amount, the gift certificate will be very appropriate option for you, and the couple will be able to buy a gift. The main objective is to select the store where you will be buying.

Ideas: You can buy a gift certificate in the store of household appliances. All young family trying to build their most comfortable family nest. Nowadays, creating comfort is virtually impossible without the presence of certain household and electronic appliances. So be sure that the gift certificate appliance store will be practical and necessary gift.

Gifts for the home

Top 3 - large and small household appliances. Many guests are afraid to give a wedding appliances for the simple reason that they do not know in what the couple needs. Appliances impresses with its diversity. It includes measuring, computing, kitchen and electronic items, which facilitate domestic work and create comfort in everyday life. Do not be afraid to do this kind of gifts for the wedding, as of this enormous variety can be sure to choose something that will be indispensable in the family nest of the intending spouses.

Appliances will be very useful if the couple just starting to live together and enter into a new apartment or house. Close relatives can donate a microwave oven, washing machine, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, television, that is all that is connected with major appliances. Multivarka, steamer, blender, toaster, juicer - more relevant options are gifts from friends and acquaintances.

Ideas: pre-check with honeymooners in which household appliances they need, unite a small group of guests and make one expensive gift or divide it among themselves who and what will give a fine technique. This will avoid an awkward situation when the bride and groom will unpack, for example, several consecutive blenders.

Top 4 - tableware. Tableware - an indispensable gift for a wedding. Regardless of whether the couple moved to a new apartment, or they already have accumulated little things: everything for home and luxurious service will always be a source of pride on the holiday table, and a nice set of dishes will be a little decoration everyday family life. The advantage of this embodiment is that when the couple will enjoy the dishes with a smile on his face every time they will remember you.

Ideas: Learn newlyweds on their taste and culinary preferences. Perhaps the original gift will be a set of dishes for fondue or sushi and rolls. Important in the choice of dishes is not quantity but quality, because your gift is to take its rightful place in the house of the newlyweds.

Top 5 - bed linen. None of the house will not be more than a set of bed linen. It can be supplemented with a warm blanket, pillows, bathrobes and a set of towels. The most important thing - buy linens, made only from high quality materials and fabrics. If you doubt the choice of colors, classic white color - the perfect solution.

Ideas: to as a wedding gift to bring a touch of originality, order linen or supplement thereto (eg, air) from the photo-picture of the newlyweds. They will be pleasantly surprised by this surprise.

 Gifts for the home for the wedding

Wedding services

TOP 6 - the organization of the wedding. You can take part in the design and organization of the wedding day, having presented as a gift to one of the wedding services. It can be a photo or video, custom wedding car, Toastmaster services, florist, DJ, custom wedding cake. Speak with the newlyweds all the details related to the wedding day, they may already have in mind the photographer or want to order a specific car. Find out what they would like to complement the celebration. It may be that the budget of the bride and groom, dedicated to the wedding, does not allow to book any service, then your gift will be very valuable in their eyes.

Wedding night - the mystery of the two lovers, which is remembered for a lifetime. Many couples spend large sums for the preparation and organization of weddings and banquets, and they simply have no opportunity to spend their wedding night in an unusual place. Give the newlyweds key from the hotel. All you need to know just by chance before the wedding about their plans after the banquet.

Ideas: to inform the hotel about the intentions with which you order number. The meeting of the newlyweds at the hotel and room decoration must pass on the higher class. Also pay champagne and fruit.

TOP 7 - photo session with photo book. Before the wedding, most couples bought a photo shoot titled Love Story, which helps the photographer to meet with the couple work out facial expressions and gestures, for them to choose an individual image. After a shooting at a wedding photographer to work much easier, and the bride and groom will feel more liberated and more natural look in the frame. Ask the newlyweds, who will do wedding photography. Make them a photo shoot Love Story is from this photographer and wedding day presented a photo book, which will be placed a little romantic episodes with their participation.

Ideas: Take the photographer electronic version of the photo book (on a disk or flash drive). When it's your turn to greetings or toasts, run the electronic version of a finished photo book. Newlyweds and guests will be very interesting to see their Love Story.

TOP 8 - honeymoon. Buy a gift can people who have a stable financial position. There are many options for honeymoons. It can be both tours in the warm countries and the ski resorts. Great demand for tours with a tour of Europe. Also present will be a luxurious cruise liner.

In choosing a wedding trip in the first place, it is important to set the preferences of the newlyweds. Discuss all the details and the details of them, it will save you from many kinds of problems, as the bride and groom must have a passport in advance to take leave from work. If you want your gift was a surprise, and was awarded the wedding day, be sure to consult with relatives of the intending spouses.

Ideas: Gifts for the wedding of the original invitation to the travel agency, which will indicate the date and time of the visit. Go to the bride and groom to the travel agency together. So you can choose the most comfortable travel option newlyweds and save yourself from the headaches, and the spouses of surprises. Believe me, their joy and gratitude will not be boundaries.

 honeymoon as a gift to newlyweds

Other gifts

Top 9 - gifts for expectant parents. If the couple will soon become parents plan and prepare for the replenishment of the family, will be appropriate gifts to the wedding associated with children's themes. Go to the supermarket and choose children's products: strollers, soft toys, diapers, sliders and stuff. You can also ask the prospective parents about the design of a child's room and make a contribution in this direction.

TOP-10 - an unusual gift. What do you do when your married - secured and in no need of the people? Give them an unforgettable experience. For example, make fireworks, which will be the perfect end to a banquet. Turn any wedding into a fairy tale and bring special joy to be able to tropical butterflies. Hand them in the gift box, let the bride and groom together to release them during the wedding banquet, then the atmosphere in the hall reign magic.

 Top 10 wedding gifts